Doing It Again

I’m abandoning you guys. I know, it’s sooo soon from the last time. I’ve barely been home a week and I’m heading out already. This time, you won’t have a substitute to entertain you. My family is going on vacation for a whole week!! It really is too soon after my last trip, but that’s OK. I’m going to miss blogging soooo much, as well as the Padres games. I’ve just started getting back into them. Ah, oh well. We’re going to have fun, I’m sure, and don’t worry: I’m not planning on going anywhere for a while after we get back next Sunday.

Cheer on those Padres for me while I’m gone:)



Kaybee: I looked up pictures of Gaudin. Your are right, he is not cute, but once a player puts on the Yankee pinstripes, I grow to love him no matter what:) This series vs the Sox had been fun for me so far. I can’t wait for game 4!
I hope you enjoy your vacation! Have fun!:) -Virginia

Kaybee – have a wonderful, wonderful vacation! Family time is to be cherished – it goes by much too quickly. I’ll keep an eye on your guys for you!


Kaybee, have fun but be safe.

Kaybee – Hope you and your family have a blast!

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