October 2010

Remember Your Fanhood!!

Man, it’s tough not being in the playoffs. I don’t like it when I don’t have any motivation to follow the postseason except to see that the Giants get knocked out of there.

READ THIS: http://rjsfro.com/2010-articles/october/fandomchangeplayoffs.html Must-read postseason article for all Padres fans. Whatever you do, don’t cheer for the Giants. Please. That’s just wrong.

We are PADRES fans. That means that we cheer for our team NO MATTER WHAT, even if they’re not even playing anymore. After all the believing and cheering during the season, you cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT, turn around and cheer for the team that detroyed your amazing season. Don’t think that the Padres aren’t watching. They’ve got the Santa thing going with the nautghty and nice list, except it’s more like the faithful and the unfaithful list. Just because the Padres are done playing doesn’t mean that your obligations as a fan are over. Fanhood doesn’t have a contract, but if it did, I’m sure there would be a clause obligating you to cheer for your team constantly. You can’t get out of the contract.

But fanhood shouldn’t have to be an obligation. It shouldn’t be something that you HAVE to do. If you really love your team, you’re just not going to cheer for the Giants because you hate them for what they did to us. It just comes naturally out of your love and heartbreak for your team.

Fanhood is a very special thing. And it’s unique for each fan. Maybe you feel okay cheering for the Giants. I don’t know how you could rationalize that, but maybe you can and you’re okay with that. But for a lot of us, we just can’t do that. We can’t cheer for the Giants. They were pests all season and the last straw was shoving us out of our rightful spot in first place. It would be going against everything I fought for as a fan to cheer for the Giants now. I won’t do it.    

I can’t wait for my Padres to get into the playoffs. I can’t wait for the start of next season!! I miss Padres baseball soo much😦 It’s so sad not to have it around.




Padres 2010 Awards

Every year I give out virtual awards to my boys for different catergories. Since there’s so much to commemorate, this one is going to be interesting.

MVP: Adrian Gonzalez. He hit .298 with 31 homers and 101 RBIs. ‘Nuff said.

Honorable mention: Mat Latos, Miguel Tejada

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Aaron Cunningham. I was extremely impressed with this guy. He did very well offensively, but his defense was outstanding. I can’t wait to watch this guy play every day.

STARTER OF THE YEAR: Hands down, Mat Latos. The dude was incredible for us this year (except at the end of course, but we won’t go there). His total record was 14-10 with a 2.92 ERA.

RELIEVER OF THE YEAR: Luke Gregerson. He threw 78.1 innings and only allowed 30 runs, plus he got two saves this year (out of seven opportunities). He had 40 holds, which set the all-time MLB record for a single season.

Honorable mention: Heath Bell

VETERAN OF THE YEAR: Miguel Tejada. I am sooo glad that we got this guy or we wouldn’t even have been close to the playoffs. He added so much to the team, and I really hope the Padres bring him back next year.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Will Venable –  the guy made some seriously beast catches this season.

COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Tim Stauffer. He’s been really on and off for the past five years, usually the kind of guy that we only used if we had to, and even then, we knew he wouldn’t really give us much. This year, something was different. This year, he became one of the most dominant pitchers on our staff. He was 6-5 with a 1.85.

DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE YEAR: Ryan Ludwick. I really wish he could have pulled it together.

FLOPS OF THE YEAR: Everth Cabrera, Kevin Correia

OVERALL AMAZING PLAYERS WHO DIDN’T GET A SPECIFIC CATERGORY BUT WERE A HUGE INFLUENCE ON THE WAY WE PLAYED THIS YEAR: Mike Adams, Jon Garland, Joe Thatcher, Clayton Richard, Yorvit Torrealba, David Eckstein, Jerry Hairston Jr., Chris Denorfia, Tony Gwynn, Matt Stairs

UP-AND-COMING PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Cory Luebke. He only made three starts, and didn’t do exceptionally great, but I see a lot of potential. Hopefully he’ll get a good look in Spring Training, a little more minor league time, and then maybe he can come up later in the 2011 season.

STAR WARS MASCOT OF THE YEAR: Yoda, it is. Thanks so much for accompanying us on our journey through the universe of Major League Baseball. May the Force be with you.

CUTEST PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Lance Zawadzki. Man he’s adorable.

There are many, many more players and the things that they did that deserve one of my virtual awards, but it would take too long to mention every great thing that my Padres did this year. We just had such a great season!! Thank you so much to all of you guys for such a fun year. I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!!! I love you all so much. Go Padres.  

Happy Birthday, Trevor!!

trevor-hoffman.jpgToday is Trevor Hoffman’s 43rd birthday. This year was a big one for Trevor as he got his 600th save with the Brewers. But he only got 10 saves total this year, which was not that great. He blew a whole bunch and then was demoted from his role as closer. I think the years are finally catching up with him, but he’s still an amazing guy. He’s probably not going to be with the Brewers next season, so Padres, hint hint hint.

Sure, we probably won’t have him replace our Delivery Man of the Year, Heath Bell, but before Trev retires, he’s gotta come back to his Padres.

We love you, Trevor. Hope you have a day!!! And hey, come back to San Diego soon, yes? 

#5 ♥

Well, it’s been four days since the season ended. It’s been rough, that’s for sure. Especially since everyone who thought that the Padres were not going anywhere this season are back in full force saying, I told you so! It’s extremely frustrating, but what can you do. The only consolement I’m getting is that I believed all season and I didn’t give up. I was right there with my boys the whole time, and man they had an incredible season.

As the offseason goes on, I’ll be writing some season-rememberance stuff, but right now I kind of want to review my personal season of blogging.

Let me tell you, this year has been absolutely amazing. I didn’t blog as consistently as I have in years past, but this blog has really had a great year. In 2009, I was around the 20s in the Latest Leader list. This season I jumped up to number 10 and number 11. That’s where I was for most of the year until I jumped up to #6 in August and now, I was #5 in the top fan blogs list. I’m soooo excited!!!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that my all-time favorite baseball player is Kevin Kouzmanoff, whose number is 5. I’ve always wanted to be #5 on the list so that I could do a dedication to him and I’m soo excited that it’s finally happened!!

Since there’s a lot of recaps going around, I’m going to review Kouz’s season. I didn’t really talk about him much this season because I was so focused on the Padres’ first-place dominance, but I think it’ll be cool to see how he did after he was so sadly shipped away from the Padres.

Kouz was traded to the Oakland A’s on January 16th, 2010, in exchange for Scott Hairston and Aaron Cunningham.

He hit .247 with 16 homers and 71 RBIs. He played in 143 games, and of course, his back acted up near the end of the season and he was out for a few weeks.

His fielding stats, though, are no where near as impressive as last year. Remember that when he had three errors all season and a .990 fielding percentage and he didn’t get a Gold Glove? That was so sad. Man. But anyways, he had 12 errors this year, and a .968 fielding percentage. So, not too bad, but not as great as last year.

On another matter, he’s still as adorable as ever😉


I missed you a lot this season, Kouz. Definitely not the same without you, and your trade even effected my fanhood just a little. I’m glad you had a great season with the A’s, and I hope that someday you’ll be able to play in San Diego again. Love you!!!!!

Thank you guys sooo much for your great support. Thank you for getting me to #5. This blog would be meaningless if no one read it, so thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together. You guys are amazing!!!! 



I write this with tears streaming down my face. Man, it wasn’t supposed to end like this. Padres, I just want you to know that I love you very much, and thank goodness for “next year.” Seems like we always have to comfort ourselves with that, and it’s true again this year.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this. From the beginning of the season, we were instantly put down as the last-place team in the NL West. It took a little time, but we soon estabished ourselves as a team to contend with. We inhabited first place for almost the entire season until the Giants snatched it away from us in the past few heartbreaking weeks. Now, we’re done.

Looking back over the season, it’s amazing to see what we accomplished as a team. But we didn’t do anything with it. We were supposed to be National League West Champions. But San Diego’s heartbroken once again and San Fran is celebrating. Baseball is such a heartbreaker.

I’m too sad to say much more. The one thing that hurts so much right now is realizing that there’s no more Padres baseball to listen to or watch. I guess I was so focused on the winning and the playoff push that I totally forgot what was coming after…the end of the season. I don’t know how to deal with no Padres games until April. I love my boys sooooo much. I don’t want to turn the focus to next year. I want to play some more baseball.

Ahhh man.


Now Or Never

We’re one game away from elimination in the NL West, and we’re playing our rivals for it for the next three games.

We’re two games away from elimination in the NL Wild Card, and I don’t know what the Braves are up to, but they seem to be on quite the roll.

This is not good.

Everything’s at stake here. If we want any chance at the playoffs, we absolutely have to sweep the Giants. Impossible? No. But I have to admit that I’m not feeling that great about our Padres. Is anybody? The way they’ve played this week has been heartbreaking. This is not the first-place team that we saw for most of the season. What did you guys do with them?

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I really really hope the Padres can find that team before 7:15 tonight. And I hope the Giants can find the team that was trailing the Padres all season.

I’m not worried about the pitching at all; we’ve got Clayton Richard, Tim Stauffer, and Mat Latos going. The thing I am worried about is the offense. They have completely lost it this week and if they want to get back into this thing, they absolutely need to find their bats. FIND THEM ALREADY!!!

No matter what, I’m cheering for these boys. Even though it hurts a lot, I’m going to be cheering for them hard. There’s too much at stake not to support them through this. I just hope that we get a fighting chance.

So give me something to believe…