July 2010

Hello Tejada and Goodbye Dodgers

Yesterday was a great day for the San Diego Padres. Not only did we win the series against the Dodgers with a walk-off, but we also aquired veteran infielder Miguel Tejada.

I just gotta talk about this trade for a bit here because I can’t believe how good it was. When I first saw that we had traded for him, I thought, great, we probably had to give up something big. Imagine my shock when I saw that all it took to get him was a Double-A pitcher named Wynn Pelzer. I think it’s a good sign when you’ve never even heard of that player. I hadn’t, so I figured that he wasn’t that essential to the Padres’ farm system.

I figured that if the Padres were going to make a move at all, it would be something slightly big but not franchise-shaking in terms of us losing something. I’d say that we got a great deal here. I’m really amazed, actually, about how good this was. I’m also really happy that the Padres were able to get right up there with lots of other big teams who wanted this guy, and we came up on top. If this was two, three years ago, we wouldn’t even try to go for this guy. He would be as impossible to get as a A-Rod for the San Diego Padres. But times are changing.

And I absolutely love what Miguel said yesterday: “Now I go into a situation where I can get a ring. It’s not easy to get a ring. It’s a lot of hard work. Now I’m going to have an opportunity.”

How cool is that!?!?!?!! I am so psyched that we would be looked at like that. Most of the time, it was the players who were leaving us who would say stuff like that. But now, players are saying that about us!! It makes me so happy🙂

I think this was a great deal made by the Padres. Miguel will help us in the middle infield, especially with Eck out, and he’s still got a great bat. I’m really excited about having him on the team. Welcome to San Diego, Miguel.

The other great part about yesterday was beating LA. I got to watch the entire game for free, which was a huge treat. I loved being able to see my boys! It was a ton of fun to watch it.

Mat Latos started the game. He only went five innings, but he allowed two runs (one earned) while striking out seven.

In the bottom of the first, we got our first run on a Chase Headley single. Latos allowed a home run right away in the next inning, so that lead was short lived.

Then we took the lead again in the fourth. Chase Headley walk, Yorvit Torrealba double. Top fifth, Dodgers tied it again.

So we went on for a super long time without scoring. Our bullpen was great, no surprise there. Joe Thacher, Ryan Webb, Luke Gregerson. Heath Bell took the top of the ninth in a tie game.

In the bottom of the ninth, we got down to business. Scott Hairston singled, Tony Gwynn sac-bunted him over, setting up Oscar Salazar. It took eight pitches, but he finally was able to get the bat on one and sent it through the middle. Scotty scored, and we won!!

It was a great series, and I’m so happy that we won it! It’s always great to get two-out-of-three, but especially against the Dodgers. Our first-place lead is very safe and looking good as ever.

I was really pleased with the crowds we got during this series. Of course, I’m sure we were helped out a lot by Dodger fans, but that’s okay. It’s our home turf. Yesterday we had 42,000!!! Big shoutout to all the Padres fans for getting out there and supporting our boys.

I’m super excited about Padres baseball right now. We’ve got a three game series against the Marlins for the weekend, and then it’s off to Dodger Stadium for four. That’s going to be crazy!

Go first-place Padres.


Rubber Game Today…

Last night’s game was great! After the loss on Tuesday, it was great to get the win against the Dodgers last night.

I really appriciated Clayton Richard’s performance. He went through a rough spot a while back, and it’s good to have him actually throwing well. Last night he went six innings, only allowing one run on four hits with six strikeouts. As usual, the bullpen was just beautiful. Old story there, but really, these guys are just too good.

Ernesto Frieri has been a very pleasant surprise. When he first was called up, I thought he was going to be one of those guys who was up here only because we needed him but actually wasn’t that great of a pitcher. Thankfully, I was wrong. Since he got called up, he’s been in fiave games, allowing only one hit with nine strikeouts. He’s got a perfect ERA of 0.00.  

The offensive side was great too. We didn’t start scoring until the sixth, actually. Jerry Hairston Jr. was the man of the night with two hits and three RBIs. We got two runs in the sixth, two in the seventh, and two in the eighth. Chris Denorfia, Adrian Gonzalez, and Nick Hundley each drove in a run.

And….that’s about it. Oh, really bad news about Kyle Blanks. He’s going to have to have Tommy John surgery. We really did have big hopes for him at the beginning of the season, but he didn’t play well and now he’s hurt. Get well soon Blanksie!!

One more game in this series this afternoon, which I’m really excited about. We’ve got the Giants breathing down our necks, so we really need to get this game to win the series and to hold onto our first-place lead. I like our chances with Mr. Mat Latos starting the game. I have a feeling that this is going to be a great game.


Sweep, then Dodgers!!

After losing the series to Atlanta, we went into Pittsburgh, which was a really good move by the schedule makers. We needed to get back on track, and we did this weekend with a sweep of the Pirates.

Kevin Correia started the game on Friday, which was sweet. We got four runs in the top of the second, a great team effort. K-Cor allowed three runs, but it wasn’t a problem. Our pitching was super solid, so we won the game 5-3. Ernesto Frieri, Luke Gregerson, and Heath Bell threw three scoreless hittless innings. Amazing!

The second game was REALLY great because Mat Latos was back. He was put on the DL right before the All-Star game because of a side strain of some sort, but it was more of a roster move than a serious injury. It was really good to have him back! I love this guy🙂 He went six innings, allowing two runs on seven hits with seven strikeouts. The two runs were actually solo home runs, which did break a pretty long streak of Mat’s without home runs, but that’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Great outing by Mat.

latos mat.jpgNow the question is, how much longer can he pitch? The Padres really want to conserve his innings so that he doesn’t burn out to quickly. We want this guy to be our ace for a long time. But at the same time, we might be making a playoff run pretty soon. Do we let him keep pitching until then, or do we hold him back and wait until we really need him? I think if I were the Padres, I would let him keep pitching every fifth day, but give him an inning or pitch count limit. If he only went say, five innings every start, he could still stay sharp pitching-wise while saving some for later at the same time. I don’t think we can just shut him down and then start him up again when we go into the stretch. Anyways, it will be very interesting to see how the Padres deal with this.

‘Cause if you think about it, I want this guy when we’re in the playoffs. It’s definitely not like he’s the only starter who can actually pitch, but I like our chances when he’s out on the mound. Guys like Kevin Correia, Jon Garland, and Wade LeBlanc are doing their jobs very well, but having Mat is a huge bonus. If we’re going to win the NL West, I want Mat Latos on that roster. Make it happen, Padres.

The offense in that second game was great. We got nine runs, but they were all scored on singles, doubles, ground outs, or sac-flies. No big blast here. Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Headley each had two hits. Will Venable was walked twice and scored twice. Everth Cabrera and Oscar Salazar each drove in two runs.

We had a 42-minute rain delay. It was kind of funny because it was in the top of the eighth and we had the bases loaded with no outs. Talk about a threat. We ended up scoring five runs that inning.

We won the game 9-2, which was great. Especially after the Braves series, it was good to get the next series won right away.

The third game was great too. Wade LeBlanc started, going six innings, allowing three runs on eight hits. He didn’t walk any, though, and got two strikeouts.

The Pirates got two runs in the bottom of the second on a Ronny Cedeno home run. But in the top of the third, we struck back.

After Everth Cabrera lined out, Wade LeBlanc and Jerry Hairston Jr. singled. Chris Denorfia, who I’ll talk about later, doubled to drive them both in. Tie game. Adrian Gonzalez hit a two-run homer, his 21st of the year. An out later, Yorvit Torrealba walked, stole second while Will Venable was batting, and scored on Will’s single. 5-2 Padres.

The Pirates got another run, but then we got another run. Chris Denorfia home run. That was all we needed. The offense, paired with amazing relief performances by Ryan Webb, Luke Gregerson, and Heath Bell, was enough for the sweep. Heath Bell got his 29th save of the year.

One thing I’ve really noticed this year is that our starting pitchers are not that bad with the bats. Kevin Correia drove in a run the other night, and Wade LeBlanc had two hits yesterday.

Kevin Correia: Four hits, three RBIs, four runs scored.

Jon Garland: Seven hits, one RBI, three runs scored.

Mat Latos: Six hits (including two doubles and a home run), three RBIs, three runs scored.

Wade LeBlanc: Nine hits, zero RBI, one run scored.

Clayton Richard: Six hits, five RBIs, three runs scored.

I don’t know about you, but these numbers really surprised me. I realized that they had done quite a bit of hitting, but I didn’t realize that it was this much. Amazing. Wow.

Now, Chris Denorfia. This guy has been seriously overlooked. I haven’t heard that much about him at all, but he’s been absolutely amazing for us this year. He’s hitting .287 with 39 hits and 23 RBIs. He’s contributed so much. I don’t think we would be here without him. Whoever decided to invite this guy to Spring Training is a genius.

Now we are coming home to face the Dodgers for three huge games. We’re actually playing them seven times in two weeks, which is going to be crazy. Never mind that the Dodgers are six games behind us. It’s the Dodgers. Petco Park is going to be crazy for the next three days.

Even though the Dodgers are like a million games behind us, I think this series is very essential. It’s not like they’re right on our heels and it’s a do-or-die series, but we’ve still gotta beat these guys. They’re our biggest rivals, and we need to beat the teams in our division. I don’t know if we’ll be able to sweep them, but two out of three sounds good. We need it.




Moving On…

What a sad series. You know, the series at home vs. the Diamondbacks was great because of the sweep. And one amazing things about this team this year is that they have winning records both at home and on the road. That’s rare. But it seems like we do better at home anyways.

So this series against the Braves was not good. But one series does not a season make. We just need to put this one behind us and concentrate on the next series against the Pirates.

But first, a few comments, questions, and concerns.

Buddy Black got a three-year contract extension this week, which I am absolutely thrilled about. Buddy’s been our manager since 2007, and he’s done an amazing job. Sure, we haven’t won a championship…yet…but I think that was more the front office’s fault than Buddy’s. I’ve always been amazed at what Buddy could do with whatever he had. Especially in ’08, he had a team that wasn’t really a team, but he took what he had and did the best he could with it. I especially love the way he’s been able to work with the pitching staff. As a former pitcher and pitching coach, he’s got the perfect experience to work with our pitching staff. There’s a reason that this pitching staff is the #1 staff in baseball right now.

Congrats, Buddy. This is well deserved.

Now in some very sad news, David Eckstein has been put on the 15-day DL with a calf strain. You can’t even imagine how bad this is for the club. Eck doesn’t get that much recognition for what he does for this team, but he is going to be sorely missed.

I’ve been saying that the only thing that could possibly kill our second half would be injuries. We’ve got the pieces to win the NL West (the pitching, the hitting, the defense), so there’s no problem there. But the only thing that could get in the way would be injuries.

But the good thing about this team is that no matter who goes down, we’ve been able to keep winning. This team is not dependant on one player. We are a team. So far we’ve been able to survive without Chris Young, Everth Cabrera, Will Venable, Kyle Blanks, and Mike Adams. But I honestly don’t know if we’ll be able to keep going without David Eckstein.

I mean, already we’re 1-2 without him. The numbers from other times he’s been on the DL are not good. This guy is so essential to our success. Part of me is really worried that there’s no way we’ll be able to win without him. But the other part of me is saying, “Are you crazy? These are the Padres! They find ways to win no matter what!!”

Get well soon, Eck. We need you!!

I was really scared yesterday when Jerry Hairston Jr. got hit in the hand with a pitch. Thankfully, he’s okay, but that was pretty scary for a minute there. Especially with Eck out, we’re going to need Jerry in the core of the infield.

Last night’s game was a great come-from-behind-er, but today’s game was nasty. First of all, we were shutout 8-0. Ryan Webb had an awful outing, allowing four runs in the seventh. He only got two outs. It was not good. Plus, we only had four hits in the entire game and we lost the best record in the National League to the Braves. Grrr.

Not the mention Nick Hundley grounding into a double play with the bases loaded and one out. Or the fact that we were shutout.

Thankfully, we still have our first-place lead, but only by 3.5 games. Still, I shouldn’t be complaining. Overall, this team has been incredible and will continue to do so.

So this series is put behind us. Pirates up next, plus the return of Mat Latos, which, by the way, I am extremely psyched about. Pittsburgh is on the bottom of the NL Central, 19.5 games behind, so hopefully my Padres won’t have too much trouble with them.


Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

On Saturday, I attended one of the best games of my life.

Just going to a Padres game would have been amazing enough. Going to the ballpark to watch my boys is always a big deal for me. But to have that plus getting a free ticket (from a Padres player), hanging out with two Padres bloggers, touring the press box, getting two autographs from prominent Padres players, meeting David Eckstein, meeting Ashley Eckstein and talking with her for an hour, and getting a Padres win. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

First of all, a huge thanks to the Ecksteins and to Hyun Young. I’m amazed at the generosity of the Ecksteins to allow four people to attend a Padres game at their own cost. Thank you guys sooooooooo much!!! Also, a thank you to Hyun Young for having the contest and randomly selecting me. It was soooo much fun!!

As I got ready to go to this game, I was fighting myself about what to wear. First of all, it was super hot in my house so I was melting. Second of all, I know that sounds kind of superficial (trying to decide what to wear), but I am a girl, and, despite of myself, I am very superstitious. I try really hard not to be, because I know that nothing I do is going to affect how the Padres play. The idea, when I really think about it, is ridiculous. But on Saturday as I thought about what I should wear, I just couldn’t bring myself to wear my amazing Kouzmanoff jersey. We lost when I wore it in my first game of the year, and I just could not risk another loss. I know, I know. So I didn’t wear my Kouzmanoff jersey, but my thrift-store NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS shirt from 1998. It worked.

Plus, one thing I forgot in the first game was my #5 necklace that I bought the day I found out that Kouz got traded. I wore it this time. Again, I try really really hard to not be superstitious, but hey, if it works, I’m not going to change it.

Anyways, what I wore was not the biggest and best thing that happened to me at this game. I got to Petco around 3:30 and met up with Hyun Young, John, and Hyun Young’s friend. We walked right into the VIP entrance, which made me feel so special. It was the coolest thing. Hyun Young got our tickets, which were great, and we got in the stadium with no problem. I really, really felt special. I mean, we were VIPs for the night!!

We got our Padres caps, which were really simple but surprisingly really nice. I love mine.

We went to find our seats, and when we got there, I noticed that Adrian Gonzalez was signing with not that many people around him. Sometimes I don’t even try to go for autographs because there’s such a huge crowd, but this looked very easy. I went down there and easily got Adrian’s autograph. I thought it was kind of funny because Adrian is like THE face of the organization and I’d never gotten his autograph in all these years.

Adrian left soon after, so the four of us were just hanging out down by the field waiting to see if any players would come out. Chris Young was throwing a bullpen while batting practice was going on. He was looking good. It was soo good to see him and I really really hope that he’ll be able to pitch again for us soon. Man, can you imagine how much better our second half would be if he was able to come back?

As we hung out there, Hyun Young told us that someone was coming down to meet us and that she was going to do something really cool for us. Soon, we met Angela, who is head of some photographers at Petco Park. She showed us where she works during the games, and then she took us up to the press box!!

I was sooo excited, because that’s the place I hope to be working every day someday. It was sooooooo cool!! I felt like even more of a VIP. Angela just walked in there coolly with four teenagers and showed us around. We got to see Jerry Coleman’s personal office. I really wish he was there so we could have met him, but he was in New York. The view was amazing!

We walked past the dining room (the food smelled amazing) and took a peek at the area where all the reporters sit during the game. Totally incredible!

I saw all sorts of cool people around that area. Dick Enburg, Andy Masur, Corey Brock. It was amazing to be there, and I really hope to be there again someday with my own press pass and to belong there.

Thank you sooo much Angela!!

We went back to our seats and I saw Chris Young signing. There weren’t that many people around him, but all the ones who were were little kids, so I didn’t think I would get much of a chance to get his autograph. He was so nice, especially with the little kids. One of them was at his first baseball game. Chris was nice enough to sign for the big kids as well as the little ones, so I got his autograph for the first time. Again, Chris is one of those face of the organization guys, and I had never had his autograph until now! Oh well.

IMG_3770.JPGWe went back to our seats and hung out for a while in the sun. It was pretty hot, but not as bad as it could have been because we were on the coast. Finally it was getting closer and closer to 5 o’clock, which is when David Eckstein comes out. We went down to the field and waited for him.

He finally came out and started signing autographs. I started getting really nervous because he didn’t notice Hyun Young right away and I was afraid that he was going to leave without us getting to talk to him. But then he saw her and said, “Hey, I was looking for you!” He made his way over, signing as he went, and asked who the three of us were. He shook each of our hands. IT WAS SOOOOOO COOL!!!! He was super nice. I was totally shaking the whole time. It was a totally amazing experience.

IMG_3778.JPGWe thanked Eck and he went to warm up. We went back to our seats, and I got some food. I was starving! Not long before the game started, Ashely Eckstein came over to our seats. She was unbelievably nice!! She was so down to earth that I had to keep reminding myself how famous she is. After a while, I felt completely relaxed talking to her. I’ve always wanted to talk to a player’s wife, and I finally got to. It was so much fun!

A few of the highlights from our conversation were talking to her about how she and David met, and her telling me some funny stuff about Kouz. We also talked a lot about the Padres and what they’re going to do, and about Eck’s influence on the team. She also complemented us on our blogs, which I really appriciated.

I was kind of distracted when we were talking to her because the game was going and because of the noise of the crowd, but it was still amazing. I really, really enjoyed talking with her. She was so sweet and so beautiful! I hope that someday we’ll be able to talk to her again but more concentrated. There’s so many things I’d love to talk about with her!

Thank you so much, David and Ashley. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness!!

While we were talking to Ashley, the Padres were doing great. It was a crazy game, one of those back and forth types.

Right from the beginning, Clayton Richard was not completely on top of his game. In the top of the first, he allowed a single and then made a throwing error to let the runner go to second. He later allowed a walk in the inning, but got out of it.

Thumbnail image for IMG_3796.JPGIn the bottom of the first, Yorvit Torrealba singled in our first run of the game. Getting first blood always gives me a good feeling about the game.

The top of the third was not a good inning for Clayton. He allowed two singles, then a walk, then a two-run single, and a one-run single. The Diamondbacks jumped up to 3-1, which was disappointing, but we quickly reassured ourselves that we were only in the third inning and that the boys would definitely come back.

Thankfully, they got right on it in the bottom of the third. Jerry Hairston Jr. led off the inning with a solo homer to cut the lead to 3-2. A couple outs later, Chase Headley walked to set up Yorvit Torrealba, who hit a two-run homer. Scott Hairston singled right after that, but nothing came of it. Except that suddenly, Rick Renteria was in the first base umpire’s face and was thrown out of the game. It was crazy because none of the four of us knew what happened. It was kind of freaky, but apparently Renteria thought the pitcher balked and the umpire didn’t. It was interesting.

So, we temporarily took the lead, until Chris Young hit a solo homer in the top of the fourth. The game was then tied at 4.

In the bottom of the fifth, Adrian Gonzalez hit his 20th homer of the season, a solo shot to take the lead. One interesting thing that I think kind of went under the radar is that that was Adrian’s 150th home run as a Padre. I thought that was pretty cool.

IMG_3888.JPGIn the bottom of the sixth, Tony Gwynn Jr. hit an inside-the-park home run. I’d say that it was the most exciting play I’d ever seen live. Oh my goodness it was so good!! As I watched the hit go down the left field line, I instantly thought double. But as I watched T. Gwynn go around the bases, I definitley thought home. And I knew he was going to make it. I’m pretty sure I was on my feet screaming and screaming at him. Oh my goodness. It’s impossible to put into words how exciting it was. It was absolutely amazing. I mean, it’s cool to watch it on video, but to see it in person…there’s nothing like it.

The Diamondbacks got another run in the top of the seventh, but it wasn’t a problem at all.

In the bottom of the seventh, we got our final two runs of the game. After two outs, Adrian walked and Chase tripled him in. Yorvit Torrealba then totally surprised us by bunting right there to drive in Chase. Yorvit made it to first safely. It was really cool because we had just got done celebrating that first run and then we were up and celebrating again!

IMG_4006.JPGHeath Bell sprinted into the game (and I mean sprinted) and actually got a 1-2-3 inning. It was so much fun to be on our feet cheering for this guy as he closed the game down.

What an amazing game! We had four home runs, pleanty of offense, amazing defense, solid pitching, and we got the series win.

Joe Thatcher, Luke Gregerson, and Heath Bell were lights out. Soo amazing!

Let me go over some of these numbers. Torrealba had a huge night, going three-for-four while driving in four runs. Chase and Adrian each scored two runs. Thatcher, Gregerson, and Bell didn’t allow a hit or a walk.


IMG_4053.JPGIt was absolutely amazing. As I stood there cheering for the boys as they congratulated each other on the field, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that these boys are so for real. Sure, I say that all the time here on this blog, and I truly believe it, but it just feels so much more real when you’re out there and you see it right in front of your eyes. I don’t see how we could have any doubters by now, but if we do, get out there. Make the time to go to Petco Park and see for yourself. Go watch these boys and see their enthusiasm to play the game and to win. Listen to the crowd getting into it. Start believing in these boys. If five months of winning hasn’t convinced you yet, I don’t know what win. Jump on that bandwagon. These boys are for real.

Speaking of the crowd, we had 40,011 out there on Saturday night. You have no idea how happy I was about that. The attendance has been so pathetic here, so to see the fans coming out and supporting the boys makes me so happy.

I should probably wrap this up. Basically, this day was absolutely amazing. I am just so grateful to the Ecksteins. It was such an incredible experience.

It doesn’t get much better than this.


Thumbnail image for IMG_3790.JPG 

Solid Baseball

Today’s game was sooo good! It was just what we needed: a win!

I can’t say enough about Mat Latos. This kid is a stud. He’s doing amazing things for this organization right now, and I know he’s only going to get better. I can’t wait to see him pitch in the upcoming years. I can honestly say that he is becoming our next Jake Peavy.

Today he threw seven innings of shutout ball. He only allowed five hits while striking out eight. Plus, he went 2-for-3 with his first major league homer. We needed a solid outing, and you can’t ask for much more than that. Amazing outing by Matty.

We had some great offense today. We hit four home runs: Mat, Chris Denorfia, Chase Headley, and Jerry Hairston. Yorvit Torrealba also drove in a run.

Luke Gregerson has been struggling his last few outings, so I’m really glad that he’s going to get a break next week. Today he gave up the only run the Nationals got, but it was okay since we were up by a lot. Still, I’m a little worried about him right now. Hopefully he’ll be able to have a nice relaxing break and will be ready to get back into things after the break.

It was a really great game. I was so happy that we were able to get the third game of the series at least. We’re okay. Still have a substantial lead in the NL West, one more series till the break, we’re good.

So, how are we doing going into the All-Star break? I’d say we’re doing excellent. I know that we’re a ton better than a lot of people thought we would be by now. I didn’t know where we were going to be by the second half of the season. I honestly had no idea. I was content to take it one game at a time and see where we went. And here we are, top of the NL West.

The big question is, are we going to be able to continue this through a whole second half? Is our pitching strong enough? Will our bats stay hot? We’ve been relatively injury-free so far. Will that continue? Will we been as good as we are now?

In my mind, I have no doubt that we will sustain our first-place lead. I don’t see any reason at all for us to suddenly go bad in the second half. We can do this. I think this team is going to do great things. There’s been an atmosphere around this team that I have never felt before. It’s exciting, not knowing what this team is going to do. They’ve played well above expectations this year, and I think it will continue.

Rockies and Jorge De La Rosa tomorrow. But we’ve got Kevin Correia going for us. No sweat.


Time for a Win!!

Alright, we have a problem. Now that all the All-Star stuff is taken care of (Heath’s going…WHOO HOOO!!), we need to focus on the real goal: winning! Which we have not been doing against the Nationals. I think that absolutely stinks.

They are the Nationals. We are the first-place Padres. Do you see the problem here? The first-place Padres should have won the first two games of this series, but they didn’t. No, who won the first two games of the series were the last-place Nationals. Not good at all.

I don’t know what happened, really, but it seems to me like our pitching gave up a bunch of home runs. I think we gave up like four last night. We did hit three of our own, but still.

I don’t like to go into the details of losses like this, so I’m not, other to say that whatever wasn’t going right for the boys these past two days, they’d better get it going tonight. We’ve got a win to get.

We are one game away from getting our 50th win of the season. It’s about time that we get it.

So how are my boys doing, really? I just realized that I haven’t really talked about what’s going on with the players in a long time. I found out today that the Young family is about to have their second child, a boy. I haven’t heard any news from Chris in so long, and this is great news. Congrats to the Youngs!

More good news on Chris’ side. His throwing session yesterday went really well, so maybe, we’ll be able to see Chris out there on the mound sometime before the season ends.

Heath Bell is going to the All-Star game as a replacement for some guy from the Brewers. I am so happy! I’m sorry to say it, but I don’t know if we would have been able to get him there with the vote. We did put in a ton of votes for him and a lot of hard work, and we’ve been rewarded. I’m so happy for Heath! We need someone there to represent our amazing pitching staff, and who better than Heath Bell? I know he’s going to have a great time. Congrats Heath!

Tonight we’ve got Mat Latos going out there. He’d better have a great game! We really, really need to end this first half on a good note. How ’bout a sweep of the Rockies over the weekend? That would be great.

I’d like to point you guys out to a new book that’s coming out soon called, “What the Great Ate: A Curious History of Food and Fame”. It looks like a fascinating book, filled with anecdotes about food and famous people. You can check out some of the interesting stories about a few baseball players on the blog.  

Well, big game against the Nationals tonight. We really really really need to win!!!


Absolutely Unacceptable

This is so ridiculous I don’t even know where to start. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the Padres have only one player representing them in the All-Star game this year, Adrian Gonzalez. This is outrageous!!!

First of all, who has the best record in the National League? That’s the San Diego Padres at 49-33. Who is on the top of the NL West and has been for practically the whole season? That’s right, the San Diego Padres. So why, why why why, is there only ONE San Diego Padre on the All-Star team?


Second of all, which pitching staff is like the best in the National League? The San Diego Padres have a group of exemplary pitchers. In my mind, there’s four or five of them who are All-Stars. Sure, they’re young, but they’ve been pitching consistently for a very long time. They’ve proved that they are All-Star worthy. But were they selected for the All-Star game? No, they were not.

I’m very glad that I can’t blame this on the fans, because that would be even more frustrating if we didn’t get them there. We had no say in which pitchers got in, so I can rip into whoever selected them all I want.

I don’t care about the qualifications of the other pitchers that got selected. I don’t care that the manager of the National League is an East coast guy. All I care about here is that we have an abundance of All-Star worthy pitchers here in San Diego and not one of them got picked. Not even HEATH BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a seriously dis on the city of San Diego and all the hard work that the San Diego Padres have put into this season. This is telling me that what we’ve done this season with the guys we have means nothing. I mean, obviously, the All-Star game is not everything, and it’s not really a measure of a team, but still. With the way we’ve played this season, we deserve to have more players there than we do.

Now, I have never really liked the All-Star game. First, I don’t like it’s placing. Right in the middle of the season is not the best place for it to be. I’ve always hated the fact that our guys have to go and be teammates with all of our rivals (Dodgers, Rockies, etc). I feel like that kind of defeats the point of having opponents in the regular season. I mean, why should you be forced to suddenly be civil with a guy who caused your team to lose just a week ago, or will cause your team to lose just next week? It’s all about that thing where, between the lines, there’s no friendships. There’s no relationships. All there is is baseball and trying to win the game.

I think the All-Star game would be much more appropriate at the end of the season. That way you can look over a player’s performance over an entire season, not just a handful of games. If the All-Star game was at the end of the season, Stephen Strasburg would almost certainly be there. If six games isn’t enough for you, the rest of the season would be.

The All-Star game just bugs me. I know that some people like it, but I really don’t. At all. Not to mention the fact that the American League always dominates.

No doubt, when you think Padres, you think Adrian Gonzalez. And Adrian is very deserving of being there again. But really, Adrian’s not the only player who’s contributed here. We can and have won without him being in the game. We’re fine without him, but we’re just even better than we would have been with him. When he’s in the lineup, we might score a few more runs that we would have without him. But the point is, we can score runs without him. We can win games when he needs a break. This team is really just that: a team. Every player contributes. We aren’t being carried by Adrian. Don’t get me wrong, Adrian definitely deserves this. But what I’m saying is that we have many other players who should be in the All-Star game because they help this team win.

Luke Gregerson, Mat Latos, Heath Bell, you are All-Stars. I don’t care what anyone says. You are All-Stars.

I am so upset about this that I’m going to be boycotting the All-Star game. I wasn’t going to be able to watch it anyways, but I’m still going to boycott it. I’m actually really happy that there’s no way I’ll be able to follow the game. Man.

Whoever’s in charge of the All-Star game, you messed up big time. My boys deserve so much more than this. You have shamed us and our city.


Get It Going, Guys!!

There’s just a couple of things I’d like to touch on about the game last night.

First of all, Luke Gregerson. The guy has been absolutely amazing for us this year. Last night he came in to pitch in the top of the 10th and did not do well at all. I know that these guys can’t be perfect all year, so I guess it was okay that he had a bad outing, but it was still tough. He walked two batters in a row, which is unheard of for Luke. It was seriously disturbing to listen to. Luke’s been so amazingly solid this season, it was just shocking to see him do anything different than domination.

He’s only walked six batters all season. It was definitely disappointing that he allowed those three runs in the top of the tenth to lose the game, but it’s okay…as long as we win the next three games in this series.

The other thing was that Scott Hairston got ejected in the bottom of the eighth. As the umpire called him out on strikes, Scotty flipped his bat. When he picked it up, the umpire started having words with him. Scott responded, and the ump threw him out almost instantly. I’m not sure what Scotty said that warranted him getting thrown out, but I was really pleased with him. Good for him to get in the ump’s face and get fired up. I think it’s good for the team to see some fire like that.

The Padres have not been doing that great this week, and that worries me a little. Hopefully we will be able to pick things up for our last couple series until the All-Star break.

Speaking of the All-Star break, look where we are right now. We’re on top of the NL West, and we have been for a really long time. We’ve almost reached the halfway mark of the season. I think we’re going to make it. If we can go a whole first half winning consistently and holding onto our first-place lead, I think we can do it for the second half too.

Can you believe the season is almost half over already? It just amazes me how fast the time’s been going. Incredible.

I know we’ve got a lot of season left. It’s going to be great.

Okay, we’ve got a couple of aces going up against together tonight. Roy Oswalt vs. Mat Latos. I am counting on Mat to have a great outing tonight. We need a solid outing from him, a bunch of offense from the guys, and some great defense. Bottom line, we need to win this game. We’ve got to get back up and get going. We NEED this series!!