September 2011

Three games left

There are only three more games left in the Padres’ 2011 season. I always hate the end of the season. Even though I’ve been too busy to completely follow the Padres this season, it is going to be sad without baseball all the way until March.

This has been a pretty forgettable season. Right now, our record is 69-90 and we’re 24 games behind first place. We’ve been hanging out in the cellar almost all season.

These last few games should be interestings. They’re against the Cubs at Petco Park. Mat Latos is going tonight, Anthony Bass is starting tomorrow, and Wade LeBlanc will throw the season finale.

Thanks for the season, boys. I know we didn’t do half as well as we hoped to, but hopefully next year. There’s always next year, especially when you’re a San Diego Padres fan. Thanks for the few good times that we did have this season.

I love you guys.


12 Games Left

Well, there are mercifully only 12 games left in this miserable season. I can’t believe how bad this month has been. We’re literally playing all NL West rivals all month, and it’s doing nothing but damage to this team.

Really, though, this season hasn’t been that bad. We’ve been in the basement all season, so there’s been no expectations, no panicky attempt to get out of it, no energy. I think that’s the problem. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t feel very much energy coming from this team at all. They almost seemed content in the cellar. And that is not a good feeling to have.

I am going to be sad when the season ends. I love following Padres baseball, and the offseason is always so long and sad without baseball. But it’s no fun to have a losing team. I can’t possibly think of anything that will help the team, since we practically have no money. It seems like there’s no possible way this losing trend will even end. We’re just not up to the caliber of the big teams with all the money. How are we supposed to compete with the likes of the Yankees and the Red Sox? I’m not just talking about on the field. How will we ever be able to get enough money to sign players who have legitimate talent and star power?

It’s been an endless cycle for the past 42 years. When will it ever, ever end?

We are pathetic.


Kooooooooooz :)

Rockies’ third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff warms up before Friday’s game against the San Diego Padres.

I got to see Kevin Kouzmanoff yesterday. After two years, I got to see the player who means the most to me in all of baseball. I got to see my all-time favorite baseball player here in San Diego. It was fantastic.

At about 5 p.m. last night, I was sitting in the bleachers when Colorado Rockies players started streaming out of the visitor dugout. I hustled over to the third base side of the field to see none other than Kouz.

It was so much fun to watch him. Though I didn’t get to interact with him at all, it was so much fun to see him there, to watch him play again. To see his beautiful smile. I’ve really missed him a lot.

Though I wasn’t paying much attention, the game went really badly. We had eight hits and no runs. The Rockies had seven hits and three runs. It stunk. Will Venable made a horrible error that was actually ruled a triple, but it cost us the game, so it should have been called an error. Even without the error though, the Padres’ offense was nowhere to be seen.

Kouz went 0-for-4. He got on base in the top of the ninth on a force out. Defensively, he allowed made one really great play, but the throw wasn’t in time to first base. He was not happy about that one. But it didn’t matter (like the Padres could actually score a run).

We lost 3-0, which added another loss to our eight-game losing streak.

After the game was the Friday night fireworks. I thought it was going to be kind of pathetic, but they weren’t kidding when they called it “Friday Night Fireworks Spectacular.” It was a legitimately good show! It would have been more fun if the Padres had won, but it was very cool anyways.

I can’t tell you how cool it was to see my baby again. I’m so thankful that he’s back in the NL West. Last night was a wonderful birthday present.