February 2010

Spring Training Countdown: 6 Days!!!!

Okay. I’m ready for baseball now.


ACK!!! Look what I just found!!!


ohmygoodness. I knew he was going to look great in green. MISS YOU KOUZ!!! 


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Spring Training Countdown: 8 Days!!!! (Plus a Rant!)

Guess who’s wearing #8 right now? Kyle Blanks! What a coincidence. Here I was going to talk about our center field situation, and an outfielder is wearing number eight. Anyways.

I kind of talked about it yesterday, but I think that Scotty Hairston and Tony Gwynn are going to be the main guys in center field. Who’s going to be starting Opening Day? Probably Tony Gwynn. But you never know.

Yay for only EIGHT more days!! It’s officially one week until the charity game, by the way. I bet the guys are super excited.

Now I need to talk about Adrian Gonzalez. He’s seriously breaking San Diego’s hearts. I mean, it was bad enough that the Chargers released LaDainian Tomlinson a couple days ago.

ladainian tomlinson.jpgWe are going to miss you so much, LT. Thanks for all the memories and the amazing years of being a Charger.

I hate it when this happens to San Diego sports teams. The Chargers released him. They dumped him, kicked him off the team. They didn’t want him anymore. And that’s really hard on the fan, just to know that their front office didn’t think enough of that player who meant so much to them.

I wasn’t that attached to LT, like he wasn’t my all-time favorite player. But hey, he was San Diego football. Everyone looked up to him, and he was one of the greatest guys ever to play Chargers football. And he was here for NINE years! It didn’t really matter if you had another player on the team who was your favorite, LT was like an automatic favorite.

I’m telling you people, this is the exactly same situation as the Trevor Hoffman situation. I remember being so frustrated with people after he got released because everyone seemed to care more about LT then Trevor, saying that LT was the better person and player. I used to even resent LT a little because he seemed to be a lot more popular than Trevor. I know that there were a lot of huge Trevor fans out there and that a lot of people were very upset when he left the team, but I wasn’t really seeing it as much as I saw, “oh my goodness, we need to keep LT!”

But both of these situations are exactly the same. Player gets older, but still can play phenomenaly, is a huge icon to the fans and to the city, and the front office doesn’t want to spare the money to keep him, so they just kick him out. It was like that with Trevor last year, and it’s like that this week with LT. It makes you very, very angry at the front office. 

I was a huge fan of Trevor Hoffman. I was outraged at the way the front office disposed of him. Man. I was not happy at all that they didn’t even try to get him back. It was absolutely horrible. I understand that this is a business, but I don’t believe that it’s a good business decision to kick out a freaking icon!

So anyways, then Adrian has to come out with this little whining speech about how we have to win a championship or pay him the money he deserves or else he’s outta here. 

adrian.jpgI totally understand that he wants more money. A player of his caliber deserves a lot more than he’s getting right now. And I’m sure he’s thinking about his family and his foundation and stuff like that. I don’t think that he’s demanding the money just to be selfish, but he does have a right to. He should be getting much, much more right now. But I also know that at this point, the Padres probably aren’t going to be willing to part with the money that he should be getting. So, Adrian’s probably heading out the door.

If we’re not over .500 by the second half of the season, he’s going to get traded. If we can stay above .500 and be somewhere near first place, I’ll think the Padres will risk keeping him so that we can make a push towards the playoffs. I guess we’ll just have to see how this team pulls together and how they do in the first half.

But the point is, THANKS A LOT ADRIAN!! This is just what we needed to lift our spirits this week and to have a happy outlook on the season!

Like I said about LT, Adrian’s like an automatic favorite for the Padres fan. He’s an amazing player and a great person. But we have to win the World Series this year, or else he’s gone. But you know what, I have a feeling that even if we did win the World Series this year (right), Adrian would still be out the door. We just can’t afford him.

So enjoy having Adrian here for the next few months. ‘Cause he’s not going to be here much longer.



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Spring Training Countdown: 9 Days!!!!

NINE DAYS PEOPLE!!!! Nine days until our boys are finally, finally back in action!!!

So last night I was trying to think of something that I could talk about that had to do with the number nine for this entry. For some reason, the fact that there are nine players on the baseball field and the ninth player is the right fielder got into my head. Yes, I must have been half asleep. But whatever. Today I’m going to talk about the ninth player on the field, the right fielder.

This year’s whole outfield situation is going to be interesting this year. And so is the right field situation. Right now, I would say that Will Venable is our right fielder. Or Kyle Blanks.

The outfield looks like Tony Gwynn, Scott Hairston, Will, and Kyle right now. Argh. I’m so mad that Chase is at third. Anyways, Buddy Black said something interesting last week. He said that the outfield situation is more of a shuffling/sharing situation than platooning. I think he meant that all the outfielders are going an equal amount of playing time.

So it’s going to be very interesting to see how that works out. It’s going to be interesting to see how this whole team works out!

One thing I’m really thankful for about this team this year is that we have a very good idea of what the team is going to look like. We don’t have the bullpen or rotation uncertainties that we had in Spring Training last year. We know what our infield and outfield are going to look like. The bench isn’t completely settled, but we have an idea. The only thing we really have to worry about is what this team is going to do this season.

My expectations for this team are very low. I’m not saying that I expect them to do badly, but that I’m not having any expectations at all. I’m just going to wait and see how things work out. Last year was up and down. I certainly didn’t expect that we would do as well as we did. I’m going to let the boys surprise me. And whatever happens, it’s baseball. 


Spring Training Countdown: 10 Days!!!

According to my calculations, there are only ten more days until the first *official* San Diego Padres Spring Training game! Of course, there’s the charity game on the 4th, but that’s not *official.* I won’t be able to listen to it because they don’t usually broadcast it. SO, we have ten days until we get to finally hear some real Padres baseball. I can’t wait.

That day is always so much fun. Two years ago I remember locking myself in my room with a bottle of water and a protein bar. Or maybe that was last year. Whichever it was, that first game is always the best. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve heard the voices of Ted or Jerry or Andy calling a ballgame, and it’s sooo good to get back.

Baseball is the best game ever. And I’m soooo happy that it’s finally coming back. I can’t wait to hear a game getting called. That first game back is always the best.



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New Padres Crushes :)

So at FanFest last Saturday, Hyun Young and I were talking about our baseball crushes with jbox from Gaslamp Ball. jbox asked me who my new Padres crush would be now that Kouz is gone and gave me some suggestions. I wasn’t really sure who I wanted to make my new crush, but I’ve finally realized who they are going to be! I can’t believe I didn’t think of them before, but let me present to you, my new Padres crushes!


jerryhairstonn.jpgI LOVE THESE GUYS!!!! LIKE CRAZY!!!! I guess just through chasing after them all day at FanFest, I really fell in love with them. I’ve always really liked Scotty, especially with how well he did for us, but I had Kouz then. It’s really ironic that we got Scotty for Kouz. I was so sad about losing Kouz that I couldn’t be too happy about getting Scotty in return. But now that we’ve got Jerry, I’m doing a lot better with it. Now, I’m super excited about having both the brothers here.

They are so adorable!!! 

I’ve always loved the brother combinations: the GilesBros, the GonzoBros. Neither of those worked out that great, but I’ve got a feeling that the HairBros are going to be AMAZING together. 

You have no idea how much more excited about this team I am now that I’ve got two guys who I’m a little more attached to than the others. Don’t get me wrong, I would still be very excited about this team even if I didn’t have the HairBros, but it just helps to keep excitement in the team.

It’s still going to be an adjustment to get used to not having Kouz around, though. Every spring, padres.com interviews a bunch of players and usually put a video up every day of the interview and then players working out. For the last two years, I was super excited about watching those videos because I couldn’t wait to see Kouz out there. It was so cool to be able to see him batting and running around and get ready for the season. This year, I won’t get to do that. And that’s pretty sad. But I will be able to look for the HairBros.

Argh it’s going to be weird not to have Kouz here. But you know what? I’m still his biggest fan. He’s still my all-time-forever FAVORITE player in all of baseball ever. And when I say ALL of baseball, I mean ALL of baseball: any Little League, high school, college, Major League, anything. He’s my favorite player out of ANY baseball. There’s no way he can stop being my favorite, no matter where he’s playing. So I’m still cheering for him like crazy up in Oakland. Believe me, I’m going to be following him, every game. I don’t think I’ll become a A’s fan, but I’ll sure be following their games like one!

KOUZHOMERHAPPY.jpg Love you, Kouz.

I can’t wait for a real baseball game to start!!!!! It’s been waaaay too long.

So did you see that we signed Josh Barfield to a minor league contract? Crazy! That’s the guy we traded to the Indians to get Kouz in the first place! Hmm. It would be very interesting if he made the roster.


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Baseball Statistics

My friend C Dobbie sent me an e-mail recently asking my opinion on the following:

“I have just read an article on MLB.com about new Defensive Statistics which intrigued me. I have long believed that American sports (not just baseball) are already drowning in statistics and that the last thing they need is more of the same. It seems to me that there is a danger of our losing sight of the purpose of sport, which is surely to enjoy mainly outdoor (but sometimes indoor) activity in a friendly, competitive environment.
Your country is busily engaged in turning sport into a purely business and entertainment activity. Where’s the FUN?
To take the baseball example, it is not unusual to hear quoted during a broadcast, references to a player’s stats as a Little League, High School, College, or Minor League player. Enough already!
However, it appears these new stats will marginally improve teams performances and takeup of the idea will become universal in fairly short order. Am I alone in lamenting this?
This is a people game! Bring back the people!”

As a baseball fan, I do understand the importance of statistics. They’re important, but maybe they’re becoming too important. I mean, it’s interesting to see how a player’s doing, especially as the season goes on, but it’s not essential to the actual playing of the game of baseball.

I’ve always felt that stats can be very deceptive. Take David Eckstein for example. He doesn’t have that many hits or home runs, but to really get at David Eckstein’s game, you have to look beyond the numbers. If we need a walk, he’ll get a walk. If we need to move a runner over, he’ll get down a sac bunt. He does all the little things that don’t get into the box score. He’s not too prideful to do the little things that don’t get any recognition so that his teammates can go out there and get all the glory. This is my point: what he does doesn’t get into the numbers. No, he does not have good numbers but you have to look past that. Look beyond the boxscore.

In that case, David Eckstein’s statistics are very deceptive. I think that’s true of all players. You can’t really tell the true worth of a player from his stats.

Last fall I worked for a local football team by taking their stats. In that situation, the only purpose of taking those stats was just so the players could find out how well they did. At that level, junior varsity, the stats didn’t matter as much as they would in varsity or college or the big dance. The coaches knew what their players could do. They watched them in practice and during the games and they learned where to put their players so that they were in the best position to help the team win their football games.

The coaches didn’t need the stats to tell them all of that. In fact, the stats couldn’t tell them any of that. I mean, they would be horrible coaches if they relied completely on the stats.

Same with baseball. The stats are important, but you can’t rely on them.

Like C Dobbie said, this sport is increasingly turning into a purely business and entertainment activity. I was discussing some of the finer aspects of free agency with my parents the other night when it dawned on me: this really is a business. It’s sad, as I learned with the recent trade of Kevin Kouzmanoff. He was traded because the Padres couldn’t afford him. He went from a salary of about $400,000 to $3-some million. It’s crazy!

My little brother is playing baseball again this season, and you can bet that they’re not too concerned about stats. They’re just learning the game of baseball and having fun. It’s refreshing to see baseball that’s not a business, but just enjoying the game.

I agree that we don’t need to hear all the stats all the time. Sure, it might be fun to hear how a major league player played in Little League, but it’s not necessary.

From experience, I know that we’re going to be hearing a ton of last year’s statistics during the upcoming Spring Training games. Now, that’s annoying. Last year is over. It might be interesting to hear how a player did last year, but what’s done is done. All of the players have a clean slate now.

Stats are overrated, but they’re important. And I think that though they are used a lot in baseball, they’re not interesting enough to take the fan’s attention completely away from the game itself.

Thank you so much for asking about this very interesting subject, C Dobbie!

By the way, I’m loving the new logo on the top of my blog. That’s got Jeff Moorad written all over it!

PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT TODAY!!!! I’m soooo excited. I just can’t wait for baseball to start!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO PADRES!!!!    

No Place Like Home


IMG_0703.JPGSaturday’s Padres FanFest was incredible. Oh my goodness. I had a BLAST!!

I got to the ballpark with my mom and three younger siblings just before 10 in the morning. We parking in one of the FREE parking lots, which was so cool. We’ve always parked in the convention center underground parking so it was a really neat experience to settle down in the VIP section😉

We walked the short distance to the ballpark and then walked and walked and walked to try to find the end of the line. It started at Home Plate gate and went all the way around almost to the Padres store area on the left field side. Whoo.

We met up with Hyun Young and checked out the schedule and stuff and discussed what we wanted to do. We decided that we wanted to go for the Hairston Brothers autograph session which was from 12:30-1:30.

Once the line got moving, it didn’t take long at all to get inside. Once we did, I realized that it might be a little challenging to get our tickets for the autograph session. I didn’t agree with the way they distributed those at all. Basically, I think they had to run out of the first few sessions before they put up new ones. So we had no idea of knowing when the Hairston session would become available, and there’s no way we were just going to sit there and wait for it. So, we decided to jump on the clubhouse tour right away and come back to try to get the Hairstons later.

I think we were in the first round of people of the day for the clubhouse tour, which was really nice because it wasn’t too crowded at all. We walked down the long hallway that was flanked by doors on each side. Some of them were labeled, like the family room and x-ray room, but a lot of them were left to the imagination. We went into the weight room, which is so impressive. Some of that stuff is massive! It would be so cool to have access to that kind of equiptment all the time.

Then we went into the hall that led to the main attraction: the clubhouse itself, the home of our San Diego Padres!

IMG_0595.JPGI’d been in there before, but it was so cool to see it again! I was shocked and thrilled to see an empty locker on one side of the room that had a nameplate saying “Hoffman 51” on it. That’s so cool!!! I thought that was a great tribute to our guy who needs to come back now. I heard a lady say, “They’d better never take that down.” I agree completely.

We spent a lot of time in the clubhouse, taking pictures. There was some very interesting stuff in Everth Cabrera’s locker: an “I Heart Nicaragua” sticker and a picture of Kouz. Hmmm.

Something that made me laugh was peeking into the bathroom that was across the room and seeing this:

IMG_0610.JPGAnd we thought it was women who were so worried about their appearance!

I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s actually an Adrian Gonzalez toothbrush holder in there. LOL!!

After we were done drinking in the clubhouse, we headed out to the dugout, which is so cool. I love it so much! It’s kind of hard to imagine being a baseball player with so many people around, but it was amazing just the same. We then walked the bases, which was very cool. There were a lot of people playing catch in the outfield, which was very neat. I hadn’t brought my glove but that’s something I would love to do someday. When we got to third base, I kind of was sad. I miss Kouz😦

IMG_0643.JPGWe walked down the third base line and decided to get out pictures taken at home plate. As we stood in line, Ted Leitner walked right past us! I didn’t get a chance to say hi, but that was very cool.

I’m a little mixed up on the order of how we did things at this point, but hopefully I’m mostly accurate🙂

I believe that we went to check for the HairBros session again, but it wasn’t there. We decided to grab a ticket for an Everth Cabrera signing, just so that we were sure to get an autograph if the HairBros didn’t work out. After we got that, we went to the Padres Garage Sale.

Earlier, we had seen a lady looking at a Kevin Kouzmanoff banner thingy while we were walking on the concourse. I was like, ahhh I have to go get that! So once we got into the Garage Sale, I went straight for that front porch thingy to look for it. My sister found it for me. So epic! I’m so glad I was able to get it, but it was filthy! Not the best thing to be carrying around while wearing a white jersey.

This is a picture that I took at a game last year:

IMG_3601.JPGAnd this is the actual one that I bought. Who knows? This might have been the one hanging there!

IMG_0756.JPGI also bought a reusable “green” bag that said “Padres Foundation” on it because I never have a big enough bag for all my stuff. Especially when I go to Petco Park. But the selection of stuff this year wasn’t as good as last years, I thought.

While we were “shopping” we bumped into John from The Friar Faithful. It was really cool to meet him!

Next we decided to check out the Media Zone and met the guys from RJ’s Fro on the way over. They were super cool, and we said “I like BBQ” to them and they gave us these sweet posters signed by the RJ himself, Randy Jones! Thanks so much guys!!

IMG_0753.JPGWe all decided to go talk to Corey Brock, so we hung out around there for a long time and met the guys from Gaslamp Ball. Now that was seriously cool. It was like a mini-Padres-bloggers meetup, in the media zone, no less! Wow. Anyways, all those guys are very cool and I had a lot of fun talking with them. Man I love Padres bloggers.

Hyun Young and I decided to go try for the HairBros again, but I think we got distracted by taking pictures of players who were in other autograph sessions. Mat Latos and Sean Gallagher cracked me up. They switched nameplates and looked like they were having a lot of fun. I love Mat Latos, and I think he’s my new favorite pitcher. Can’t wait to see him pitch a whole season!

IMG_0683.JPGI think we walked down to the field again (I don’t remember why) and then we came back up and spent some time at the 4SD area. Hyun Young got her picture taken with Mark Neely and I got a Cox keychain. At least it wasn’t the sunscreen. 

It was kind of cool because Adrian and his wife Betsy walked right by and went in the middle of a crowded concourse. I mean, that’s not something you see everyday: the face of the organization walking among the fans. I thought that was pretty cool.

So then I got a lemonade and we went to the Everth line to wait for our autographs. It wasn’t that long of a wait at all. There was this mom behind us who was telling her little son about who’s autograph they were going to get. Then Everth walked by, and the little kid was like, who’s that? His mom went, he’s Everth Cabrera, we’re going to get his autograph. And the kid goes, “Him? I HATE him!!” I was cracking up. Haha it was great!

We got Carlos Hernandez and Everth Cabrera’s autographs, which was pretty cool. Everth was pretty shy, but he’s adorable.

IMG_0714.JPGWe took more pictures of players who were signing, but we just missed taking pictures of the HairBros at their session. Sigh. But then we decided to go watch their Q&A session, and I thought that I would FINALLY be able to see them!

The front office session was just ending when we got there, and we met Steve from the Friarhood and talked with him for a while. That was so cool! He loved my jersey and picture of Kouz.

We settled down for the Q&A session. And then my phone rang. My mom said that we needed to meet her at the stairs at 2, which was when the session was supposed to start. Sigh.

So, in the end, I never got to see the Hairstons in person. I was chasing after them all day, but never quite caught up. Oh well. I’m sure that there will be other opportunities to meet them later🙂

As we walked out, I passed right by Mat Latos! I couldn’t really see who it was at first because I was walking into the sun, and then suddenly I saw that tattoos on his arm, and I was like, it’s Mat Latos! He was probably like five inches away. I didn’t have time to react to say anything, but it was still pretty cool.

What a great event. Petco really felt like home that day. I felt so comfortable and like I belonged there. I loved how open the place was. I mean, we could go almost anywhere in the park! I know that place so well and I’m just so comfortable there that it felt like home. I love that place like crazy.

So here’s the famous picture I wore on my sleeve the whole day as a tribute to Kouz:

IMG_0749.JPGI miss you dude.  

I’ve got a big announcement to make, but I think I’ll wait a few days🙂 Build up the suspense a little. Hehehe I can’t wait to tell you guys!!

My inner Padres fan was really renewed by hanging out at the ballpark and interacting with other fans. It’s like the baseball side of me has officially been awakened. I seriously can’t wait to hear some Padres baseball already!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!

FanFest was incredible. Great job, Padres.


Guess What Today Is…


This morning two trucks got loaded up at Petco Park and then headed out to Arizona. They’re expected to get to Peoria by three this afternoon. Man, that’s exciting. I can’t wait for the boys to get out there and get ready for the season. It’s going to be so great. You have no idea how excited I am about the first Spring Training game this season. It’s been so long since I’ve heard a baseball game!! It’s going to be so great to hear the voices of Ted, Jerry, and Andy calling some Padres baseball. Ahhh I can’t wait!!

But before we get that far…we’ve got the Fan Fest tomorrow!!! I am so super excited!!! I can’t believe that in 24 hours I’m going to be at Petco Park. I miss that place soo much, and I can’t wait to be there.

I’m really really excited about interacting with a lot of Padres fans. It’s going to be so much fun to hang out with Hyun Young again (though I doubt we’re going to be just hanging around much; there’s going to be so much to do!), and I really hope that we’ll be able to meet a lot of new Padres fans. If you see us, be sure to say hi! I’ll be wearing my new and improved Kevin Kouzmanoff jersey:


And Hyun Young will be wearing her David Eckstein autographed jersey🙂

Like I said, if you see us, be sure to say hey. We love meeting new Padres fans!!

I can’t wait to have an incredible day out at the ballpark tomorrow!!


How To Lose A Baseball Game

This is going to be interesting.

The other day in school I was supposed to write a personal story illustrating how to lose a sporting event. Hmmm. That’s not too hard of a thing to do, being a Padres fan and all. So, I decided that it would be a very interesting thing to explore. How do the Padres lose a baseball game? I know that the team is changing and that they were actually able to do decently well in the second half last year, but I’ve had to experience plenty of losses.

How to lose a baseball game:

The sure-fire way to lose a baseball game is for the starting pitcher to have a terrible first inning. If you’re forced to take out your starting pitcher after like, two outs in the first inning, you’re going to be in big trouble for the rest of the game. The bullpen’s going to be under a lot of pressure and it’s just a really bad way to start a game. Plus, it carries over to the next game because the bullpen is dead. So, this is the perfect way to lose two games in a row, at least!

Once your starting pitcher has given up ten or so runs in the first few minutes of the game, the next best thing to do is to go down 1-2-3 in the bottom of that inning. There’s nothing quite like getting the fans depressed with being down so soon and then hoping that the guys will be able to come right back and then not getting a thing. It’s especially great if you swing and miss on every single pitch.

Next, you need to be really, really frustrated with yourselves. So frustrated that when you go out there in the top of the second as the 7th inning guy gets ready to try to go a few innings you botch the easy plays on defense. That makes you even more frustrated, and it gets the fans heading out the doors, already. That way there’s not as much humiliation when you stink for the rest of the game.

Okay, maybe that’s a little mean. But it’s true. There’s many, many ways to lose a game.

Last year, in the first half, when the Padres were so terrible, it got frustrating like you wouldn’t believe. It almost seemed like they were trying to lose. Buddy would put in guys to pitch who hadn’t thrown a strike in the past ten outings he had. Everything that could go wrong, did. The offense was horrible.

I understand that it’s extremely hard to play the game of baseball, especially on the major league level. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, because I know we could be a LOT worse. And you know what I think? I think it’s easy to lose, but it’s hard to win. What I want to see from the San Diego Padres this year is a desire to win. Not just an outward appearance of it, like telling the media day in and day out that they want to win. I want to see them want to win. I want them to work hard, harder than they ever have to really win.

I don’t know how this team is going to turn out this season. I know what guys are going to be there on Opening Day, but I don’t know which ones are going to show up: the ones from the first half of last year, or the ones from the second half. All of us are really, really hoping that that the team from the second half comes out. Especially with what happened with those stupid Chargers, we need that second-half team to come out on Opening Day.

The last few years, I’ve felt like everyone in the organization just didn’t care. The front office didn’t seem to care at all. Things were horrible on the field. It’s looking a lot better now. The front office seems to care about the fans a lot more now. And the players…I guess we’ll just have to see how things go.

I honestly believe that we’re going to have a great team this year. But I want these guys to be excited about playing again. I want these guys to be excited about winning. I don’t want them to get down when they lose, but just to keep a positive attitude, forget about the loss, and get ready to go out there the next day and have a slug fest.

I want some winning Padres baseball. 

No more of this last-place stuff. No more of this “Padres stink” stuff. No more of this “losing season” stuff. No more of this worst-team-in-baseball stuff. Try first place. Try “Padres rock.” Try “winning season.” Try best team in baseball. Try, “WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!”


I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited about FanFest!! Only two more days!!!!!!!!


Dear Padres,

Don’t you dare trade Adrian Gonzalez. Or else.




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Can’t Wait for FanFest :D

I am getting so excited about baseball! Now that football is finally over, we can jump back into baseball. I’ve kept very busy this offseason, but I’m finally really missing baseball. Football’s great and everything, but baseball is the best.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about the Padres FanFest this Saturday!! I wasn’t entirely sure I would be able to go until a couple days ago, and now that I know that I’m definitely going, I am just super super excited. I can’t wait to get out to Petco Park again to hang out with other Padres fans and get to interact with Padres players. I’m also really excited about being able to tour the clubhouse and run (or walk) the bases and shop at the Padres Garage Sale. I’ve been to the Fan Fest once and to the Fan Day last year, and both were amazing events. 

I’ve been working on my amazing $10 jersey for the past few days. It was originally a Brian Giles jersey, but I’ve, uh, fixed it :) Haha! It’s going to turn out so great. I will reveal it here on the blog next week after I wear it at the Fan Fest. It’s been a lot of fun to work on, and I can’t wait to wear it this Saturday!

Hyun Young’s list of stuff to do at the Fan Fest is amazing, and it’s almost exactly the same as my list would be, but I’m not going to steal her idea🙂 As you know, it’s her birthday this Saturday, and I can’t wait to hang out with her!! We’re going to have soooo much fun!! 

I haven’t been to Petco Park since late September! My goodness, that was a long time ago! You have no idea how excited I am to see Petco again. That’s my FAVORITE place to go and it’s been way too long since I’ve been there.

This is going to be such a great event. I can’t wait to spend a great day there and then come home and share stories and pictures with all you guys!!

And, pitchers and catchers report in nine days!! WOW!!! Hehehehehe I’m sooooooo excited!!!!

It’s going to be so great to have Padres baseball back. I miss it like crazy. Things are going to be different, that’s for sure, but I think it’s going to be a great season.