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Countdown to Trevor’s Ceremony: His Influence

My personal experience with Trevor Hoffman is a very special one. I’m sure that many Padres fans have stories about their interactions with Trevor, but I’m sure each one is very different. For me, I haven’t had the chance to talk to him or even introduce myself to him, but what I do have is very special to me in it’s own way.

One of my very first memories about the Padres was finding a picture of Trevor in the newspaper or something, and knowing that this was a special guy. I had to have been 6 or 7 at the time. I cut out that picture of Trevor and made it into a homemade baseball card. I didn’t really know his significance like I do now, but that’s something I’ve always had of Trevor’s.

Fast forward to 2007, freshman year of high school. My best friends and I went to a Padres game to celebrate my birthday. I always talk about this game because it was the day that I fell in love with Kevin Kouzmanoff, but I sometimes forget that it was also significant because of Trevor. After Kouz came up to us and gave us a baseball and autographs, we went into the park and walked around towards the first base side. There, we saw Trevor Hoffman himself, stretching during batting practice. We were sooo excited. We went closer to the Padres bullpen and when Trevor was done, he came by and signed autographs for all of us! It was amazing because he didn’t stay for long at all, but me and my three friends all got his autograph. It was sooo cool!!

I’ve said that the baseball he autographed might be the most valuable thing I own. It’s not often that you get the autograph of baseball’s All-Time Saves Leader!

I got to see Trevor Time for the one and only time on August 14, 2008. All I wanted that year was to see Trevor close a game live. The score was 3-1 in the bottom of the eighth, and I was really glad when we didn’t get any runs in that inning. I was SOOOO excited when “Hell’s Bells” started and Trevor ran out from the bullpen. It was the coolest thing. Trevor allowed a home run to former Padre Mike Cameron, but he got the save for a 3-2 win. It was amazing. I’m so glad that I got to see Trevor Time, even if it was only once.

I love Trevor. Like I said, I’ve never had the opportunity to actually meet him, but he’s been a great influence in my life. I loved having him as a Padre, and was literally devastated when he was let go from the Padres. That was the worst. But thankfully, he’s back and he’s forever a Padre❤

One day and 22 hours until the ceremony!!!!!

GO PADRES!!!    

Countdown to Trevor’s Ceremony: Introduction

For the next few days leading up to Trevor Hoffman’s Retirement Ceremony (August 21st, Petco Park, 12:30 p.m. Tickets at, I am going to be posting about my top favorite Trevor moments. Ones that impacted me personally, and ones that impacted the city of San Diego as a whole. Trevor Hoffman is one of my all-time favorite Padres, and I have so much admiration and respect for this guy. I’m beyond excited at the opportunity to be at his ceremony and really honor his incredible career.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the first post about my favorite Trevor moments. I can’t wait.


Epic Fails

The Padres have had a bad past two days.

Last night, we had a 8-6 lead when Heath Bell came in to get the save but instead gave up three singles, two wild pitches, and three runs to give the Mets a 9-8 come-from-behind walk-off win.


Then, tonight, Chad Qualls gave up a solo homer in the bottom of the eighth, and then Josh Spence gave up two runs to give the Mets a 5-4 lead and win.

Usually, our bullpen isn’t like this. And two fails two nights in a row? Unheard of.

Hopefully they can pull it back together for the last game of the series. Let’s not get swept!


Latos loses again

Told ya.

We have no chance against our Interleague counterparts. That was proved last night as we lost 4-1 against the Seattle Mariners. Mat Latos, our so-called ace, started the game and earned his sixth loss of the year. Erik Bedard, the starter for the Mariners, threw eight innings, allowing three hits and striking out nine. Latos, on the other hand, only went six innings, allowing four runs with four strikeouts.

I don’t know what his issue is, but Mat seriously needs to get his act together. There are all sorts of explanations like being overpitched, being young and inexperienced, but no matter what’s going on, Mat needs to work through it and find something that will help him to be the ace that he was last year. This is ridiculous. We should not be sitting here three months into the season with an ace with a record of 1-6.

Ryan Ludwick has been pretty hot lately. He had two hits again last night. But that was pretty much it. We got our only run in the bottom of the ninth, just like we did the game before, which was good, but this time it didn’t work so well because we were down by four runs instead of one.

Ludwick drove in that run with a single. Congrats, Ryan. You are definitely the player of the game.

Well, Clayton Richard is going tonight against Michael Pineda. That’ll be fun.


Yay for WordPress!

Check out the new digs!! I’m so excited and so far, really pleased with’s new setup. WordPress is definitely a 1000 times better than Movable Type, so I can’t wait to make my blog a lot better with all WordPress has to offer.

This is going to be great. Welcome back to Unfinished Business, and as always, GO PADRES!!!!!


The deal is done. 

Adrian Gonzalez is now a member of the Boston Red Sox. 
We had a ray of hope today as the deal was stifled for just a few hours, but it was quickly snatched away from us when the deal was put back on and finished. 
I’m really sad right now. My heart aches. We all knew that this was coming, but it still hurts to see him go. 
We love you very much, Adrian. We’re going to miss you a lot, though you and your $20 million + probably won’t. That’s okay. Thanks for sticking with us for this long. 
Love you, Adrian. 

Winning A One-Hitter

highfivesallaround.jpgThis was an intense game.

Last year, Jonathan Sanchez threw a no-hitter against us. We faced him again last night, and he was almost as good as that. This time, he threw a one-hitter. And the amazing thing is, we won the game.

Mat Latos started the game for us, and he was incredible. He went seven solid innings, giving up nothing but four hits and one walk. Absolutely amazing. Let me tell you something: if we hadn’t had the stunning pitching performances like we’ve had for the past five days, we would not have won those games. Without good pitching, you don’t win. But thankfully, we’ve had incredible pitching. Wow I love these guys.

In the bottom of the fourth, Chase Headley singled (that’s our one hit). He then stole second, and a batter later, Scotty Hairston hit a sac-fly to get him in.

Chase was an essential part of this game. Hey, he’s been an essential part of this winning streak! Last night he stole three bases, got our only hit, and scored our only run. Amazing.

Most times, a very close game like this one was is a lot more intense than a game where the Padres are winning like 17-2. This was a nail-biting, and we had some seriously close calls.

Mike Adams came in to pitch in the top of the eighth and instantly got himself in trouble by giving up a lead-off triple. Gulp.

He got the next guy to ground out to third. Then he got a pop-up to Adrian. Finally, he struck out the last guy he faced. It was scary, man, but Mike got himself into that situation, and it was up to him to get out of it. It was really, really great that he was able to, but Mike? How ’bout you don’t get yourself into that situation next time in the first place? It would make things a lot easier on all of us. Thank you.

mikeadams.jpgThen my boys weren’t able to get any more runs in the bottom of the eighth, which was very scary. Heath Bell cannot handle one-run leads. It just doesn’t work with him. I would really, really appreciate it if you stopped making him go out there with only one run to work with!! It’s just to hard on my heart.

I don’t understand why on earth Heath has to make things so interesting, but for some reason, he does. He got an out, but then he put the tying run on base with a walk. What on earth?? That’s not very logical. Then he allowed a single!! I was freaking out. Thankfully, the runner stopped at third, but now you’ve got runners on first and third with only ONE out!!!

Oh man it was awful. Heath got the next batter to fly out to right field, and the runner at third stayed put. Then, the last batter was super intense. You could tell that Heath was ready to get that guy because he was sticking with his fastball and going right for the strike zone. It went called strike, swinging strike, foul, foul, and finally, swinging strike. After all those fastballs, Heath went with his curve and got John Bowker to go for it. HUGE sigh of relief here.

heathyells.jpgAs I was sitting there watching the game on Gameday, I didn’t want us to lose it. Not only would it be our fifth win in a row, and we would win the series, but we would win a game with only one hit. I think that’s pretty sweet. I was very, very relieved when Mike and Heath were able to get out of those nightmarish innings. You guys can’t do that to me!!!

All that matters though, is that we won the game. We won a game with only one hit. Of course, that’s a terrible thing, because we really need to have more hits as a team, but the story of this game is the pitching. Sanchez and Latos were incredible. Sanchez struck out ten batters. The bullpens were not perfect, but they were able to keep the other team from scoring. Overall, it was an incredible game.

Another thing I’m super excited about is that we’ve moved into first place with these Giants. YES!!! I love it when my boys are #1. I know we were in first place for a while last season, and it didn’t last very long, but it will be very interesting to see how it goes this season. How cool would it be if we stayed in first place for a very long time? I love these boys!!

The series finale against the Giants is going to be this afternoon down at Petco. It’s not a rubber game, because my boys already won the series!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I think it would be amazing if we could sweep this series and take sole possesion of the NL West. Sound good? Let’s do it.

Jon Garland’s pitching, so he really needs to get things together. I will not be happy at all if he blows this game for us. GET IT TOGETHER JON STEVEN GARLAND!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that’s my boys. Top of the NL West. I’m so proud to be a Padres fan right now, and I’m looking forward to some more amazing baseball.

GO PADRES!!!    

Spring Training Countdown: 10 Days!!!

According to my calculations, there are only ten more days until the first *official* San Diego Padres Spring Training game! Of course, there’s the charity game on the 4th, but that’s not *official.* I won’t be able to listen to it because they don’t usually broadcast it. SO, we have ten days until we get to finally hear some real Padres baseball. I can’t wait.

That day is always so much fun. Two years ago I remember locking myself in my room with a bottle of water and a protein bar. Or maybe that was last year. Whichever it was, that first game is always the best. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve heard the voices of Ted or Jerry or Andy calling a ballgame, and it’s sooo good to get back.

Baseball is the best game ever. And I’m soooo happy that it’s finally coming back. I can’t wait to hear a game getting called. That first game back is always the best.



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In the Latest Leaders here on MLBlogs, I got #19. I am excited about this for two reasons: 1) I think this is the best ranking I’ve ever had, and 2) I get to dedicate it to a very special Padres player.

I wasn’t a Padres fan when this player was with the Padres. It’s too bad, really. He was an incredible player. Thankfully, I have been able to hear tons of stories and the impact he made in San Diego was huge. Though I never saw him play, just the mention of his name sends thrills through this Padres fan. In the tradition started by Jimmy, I have the great privilege of dedicating this ranking to #19, Tony Gwynn.

tony hat.jpgWow, where do you even start with a guy like this? I mean, this is Mr. Padre, the best player in Padres history!

Anthony Keith Gwynn was born and raised in California. In college (San Diego State University), he was not only a phenominal baseball player, but he was also an excellent basketball player. In fact, he was drafted by the San Diego Padres and the San Diego Clippers on the same day! Thankfully, he chose baseball.  

Gwynn made his major league debut on July 19, 1982 for the Padres. His first major league hit was a double. His last game with the Padres was October 7, 2001. He played 20 seasons with the Padres, spending his whole career with San Diego. Naturally, he was offered a lot more money to go to another team, but he stuck with the Padres. He went to two World Series with the Padres, but lost both of them.

tony batting 2.jpgTony was not a home run hitter. He never had more than 17 homers in a season. But he was an excellent contact hitter. He finished his career with a batting average of .338 and 3,141 hits. In 9,288 at-bats, he had 790 walks and only 434 strikeouts. He also had 319 stolen bases.

Tony was selected to 15 All-Star teams. An outfielder, he earned five Gold Gloves. He was also a seven-time Silver Slugger award winner. He has won a Roberto Clemente Award, a Lou Gehrig Memorial Award, and a Branch Rickey Award.

In 2007, Tony was elected to Baseball Hall of Fame, earning 532 votes out of 545. He was inducted to the Hall on July 29, 2007, with Cal Ripken Jr. The Padres revealed a statue in honor of Tony at Petco Park’s Park in the Park.

Tony was an incredible player for the Padres in his 20-year career. He will always be a legend in Padres history. Today, he keeps busy with coaching SDSU’s baseball team, working the Padres’ TV broadcast once in a while, and enjoying his family. Tony Gwynn has left a huge impact on San Diego. He will always be Mr. Padre.

tony plaque.jpg         
the old computer 1034.jpg
gwynn with statue.jpg

Thank you so much to all my readers for getting me to where I am. Without you, this blog has no purpose. Thank you so much for keeping up with Padres baseball here at Unfinshed Business. You guys are great! I hope you all have a great weekend! GO PADRES!!

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