September 2010


I hate sharing first place. The past two days stunk because the Giants beat us twice and moved into first place with us. First place is a very narrow space and there’s only room for one team (the San Diego Padres) so when any other team forces themselves into there, it’s cramped and gross and we don’t like it. Today, we shoved them out of there and got OUR first-place back. So there.

MY PADRES ARE AMAZING!!!!! I don’t know about you, but I am so catching the playoff fever. We are merely a few games away from the end of the regular season and after that, we’re going to the playoffs. Oh my goodness we are going to the playoffs.

The ten-game losing steak stunk and so did losing these first two games to the Giants. But you know what, we’ve gotta forget those games. All that matters is the sweep of the Dodgers and the win today (and tomorrow). You’ve gotta forget those losses or you’re just going to lose more games.

Especially now, we have to focus on beating these Giants.

Today we did that. Oh my goodness it was such a great game! Tim Stauffer pitched INCREDIBLY. Going into this game, I was kind of like, eh, he’ll probably do okay, but he totally went way above that. He threw six innings, only allowing three hits and no runs with five strikeouts. So good.

Then Yorvit Torrealba hit a solo homer in the third. Thanks to the pitching, that one run held the entire time. The dynamic trio of Luke Gregerson, Mike Adams, and Heath Bell were amazing. None of them allowed a hit. They stuck out five. They held that lead.

The ninth was soo cool. After getting one out, Heath hit a batter. Always gotta keep it interesting. But he quickly got two outs on the next batter. On the third pitch of the at-bat, the runner took off and the batter swung through the pitch. Yorvit threw the ball to second and got the runner out!!! It was so exciting because of course we were thinking double play in that situation but we didn’t really expect it to happen that way!

Oh man I am so pumped right now. This team is just so amazing and I seriously think they’re going to win this. They’ve got it. We’re only leading by one game but I think that on October 3rd, we’re going to be National League West Champions.

Also, I have a really good feeling about the game tomorrow, which may or may not have been helped by the amazing advertisement in the Sports section of the Union-Tribune today. I seriously think this is going to be one of the biggest games of the year! I mean, come on, how much better does it get than Mat Latos vs. Tim Lincecum?

I am super happy about the attendance at Petco today as well. There were over 41,000 people today, and even over the radio, I could tell that they were into every single pitch. My goodness, just to hear you guys out there got me so pumped up right here in my living room. The energy out there was just amazing!

I am so so so excited about this team right now. We are amazing!! I am so proud to be a Padres fan!!!  

Latos, go get ’em.


(and GO CHRIS YOUNG!!!) 

Forever a Padre ♥

He threw his hands up in the air as teammates surrounded him. The sign in the outfield finally moved from #599 to #600.

Trevor Hoffman earned his 600th save last night in Milwaukee.

What can I say about Trevor? He’s one of my all-time favorite players. He’s one of the most classy players to ever step on a major league baseball field. Best of all, he’s a Padre.

I am just soooo happy for him!!! He so deserves this. He’s an incredible player and an incredible person. I love him so much and I miss him like crazy.

Though it was a very happy moment to watch him get that 600th save, it was also very sad because he wasn’t doing it in San Diego. This is his home, not Milwaukee. He doesn’t belong there. He belongs here.

But it’s reassuring to know that wherever he goes, Trevor will always, always be a Padre.

hoffman-500x-large.jpgCongrats, Trevor, on save #600. Your whole career has been absolutely amazing and you’ve created quite the legacy for youself. You’re the all-time saves leader! Great work, Trev. You’re an inspiration to many people, including myself.

I still hope that someday you’ll be able to pitch in one more game as a Padre. I miss Trevor Time. No matter what, though, you are forever a Padre. I love you Trevor.


Latos For CY Young!!

Did you know that Mat Latos is leading the Majors in ERA? Not just the National League, but the Majors?? I just discovered this yesterday and thought, where on earth have I been? Mat Latos has been absolutely amazing, but I guess I didn’t realize just how amazing. He sure showed me last night.

matlatos.jpgI can’t say enough about Mat’s performance last night. It was totally amazing. He went seven innings, allowing one run on four hits with 10 strikeouts. His ERA is now 2.21. This guy has got to be at least in the running for the CY Young.

We didn’t do much on the offensive side, but we did get a sac-fly from Aaron Cunningham and a double from Adrian Gonzalez for our two runs. Thanks to the pitching, that was all we needed.

Heath Bell closed out the game and we won 2-1!

It was so good to be able to win another game after breaking the losing streak. It was one thing to win to stop the losing streak, but quite another to make sure that we would keep winning. It’s such a relief to have won the series and to have the chance for a sweep tonight! 

Amazing job, Mat. You are incredible.

The kid Cory Luebke is pitching tonight against Chad Billingsley. It’s going to be intense.


Ten-Game Losing Streak? DONE!!

If you are not a Padres fan, you would not believe the kind of relief that we all got last night when the Padres finally, finally won a game. Man, it was super intense and an amazingly well-played game.

It’s amazing how heavy a 10-game losing streak can be. For about a week and a half, all Padres fans carried that load and it kept getting heavier and heavier. Last night’s game wasn’t even about the Dodgers; it was all about getting that win. We needed it so badly!!

Now it’s over, and I sure hope that it’s gone forever. I know it was just one game, but I really think that last night was a turning point. We are now back on track. We’re winning again. We had some great pitching, enough offense, and amazing defense. We’re looking a lot more like the team we were. This was just a bump in the road.

Man, I am just sooo relieved. I feel like it’s been dark and rainy for 10 games and the sun’s finally come out. It’s an amazing feeling to have that losing streak gone!! 

Now we can focus on beating the Dodgers for the next two games. We’ve still got a one game lead in the division, but we’ve got to keep it up. No more ten-game losing streaks.

I love you guys. Thanks soooo much for getting that win.

Now, it’s time for a ten-game winning streak!! 



11-5 L.

3-2 L.

3-1 L.

5-0 L.

7-2 L.

7-4 L.

5-2 L.

4-3 L.

6-2 L.

4-2 L.

It ends tonight.

We’ve lost ten stinking games in a row. I’m not panicking (World Series all the way baby!!) but this has got to end now. Remarkably, we are still in first place, even though it’s only by a game. I can’t believe that we still have that lead.

But we have to win tonight in order to keep that lead. I am not willing to give up that lead, and neither should the boys.

Just stop it. Please please please please stop it. I’m sorry. It’s driving me nuts. Get the win tonight against the Dodgers. I’m begging you guys to get pull yourselves together and get back on track.


No more of this. Pllllllleeeaaasssseeeee!!!!!

It. Ends. Tonight.


Seven Too Many

The Padres are on a seven-game losing streak.

It’s not good. It’s not good at all.

So can anyone tell me what on earth is going wrong?!?!?!?

From what I can tell, this team is just not playing as a team anymore. I mean, before, the pitching and defense and hitting was all perfectly together. But now, the defense isn’t helping the pitching, the hitting isn’t helping the pitching, and the pitching isn’t helping the hitting.

Am I the only one who thinks that getting swept by the Diamondbacks was an absolutely unacceptable thing to do? Getting swept by the Phillies I understand. They’re an amazing team. But the Diamondbacks? The team that is the last to our first? It’s just humiliating.

Now our lead is a ton un-safer. The Giants have moved to within three games of our first-place lead. Pretty scary, but I’m sure that the boys will be able to get things back into the winning mode.

Thankfully, it’s past September 1st. So if any of our players are starting to not help the club, we can just put another guy in there. One thing I’m really excited about is Cory Luebke making his first major league start tomorrow night. Who knows? Maybe he’ll become just the key piece that we need to get back on track.

Another super super super exciting thing is Chris Young. He pitched in an actual game for the first time in months a few nights ago and he did great. That was a HUGE step. I don’t know how much longer it’ll be until he can come pitch in the majors, but it was a step and huge progress. Better to be pitching, than not pitching.

So, I’m not too worried about this little slide. Frustrated? Oh yeah. But one little seven-game losing streak is not going to turn me off to this team. In fact, it just makes my fanhood stronger🙂

Today the Latest Leaders list came out for the month of August and this blog is number #6 in the top fan blogs!!!!!! I’m soooo excited!!!! This is the closest to the top that I’ve ever been and I’m amazed to look at that list and see all the amazing blogs that mine is included with!!! Oh my goodness I can’t thank you guys enough. Thanks soo much for reading this blog faithfully and sticking with me even when I don’t blog that consistently. Thank you thank you thank you🙂