First Series Win

Well, we’re three games into the Padres 2011 season. I’m loving it, and I think we’ve seen some very positive things already.

First of all, we won two out of three games against the Cardinals in Busch Field, which broke all sorts of records since we have a horrible track record at that stadium. Not so this weekend. There’s something really solid about this team, even if we don’t have Adrian anymore.

So, it definitely felt good to win that first series. Hopefully things will go really well as we come home to face the Giants and Dodgers. Ooh. That’s going to be very interesting.

And of course, the Padres are in first place. Exactly where we belong, and hopefully where we will stay.



Sometimes losing a star player lights a fire. Remember the Mariners after Johnson, Griffey and A-Rod left? My Jays won 85 games and had one of the best staffs in the AL last year after Roy Halladay was traded. Hey, anything can happen!

First place feels so good, even this early. My White Sox are also in first place, and I’m already proclaiming them the Central champs🙂

First series win in St. Louis since 2005 or 2006, I forgot which, but this is definitely a great way to start out 2011!

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