December 2009

Padres News and Musings

I hope you guys all had a great Christmas!! I realized how much I’ve been missing blogging yesterday, so I decided to update you guys about the latest San Diego sports news.

dustyryan.jpgLast week the Padres got catcher Dusty Ryan from the Detroit Tigers for cash or a player to be named later. What was really interesting to me is that this guy is only 25 years old. I thought that the Padres were looking for a more veteran catcher who would help Nick Hundley improve and maybe take a few starts, like Henry Blanco did last year. I even wonder if the Padres are going to have this guy on the roster out of Spring Training. Maybe they will still sign a veteran catcher and keep Ryan in the minors in case of emergency.

But if he was on the roster, it would seem that he would not have as much playing time as Nick Hundley. I think that’s a given. Nick is our main catcher right now, and since he’s been working with the pitchers for a full season, he will be our main guy. Ryan could get only one or two starts a week.

Ryan apparently has a very strong arm, which is probably what attracted the Padres the most. Nick’s got a great arm too, but he has room to improve. Anyways, it will be very interesting to see where the Padres go with this young catcher.

The Chargers played an incredible game last night to get a first-round bye in the playoffs. I am so excited about the Chargers right now. I really, really think that they’re going to get a World Series for San Diego. It’s really exciting!

Now, the Padres need to get to work on locking up Kouz, Heath Bell, and Mike Adams for next year. Get it done, guys!!!!

Thanks to Hyun Young, I discovered the amazingness of Gaslamp Ball yesterday. It thrilled me to see that they link my blog there! Thanks so much guys!! 

I do have to say, my reasons to keep Kevin Kouzmanoff entry was a little embarrassing. Sorry about that.  


Merry CHRISTmas!!

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in San Diego, but it’s Christmas nonetheless.

I just wanted to wish all my amazing readers and members of the MLBlogs community a wonderful Christmas. I know I’ve been lagging on my blogging lately, but things should pick up a bit more in the new year to come.

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement and enthusiasm for the game of baseball. I am so blessed to be able to share my thoughts about my beloved Padres with all of you.

What I want for Christmas is a World Series for my Padres. And a Super Bowl for the Chargers, which I think is really going to happen. The winds are a changing here in the Padres organization, and I think this is going to be our year. I can’t wait to get that championship for San Diego.

Again, I hope you all have a wonderful CHRISTmas, spending time with your family and friends, laughing a lot, and thinking about the true meaning of Christmas: the incredible gift that God gave us in His son, Jesus Christ!


Oh, Speculations…

So, with the signings of John Lackey and Mike Cameron by the Red Sox yesterday, Adrian Gonzalez is suddenly back in the spotlight of speculations.

I just have to say, I am thrilled with those two signings by the Red Sox. For those of you who don’t know, the Red Sox are my second team, so this is really exciting. I love Mike Cameron from his days in San Diego, and he’s really a great guy and a great baseball player. It’s going to be so good to see him in Red Sox red. And we’re talking about John Lackey here! That guy is amazing! I love being a fan of a team who can just sign all these big players with no second thoughts. It’s so great, especially compared to the Padres, who are dumpster diving all the time.

Anyways, Adrian’s been connected to Boston trade rumors for a long time. It’s pretty crazy. There’s no talks going on between San Diego and Boston right now, but for some reason, we’re talking and speculating about it like crazy. Seems like the Union-Tribune wrote an article about it first, even though there are absolutely no talks going on right now, so had to write an article about it, and now I have to write an entry about it and speculate and talk about it and it probably won’t even come to anything. Oh well.

Adrian Gonzalez: two-time Gold Glove winner, star player of the Padres, not to mention face of the organization, and most underrated player in the major leagues. If I were the Padres, I would keep him. I would also Keep the Kouz. But we’re talking about Adrian here.

Of course, the issue of money always has to come up. We do have Adrian under contract right now for a  few years at a ridiculously low price. Naturally, though, he’s going to need bigger bucks sometime in the near future. For a player of his caliber, he should be earning a lot more than he is right now. If the Padres are going to trade him, I think it’s going to be now. They’re probably worried about peak value and stuff like that. He’s had many incredible seasons in a row. He’s been in the majors for six years.

I hate to say it, but I would actually be okay about trading Adrian IF this deal went down: Adrian for Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Buchholz, and a bunch of high-up prospects. I don’t know. I would love to have Ellsbury here in San Diego, but Adrian might been too much to give away for this organization. He’s huge for the fan base. We would lose sooo many fans if he was traded away!

I really hope Adrian hangs around. Kouz, too.

Man, I hate the offseason!! I wish the Padres would make some moves already, like signing Kouz up for the next ten seasons. Get that done, people!


Padres Sign Correia

We signed Kevin Correia to a one-year deal on Saturday, but did not get anything done with Heath Bell, Mike Adams, or Kevin Kouzmanoff…yet.

I am very glad that we will have Correia with us again this year. We signed him to a minor league deal last offseason, but he became one of our most consistent starting pitchers over the season. He became our ace when Jake Peavy was traded. It was great to have him in the rotation and I can’t wait to see what else he’ll do for us next year. Welcome back, Kevin.

correia.jpgBut now the Padres have a little work to do: sign Bell, Adams, and Kouzmanoff to contracts for next year +. These guys have just been huge for the Padres in the last few years, and it would be a crying shame to lose any of them. Hopefully, we will be able to get these guys safe and signed up by Christmas. I’m waiting in nervous anticipation for them all to get locked up. I do not want to lose any of them, and I’m probably not going to relax until they’re safely signed. Get on it, front office, and for goodness sakes, don’t trade any of them!

On a different subject, how ’bout them Chargers? They’re on an eight-game winning streak, and I really think that this is our year. I think we’re going to the Super Bowl. It’s gonna be so sweet.

Also, happy one year birthday to Perpetual Padres Saga! It’s been a lot of fun getting to know Hyun Young over the past year and being able to talk Padres with her. Be sure to head over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!


Six Reasons Not To Trade Kevin Kouzmanoff

kouz batting.jpg

“NO! Don’t trade me!”

There are a lot of trade rumors going around Kevin Kouzmanoff today, and I’m a little freaked out. If you’re a reader of this blog, you know that Kouz is my absolute favorite player on the Padres and in the majors. There is no player in all of baseball that I like more than Kouz. And I would pretty much go into major depression if the Padres traded him away. In the past year, we’ve lost two major players, Trevor Hoffman and Jake Peavy. And let me tell you, that grief that I went through would be nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the kind of grief that I would have if they trade Kouz. We don’t even want to go there.

And so, I give you six reasons not to trade Kevin Kouzmanoff.

1. He’s a great third baseman.

Say what you want about the merits of Ryan Zimmerman, but I believe that Kevin Kouzmanoff was right up there with him in the Gold Glove catergory. He had a .990 fielding percentage for goodness sakes! Sure, maybe his range isn’t the greatest, but he gets to many, many almost impossible balls. He’s only been in the majors for three years, but he’s improved on his defense drastically. He was not that great at all in his first year, but here he was, contending for a Gold Glove. I believe that he will only improve. Sure, we’ve got Chase Headley and lots of third basemen in the system, but why not stick with Kouz? He’s an amazing defending, and all of the fans love to watch him.

kouz dive.jpg 2. He’s a great hitter.

Again, he may not be the best, but he’s still very good. He was second only to Adrian Gonzalez in RBIs and home runs (Adrian had 40, and Kouz had 18, but still). He’s exciting to watch, ’cause at any moment, you know that he could get the clutch hit that wins the game. Or he might get hit by pitch. We love him in here in San Diego. We love “Koozing” for him when he comes up to bat. There is no other player on the team that we do something like that for. And it started from the very beginning, too. Even through that horrible stretch that he had in the first few months that he was here, we were right behind him. He’s improved a lot.

kouz two run homer.jpg3. He’s got a great attitude.

Looking back at the stretch of time in early 2007, when he was batting something like .167, he kept a great attitude, kept getting in his work, kept pressing hard and staying in the game, and he didn’t give up. The press was all over him, the fans weren’t too happy, but Bud Black kept the faith in him and he didn’t disappoint. He finally got out of that funk and finished wonderfully. He was a quiet, laid-back kind of guy, and he didn’t seem to let the pressure get to him too badly. He really does have a great attitude about everything. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him complain to the press about anything, really. He’s got a great sense of humor, and he’s the kind of guy that I would want in my locker room as a role model to all the young guys around there. Like I said, he’s only been in the majors for three years, and he’s 28 years old, but he seems like a great role model. I’m proud to have him on this team.

kouz celebrating.jpg4. He’s got a great work ethic.

Kouz has a chronic back problem, which takes him out at least once a season. But he works very, very hard to make sure that the back doesn’t act up too much. He had worked very hard on his defense, which is probably why he’s gotten so much better over the years. I would want this kind of guy on my team, again, as an example to the younger guys.

kouzo my baby.jpg 5. He’s a fan-favorite.  

We just love this guy. He’s so much fun to watch, and to cheer for. Besides, he’s one of the three most popular guys left on the Padres. And he has the potential to get much, much better. I’m so happy that he’s here in San Diego. He’s great with the fans, doing tons of autograph sessions and things throughtout the season. He was born in Colorado, but he’s really a San Diego boy. I just love how he’s adapted to playing here, and how he interacts with the fans so well. There are quite a few treasured memories that I have of him and his kindness that I will never forget. He’s just to much fun to have here, and I really can’t think of a better fit for him than here in San Diego. We love you Koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooz!!!

Kouzcatinthehat.jpg6. I will never forgive the Padres if they do trade him.  

Naturally, I don’t think any of the Padres Nation will be happy if Kouz is traded, but this is really personal for me, because I love this player like crazy. It all started when he signed autographs for four girls before a game in September 2007. I totally fell in love with him right there and then. He was so nice in doing that for us, and it was one of the coolest things ever. He’s a wonderful player, and he’s very, very good looking as well. He’s really nice, and I just adore him. I would be devistated, and I mean devistated, if the Padres traded him away. I would not be happy with the Padres. No matter who we got in return. I would be very, very angry with the Padres, and it would not be pretty, peoples. Not at all. Sure, I’d still be a Padres fan, and I would recover eventually, but not without a lot of help. I would need a major support group to get through something that horrible (We miss you Tom!!). It would not be good. I would cry like crazy. And I really don’t want to see Chase at third. He’s great in left, let’s just leave him out there.

So please, Jed Hoyer and the Padres front office, don’t cause us this pain. Keep the Kouz. We’re begging you. I love this guy, and I don’t know how much more of losing our most popular players I can take. Just keep him. Please, for the fans. I LOVE YOU KOUZ!!!! 


Padres News…

Oh wow. It’s been forever since I’ve blogging! I’ve been meaning to blog for like the past week, so I’m finally getting to it!

Last week the Padres had their awards ceremony. Not surprisingly, Adrian Gonzalez won MVP. I actually thought that David Eckstein should have got that award, but hey, Adrian’s worthy of it too.

Heath Bell got pitcher of the year, which was good. I mean, he was amazing this year, but I thought that maybe someone like Kevin Correia would get it.

We brought Dick Enberg onto our TV broadcast team last week, which will be very interesting. I had never heard of him before this, but hopefully he will add a lot to our TV broadcast alongside Mark Grant and Mark Neely.

And, our first round pick this year, Donovan Tate, broke his jaw in an ATV accident. Isn’t that just great? I mean, why on earth do all our first round picks go crazy like that? Doesn’t he have a clause against that sort of activity in his contract. Sigh. I just can’t believe the type of bad luck that all of our first round draft picks have gone through. Crazy.

Well, looks like the Winter Meetings are underway. I hope that some moves are made, but nothing that would hurt me, like trading away Kouz. I really really really really think that he will be great for us here. He doesn’t need to go anywhere, Mr. Hoyer. Ahem.

Not surprisingly, Brian Giles and Henry Blanco weren’t offered arbitration, but I think the Padres will still try to get Blanco back. I mean, we’re going to need a veteran catcher, so why not Henry?

There’s also talk about the Padres needed an outfielder, but I don’t see that need. We’ve got Chase Headley, Tony Gwynn, Will Venable, Kyle Blanks. Okay, maybe you would want a veteran guy out there, but we got along just fine with these guys last year.

It’s raining in San Diego today. I love it!!🙂