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Padres Beat Trevor’s New Team!

  • 4-3 Padres

It was a great game. Josh Geer threw two innings and only allowed one run. Outfielder Emil Brown hit a three run homer in the bottom of the first after two walks to give the Padres a 3-0 lead. We did not give up that lead for the rest of the game. Pitcher Mat Latos, who is still trying to find home plate this spring, gave up a two-run homer that tied the game. But no worries, as infielder Travis Denker drove the winning run in with an RBI double in the fourth. Cesar Ramos (first round pick), Nick Schmidt (first round pick), Jae Kuk Ryu, Cesar Carrillo (first round pick), Ivan Nova, and Matt Buschmann all had scoreless innings. We really have a lot of great arms here in camp. It will be very interesting to see who will make it to the Opening Day roster!

And no, Trevor did not pitch. In fact, he wasn’t even with the team. He’s kind of doing his own thing this year. Like he preferred having a bullpen session to pitching in an actual game. Maybe he has to be taking it more easy because he’s getting so old (42). Or maybe he likes to stay as far away from his new teammates as he can. Who knows, but whatever Trevor thinks he needs to do to prepare for the season, the Brewers better let him do it. I do not doubt that Trevor and the Padres will meet again soon.

I listened to XX 1090 for while after the game, Darren Smith’s show. He’s actually out there in Peoria this week, so about 20 minutes after the game he talked to Buddy Black. It was an interesting interview. Buddy talked about a bunch of the players in camp who have a chance at the Opening Day roster. He sounded like he had a cold, but it was a good interview. Immediately after Buddy left, Heath Bell came on. I love Heath, I really do, and I really enjoy watching him pitch. But he’s the one who is going to be in Trevor’s spot this year. He’s not replacing Trevor, but he’s taking his spot. He kept saying how he’s the leader in the bullpen now. I really like Heath, and I’m sure he will do very well, but there’s that bitterness in the background, you know? I thought it was a pretty intense interview, or rather Heath was being really intense. He’s going to be a leader with his words in that clubhouse, there’s no doubt about it. He considers himself a kid, but he’s going to be really serious about his work. I know that. Even his wife considers him her “fourth child”. But I can tell that he’s going to bring a different intensity to the closer’s role. Trevor was always so cool, so calm. He just trotted out there and went about his business. But Heath is going to probably be more emotional on the mound. It’s going to be different ’cause Heath can throw a lot harder than Trevor. Plus, their styles of pitching are obviously different. Like Heath said, one of the hardest parts of this transition is winning over the fans. Heath is going to be playing in the WBC for USA. He just found out yesterday. Something funny he said in the interview was that he doesn’t talk to opposing batters because he wants them to think that he’s slightly crazy and wacko. But now he’s going to have to talk to his USA teammates! I guess he wouldn’t like the All-Star game much, then…  

Today we are facing the Dodgers! Talk about a rivalry. We are going to be facing them in Petco for the first four games of the regular season. That is going to be very interesting. At least they don’t have Manny (yet). Chris Young is starting against Chad Billingsley. Billingsley seems like the type of guy that we’ve hit hard in the past. We’ll have to see how it goes, but I think CY will be pretty solid. Unfortunately, Corey Brock does not have the lineup up yet. I got up too early this morning. Oh well. Hopefully we will roll out a good lineup that will hit the Dodgers hard. GO PADRES!!  

Don’t Trade Jake!!!

Uh oh. Here come more problems for the Padres fan. With the imminent sale of the Cubs, the trade talks for Jake Peavy are heating up again.

The talks during the fall were pretty stressing. First we negotiated with the Braves for a long time. It didn’t go through, though Atlanta was able to put together a fairly good package. Then we started talking with the Cubs. The talks intensified during the winter meetings to the point that it looked absolutely certain that he would be traded by the end of that week. But on the last day, the Cubs backed out.

Things were pretty quiet after that. The club said that they would no longer be shopping Jake, but they said that teams could approach them. So, I think Padres fans have kind of assumed that Jake will be the Opening Day starter. Well, at least I hoped that. But now, with less than three weeks until Spring Training, the talks are starting to pick up again.

Now, I believe we are over our $40 million budget right now. I mean, it’s not easy to built a team on that little. But if we trade Jake, we would shed $11 million. It almost looks like we have no choice but to get rid of him. But we really shouldn’t. Two words: the fans.

We’ve already lost two of our stars, our fan faves in Trevor Hoffman and Khalil Greene. Petco Park has these huge posters of our star players around the outside of the park. We’re already going to have to replace two of them.
the old computer 1103.jpg

We do not want to have replace three of them. I don’t know who they will replace them with though. We already have an Adrian Gonzalez one somewhere. I think they should put up a Kouz one, and maybe Chris Young. Anyways, as Jen would say, I digress.

Point is, as soon as the Cubs get officially sold, the talks with the Padres will probably pick up big-time. Sounds like the Cubs already have a lot of pieces lined up. This deal could very well get done in the next few weeks. Now that would be plain sad. We need our ace. We NEED him. It would not be fair to him or his family to move him right before Spring Training starts. I just want him to stay. I don’t care if he takes up a lot of our salary. He’s the guy now. The Padres’ biggest star, and the one who will draw the most fans. That’s bad for the front office, though, because Jake only pitches every five days. Oh well. The Padres need this guy, on the field, in the clubhouse, and in the community. We’ve lost a lot this offseason. Stop it, Padres. Keep Jake. Keep your fans coming to the stadium. If you trade Jake, you’re going to be hard-pressed to get a good crowd this year. For the sake of your fans and your players, don’t trade Jake.  

Good-Bye, Trevor!!

trevor brewer uniform.jpg

Alright, here I go again. Support group, stand by.

As most of you probably know, Trevor Hoffman was introduced to his new team at the Brewers’ fanfest on Saturday. There are some excellent pictures on Happy’s blog, and I would encourage you to check them out.

I think it’s time for me to let go. Trevor’s a Brewer, that’s not going to change. He’s not going to be in a Padres’ uniform this season. He might not even be in a Padres uniform next season. It’s just going to be so weird to see Heath trot out of that bullpen for the first time in the ninth. What song will they play? They’d better not flash “HEATH TIME” on the scoreboard and blare “Hell’s Bells”. Trevor’s still going to play “Hells Bells”, enter to Trevor Time. It just doesn’t fit. The 9th is going to be very different for Padres fans and Brewers fans alike. Trevor is all we’ve even known in the 9th inning. How will we adjust to Heath? How will the Brewers fans adjust to Trevor? Just watch, Trevor’s going to have 35-40 saves, maybe with an All-Star appearance. He might even win a World Series. Happy’s pictures are definitely going to help, but Trevor’s going to be in the Brewers’ uniform in all of them. It’s just going to be so weird. But it is what it is. Trevor’s a Brewer, and nothing’s going to change that.

Elrond: He is not coming back.

Arwen: There is still hope!!!

Arwen is right. Remember from the Lord of the Rings? Arwen wanted to stay in Middle Earth and wait for her sweetheart to come back from defeating the bad guys.

arwen leaving 2.jpgBut her daddy (Elrond) wanted her to go to the Undying Lands.

elrond.jpgRemember, Arwen is immortal. Aragorn is not. But anyways, the point is, Daddy wanted her to give up. But Arwen wanted to believe that Aragorn would come back. Turns out, she decides to stay, almost dies, and she marries Aragorn and lives happily ever after until he dies.

What does this have to do with Trevor Hoffman, you say? There is still hope that Trevor will come back to San Diego to pitch for the Padres. Slim? Oh yeah. But it’s hope. He declined the second-year option with the Brewers. He wanted to come back to San Diego this year. But things just fell apart. He hasn’t come out and said why he didn’t want the option. Maybe it’s because he’s holding onto the hope of coming back to San Diego. Maybe he’s planning on retiring after the 2009 season. I really don’t know why. But I hope so much that a deal can be reached next year. Hopefully, with a new owner, we will be able to get something done with Trevor. That’s hope, peoples. And until he says otherwise, I will assume that Trevor wants to come back next year. Now, I think I am over Trevor. Can’t guarantee it, but I think I’m good. Thanks support group!!

arwen and aragorn again.jpg


I just want to give out a HUGE thank you to all the people who participated in the support group that met for me today at Tom’s blog:

In case you didn’t know, I’m dealing with Trevor Hoffman loss syndrome right now. These people decided that I needed help, so they got together to tell their stories of players they’ve lost, and to help me through this time. That really meant a lot to me, and your stories really touched me and showed me that I’m not alone in this. Well, I knew that before, but this was a big help. You guys are amazing! We’ve got an incredible group of people here. Wow. I feel so great, you guys. Trevor’s gone, but I’ll be able to deal with it. This gathering made me laugh, it made me cry, and I feel so great right now. You guys are amazing, so thanks again!! Thank you so much to Tom, Jane, Julia, Elizabeth, Jen, Emily, Hyun Young, Homer and Happy. You guys totally made my day, if not my week. So, in an expression of my gratitude, please enjoy these beautiful flowers (Tom LOL):


A Tribute to Trevor – In Pictures

Nope, I’m still not over him leaving yet. Look, it’s only been about two weeks. If a close family member moves away, you are not going to get over them for quite a while. So, in one of my last tributes (maybe), we will look at Trevor’s career so far…with pictures!
Trevor_Hoffman mariners.jpg
young trevor.jpg


trevor old uni.jpg
















hoffman time.jpg 





trevor face.jpg






trev and bardo.jpg
trev st.jpg


trevor camo.jpg
trevor camo.jpg








trevor 479.jpg

trevor shortstop.jpg















trevor fist.jpg
trevor 479 trophy.jpg
trev and jake.jpg

year in review trevor st.jpg

trevor st.jpg
trevor and kids.jpg
Trevor is going to be officially announced as a Milwaukee Brewer on Saturday.

Padres sign two players, etc

trevor brewer.jpgYesterday, Trevor Hoffman officially signed a one-year, $6 million deal with incentives with the Milwaukee Brewers. Wow, that picture looks so weird! Anyways, I wonder if there will be a press conference. Trevor probably doesn’t want all the attention, but the Brewers might want it. “Hell’s Bells” will be playing in Miller Park this year. We are going to miss him.

For those who recommened that I send my entry Why Trevor? to the Padres’ front office, it’s in the mail right now. I have no idea if they will ever get to it, but it was certainly worth a try. Last night I remembered that General Manager Kevin Towers never watched Trevor when he went out to get a save. KT was too superstitous. New theory: since KT has never seen it, he doesn’t know how much it means to Padres fans! Right…

In other Padres news, we signed two players! Last year, we signed pitcher Mark Prior to a one-year deal. He got hurt, had surgery, and didn’t throw a pich for us even in a Spring Training game. Now the Padres have given him a second chance. It will be very interesting to see if he can come back after all his rehab and do well for the Padres. He has not piched since 2006, but I hope he can do well. Depending on his spring, he might be in the rotation. Let’s see: Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Cha Sueng Baek, Mark Prior, and Kevin Correia. I like it! But I think there will be a bit of a competition for those last two spots. Josh Geer and Wade LeBlanc might be in there, too.

We also signed second baseman Chris Burke. This is a bit strange, since we have Edgar Gonzalez, Travis Denker, Matt Antonelli and possibly Luis Rodriguez in the mix for second. But Burke is very versatile. He’s played first, second, shortstop, third, and even outfield. He will probably get a look at shortstop. Maybe he will be platooning with Rodriguez?? We’ll have to see.

Also, this a bit late, but Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson got elected to the Hall of Fame on Monday. I wasn’t around during their careers, but from what I’ve heard, they both deserve it. Henderson did play with the Padres for a few years, and he seems like quite the character. Congratulations to both of these guys!

Just wanted to thank you all for your great response to my tribute to Trevor. I actually wrote that when I first heard that he became a free agent in early November. I am going to find the Brewers’ fan mail address and send Trevor a printout of that page. It’s the least I can do for the all-time saves leader.    

A Tribute to Trevor

trevor dugout.jpg

The first time I ever saw you live was June 23, 2005, at my first Padres game. I wasn’t a Padres fan, in fact, I thought baseball was kind of boring. I had heard of you before, who in San Diego hadn’t? You were the only person I associated with the Padres. I don’t remember much about that game. But you did pitch that day, in the 10th with the game tied. You’ve always been horrible in tie games. (Note to Milwaukee: whatever you do, do NOT put Trevor in to pitch in tie games!!) This game was no different. You gave up the winning homer. I don’t remember seeing you pitch, but I can say that I was there.

In 2006, I attended another game, and after that, I was hooked. One of my best experiences involving you was your record-breaking 479th save. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon near the end of the season. I was in my room with the radio cranked. My parents had their radio way loud, too. It was so amazing to hear the call of the save, and to hear the interview and analysis afterwards. I was so happy for you that I almost started crying. I remember wishing so much that I could be there. I still have the newspapers from that wonderful weekend. You were my favorite player.

I went into the 2007 season as a Padres fan. You had a great year. There are so many stories I could share, but let’s just say that I was super excited when you got a save, and pretty disappointed when you blew one. The day you got #500 was very exctiting for me. I didn’t get to hear it live, but I’ve watched it a lot since. In September 2007, I headed down to PETCO with my sister and two friends to celebrate my birthday. We got BP balls from the groundskeeper, and when we got into the stadium, we went towards the right field line. There you were, streching near the visitor’s bullpen. I was so excited to see you. I was pretty much awe-struck. When you were done streching, you stopped by to sign autographs. And I got it, on my BP ball. I think I squeezed in between a bunch of people, and just stuck my hand in there. It was so cool, and that ball is very special to me.

Game 163 hurt, badly. I was really confident in you, but you blew it. That was truly devastating, hearing you fall apart on that field. But the way you handled the situation, taking the blame, and giving no excuses was just incredible.

On August 14, 2008, I finally got to see Trevor Time. In the bottom of the 8th, the score was 3-1 Pads. My Padres got Kouzmanoff on, but I desperately didn’t want Chase Headley to get a hit! He didn’t, and so the game headed into the top of the 9th. One of my goals in 2008 was to see Trevor Time. I wanted to see it before you retired. And there I was. I had been watching you warm up in the bullpen. I could tell it was you by the leg kick, and the way you pitch. It was incredible to watch the Trevor Time, to hear “Hell’s Bells”. I was screaming like crazy and taking countless pictures. You did give up a home run to Mike Cameron, but you did it. You closed your 550th save. I am so thankful that I was able to be there, to see it before you left.

Trevor, you are a Padre. No matter where you go, you are and always will be a Padre. You’ve been here for 16 years. In 1998, “Hell’s Bells” debuted and you became San Diego’s hero. Over the 16 years with us, you collected 552 saves. You broke the all-time saves record right here in San Diego. You got 500 and 550 here. You represented the Padres 6 times in the All-Star game. You’ve been here for so long, done so much for this team, and how are we supposed to say goodbye to you?

We love you. We love Trevor Time. We love your humbleness, your humor, and the way you play the game. The front office is eager to let you go, but we aren’t. We aren’t ready to watch you walk away. We want you to stay, to end your Hall of Fame career here. It’s not going to happen, but we wish so much that you could have stayed. We will miss you so much.

It will be so different without you here at PETCO. I will miss you so much, but I hope you have a great year with the Brewers. I will be following all you saves. I miss you, Trevor.  

Why Trevor?

On Wednesday, the day before Trevor Hoffman signed with the Milwaukee Brewers, the Padres’ front office spoke.

“We just don’t have the money.”

Those wise words came from the mouth of Padres’ General Manager Kevin Towers.

“We just don’t have the money.”

That is pretty true. We have a $40 million payroll, one that will probably be slashed again next year. We have two players taking up half of it. We barely have enough for good players, as we sign minor league free agents and veterans that are way past their prime.

“We just don’t have the money.”

OK, I understand that. A lot of us today “just don’t have the money”. This economic situation is wearing on all of us. It’s really hurting baseball, too (well, except the Yankees). But in these times especially, people sometimes just need to scrape up that money to go enjoy some baseball. To get their mind off of things. To enjoy America’s pastime.

Living in San Diego is not easy. It’s not the cheapest place on the earth. And our sport teams have a lot of problems. How many years has in been since the Chargers have been in the Superbowl? How long will it be until the Padres get into another World Series? Will even our college teams go anywhere?

When you’ve had a legend like Trevor Hoffman in San Diego for so long, people come out to see him. People come out to experience Trevor Time, to hear “Hell’s Bells” ringing through the stadium as the all-time saves leader runs out from the bullpen. He’s made a legacy here. He is San Diego.

So I ask you, Padres’ front office, why Trevor?

When you look at Trevor, don’t you see the impact he’s made in San Diego? Do you not see the crowd at Petco when the bells start ringing? Do you not hear the immence cheering when that man trots out of the bullpen? Do you not see the changeups, still fooling batters even after all these years? Do you not see that man in the clubhouse, being a leader while goofing off? Can you not hear his subdued voice, taking any blame there needs to be taken for a blown save? Do you see him in the clubhouse after a great save, looking for praise? Can’t you see that he’s hanging out in the trainer’s room or the cafeteria, waiting for the reporters to leave? Is he disrespectful to other players, to other people on the field? Are you blind?

So I ask you again: Why Trevor?

You say it was him or Brian Giles. When Trevor didn’t get back to you on that pathetic $4 million contract, you had to decide. Would you pick up Giles’ option, or would you save the closer? We didn’t need Giles. We could have let him become a free agent. Jody Gerut would have been fine in right field. Giles is taking up $9 million right now. You know that Trevor would have taken a little less than that. We could have offered him a better contract. But no. For some stupid reason, you decided to go with the aging right fielder who is being accused of abuse right now. He might be a great leader in the clubhouse! But Trevor would have been so much better. You know that.

Why? We could have made room for him. He deserves a spot here. He belongs in San Diego. He’s been here for so long. It just doesn’t make sense that you can let him walk away. But you did. And the Padres fans are not happy, Bob. NOT HAPPY.

We’ve been putting up with a lot from you guys over the years. We’ve been putting up with lot this offseason! We don’t like it, and though you say that you are thinking of us, it’s obvious that you’re not. Why should you care what the fans think? We can’t do much about it. Maybe you should start taking a collection at the games. Lock all the doors and don’t let the fans leave until they donate to your cause. We’re already sacrificing so much just to go to a game. Why not make it worse?

I can’t believe you let Trevor Hoffman walk out of here. You are going to regret it. Just watch, he is going to have an incredible season with the Brewers, with a front office who loves him and treats him with the utmost respect. He’s going to get 40+ saves, make a big impact on that Milwaukee club. He’s going into the Hall of Fame as a Padre though, no matter what.

You say you wanted him. But you didn’t even try. We could have saved him. But you “just don’t have the money”.    

Trevor Time is really over…

trev yelling.jpgMan, I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he’s really gone. I thought about him all day yesterday, remembering all the times he had with us. I think I’m sort of in a bit of denial right now. I don’t think it’s really going to sink in until I see him in that other uniform, not until we get to Spring Training and Heath Bell comes into the 9th the save the game. I must admit, it will be pretty exciting to see Heath is his new role. But I might just cry when I see him save a game for the first time.

I know it might seem like I’m overreacting a bit here, but I think some of you understand. I think all of us have lost a very special player at one point or another. Trevor’s been here for 15 years, and he’s a part of San Diego. It’s almost like having a close family member move away, it really is. I know I shouldn’t be this upset, but I also know that I have every right to be. And when you think of all the things he’s done for this organization, the things that are going to have to change, it’s devistating. So I’m trying not to think about it too deeply because it hurts to much, it’s too terrible to dwell on for too long. This guy has been the face of the organization for years. Suddenly, he’s gone. I’m just pretty drained. I don’t want to think about it. This is a pain that’s not going away for a long time. But the thing is, I will get better. I will eventually get over this. Life goes on. Trevor will have a wonderful year with the Brewers. And he will go into the Hall of Fame as a Padre. I do have a slight tiny hope, though. Trevor’s new contract is for only a year. Maybe he can come back to the Padres in 2010. It’s a long shot, I know. But it’s hope. I’m not giving up.

Baseball is just a game, I know. But Trevor was special. He was so much more than just a player on the field. He and his family were heavily involved in the community. They are ingrained here in San Diego. Trevor’s wife, Tracy, is running a children’s gym. Their three boys have been here their entire lives. They grew up in the Padres’ clubhouse. They have all their friends here, their entire lives are here. It’s sad. But once Trevor retires, his family will be living here. 

And now, a portion from an article on 

That deal is currently being organized and may come to fruition by the start of Spring Training. That means next offseason, when Hoffman is a free agent again, the club’s finances might be different. 

But at this point, Hoffman said he can’t conceive of going back.

“I just can’t see that,” he said. “I think once Heath Bell gets settled into the closer’s role, they’ll be comfortable with that. They could have handled my situation a lot better. There could have been a meeting of the minds. They could’ve said they were just going younger, which is their right. Really, we all could have handled it a lot better. We could have walked away feeling a lot more respect for each other. I just don’t think a deal there was to be had. And I’m fine with it. I just think it was time to move on.

“Now there’s just the backlash that I took the money and ran. [People] are having a lot of fun with it right now. It’s not real pretty. I’m getting a lot of calls. But it was fun. It was a good run. Shoot, 16 years, I can’t squawk about it. Not many players get to stay with a club for 16 years. I was pretty lucky.”

We miss you, Trevor! 


Trevor Update

It looks like Trevor is very close to signing with the Brewers. I am pretty relieved. I would be so upset if he signed with the Dodgers. Well, Trevor wants to get 600 saves. I think he will be able to do that in TWO years. So maybe the Brewers are offering a better option for 2010. I just hope that deal gets done and over. That way I can finally come to terms with the fact that he’s gone. You know, it’s not so much that we’re losing an incredible players, but the thing that really bothers me is the way he left. It was shameful to the organization in way that they took care of this. Pathetic. Now I must share this quote and then rip my front office: “We’re not getting into a bidding war with anybody over Trevor,” Moores said. “It’ll be strange to see him in another uniform, especially for me. But it’s rare that any player spends his whole career with one organization anymore. I hope he has a great year.” Imagine that quote in an extremely sarcastic tone. They won’t even TRY to get Trevor. They won’t make their fans feel better in the fact that their team tried their hardest. No, the Padres never wanted Trevor back at all. They just lazily flopped a pathetic $4 million contract on the table, knowing that he won’t accept that disgrace. They let him walk away. They wouldn’t meet with him, wouldn’t talk to him about why they did it. They kicked him out the door with no good-byes. Look back at the quote. Let me rephrase it: “We don’t want Trevor. It might be weird to see him in another uniform, but that’s what we wanted all along. Maybe he’ll get 40 saves and win a World Series.” Wow, what a pathetic quote. What a pathetic front office! Anyways, Trevor will get signed today. Hopefully by the Brewers. I will be pretty sad…