Get Well Soon, Koooooz!!

As you know, my dear Kouz got hurt in San Fran a few days ago. Of course, the news was terrible for me to hear. Thankfully, he is not on the DL (yet), but it looks like he’ll be out for a week or so. Poor Kouz😦 The Padres were just starting their campaign for him to get a Gold Glove and so was I. Hopefully, he will be able to get back on the field soon.

Kouz, don’t be depressed.

Depressesed Kouz.jpg You need to keep a positive outlook.

kouz celebrating.jpg

Keep some ice on that calf, and be sure to stretch it out.



I know you’ve never had an injury like this before, so that makes it tough. But at least it wasn’t your back!


I know you’ll be back out there as soon as you can. I can’t wait to see you healthy again🙂

kouz batting.jpg


Just please don’t go on the DL. Be careful when you make throws to first. And Kouz, you’re such a cutie🙂


Your loyal fan,





Kaybee: Aw, I didn’t know he was hurt. Poor thing. When Mitre had a comebacker hit him in the arm, I felt horrible. I offered to kiss his boo-boo for him….lol…
I made the NLWest cutie post. I think you will like it…

Get well Kouz!
I hope your boys cool off the Rockies!

I hope that Kouz will be well soon. Your Padres have been doing great!


Get well, Kouz. Your teammates need you.

Kevin’s a stud. I hope he gets better soon. It’s going to be strange without this player.

Matthew Tang

Awww poor Koooozie:/ We need him so badly! I really, really hope he’s going to get better quickly.

Poor Kouz,

just when he was going good.

That’s what sucks about baseball,

but he will come back twice as strong trust me! =)

And he was provided to you by your Cleveland Indians, thank you very much!!😉

We give everyone everthing.

Its almost like we are a Wal-Mart and everyone is buying off of us.

Jeez, why in the world can’t we just hold onto someone for about 3 years?

–Ted “TTW/T”

honoring 9/11 at:

Kouz is a great player, I hope he comes back soon!

You should volunteer to be his personal ice girl…like, having trouble reaching that spot without straining your back? I got ya covered! Ha, ha! One can dream…

Back to blogging tomorrow…I had a VERY exciting weekend!! Look for a veeerrry long entry tomorrow!!

I hope he gets better! I wouldn’t mind seeing him get the Gold Glove. I hope it all works out.

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