May 2010

Gem of a Performance

I was a little frustrated with my boys after that series against the Rockies, but it was nice to have an off-day and then get back out there on the field against the Astros. Last night’s game was incredible.

latosgem.jpgFirst of all, Mat Latos. This kid is a stud. He’s just amazing, and I have a feeling that he’s going to do great things for this organization in the future. He’s definitely got the makeup to be a number one starter someday soon. Last night, he threw eight innings, only allowing two hits. No runs, no walks, no nothing. He also struck out nine batters. If my memory is correct, I think that outing was the longest any of our starters have gone so far. Absolutely amazing.

And on top of that, he hit two doubles and drove in a run. He was on his game last night. Stunning performance by Mat Latos.

But Mat didn’t do everything himself. He had a lot of help from the rest of the lineup. Scott Hairston was in the leadoff spot for the first time, and guess what he did? He hit two home runs!! I love Scotty. He’s so valuable to this club, not just this year, but in 2007 and 2008 too.

scottyhomerr.jpg Chase Headley also hit a big two-run homer. Ryan Webb pitched the ninth, and we won the game 7-0.

We now have our first-place lead back, if only by half a game. But we’ll be okay. This team has proved to me over and over again that they are very capable of winning consistently. One bad game is not going to change that.

I’m so excited about these boys. They’re good. They’re solid. They’re winning and they’re going to keep doing that. I can’t wait to see what else this season holds.


Rocky Game But A Win

WALKOFF.jpgChase Headley: Baseball America High Class-A All-Star 2006. Baseball America Double-A All-Star 2007. Double-A Offensive Player of the Year 2007. Now he’s been in the major leagues for almost two years, and that player that he was in the minor leagues is finally coming out.

We had lost the first game of the series against the Rockies on Monday, so we definitely needed this game. Wade LeBlanc started the game for us, and he was excellent. He went six innings, only allowing two runs and two walks. He was really, really good.

In the bottom of the fourth, Jerry Hairston tripled in Chase Headley, who had singled to start the inning.

The Rockies got their two runs in the top of the fifth, which was disappointing.

I’m a Padres fan, and I always try to keep the faith, because these guys have proved to me over and over again that they will fight hard to win the game no matter what. But I have to admit, things were not looking that great. We left *cringe* 11 runners on base, and were only 2-for-7 with runners in scoring position. At one point, we left the bases loaded. Kyle Blanks got thrown out at the plate. We were not getting that clutch hit, and that was a problem.

In the bottom of the eigth, Will Venable got a triple. Jerry Hairston sac-flied him in to tie the game.

willtriple.jpgLuke Gregerson threw two fantastic innings after Wade left the game. Heath Bell got the top of the ninth, and, for once, he didn’t allow a hit. He did allow a walk, though, so he’s still up to his “I have to make everything interesting” act.

In the bottom of the ninth, it was time to get this game wrapped up. Extra innings are super annoying, and besides, there’s no time like the present. You know how those extra inning-ers go: the longer the game gets, the harder the guys press to get it over and nothing happens for a really long time. Sure, those games are fun sometimes, but they should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, we did not have to drift into the land of extra innings last night.

Lance Zawadski started off the inning with a walk. Tony Gwynn sac-bunted Lance over to second. David Eckstein, who had been caught stealing earlier in the game, flew out to left field. Adrian Gonzalez was intentionally walked, which was very expected, to try to get to Chase Headley.

Wrong move, buddy.

Chase has been in that situation a lot, and he’s really taken the most advantage of it. Hahahaha when are they ever going to learn? Chase is going to come through for us. Maybe he wouldn’t have last year, but that was then. Now, he’s going to come through and send everyone home happy…everyone except Jim Tracy, that is.

After taking a ball in the dirt, Chase sent a single out to right field that Carlos Gonzalez didn’t even bother to retrieve. Lance scored, and the Padres won the game!!

 What a great game of baseball. Amazing pitching, tons of suspense, and some good offense. Unfortunately, the Padres had a lot of little blunders, but at least they were able to win the game.

jerryjumping.jpgBesides Chase Headley, there was another player in this game who did extremely well. I’m telling you, this might have been the best pickup of the off-season: Jerry Hairston Jr. He’s been extremely valuable, especially in the field. Absolutely amazing. Shortstop is in good hands while E-Cab’s on the DL. No worries there. Last night he had a hit and drove in two runs.

You know what I realized last night? I realized that Kyle Blanks is not a natual outfield. I think that kind of got lost in the shuffle here. The guy’s a first baseman, and he’s doing an amazing job out there. He’s got zero errors and 30 putouts. I guess I feel like his switch from infield to outfield wasn’t as publicized as Chase’s was. Anyways, keep up the great work out there, Kyle.

Chase is doing amazing, and it’s soooo good to see. We’ve really been needing a guy who can threaten pitchers enough that they don’t walk Adrian to try to get to him. It might take a while to get that into pitcher’s heads, but hopefully Chase keeps that success and really does turn into a threat behind Adrian. He certainly did the job last night.

Very well played game by my boys last night. Let’s win this series tonight!! GO CLAYTON RICHARD!!


All About the Pitching

hairbrosvictory.jpgWe saw a lot of amazing things this weekend for these San Diego First Place Padres. It was so cool, and I’m so happy how well we’ve been doing. It’s unbelievable.

We won the first game of this series 9-0. That was a seriously good game. Friday’s game was amazing because Scotty Hairston hit a huge two-run homer. Can you guess who was the guy on base? It was his big brother, Jerry Hairston Jr!! So Scotty got the first Bro-BI of the season. Love it when that happens.

Couple that homer with dominant pitching from Clayton Richard, Luke Gregerson, Mike Adams, and Heath Bell, and we’ve got another win. The pitching is actually the story of this series, no doubt about it. I don’t want to make you faint with awe at some of these stats, but I’ll give them to you a little later.

Saturday’s game was a little sad because Trevor had to close us down. *Sniff sniff*

Mat Latos’ start was very good. He went six innings, only allowing six hits with two runs. Not bad at all. But unfortunately, Yovani Gallado for the Brewers had an even better start. He only allowed one run and had 11 strikeouts. 

It was pretty sad that Trevor had to pitch against us. I’m kind of glad that he was able to get the save with no problems. Of course, he’s the enemy now, and I’m not going to put him above my team. But he’s been struggling, and you can tell that he’s almost done. I think he should get #600 by say, July, then the Brewers should trade him back home and we can have him for the rest of the season. Then he can retire. That would be sweet. Or, even better, the Brewers can trade him back before he hits #600. That way he could get it here in San Diego.

wronguniformtrevortimestwo.jpgWrong uniform, Trevor. We miss you <3

Of course, I not be saying that I’m glad Trevor got the save if we hadn’t won the series. But we did win three out of four, quite dominantly if I do say so myself, so I’ll give the Brewers a little slack. We were on fire this weekend.

On Sunday, Jon Garland started the game. At the beginning of the season, he was very erratic, but I think he’s settling in now. Yesterday, he went seven innings (there’s our innings eater), giving up only three hits and no runs.

We really got to Randy Wolf in the bottom of the third. Lance Zawadzki (oh my goodness he’s a cutie), who came up in place of Everth Cabrera, started off the inning with his first major league hit. I love seeing those🙂

Then Jon Garland laid down a sac-bunt to move Lance over. Tony Gwynn Jr. tripled him in. A bit later, Scott Hairston singled in T-Gwynn. With Kyle Blanks batting, Chase and Scotty pulled off a double steal. So cool!!! (FYI, we are leading the majors in stolen bases with 29.)

In the bottom of the fifth, Scotty and Kyle hit back-to-back solo homers. SOOOO AMAZING!!!

We got four more runs in the seventh and eighth to make our lead 8-0. Sean Gallagher got into some trouble in the top of the ninth, including walking three guys, but he got out of it and we won the game!

Okay, so here’s the amazing stats that I wanted to tell you about earlier: In 34.5 innings, the Brewers only scored two runs. That also means that the Padres pitching only allowed two runs in 34.5 innings. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s unbelievable. Absolutely amazing, that’s for sure.

We also set a new record by getting three shutouts in a series. Never ever had we before had three shutouts in a series of any length. I do have to say, it was amazing to dominate.

Tonight we are starting a three-game series with the Rockies, and we’re still at home. Kevin Correia is starting.