May 2011

Making the little things count

Ryan Ludwick drives in a run in the third. (AP Photo/Erik S. Lesser)

When a team is as bad as the San Diego Padres have been this season, it’s the little things that matter. Maybe you don’t hit four home runs a game, but if you’re able to play small ball and get a couple runs, maybe you’ll have a chance at winning.

The Padres started a three-game series against the Braves today, and we won 3-2, using little things. In the top of the first, Eric Patterson led off the game with a single. He stole second, got to third on an error, and scored when Ryan Ludwick grounded out.

Then in the third, we had two straight singles with one out, and another out later, Ludwick singled in our second run.

Aaron Harang started the game and threw six solid innings. He only allowed two runs while throwing 102 pitches. Ernesto Frieri, Mike Adams and Chad Qualls each threw a scoreless inning.

Since both the Padres and the Braves each scored a run in the first and third innings, we were scoreless for six innings. The game went into the top of the tenth, where Kyle Phillips, the catcher who came into the game in the bottom of the ninth, hit a solo homer to lead off the inning and break the tie.

Heath Bell threw the bottom of the tenth inning and got his 13th save.

I was really excited about this win, especially because we got it in extra innings and our pitching was so great. I think the weekend series was a huge booster for the team. We definitely seem to be heating up. 

One thing I’m really excited about are the two young guys who were recently called up to the big leagues, Blake Tekotte and Logan Forsythe. I think it’s so cool that they’re up here and that they’re getting some good playing time. It’s unfortunate that the only reason they’re up here is because of injuries to other players, but it’s still a great opportunity for them and I hope that they’re the future of the organization.

Right now, Blake is hitting .300, but he’s only had 10 at-bats. But still. I’m super excited to see where he’s going to go.

Mat Latos is going tomorrow against Mike Minor. I really, really hope that Mat will have a solid outing and get a win.


Series Win

We just won the series against the Washington Nationals over the weekend, which would have been remarkable except for the fact that the Nationals are only slightly better than we are. Nevertheless, a series win is a series win, and when you’re the 2011 San Diego Padres, you will most certainly take it.

I think I know how to help the Padres win this season: always play on the road and always play against teams that are equal or less on skill level to us. It seemed to work pretty well this weekend. We did have some good clutch hits and solid pitching, so I guess we can get some credit for the win. I’m really glad that we got this series. We needed it.

Tomorrow we start a series against the Atlanta Braves. That is going to be harder, but we have a good lineup of pitchers going, so we might be able to get something going.

GO PADRES!!!!!   



So ridiculously frustrating. We can’t hit, we can’t score any runs, we can’t do anything that remotely looks like a winning baseball team. We have no chance against anyone. Our pitchers do have some good games sometimes, but it doesn’t matter and it won’t ever matter because nothing these people can do will ever help the Padres to win a game.

We can’t even blame the pitcher’s park of Petco Park because every single other team that comes into here has no problem hitting, running, and scoring. No problem! So we can’t blame Petco, we can’t blame anyone but those guys on the field, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. We are physically unable to be a winning team, and nothing will change that until each and every man on this roster gets stuck in a thunderstorm or something and becomes superhuman.

This has become very old very quickly.

No Surprise There…


We all knew that it was going to happen. We started off interleague play this weekend at home against the Mariners, and we got nothing doing. We got swept, bang bang bang.

Not surprising at all.

We only scored two runs in the entire series. We had three errors. We got a good amount of hits, but obviously it wasn’t enough to score any runs.

At the beginning of the season, the hitting was horrible and the pitching was really okay. But now, the pitching has been infected with the disease of the hitters, and we have absolutely no hope.

Here’s the records of our five starting pitchers:

  • Mat Latos: 1-6
  • Clayton Richard: 2-5
  • Tim Stauffer: 0-3
  • Dustin Moseley: 1-6
  • Aaron Harang: 5-2

Aaron’s the only one who’s had any bit of a chance against some good teams. Props to him, but look at the rest of our starting pitching. It’s so bad!!

It’s not entirely the pitchers’ fault, though. Moseley had put out many, many good outings, but you can’t win when you don’t have run support.

In case anyone was interested, the Padres’ record is 19-28 and we’re 8.5 games behind San Francisco. Yeah, we’ve got a ways to go, but with the way we’re playing, I’m sure we’ll be able to get those games back in about 200 years.

The Cardinals are coming in to Petco for three games. They’re 28-20 and on top of their division. Oh boy.


Latos loses again

Told ya.

We have no chance against our Interleague counterparts. That was proved last night as we lost 4-1 against the Seattle Mariners. Mat Latos, our so-called ace, started the game and earned his sixth loss of the year. Erik Bedard, the starter for the Mariners, threw eight innings, allowing three hits and striking out nine. Latos, on the other hand, only went six innings, allowing four runs with four strikeouts.

I don’t know what his issue is, but Mat seriously needs to get his act together. There are all sorts of explanations like being overpitched, being young and inexperienced, but no matter what’s going on, Mat needs to work through it and find something that will help him to be the ace that he was last year. This is ridiculous. We should not be sitting here three months into the season with an ace with a record of 1-6.

Ryan Ludwick has been pretty hot lately. He had two hits again last night. But that was pretty much it. We got our only run in the bottom of the ninth, just like we did the game before, which was good, but this time it didn’t work so well because we were down by four runs instead of one.

Ludwick drove in that run with a single. Congrats, Ryan. You are definitely the player of the game.

Well, Clayton Richard is going tonight against Michael Pineda. That’ll be fun.


All it took was a sac-fly

We won!!!

Man, what a game. It was an amazing pitching duel between Aaron Harang and Chris Narveson. So good, in fact, that the only run of the game was scored in the bottom of the ninth with two outs.

Aaron threw eight innings, allowing six hits, no runs, two walks, and four strikeouts. Definitely a huge outing for Harang. Not only did he do an amazing job, but he really let the bullpen rest. This was probably the best pitching performance of the season so far. Way to go, Aaron.

Heath Bell threw the top of the ninth, and got out of it without scaring us too much. In the bottom of the inning, Ryan Ludwick led off with a single. Then Eric Patterson pinch-ran for him, stealing second just as Brad Hawpe walked. Cameron Maybin sacrificed the runners over, and then Chase Headley was intentionally walked. Orlando Hudson hit a sac-fly on the first pitch he saw, and Patterson scored the run of the game to win. It was great.

And that was pretty much it. Easy, simple, clean. Done and done.

I’m really glad that we won. We definitley needed that, but our bats were no help at all. I mean, we scored the winning run on a sacrifice fly. Our offense isn’t instilling any confidence, but hey, we got the job done. We’ll take it. Props to the boys for that.

Mariners tomorrow. Oh joy.


Interleague? Already?

Well, what do you know. The Padres came home and the bats went cold. There’s definitely something about Petco Park that completely kills our bats. It really stinks.

Dustin Moseley started the game and didn’t do too badly. He threw 5.1 innings, allowing three runs (two earned) on six hits. Jason Bartlett made two errors, which is always great.

Ryan Ludwick hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the fourth for our only runs of the game. Just wonderful.

We play the Brewers again today before starting interleague play tomorrow (already!!!!) against the Mariners. And we all know how that’s going to go. We’re at Petco AND we’re playing the Mariners. We have no chance at all. You know, the Mariners have always sort of been our rivals because we share the Peoria Sports Complex with them and for some annoying reason, we always play them two or three times during the season. I don’t know why that happens, but the point is that they always always always cream us. A rivalry isn’t really a rivalry if only one of the teams has the ability to actually win.

Let me tell you, I’m getting nauseous just thinking about interleague play. We don’t even stand a chance against teams in our own division, and interleague has been historically brutal to us. As in season-killing. I am extremely worried.

But anyways, in other news,’s Latest Leaders for the month of April came out recently, and this blog was #4 in the fan blog section.😀. Thank you guys so much! It’s pretty exciting to see my blog that high up. Like I said yesterday, I’m done with school now (done with high school actually), so I’ll definitely be blogging more consistently. Thank you soooooo much!!!


Coming Home…

The Padres made it out of Arizona with a two-game split. We won the first game 8-4, and the second game we lost 6-1. That second game was pretty bad because the umpiring was really against us. Not cool at all.

Now we’re finally back home for eight games. I always like it when the boys are home, but we do have a better record on the road than at home. Hopefully we’ll be able to pull off some wins.

In other news, I am now done with the Spring 2011 semester, which means that I’ll have a whole lot more time to blog and follow the Padres more closely. I’m looking forward to it.


Yay for WordPress!

Check out the new digs!! I’m so excited and so far, really pleased with’s new setup. WordPress is definitely a 1000 times better than Movable Type, so I can’t wait to make my blog a lot better with all WordPress has to offer.

This is going to be great. Welcome back to Unfinished Business, and as always, GO PADRES!!!!!

13 runs?? 23 hits??

The Padres won 13-6 yesterday.

No, I’m not kidding.

It was the most ridiculous game I’ve seen the Padres play this season, especially with the way we have been playing. This game was a completely joke, but it was so much fun!

Somehow, someway, we got an insane amount of bat power. We took a lead, lost the lead, and came back and took over the lead. We didn’t give up. We didn’t shut down. We were on fire!

We got eight runs in the top of the eighth. Simply nuts. We had 23 hits. Jason Bartlett and Cameron Maybin both went 4-for-6.

Even though this was the only game that we won in the three-game series, it was a seriously great win. Hopefully that momentum will continue as we go to Colorado. Who I am kidding? Of course it’s going go carry over! We’re going to Coors Field!

But you know what I just realized is that the opening game is on Friday the 13th. Colorado has not been a good place for us, ever. It all started with Game 163, and really strange things have been happening to us there ever since. I hope we get out okay.

In other news, is getting a make-over, which means that you might not be able to access my blog this weekend. I definitely won’t be able to, which means no exciting posts from me this weekend. I just wanted to let you know that there may be some issues, but everything should be back up on Monday and I will have a blog full of fabulous new features thanks to WordPress. I can’t wait!!

I hope we have a great series against the Rockies. I think it’s about time that the last-place Padres should cream the first-place Rockies.

GO PADRES!!!!!!!