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I’m blaming this one on Roy Oswalt.

roy oswalt.jpgI bet Jake Peavy was going crazy in the dugout. Sitting there on the bench with his ankle in a cast, he was probably itching to be out there, knowing that he should be the one on the mound pitching against his buddy. He must have been ragging on Roy all night after the game over the phone, but what Oswalt did to the Padres was no laughing matter. It was amazing.

Roy pitched the whole game, allowing two hits and one run. That run came in on a wild pitch. That just goes to show how good he was. Man, TWO hits?? Goodness. We were utterly shut down. Roy had a excellent outing.

On the Padres side, Josh Geer wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good enough. He threw seven innings, allowing three runs on seven hits. He didn’t walk a batter though, which was great.

Greg Burke and Cla Meredith each threw a scoreless inning.

But the game ended with a 3-1 Astros score. It should be said, though, that the Padres hit some balls really well, but were robbed by some great defense. 

And so, we lost. We are now 15 games behind the Dodgers, by the way. We gained a couple games over the weekend, but those Dodgers keep winning and winning. And watch out – the Manny is coming back this weekend against the Padres. I think we may have a sold-out weekend…

Just because you wanted to know, Kouz is slightly growing out his beard right now and IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!  AHHHHH!! I love it when he does that. He doesn’t look that great clean-shaven. He looks so great with a beard!! But of course, he looks great all the time😀

Well, Josh Banks is going to start against Mike Hampton. Banks hasn’t started for us a while, but I’m pretty sure he started last year. I’m not sure how well he did, but he must have had some decent outings. It will be very interesting to see how he does.


Battle All The Way

Last night was not a great night for the Padres. Or their fans.

Last night, we played well. But of course, the reliever who has been so solid fell apart, just when you needed him the most. One of the most reliable hitters in the lineup who seems to get it done every time, grounded into a double play, just when you needed him the most. That’s baseball for you. This game was made to drive you nuts and break your heart.

We got a run each in the second, third, and fourth. Chase Headley hit his 6th homer of the season in the second. In the third, Tony Gywnn tripled and David Eckstein gounded-out him in. In the fourth, we added on with a David Eckstein single.  

Wade LeBlanc, rookie, started for the Padres. He threw three innings, giving up three runs. He looked pretty good for the first three innings, but then gave up three runs in the top of the fourth. He loaded the bases with a single and two walks, then hit Jason Giambi to force in Oakland’s first run.

wade.jpgAfter replacing LeBlanc with Josh Banks, the A’s hit two consecutive sac-flies to tie the game. That inning could have been a lot worse, since it was bases loaded with no outs. Good job Josh!

In the bottom of the sixth, we had two runners on with one out when the A’s intentionally walked Adrian Gonzalez to get to, you guessed it, Kevin Kouzmanoff. Ha! When will these people learn? You can’t mess with the Kouz!

I really don’t see the logic. Not really. Sure, Kouz isn’t as great of a hitter as Adrian, but he’s been really hot lately. Hello?? You don’t want to pitch to Kouz, either, man.

As I watched the Gameday, I was silently begging my boy to make them pay for that. Hey, bases loaded, one out, why not?

So, he hit a two-run single!! Good for my boy. That broke the tie and gave us a 5-3 lead.

cab eck.jpgJosh Banks threw three innings, giving up two hits. That was really cool. Mike Adams also threw a scoreless inning, which was great.

But then in the eighth, Edward Mujica came in, and had a terrible 0.2 innings. I was feeling really good about this game so far. I mean, we had a two run lead, and with this Padres bullpen, I was pretty confident that we would pull out with this.

Spoke too soon.

In the eighth, the A’s scored three runs to take the lead. It was not good. Mujica has been so solid, but he had a bad outing at a bad time.

In the bottom of the eighth, Tony Gwynn started the inning with a single, but Eck grounded into a double play. That was that. Kouz got a single, but we were done.

In the top of the ninth, Joe Thatcher allowed a run. Just what the A’s needed.

In the bottom of the ninth, Will Venable walked, but that was that. The game went to the A’s, 7-5.

Very frustrating. We should have won that. The offense could have been better, and the pitching could have been a lot better.

Tony Gwynn had three hits. This guy has been amazing! Kouz had two hits, and newly called up catcher Eliezar Alfonso had two hits. Adrian had one hit, but he got walked FOUR times. Yikes.  

So, the Padres lost yet another interleague game. There were only 20,000 or so fans out there last night. This team has got to get it going, or else the fans are going to drift away.

I was pretty upset about this game because a close friend of mine is cheering for the A’s. Now, I’m not entirely sure why he’s cheering for the A’s (he’s a Padres fan most of the time), but I think it’s because he played for the A’s in Little League. So naturally, when a close friend is cheering for the opposing team, you pull a little harder for your team to win. I was feeling pretty good about the game, thinking of the bragging rights I would have, but then the Padres went and ruined it for me.

We’re having fun with it though, and guess what my friend? You may have had victory last night, but you’d better enjoy it while you can. These Padres are going to come roaring right back!! GAME ON!!

The Padres made a ton of moves yesterday. I’d say the biggest was the major-league debut of Kyle Blanks. Padres fans have been waiting for this guy for a very long time. He’s going to be good with us.

Everth Cabrera was activated off the DL. He played shortstop and did extremely well. He also batted ninth. Yep, you heard that right. The Padres had never batted a pitcher eighth before, but they did it last night. Very cool.

cabrera.jpgWe got rid of Josh Wilson and Arturo Lopez. Nick Hundley and Cliff Floyd went on the DL.  

Tonight the Padres are playing the A’s again. Walter Silva will be pitching against a rookie who has not been very good lately. Yay!! Just makes it all the easier for the Padres to WIN!!

GO PADRES!!! BEAT A’s!!!!!!!! 

Live Together, Die Alone

Well, boys, you didn’t support Jake like you needed to last night, so this calls for drastic measures.

A lot of people, especially teenagers, can’t imagine life without a cell phone. We use them to talk to our friends and co-workers, we can text, and these days, we can have internet access on our phones.

Of course, the main purpose of a phone is to be able to talk to people wherever they are. But with all the fancy extras on our phones, they quickly become addicting.

If you’re a baseball player earning millions a year, I’d bet that you have a really great phone. After all, you need to keep in contact with your families when you’re on the road, and plus, you’re rich. You have a really nice phone just because you can.

Now, boys, you’ve lost four games in a row. I think it’s time for some restrictions. Your cell phones, please.

cell phone.jpg

Yep, iPhones, too.

And of course, your Blackberries.

In the bucket, please. Thank you.


Yes, even you Kouz-who-wouldn’t-care-if-your-phone-got-ran-over. Sorry, I know you’re extremely cute, but you’re in a slump too.

Now, this is an especially cruel punishment since you guys are on the road right now. You want to call your family? There’s a phonebooth right over there.

phonebooth.jpgYou’ll have to take turns, though. 10 minutes each.


Now boys, I know it will be hard to not be able to talk to your family and be distracted by your phones, but right now you need to get out to the batting cages and work, work, work. You only got five hits yesterday. Two runs in support of Jake. I expect much better from you guys.

Especially Brian, Kouz, and Cheadley. You guys are spending at least five hours in the cage today. I don’t care that you’re in Chicago. You can go sightseeing next time that you come around here. Right now, we need to get your bats going, and we need to get winning.

While the guys are batting like they never have before, let’s take the pitchers out on the field and teach them how to pitch. Jake, you did your duty last night. You can go get a massage on that arm.

But the rest of you, especially the bullpen guys, are in big trouble. Let’s see…Edwin Moreno, you gave up a run yesterday, right? Thought so. Let’s work on you first.

First of all, Ed, the point of pitching is to get strikes. You’ve never heard of that? Oh boy. It’s going to be a long day. Well, how ’bout you, Cla? You know, when you come into a situation where runners are already on base, you’re not supposed to let them score. It’s a game, you see? Try to keep the runners from scoring.

Aw, nevermind, you’re really bad at that game.

Oh, hello, Chase, done with your batting already? OK, how ’bout you go play with the ivy out there?

headley cubs.jpg

Now that we’ve learned how to throw strikes, boys…oh, you didn’t quite get it, Duaner? That’s OK, I don’t think you’ll be hanging around here much longer anyways.

Where was I? Ah yes, let’s go back to the clubhouse and talk about the evils of the sand uniforms. Hello, Jake, done with your massage? Good, maybe you would like to say a few words about the horrible games you’ve gone through with the sand uniforms. Don’t forget that you got your fifth loss last night because of them!

Oh, hi, Brian and Kouz, you guys look exhausted! No, Brian, you cannot call your mommy. They just set up batting practice on the field for you!

batting practice.jpgWell, boys, you played a bad game last night. Besides Adrian’s two-run homer, you guys didn’t give any runs to poor Jake. You just handed your ace his fifth loss of the season. He should have at least five wins by now, but because of you guys, he only has two.

You really need to pick it up, boys. The fans are getting upset, and they might leave. All you’re doing is proving that you’re the horrible team that everyone predicted you would be. You’re headed straight to the cellar, and all you’d be doing is proving people right. We want you to prove them wrong. Show the fans, show San Diego that you can play hard and that you can win. If we don’t live together, we’re going to die alone.

You aren’t working as a team here. It’s like the hitters, the starters, the bullpen, and the defense are all different parts. You’re not working together. One guy will get a hit. One guy will give up a bunch of runs. If you don’t live together, you’re going to die alone.

So, after all that BP, I expect you guys to go out there tonight, score a lot of runs, hit when it matters, and get a win. Chris Young has been giving us superb outings, he can hold the Cubs down while you get some runs.

Come on boys, it only has to be a few hours without your phones. If you get the win tonight, you’ll get your phone back as you’re walking into the clubhouse. But you gotta get that win first🙂


(and yes, I am very excited about the season finale of LOST tonight!!)

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Comeback Kids

What a weekend for Padres baseball. I’m telling you, this team has been just incredible. Wow…

  • Friday: 8-7 Padres

Chris Young started the game, allowing five runs in the first inning to the Phillies. He ended up going only 3.2 innings, allowing seven runs on nine hits. 

5-0 deficit by the second? No problemo for my Padres. In the third, we got our first run from a solo homer by Luis Rodruguez. Down 7-1 going into the fifth, the Padres got two more runs on a home run by Scott Hairston. They got two more in the sixth thanks to Nick Hundley’s first home run of the season, driving in Kouz.

In the eighth, Jody Gerut singled in a run. Scott Hairston hit a two-run double to take the lead from the Phillies.    

Meanwhile, the bullpen was incredible. Luis Perdomo, Luke Gregerson, Cla Meredith, Duaner Sanchez, all had scoreless outings. It was so great!

Heath Bell struck out two batters to get his sixth save of the season. Cla Meredith got the win.  

It was such a great game. The Padres were behind 5-0, 7-1, and they came all the way back to win. How ’bout them Padres?!

  • Saturday: 8-5 Padres

Shawn Hill started the game and gave up two runs in five innings. The first run he gave up was in the second, a solo homer to Raul Ibanez.

In the third, the Padres got that run back and added another on a two-run homer from Adrian Gonzalez, his fourth of the season. We got another one in the fifth on a double from Brian Giles.

But the Phillies got one in each of the fifth and the sixth to tie the game at three. The Padres took the lead by one in the top of the ninth, but the Phillies took that away with two in the bottom of the inning.

In comes Brad Lidge, who had 47 straight saves. Notice the word “had”. Jody Gerut started the ninth with a double, followed by two groundouts. But the second one drove Jody in, and we had a tie game. Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Headley walked for my boy Kouz.

Kevin_Kouzmanoff.jpg  🙂

Anyways, Kouz came to the plate with two runners on, and he pounded that little ball with his big strong arms and sent it out of there to take an 8-5 lead. What a player!!

Heath Bell came in for the third game in a row, going 1-2-3 to earn his seventh save of the season. Cla Meredith got the win again. 

It was a great game. We kept fighting, and we came out on top. Yay Kouz!! He was on front of the sports section in the newspaper yesterday, and it was such a cute picture!

kouz homer jake cy.jpg  

  •  5-4 Phillies

It was a good game for the Padres, but unfortunately, the bullpen did not get its job done.

Josh Geer, who just got called up in the place of Walter Silva, threw seven innings, allowing only two runs, only one earned. He had a great outing!

The Padres got three runs in the third on a Jody Gerut single, an Edgar Gonzalez triple, and a Brian Giles groundout. We added one more in the fifth on Adrian Gonzalez’s fifth home run of the season.

But the Phillies got two in the sixth and one in the eighth. In the bottom of the ninth, with a 4-3 Padres lead, Edwin Moreno came in to save the game. Heath had pitched three games in a row, and he needed a break. But if Moreno hadn’t pitched, I have a good feeling that we would have won.

Edwin gave up a single to Ryan Howard, and two pitches later, a walk-off homer to Raul Ibanez.

That was kind of sad, but we played hard, and the pitching was mostly great. It’s really too bad that Heath wasn’t able to pitch. I think he would have had that save, but at least he’s still 6-for-6.

Today is the fourth game of the series, Kevin Correia against Jamie Moyer. It’s going to be so cool to see how these Padres do.

Right now, they don’t think they can be beaten. They don’t think that they’re going to lose. They are going out there every day believing that they can win, even if they are down 5-0, 7-1, 3-0. There’s no stopping this team.

“We don’t need to win every single day … but we have that confidence that we can beat anyone,” Heath Bell said.

I am so excited about these Padres!

The retreat went really well. We stayed at a beautiful cabin right by a lake, and it was so beautiful and peaceful. It was a great trip. Nice to get away…

The weather was so perfect up there, and then we came back down. It was in the high 90s and it was miserable. It’s supposed to be even hotter today. I HATE THE HEAT!!! Ugh. We don’t have air conditioning in our house so we just about die when it gets this hot. AHHHHHH!!! 

Let’s get this game tonight, boys. GO PADRES!!!

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Baseball Time!

First off, I feel really bad about not blogging for the past few days, so I am really sorry about that. But I have a good excuse: I was really sick. When I was in the mountains last weekend, a bug was starting to go around. First it was a sore throat, then I got the stuffy nose and the coughing going, and finally I got the fever on Wednesday night, and it hung around until Sunday morning. It was a long, hard, weekend. I have never been sick this long before. I usually have the 24-hour-virus thing, but the fever stuck around forever! Anyways, I’m feeling much better now. The cough is still pretty bad, but I am definitely on the road to recovery. Hopefully I won’t have to keep away from blogging like that ever again!

Baseball! In the last week, there have been a lot of tidbits and reports coming out of the Padres camp. Lots of little things, really, but they are all pretty interesting. Kouz had shoulder surgery in the offseason, and he’s almost back to 100%. There’s this dude from Mexico, RHP Walter Silva, who looks like a really good pitcher, who the Padres have in camp this year, and he could get a spot in the rotation. Catcher Henry Blanco finally made it into camp on Friday, but I think we can excuse him because he was with his sick mom. Lots of interesting stuff going on!

I can’t believe the first Spring Training games are this week! I mean, they just reported like a week ago! This offseason really went by so much faster than the last offseason did. It’s so cool to think that I’ll be listening to Padres baseball this weekend! How amazing is that? After this long, dark, hard offseason, we are into the light and hope of spring. It’s going to be so much fun!

Wednesday is the Padres annual charity game against the Mariners (we share the Peroia Sports Complex with Seattle, so there’s a bit of a rivalry there). That game is not broadcast on the radio, even though Jake is starting it🙂 Our second game is against the Mariners again, and presumably, Chris Young will be starting it. Friday is the Indians, probably Cha Seung Baek starting, and then Saturday is the Royals. I’m not sure who will be starting that one. This is pretty exciting…GO PADRES!!

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Defense is the Name of the Game

  • 6-5 Mets

It was a weird game tonight. Chris Young did really well, allowing 1 hit over 5 and a third innings. He did walk a few guys. The bullpen was not good tonight. Finally, after a long string of quality innings, Mike Adams gave up a big 3-run homer that erased our 2-1 lead. Hampson and Hensley gave up runs. The defense was amazing, for both sides. There were some key catches that, if not made, would have changed the game. There was also a bizarre play in the eighth. Padres were throwing the ball all over the place and it cost a run. On the offense side, we hit three home runs. We had 11 hits to New York’s 6!! Kouz with his 16th homer, and Adrian with his 27th. In the top of the 9th, Hundley and Hairston got on with one out. Jody Gerut comes up and hits a three-run bomb. So, now it’s only 6-5 Mets. But of course, with one out, we wouldn’t score again. So, it’s just another loss. We have 70 losses. I don’t want to depress anyone, but if Arizona wins tonight, we will be 16 games back. Since I’ve gone and depressed you, I have something to be thankful for: cHRIS yOUNG.jpgWe aren’t Seattle. They are 27 games behind. Some comfort, right? Anyway, there’s a new game tomorrow. Cha Sueng Baek vs. Pedro Martinez. I think we need to make a trade. Go Padres!!