June 2011

On a Roll

I just wanted to let you all know that my San Diego Padres have won seven out of their last nine games. Including a three-game sweep of the Kansas City Royals, which was our first sweep of the year.

I am so proud of the boys. This has been an amazing run. I’m just so excited to see how guys certain guys have stepped up – like Heath Bell pitching four days in a row. It’s been great.

After an off-day today, we will play our favorite little rivals, the Seattle Mariners. And then, starting July 4th, we get to play the Giants for four games. Then the Dodgers, and then the All-Star game.

Speaking of the All-Star game, I’ve always hated how we are overlooked. We’ve gotten Adrian in the past few years, but now, it’ll probably just end up being Heath Bell as the single representative for the Padres. It’s really sad, but that’s what we get for getting rid of all our favorite players.


Momentum actually works!!

AHHHH!! Last night’s game was amazing!!

We totally exploded and scored a ton of runs – at Petco Park! I guess the confidence booster from the Red Sox series was pretty legitimate.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, the score was 5-2 Padres. The Braves had just scored those two runs in the top of the inning on a two-run homer by Freddie Freeman.

Then suddenly, we got on a roll. With one out, Orlando Hudson singled, setting up a Ryan Ludwick double to score the first run of the inning. Then Anthony Rizzo was intentionally walked (mistake), giving Cameron Maybin the opportunity to triple in two runs. An out later, Alberto Gonzalez got on base with an error, which also allowed Maybin to score. Jesus Guzman then hit his first major league home run to give us our 11th run of the game.

It was so great. I was pretty much staring at my computer going, another hit? Another run? Wow!

Such a good game. Tim Stauffer had a great start, and Pat Neshek did well. And then Josh Spence made his major league debut by going 1-2-3 in the top of the ninth. Congrats, Josh, and welcome to the majors.

I’m really happy that Anthony had a good game. I was starting to get a little worried about him, but he finally had a big game last night. Two hits, including a double, three runs scored, and one walk.

It was just an amazing game. It felt so good to win by such a large margin, and to have so many fabulous contributions from so many different guys.

On a side note, Kevin Kouzmanoff hit a grand slam for the Sacramento River Cats last night! Yay!!!!

Dustin Moseley is going tonight. Hopefully the momentum will carry once again.


Happy Third Birthday, Unfinished Business!

  Amazing, isn’t it? I have been writing this blog for three years. I am shocked at how fast the time has    gone by and how much fun I’ve had here.

  I guess one of the biggest things I’ve learned is how amazing Padres fans are. Really, I’ve met so many amazing people through the Padres over the past few years, and it’s been so much fun to realize that I’m not alone in my love of the Padres. There are many people who bleed Padres blue just like me, and I’ve been privileged to get to know some great Padres fans, whether just by talking online or by meeting in person out at the ballpark. I really think that I wouldn’t have had so many chances to meet some of these people without my blog. 

I haven’t been recognized too much by my blog (the Padres organization hasn’t endorsed me or anything yet), but running this blog has made me a better Padres fan than I think I ever would have been without it. I’m not just a fan who watches the games, talks to my friends about it, and then goes on with my life the next day. I have a voice here. I can talk about everything I like and a lot of times, I’ll tell you what I dislike about this team. I don’t know how much I’m impacting the Padres fan community, but at least I’m doing something here. I get the opportunity to be a voice for the fans here.

I don’t know how far the reach of this blog has gone. I don’t know if this is just a cute little blog that people read for fun or if this blog has changed someone’s life because of the sharing of my faith and hope in Jesus Christ. But that’s just the thing. I just don’t know. I never know who I could be reaching.

So to those who have been with me from the very beginning, thank you. I hope this blog has been meaningful to you in some way, even if you’re just entertained by my rants.

The purpose of this blog is not just to give you Padres information; it’s so much bigger. It has to be bigger. This is why: http://kaybee.mlblogs.com/2011/04/23/crazy-for-them-but-they-drive-me-crazy/

The past year has been a blast in terms of Padres baseball. We had such a good season last year, and it was really really sad when we lost the division to the Giants. That really stunk. This season hasn’t been that great, but hey, Anthony Rizzo is here. We should be happy.

Here are some of my favorite blog entries from the past year:

MLBlogs Latest Leaders List (2008-2011): 44, 30, 21, 25, 24, 31, 23, 22, 36, 29, 31, 31, 21, 19, 15, 17, 21, 19, 22, 18, 10, 11, 11, 10, 10, 6, 5, 7, 5, 5, 4, 5, 4, 5

Latest Leaders in traffic from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010: #8

One really exciting thing this year was my rise in the standings. As you can see, I’ve been steadily making my way up towards to Top Five, and I’ve been in the Top Five for the past six months. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I mean, when I step back and think that my little blog is the most popular Padres fan blog on MLBlogs.com, and that out of all the fan blogs in MLBlogs, mine ranks in the Top Five, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

Thank you to everyone here at MLBlogs, and all my fellow Padres bloggers. You guys are such an inspiration.

Thank you to all my readers. It’s because of you guys that I keep blogging and that I keep ending up in the Top Five. Thank you for all your amazing support over the past three years.

Thank you to all my friends who read this blog. I know you probably think I’m crazy, but thanks for putting up with it anyways🙂

I’m really excited to see where the next year will take me and my wonderful blog. Let me tell you, it is my abosolute joy to write this blog. I really enjoy writing and hearing from you guys, and of course, cheering for Padres baseball. I love my boys so much!!!


P.S. This is a really good excuse to treat yourself to a big slice of chocolate cake…or a root beer float…or a cookie…

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Series Win – Over the Red Sox!!

We won the series against the Red Sox. We actually did it!

It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. The whole city of Boston was so upset that it sent four rain delays at us, but we would not be deterred. We still won, albite by a shortend game, and we took the series.

I can’t believe it! Man, if that doesn’t give you hope for this Padres team, I don’t know what will. I thought for sure that we would be creamed. The Red Sox were a really, really tough team to beat, but those last-place Padres did it.


It does feel really good to go into the Red Sox’ home stadium and sweep them, especially because they have Adrian now. But guess what, Boston? We have ANTHONY RIZZO.

Naturally, Adrian had eight hits in the series, including going 4-for-4 today.

But all our guys did an amazing job in this series. Clayton Richard threw a great game today, finally earning his third win of the season.

These are my boys. This is what we’ve been looking for all year. Let’s keep this up, guys!! 

P.S. Tomorrow is my blog’s third birthday!! So excited!!


At least Adrian’s having fun…

Orlando Hudson beats out the throw at first in Monday's game against the Boston Red Sox. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

You know that thing I was saying about the Padres having no chance against Interleague teams?

Check out the score tonight from the first game in the Boston Red Sox series: 14-5 Red Sox. We gave up an unearthly amount of runs in the bottom of the seventh. It was one of the most horrible innings we’ve had all year. Four pitchers threw in the inning, all of them doing badly. We gave up four walks, hit two batters, and gave up five hits while allowing 10 runs.

It stunk. But not only did this game hurt like any other loss, but it was hard to see how well Adrian Gonzalez is doing…especially against us. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for Adrian and that he is in a place where he’s more appreciated and where he can play in that tiny park called Fenway. But really, does he have to go 3-for-5 with three RBIs the first game he faces his former team??

The player who really deserves credit for keeping us in the game at least a little is Orlando Hudson. With the score 3-0 Red Sox in the sixth, Hudson hit a huge three-run homer to tie the game. It didn’t last long, but at least we got a little closer than we had been before.

Chase Headley had a big game as well, going 4-for-5. You get the feeling that he’d do great in a smaller stadium like Adrian is. Surprisingly, I haven’t heard any trade rumors about him. He’s been doing really, really well for us. I wonder why we haven’t heard anything about him getting traded. We’ve heard the Heath stuff, but nothing on Chase. Weird.

Anyway, it was a sad game. Most likely, we won’t get a win in this series, but I guess that’s okay. At least we’re losing to a worthy team.

But tomorrow’s pitching matchup is going to be great. Mat Latos vs. Josh Beckett. I’m so excited!!


Naturally, we got swept.

The Padres just got swept by the Minnesota Twins. Not a surprise at all. Just really annoying.

First off, I wanted to let you all know that I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth. I just graduated from high school yesterday, so the past week has been absolutely crazy and I had barely any time to listen to the Padres games, much less write about them. There wasn’t  much to tell about the games anyway other than what you already know, which is that we are a really bad team.

The thing that drives me absolutely nuts, though, is the hard fact that the Padres have absolutely no chance against any American League teams. You already knew that we don’t have much of a chance against any average team, but it’s even worse with Interleague.

And guess who we get to play next? The Boston Red Sox! They are leading their division, so I predict a second sweep on the road. I would be really surprised if we got a win against the Red Sox in their stadium.

But I’m totally excited about this series. This is first time the Padres are playing the Red Sox since the Red Sox became my second favorite team. I’m excited about playing them in Fenway and seeing how Adrian is doing. I think all Padres fans miss that guy, but I’m really thankful that he’s getting the credit he’s deserved for so long.

This is old news by now, but the Padres have announced Trevor Hoffman’s retirement ceremony for August 21st after the game. I am so excited!!!!! I bought tickets right after I heard about it, and I seriously can’t wait. It’s going to be an amazing event. I’m sure that I’m going to cry.

Oh my goodness. The second game against the Red Sox is going to be an epic matchup: Mat Latos vs. Josh Beckett. Beckett is definitely one of my favorite pitchers in baseball. That is going to be a great game.


Rizzo solid, but team falters

Wow. What a weekend.

With all the Rizzomania this weekend, it’s easy to see how the Padres’ pathetic performance again might be swept under the rug. I personally don’t want to talk about the series when you can talk about Rizzo, but it is really really sad that we lost three out of four games to the Washington Nationals. We had hundreds of chances, leaving the bases loaded every two seconds, but you know the Padres: they can never come through.

Rizzo is an extremely bright spot, but though the Padres won the first game that he played with us, they went on to lose the next three. Anthony certainly contributed a lot, but it was an individual effort. He’s currently hitting .300 with three hits in 10 at-bats. He’s also been walked five times, which I think is great. When I was at Friday’s game, it was really funny because I looked at the scoreboard late in the game, and Anthony only had two official at-bats because of how many times he had been walked!

He’s definitely been making an impact, though he has been in a few situations where he couldn’t come through with the big hit. Nobody on this team can, really. But I think that’s good for him to experience so that he knows that he won’t be able to be the hero with every at-bat.

Anyway, I had a great time at Friday’s game. Even though we lost 2-1 (WHICH STUNK!!!!), it was still a really enjoyable night out at the ballpark. My family and I sat in right field for the first time, which was really nice. We got a 50% off deal, which helped a lot. I liked it out there.

Before the game, my brother and I joined a bunch of kids down by the field to wait for Anthony Rizzo to sign autographs. I got Chris Denorfia’s autograph almost right away, but when Rizzo finally came over, he barely signed anything before he had to go get ready for the game. I guess it made sense because it was about 7 p.m., but still, it was kind of disappointing not to get his autograph. Oh well.

Then after the game, a handful of players gave their testimonies, since it was Faith and Fellowship Night. It was such a great encouragement. All too often, athletes are hypocritical and not at all who we think they are, so it was really refreshing to hear some players be vulnerable and real. Chase Headley, Nick Hundley, Heath Bell, Dustin Moseley, Rob Johnson, and Ernesto Frieri (though he didn’t speak) all participated. Also there was bullpen catcher Mark Merila, former Padre Dave Dravecky, and former Charger Miles McPherson. Really a great event.

I hope my boys can have some better success against the Rockies. You know, after Thursday’s game, I actually thought that there might be hope for this team. But I just don’t know what to do with them anymore. Sigh.


Anthony Rizzo ♥

Anthony. Rizzo. Is. Amazing.

Anthony Rizzo in his first Major League at-bat. (Channel 4SD)

You would not believe how excited I am about this kid. I got to watch the entirety of last night’s game on TV, which is actually very rare for me. And my goodness, I am so thankful that I got to see it all.

Anthony did not disappoint. His first at-bat ended in a called strike, but the strike zone was a little iffy all night. But in his second at-bat, he hit a triple!!!!! It was so great. His next two at-bats were walks, which was great because it showed his patience at the plate and that he’ll contribute in little ways. I was so impressed by him, in everything really: his presence on the field, his defense and plate discipline, and the way he carried himself in the countless interviews that he did. It was incredible.

I am even more excited than ever that my family and I decided to go to tonight’s game a week ago. We had no idea that we would get to see Anthony’s second major league game, but here we are. I’m just so excited to see Anthony and to see the whole team really. We had one of the best games of the year last night. We got ten hits, and really dominated the Nationals. There’s soo much energy around Padres baseball right now, I can’t wait to experience it tonight.

Speaking of which, there’d better be a ton of fans out there tonight. Last night there were only 16,000. Which is pathetic even for a normal weekday game. But I expected a lot more people to be out there to see Rizzo. It was strange. But tonight, you’ve got Party in the Park, Salute to the Negro Leagues, Fellowship Night, and Anthony Rizzo. Oh yeah, and Mat Latos too. If you can, get out to the game tonight. Yes, Rizzo is for real. Just get out there and go see him already!!

Yesterday was a good day for Padres fans. Worth trading Adrian away? Maybe. Probably. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I can say that I like this spark of energy. Anthony is helping to give the Padres life, and that’s something that we desperately need.

I haven’t been this excited about Padres baseball in a long time.


Anthony is Coming!!

Anthony Rizzo

The Rockies have always been such pests to the Padres, and Troy Tulowitzki is the worst of it all.

But who cares about today’s game right now. ANTHONY RIZZO IS GOING TO BE IN TOMORROW’S LINEUP AGAINST THE NATIONALS!!!!! I’m so excited. I was never really one who was on the bandwagon to get him called up, but I was one who considered Brad Hawpe to be someone who was thinking he was playing on the opposing team he was so bad. And even though I’m not so sure that I like him in right field, I am so glad that Rizzo is going to be coming up and helping us out. I’m sure everyone knows the numbers on this guy so far, he definitely deserves this call-up and I think all Padres fans are really excited to see him up here. 

Welcome to the Major Leagues, Anthony.  

I know we’ve gotta be careful, though, to not put the weight of winning the NL West title on this kid. It’s going to be great to have him up here, but I don’t think that he’ll be able to carry the entire team on his shoulders. I do hope that he will make an impact though.

Anyway, today’s game stunk because Tulowitzki hit a two-run double off of Heath Bell to ruin any chance for us to win the game and the series. I do not appreciate Troy Tulowitzki and anything that he does against the Padres. He even got hit in the hand in the first inning and it didn’t deter him at all from leaving the game and sparing us his brutality. I do not appreciate him AT ALL.

But whatever. Now we get to play the Nationals and RIZZO IS COMING IN!!! WHOO HOOO!!! I’m really, really excited about this timing because I’m going to Friday’s game so I’ll get to see him!! It won’t be his major league debut, but it’ll still be really great to see him out there and hopefully he will get some big hits.


My poor Kouz got sent down to the minors :(

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I’m a HUGE Kevin Kouzmanoff fan. I’ve loved that guy ever since he joined the Padres in 2007. He’s just the sweetest, cutest guy, and he was an excellent third baseman when he played for us. I absolutely love him.

But then there came a day that broke my heart: January 16, 2010. The Padres traded away my baby to the Oakland A’s for Scotty Hairston and Aaron Cunningham. I was devastated. I had already endured two really hard partings when the Padres got rid of Trevor Hoffman and Jake Peavy. I thought those were hard. But trading Kevin Kouzmanoff…that was a huge blow. Kouz wasn’t the only reason I was a Padres fan, but man, it sure helped to love a player that much.

So after Kouz was traded, my fanhood suffered. Not going to lie. It was actually really hard to not have a favorite player to cheer for. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Padres fan, no matter who’s on the team. I will always be a Padres fan. But there was something about Kouz that made me even more excited about the team. I tried to make myself find a new favorite player after he left, but it didn’t work at all.

I still miss Kouz to this day. Chase Headley has been good for us at third, but he doesn’t have a glove in the Hall of Fame (thanks for that reminder Gaslamp Ball.)

Anyway, the whole point of this blog post is that Kouz was sent down to Triple-A a few days ago. As he was, I was shocked! He hasn’t been in the minors since 2006! He’s a proven major league player who has a lot of injuries and stuff, but he’s a solid ballplayer. I can’t help but be reminded of early 2007, when Kouz was doing so horribly for the Padres. Despite the cries to send him down, Bud Black stuck with him, and eventually, Kouz got out of his rut. But the A’s didn’t do it that way.

Before he got sent down, Kouz was hitting .221 for the A’s. I don’t know why that’s such a big deal, because the Padres’ entire lineup had batted below that multiple times, and we didn’t do anything as drastic as sending a major league proven player down to Triple-A.

I don’t agree with this move at all, mostly because I’m such a big fan of Kouz’, but really, do the A’s think that going down to Triple-A will help him? He’s been in the majors for five years. I think that most players get to a point where they’re just not going to get any better. Kouz is not a bad player, but I don’t think his skill comes naturally. He has to work super hard to keep himself in shape and game-ready, and his poor back doesn’t help too much either.

I do hope that this move will help Kouz more than hinder him. It’ll be weird to see him in the minors for a while, but hopefully he will tear it up down there and be called back up really soon.

I love you Kouz. And man, I miss you so much.

GO KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!