Jake Peavy is making his first start as a member of the Chicago White Sox tonight.

jakechicago.jpgFrom one uniform…

jakepeavyyell.jpg…to another.

jake white sox.jpgFrom one city, one ballpark… 

petco ariel.jpg…to another.

us cellular.jpgEven though you are in on a different team, in a different league, a different time and place, your loyal fans in San Diego will still be cheering for you. Even though our front office kicked you out and you approved of the trade, we can’t wait to see you on the mound tonight. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen your fiery manner on the mound. Even though you are not ours anymore, you are still in our hearts. We will be cheering for you, Jake, and we miss you like crazy!!

peavywhitesox.gif I LOVE YOU JACOB EDWARD PEAVY!!!


I’m gonna see him pitch on TV in few hours. Can’t wait!! I love the last picture. He’s adorable. And hot🙂

Kaybee: You poor thing. It sounds like you really miss him. I understand…..I hope he succeeds with the White Sox. He’s a good guy🙂

Jake Peavy looked great with the White Sox! That guy’s pretty amazing, and watching him reminded me why I’m glad he’s not in the NL anymore, although I do miss him because I don’t get to watch him pitch as often.

Great tribute Kaybee!


Great tribute, no matter where Jake goes, I will always know you will be a proud Peavy supporter!! Wonderful post, and wonderful tribute. The Padres will always have a room in their hearts for Jake Peavy!!

Ted – http://tribewithted.mlblogs.com/

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