Top of the NL West!!!

This Padres team is amazing. I don’t care what anyone says against them. They are winners and they are on the top of the NL West right now. They are number one. And it’s not because the Diamondbacks and the Giants are really bad teams. I don’t believe that either of them are terrible. Even if they were, thay would not be the reason that we just won six games in a row. We just won six games in a row because we have the talent. We have the bats. We have the gloves and the pitching and the defense. We are the only ones to blame for this six-game winning streak.

We had a great game yesterday. Adrian Gonzalez and Nick Hundley each hit a home run, Jon Garland was finally able to pull off a descent start, and best of all, we won the game to sweep the Giants to take over the top of the NL West.

numberone.jpgI am sooooooo proud of these boys. They’ve done amazing in the past two series, and I can’t wait to see what else they’ll do. Well done, boys.



what an impressive start you’re having! Hope the Pads continue😀

Congratulations #1 Padres!!!

Kaybee: OMG YES! I’m so happy for you and your boys:) I hope their success continues. They need to really believe that they are as good as they are. Good luck to your Padres!

I have not been here lately but I wanted to congratulate on three things
1. Congratulations on the Padres being at the top of the NL West. Padres are on fire! Keep it up. I like to see comparative baseball.
2. Congrats on sweeping the Jints! Woohoo!
3. Congrats on your fan blog being ranked #10! ::high five::

awesome that the padres jumped out like they have with nearly every “expert” picking against them. im always pullin for us underdogs

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