Maybe Tomorrow…

Well, I sat down at my computer and wrote an entry for about a hour this morning. While I was trying to upload a picture, my internet went down and I lost the whole entry. I just couldn’t try again, it was way too disheartening. So, I’ll try again tomorrow. This auto-save is terrible. UGH. Well, hopefully I’ll have something for you tomorrow. Have a great day! 


Kaybee it always sucks when you lose a post. I do it in Word document first and transfer it over. I like doing it that way so I can always have it. : ) Good luck.


Ugh, Kaybee, I know what that’s like. Usually when it says the entry was saved, it was just the title. And it always happens when you are already tired. Try again when you are well rested.

I know you’re simply disheartened because the season is closing.. : ( It makes everything seem more difficult to get through : )

Buz –

I hate when that happens. GRRRRRRR!

I hope you can get it back!!!


I do the same thing as Ted and start it off in a word document. Then I retype it out in MLBlogs so that I can kind of re-read it. I’ll be looking forward to your next entry.

Kaybee: Sometimes computers piss me off. But other times I love them. I guess the good outweighs the bad.
I really didn’t want the season to end. But my Yanks start the ALDS tomorrow! I’m pumped!

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