July 2009

Not Quite Enough

My Padres played very, very well last night. They hit, they played great defense, but the pitching was just OK. It wasn’t enough.

Walter Silva only went 3.1 innings, giving up three runs on seven hits. I’m sorry, but I think Silva’s had enough second chances. We can’t have the starters only going three innings every day, that kills the bullpen. Sure, he only gave up three runs, but he would have given up more if he had been allowed he stay in later.

silva.jpgArizona helped us out, that’s for sure. In the second, Chase Headley singled. Justin Upton made an error in the outfield, so Chase went to second. Will Venable then grounded out to sent Chase to third. Eliezar Alfonso drove him in. Luis Rodriguez and Walter Silva singled, and Alfonso scored on a wild pitch.

In the fifth, Everth walked, T-Gwynn singled, and Adrian Gonzalez singled in Everth. Very cool. By now, the score was a 3-3 tie.

It stayed that way until the seventh. Tony Gwynn singled and stole second. Kouz hit a booming double that was that close to getting out, scoring Tony. We took the lead, 4-3.

In the eighth, we added an insurance run. With two outs, Everth Cabrera walked. He stole second and third and two consecutive pitches. The catcher threw to third to try to nab him, but the throw bounced off the third baseman’s glove and down the line. Everth easily scored. Yay!!

But in the bottom of the inning, newly-off-the-DL Luke Gregerson gave up two runs to tie the game. It was not good.

In the top of the ninth, the Padres were unable to get anything. I figured that the game was headed to extra innings, espeically when Cla Meredith got two quick outs in the bottom of the inning. But then he walked Justin Upton, and All-Star hopeful Mark Reynolds hit a single to drive him in. Game over.

We were hitting some balls very, very well. I was really pleased by that. We got 13 hits! But we just couldn’t get a big break. The pitching was shaky. Man, it just always seems like we can never get all the parts working together at the same time. We were hitting well, but the pitching couldn’t get it done.

You know what is probably the worst part of this loss? It’s that the Diamondbacks are the only team in the NL West who are worse than us!! So why we are losing to them is beyond me. We’d better take the next two games, or we should be the ones at the bottom of the division. Come on boys!! 

Adrian Gonzalez is going to be in the Home Run Derby!! I am sooo excited for him, he really deserves it. He was leading the majors for quite a while with home runs, until pitchers realized that this guy can actually hit, and then he slowed way down. But that’s going to be really cool for him.

year in review adrian.jpgAnd…I still miss Scotty!! WHAAA!! It’s going to be sooo sad without him. He was such an amazing player. After 2007, whenever we needed a walk-off homer, I was always so excited when he came to the plate because I knew he could do it. He was so amazing for us!! It was a lot of fun to have him here, as a hitter, fielder, and guy off the field. He will be missed a lot. Plus, he looks terrible in that green and yellow uniform. He looked so great in Padre blue!!

ScottyHairston.jpgI MISS YOU SCOTTY!!!!!

By the way, I got #21 in the Latest Leaders the other day. I’m dedicating it to the Padres’ newest All-Star, Heath Bell.

heath 21.jpgHeath is going to the All-Star game for the first time in his five years in MLB. He was with the Mets for his first few years, going back and forth on the “Heath Bell Express” from the major league team to the minors. He was finally traded to the Padres in 2007, and had an excellent year with us. He pitched a ton! In 2008, he was set-up man to Trevor Hoffman, and did an excellent job, also throwing a lot.

When Trevor left the team in the offseason of 2008, Heath was given the closer’s job. He has had no problems adjusting to that role, having earned 23 out of 24 saves. His ERA is 1.50.

It’s an amazing story, really. This guy was languishing in the Mets’ minor league system just a few years ago, and now he’s an All-Star. I know he’s going to have a blast.

Well, the Padres are playing the Diamondbacks again tonight.

Our ace Kevin Correia, who was very un-ace-like in his last start, will pitch against Doug Davis. Great pitching matchup there! 

May the better team, in this case the Padres, WIN!!

GO FRIARS!!! (and for goodness sakes, don’t wear the sand uniforms!!!)  

A Weekend of Drama

On Friday, the Padres performed terribly, and I was not happy with them. But on Saturday, they rallied back to play one of the best games of the year.

In the first inning, the Manny got his first home run since he got back, and good riddance that we got that out of the way. So, the Dodgers fans were happy, now it was time to get the Padres fans happy.

In the second, Henry Blanco singled, but was hurt rounding first. Turns out that he strained a hamstring. Eliezar Alfonso came in to catch, and the backup catcher would have been Edgar Gonzalez. I think Kouz would have been the absolute emergency catcher :) 

In the third, starting pitcher Josh Geer started the inning with a double, the first extra-base hit of his career. Wow.

geer double.jpgThen, Everth Cabrera laid down a sac-bunt to move him to third. Next up was David Eckstein, and all Padres fans knew that he would get the job done. I mean, runner on third with one out, Eck’s going to get him in. He’s been doing it all year. And guess what? He did it! He hit a single to tie the game. 

Things stayed scoreless until the seventh. Josh Geer threw 6.1 innings, giving up two runs and walking none. He was good. Randy Wolf on the other side was pretty good himself. He threw six innings, allowing one run and striking out eight. OK, he was a lot better than Josh!!

In the seventh, Greg Burke allowed the go-ahead run to score on a wild pitch. Oh boy. But the scoring in this game was no where near to being done.

In the bottom of the seventh, the Padres rallied to take the lead for good. Eliezar Alfonso walked, Tony Gwynn singled, and Kyle Blanks was hit by pitch. Then Everth Cabrera, the hero of the game, singled in two to give the Padres the lead.

ev's hit.jpgLater in the inning, Adrian Gonzalez singled in Everth to give us a 4-2 lead.

In the top of the eighth, the Dodgers got another run to make the game very close. 

In the bottom of the inning, Alfonso singled and Gwynn reached on an error (the Dodgers had three errors in the game!!). Heath Bell got the last out in the top of the eighth, so he was batting for himself. He hadn’t had an at-bat since 2005, but he went out there and laid down a sac-bunt. Way to go Heath!

Everth Cabrera then hit a two-run single. David Eckstein drove in Everth, and the Padres had a 7-3 lead!

In the top of the ninth, Heath Bell was all over the place. Maybe it was because he was so excited about his bunt or whatever, but he was having a hard time throwing a strike. He allowed a walk, and a single to drive in a run before striking out three. Whew!! It was pretty stressing, but Heath made it, and the Padres won the game, 7-4!!

It was such an incredible game!! “Everything” Cabrera was definitely the star. He had two hits, driving in three runs. He also had that sac-bunt. He does what needs to get done.

Not to mention his defense. He had five excellent plays to rob players at shortstop, including two against the Manny. HA! Seriously, this guy has been just amazing, and he’s only going to get better! AHHH!! He put on quite a show for the TV (FOX was broadcasting this game because of the Manny. That’s really lame, but at least the Padres played excellently and won the game!!).

I am sooo excited about this guy!! It’s going to be so much fun just to see him get better!

In the rubber game, things appeared like it would be an easy game for the Dodgers. But it ain’t over ’til my Padres say it’s over!!

Josh Banks was not that great. He allowed six runs in 4.1 innings, allowing three home runs. Ugh.

In the fifth, the Padres finally broke through to Chad Billingsley. My boy Kouz snapped an 0-for-17 streak with a solo homer. Good job, baby!!


kouzmanoff homer.jpgSo, we go on to the ninth. We’re losing by five runs, rubber game. Billingsley was still pitching, which just goes to show how good he was. I was taking a nap, but woke up as the inning started.

Chase Headley started it off with a solo homer. Ok, getting closer… Tony Gwynn doubled, and Chad was done for the day. In comes Jonathan Broxton, of all people. This is the huge guy, almost 300 pounds and throw upwards to 100 mph. This guy is gooooood.

But the Padres have done it before. They have scored five runs off of Broxton in the ninth at PETCO Park to win a game. Will they do it again?

David Eckstein flew out for the first out. But then Scott Hairston walked. But then Adrian Gonzalez struck out. The Dodgers were this close to getting the game…

Will Veneble singled to drive in our third run. Edgar Gonzalez and Eliezar Alfonso walked, Alfonso’s driving in a run. I was hanging on every pitch, by the way. It was so crazy!!

Next up was Everth Cabrera. Now, this was probably the most stressing at-bat of the whole inning. Oh man. He ran the count to full before finally hitting it. It went through the middle into center, and two runs scored to tie the game. But the center fielder threw to third and got the out there. So, the inning was over, but we had tied the game. It was great, but so sad. If the baserunner hadn’t made that blunder, we would have had the winning run right there. That was really disappointing, but we did great. We got five runs. We did the improbable.

But things didn’t go well from there. We had perfect opportunities to get the game won, but my boys were trying too hard. Finally, in the top of the 13th, James Loney hit a solo homer to put the Dodgers on top. I hate James Loney.

The Padres couldn’t do anything in the bottom of the inning, despite leaving two runners on, and so we lost, 7-6.

The Dodgers left 14 runners on in the whole game. Wow. The Padres left six, but we should have won that game. In my eyes, we won that game in the ninth. We should have, anyways. It was very disappointing to lose that game, but we played very well in the last two games. I was pleased with that.

But this team is still not that great.

Well, Adrian Gonzalez got his second All-Star honor. He was voted in by the players. At least someone is noticing how good he is. Goodness. Also, Heath Bell is getting his first All-Star appearance. This guy was languishing in the Mets minor league system just a few years ago, and now he’s an All-Star. That’s pretty amazing. Congrats to Adrian and Heath!!

It is with a very sad heart that I must announce the trade of Scott Hairston to the Oakland A’s. I love Scotty!! I learned the terrible news this morning, and boy was I disappointed. We got Scotty in 2007, and he was essential to our playoff run that year. He was the one who hit the big two-run homer in Game 163 in the top of the 13th. Known for his multiple walk-off homers with us, we loved having him here. He’s an excellent player who works so hard. He always runs hard to first, even if it’s an out. He’s an amazing center fielder as well. He’s made some incredible plays. I’m going to miss Scotty so much!! He’s been so amazing with us, and it’s so sad that he had to leave. We’ll miss you sooo much Scotty!! Thanks for all the great times an memories in San Diego!!!

We’re getting three minor league pitchers for him. They’d better be good.



So, it was a really interesting weekend in Padres baseball. We’re going to Arizona next for three games with the Diamondbacks. I really hope we can just play well. The fans deserve at least that.

Walter Silva will be pitching against Jon Garland. Silva really really needs to get back on track, or else he might be headed for a certain minor league team soon.


To Bee or Not To Bee

blanks bees.jpgYesterday, the bees invaded PETCO Park. In the top of the ninth, the game was delayed as a huge swarm of bees came out of the left field line. The game was delayed for 52 minutes, but the result of the game was not pretty as the Padres lost, 7-2.

These Padres are just dragging through the mud right now. They should have been swept in four this series, but they were able to come back in Tuesday’s game and get the win. The pitching is killing us. Mostly the other team’s pitching, but our’s hasn’t been the greatest either.

Yesterday, our ace Kevin Correia had a very un-ace-like outing. He allowed six runs in five innings, walking three. It wasn’t that great. Then the bullpen allowed a run (naturally, Joe Thatcher).

Scott Hairston had two hits and drove in a run, but that was about it for our offense. Sure, we had nine hits, but not good enough. The other starting pitcher was too good. I am not happy with this team right now. Not at all.

So, the bee delay was very interesting. Apparently, the queen led the swarm into a ballgirl’s jacket that was hanging over a chair down the left field line. They got a beekeeper in there and he was able to take care of the problem. Very interesting though. I really wonder where they could have come from.

Now, to be or not to be. The Padres are about to play a huge, and I mean huge, three-game series against the Dodgers. It’s the return of the Manny tonight, and I would think that all three of these games are sold out. Unfortunately, there are going to be a lot of Dodgers fans because of the Manny, obviously, and the Dodgers purchased a ton of tickets for their fans. I don’t think that’s very cool, but at least it’s giving the Padres a lot of money. They should bring in some Manny wigs to double the profit.

We’re 15.5 games behind. Interleague killed us, just like I thought it would. Who is this team going to be? Are we going to go up and down for the rest of the season, or are we going to fight this? Are we going to be a winning team, or a losing team? Simple as that. To be or not to be…that is the question.

I don’t know if this team is capable of winning like they were earlier in the season. It just seems like everything never works at the same time for them. Meaning, that when they are hitting like crazy, the pitching is giving up just as many runs. Or when the pitching is phenominal, the hitting can’t get a hit. I don’t know if we will be able to get it together.

I got to talk with a Padres fan yesterday at the San Diego County Fair at a sports booth. She was as baffled as I was about this team. One day they’re the best team in baseball, and the next day, they’re taking the express right down to the cellar.

I don’t know if this team can win consistently. But I sure hope they decide soon.

Tonight we are playing the Dodgers, and like I said, the Manny is baaaaack. Oh goodness. It’s going to be a wild weekend!

Chad Gaudin will be pitching against Hiroki Kuroda. Oh great. Well, I sure hope my boys can come up on top!!


Moving Mountains

tom outside coors.jpgWe are all struggling in this economic time. Some are just getting by, some are holding tightly to their jobs as their co-workers are cut down all around them, and some are searching desperately and disappointedly for a job. So when a man joined this blogosphere and announced that he was going to sell all his possessions, move into his car, and travel all over the United States watching his favorite baseball team, we were captivated. I mean, this guy must be insane! To give up everything and just watch baseball is probably something we only dream of. We would love to put our worries aside and just watch baseball. Well, Tom Walsh did that. He travelled to nine stadiums, caught many games, and met a lot of people. But the dream didn’t last. Eventually, the economic situation caught up with him. The Baseball Across America journey is not over though. Sure, Tom’s reached a big bump in the road, but I know that he’ll be back out in the Rockies Roadster as soon as he can.

We have gathered here today to give messages of encouragement to our fellow blogger in this time. Tom’s been an inspiration to us all, and well, I’ll just let the messages do the talking.

 From Kaybee (http://kaybee.mlblogs.com)

Tom, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while, and it’s definitely one of my favorites. Not because you have great analysis on the Rockies or anything, but because of how much you really put yourself into your entries. When you write about your journey, it’s like we’re right there next to you, experiencing the same things that you were. I’ve had so much fun watching your journey so far, and it is so sad that is temporarily over. But one of the things that has always stuck out to me about you is that you believe that everything happens for a reason. I know it isn’t always easy to believe that, especially when something really hard happens. I believe that these experiences make a person stronger, and even if they can’t see it when they are going through it, these trials in our lives really do happen for a reason. I really admire the way you hold fast to that.

I want to thank you for keeping up your blog, for commenting on my blog, for my support group and my Timeout and all that. You’ve been a great friend, and I really hope your journey can take you to San Diego someday soon. Still praying for you man, and I can’t wait for you to get back on the road.

petco park.jpg

Baseball Across America PETCO Park: To be accomplished…

From Jen (http://ajroxmywhitesox.mlblogs.com)

Back in January, you created a support group for Kaybee. Back then, I’d only been blogging for about a month, but you’d been one of my most consistent commenters.  And since Kaybee was another one of my consistent commenters and I’d suffered a baseball loss like hers before, I was more than glad to help you out with her support group. Now in return, Kaybee has one for you and Baseball Across America, which I’m more than glad to help with again.

As you started your journey, I looked forward to every entry you made because it was like taking your journey with you in a way.  I got to learn about places I haven’t been yet but want to visit.  I got to hear about the various fans, and I learned more about the Rockies as well.  And so many entries included pictures that just amazed me, as I’ve told you numerous times.

What I don’t think I’ve said numerous times is that your blog is one of my favorites.  Because you’re a great writer.  Because you’re a great photographer.  But mostly because you put so much of yourself into these blogs, and we all get to see how amazing of a person you
are.  You gave up everything to find the good in people all across this country.  You found it, and you shared it.  You’ve had more of an impact on people than I think you realize.  It’s definitely more of an impact than I can accurately express.

Your journey is only on a hiatus, Tom.  When you can afford it again, I know Baseball Across America will start up again.  You’re too good of a person to just let it end.  You’ve made some great friends on your journey, some you’ve met and many you haven’t.  Until you can
resume this amazing journey, keep writing and keep being Tom Walsh. We’ll always be here.

turner field.jpg

Baseball Across America Turner Field: Mission accomplished

From Hyun Young (http://hyunyoung.mlblogs.com)


I am incredibly sad that your journey has ended for now and I wish you for the best. When I read your post about this, you brought tears to my eyes. Your incredible journey across America inspired so many people not just in blogosphere, but everywhere you went. It is absolutely heartbreaking when something that was so brilliant and exciting comes to an end. It’s almost too scary to turn to a next chapter in life, but it’s something that happens to everyone. For me, going to high school next month is a nerve-wracking thing. I will get used to the new world eventually. The journey did not reach the finish line and it will not for a long time. You have an obstacle that is blocking you right now, but very soon, you will overcome it and keep going on and on. I thank you for what you do for MLBlogs and you have a friend in San Diego. Another chapter will wait and I pray that it will be a very positive one. Every single of us, the incredible bloggers, are here for you anytime, anywhere.

rogers centre.jpgBaseball Across America Rogers Centre: To be accomplished… 

From Jeremy (http://homerfoodandhistory.mlblogs.com)



We all run into financial trouble along the way. One way or another, the all-mighty buck can be humbling. Our big baseball trip again this year is Detroit (only 3 hours away, but still a good distance). I think it is amazing that you got experience all those cities, ballparks and places. Your journey has been truly impressive, and I honestly think people should be paying you to do it (i.e. sponsors). I’ve admired the all the places you’ve been to, and all the people you’ve seen along the way. If you were to ever come to the Toronto area, I’d definitely buy your Jays ticket. Good luck with everything! I hope that opportunity knocks for you, and I hope you find something you like. I’m currently looking for the same thing, as I’ve been stuck in an endless cycle of acquiring temporary employment. I lose my job grounds keeping at Mahoney Park in Hamilton, Ontario in late September. Again, what you have done already is amazing, and I hope one day you make all the way north to my area. There will be a Jays ticket waiting for you.


chase_field.jpgBaseball Across America Chase Field: Mission accomplished 


From Jane (http://janeheller.mlblogs.com)


Hi, Tom. It’s She Fan Jane. Or, as you like to call me, Joan Wilder from “Romancing the Stone.” Now listen up. Yes, your trip has stalled and your dream has been put on hold. But that’s how it is sometimes. And you’re not the type to take defeat lying down. Neither am I. When I tried to get my Yankees book published after having written 13 novels, I had lots of rejections. Everybody said, “A baseball book by a woman? It’ll never sell.” I could have given up, but I didn’t. And then along came an editor who said, “I love the book and I’m willing to pay for it.” We can never take no for answer and we can never give up. Somehow, you’ll find a way around your current problems, and solving them will make you even stronger and more
determined. I’m rooting for you!


wrigley field.jpgBaseball Across America Wrigley Field: Mission accomplished 


From Jeff and Allen of RSBS (http://redstatebluestate.mlblogs.com)


Hold your head up high! The game is not over until you hit the showers and as far as we can tell, you’re still super dirty! Okay, so that was a poor analogy, but you get what we’re saying. Truth is, whether you’re at Chavez Ravine, Busch Stadium or a shantytown at the base of a mountain, as long as you got an internet connection you’re still touching our lives (and even
without one you still are, though the travel and phone bills may add up). We at RSBS proudly support you wherever the journey takes you and if that means you have to give us your views on the Rockies, from Colorado, then so be it. We got your back. Say the word and we’re on it (DISCLAIMER: This support does not include inflicting bodily harm on other humans, animals or
insects, unless said human, animal or insect is wearing a Cubs jersey, in which case, you needn’t say anything else, just ignite the bat signal like I taught you when you were here in Chicago and one of us will go kick some serious tail).

Jeff & Allen


new-yankee-stadium.jpgBaseball Across America Yankee Stadium: To be accomplished… 


From Emily (http://deconstrucingthoughts.mlblogs.com)


A day at the ballpark with Tom Walsh was a day to remember. How lucky I am to have spent some time with you while you were on your incredible journey. As we go through life, sometimes we encounter random strangers, people who come in and out of our lives, and some of us got to encounter Tom Walsh, a unique stranger with a phenomenal voyage. I have a lot of fond memories of that day, my favorites come in no particular order, but they are just moments that make me smile on the day I encountered Tom Walsh. The first one is when I sat outside those gates behind home plate lusting after that Ubaldo Jimenez shirt. I have got to get me one of these, Tom, you better get here. Fortunately for you, you did get there, and I got a shirt, and all was well in the world. I remember trying to tell you that I was the coolest person you’d ever meet, and it was a sentence that I couldn’t even finish. We got to reminisce on Greality and think about the deliciousness that is Teriyaki Bowl. I got to witness probably some of the best butt pictures I’ve ever seen (not taken on my command though, lest we forget). We talked about my experiment and how dense I still am. We talked about the minor leagues and two dollar Tuesday, maybe that was what it was. Two and Tuesday make sense. You got to meet my weird friends and harass Manny Ramirez. You get a lot of experiences on your road, so you may not remember the events that occurred that evening, but I do. I remember that night fondly and it’s because of the unique encounter with a stranger. The impact that you can have on people is phenomenal and I can only hope that we will all be so lucky to encounter such a unique stranger. I meant what I said when I commented on your blog, kid, you’ll move mountains.


Fenway_Park.jpgBaseball Across America Fenway Park: To be accomplished…


From Julia (http://werbiefitz.mlblogs.com)

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both


Unlike most of us – you actually took the journey!  You did not sit around saying “should of, could of, would of”…you did it!  How brave you are to face that unknown.  To place that “one foot in front of the other” and walk out the door.  It took courage to do that my friend; a courage that few of us will ever find.

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

 To where it bent in the undergrowth;

You did not let the fear of the unknown stop you.  You have a deep faith in your fellow man – you knew that you would find friends where ever you went.  And you did!  You knew that if you took that path a world of adventure awaited you.

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

Tom, the path you took was different from most.  It was unconventional.  I’m sure many told you you were crazy to be taking such a journey.  But you did not let that stop you.  You believed in yourself and in what you wanted to do.  You knew this was something you needed to do.  It was more than just visiting ballparks around the country.  It was about discovering who we are; discovering, in a way, who you are.  The stories you told of the people you met!  You are right – we all have a story.  But sometimes it takes a very special person like you to help us find that story within ourselves.  Not many of us our very good at looking inward and seeing what is there.  I think because most of us are afraid of what we will find.  You gave us the courage to take that look and you inspired us to find the good that is there.

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

It is rare that we get the chance and go back and take another path in life.  Even if we go back to the beginning – we are never the same.  Our journeys shape and mold us into different people.  You without a doubt are a richer person for what you have done and seen.  I know, it ended much too soon.  But Tom – as hard as it is – DO NOT BE SAD!  Yes, the journey did not end on your terms, but look at what you did!  Do you know that you carried all of us who read your blog on your back for the whole trip?  You brought to life the people and events that you encountered along the way.  You allowed us the opportunity to walk along with you.  For that we are all richer.  Do you have any idea how much you touched all the lives of not only the people you met on your trip but also the people who followed you from afar?  I am so grateful that you let us – me- come along for the ride.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

You took the road less traveled Tom.  And it has made a difference.  You make a difference Tom.  Please – do not waste any energy over “what ifs”.  Build off of what you’ve done.  I know you care so very much about the people in this world – take what you have learned from your journey, no matter how brief it might have been, and make it better.  That was the message of your journey.  Now do it!  God bless you Tom and thank you.


Baseball Across America Minute Maid Park: Mission Accomplished

From Kylie (http://kylie.mlblogs.com)

*Tom. I didn’t know what to expect when I shouted that name at a vaguely familiar man in a Rockies jersey, but I was willing to try my luck in hope of finding something good. Come to think of it, that’s precisely what you did when you decided to put all you owned into your journey. You put everything you had into what you wanted to do, and yeah, it didn’t go forever, but damn you did more than most of us could ever accomplish. Because, for once in my life, I’m short on words, I’m going to steal from myself in the comment I left on your blog entry. You wonder if you had an impact, if you made a difference. The way you live your life has certainly had an impact on the way I will be living mine. Anyone who has read your blog can read about the people you’ve met who you’ve changed in some way, and something they read there has probably done the same for them. There’s no need to worry about that, but I’m surprised you would worry at all. Of course, if you were to worry, it **would** be about something unselfish like if you helped anyone else, while I’m here worrying that my Tulo jersey will get lost in the mail (knock on wood!). I know you might also be worried about what’s ahead, even if you would never admit to it, but if anyone can handle it, it’s the guy who threw his whole life in the back of a Taurus and took off across the country without knowing what he’d encounter within the next twenty-four hours. It’s the guy who stayed in random people’s homes and talked to everyone he saw. It’s the guy who loved a team who couldn’t win and watched them become a team who couldn’t lose. You’ve handled everything thus far. Why should the rest of your life be any different?*
*The best piece of advice I’ve gotten recently came from a good friend of mine–“Don’t be so quick to await the destination when you have the journey.” You aren’t quite the awaiting the destination type, but you’ve got journey-enjoying skills, and now’s the time to use them. I’ll be up in Colorado in a few months and if you need anything, I’ll be there. Slowly, because I’ll probably be on the bus, but, you know, eventually I’ll make it.

So go. Shine.*

Tom, we’re all here for you as you go through this tough time. I hope this helped, and that you will eventually get to all the ballparks that are “to be accomplished.” Who knows where life will take us, but let’s enjoy the journey that gets us there.

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Psalm 16:9

coors field tom.jpg Baseball Across America Coors Field: Mission definitely accomplished🙂

 (Thanks to Tom Walsh for first and last pictures) 

Padres Come-From-Behind!!

What a  crazy game. Come-from-behind, heart-attack ninth inning, yeah, I love those games🙂

Josh Banks started for the first time this year. He threw seven solid innings, allowing three runs on five hits. It was a great start, but it looked like he would lose the game.

Mike Hampton, starting for the Astros, threw extremely well. He went six innings, allowing one run on four hits. He was very solid.

In the fourth, Adrian Gonzalez drove in Scott Hairston for our first run with a triple. But Adrian tweaked his knee going into the third, and he had to leave the game. AHHHHH!! We need Adrian. We NEED him!! I really really hope he gets better soon!!

adrian hurt.jpg


get well soon.jpgGoing into the seventh, the score was 3-1 Astros. It didn’t seem very likely that the Padres would be able to come back, but these are the “never say die” kids. These are my Padres!!

Chase Headley started the inning with a single. Two outs later, Will Venable drove him in with a double. Now it’s a one-run game! Next up, Tony Gwynn singled to tie the game. Then, David Eckstein singled to give the Padres the lead. Tony made a great slide into home to avoid the tag.

tony gwynn.jpg

Now that the Padres had the lead, the bullpen had to hold it. Edward Mujica threw the top of the eighth, and it was kind of scary. He allowed a single, but then got a beautiful double play. Then he allowed another single, but Heath Bell came in to get a fly-out to escape the inning. One down, one more to go.

The Padres were not able to add any insurance in the bottom of the eighth, so we went to the ninth and Heath Bell. Now, I’ve said before the Heath likes to make things interesting. Well, tonight, he made things REALLY interesting. Goodness, he really needs to stop that. He’s stressing out the Padres fans!!

With two outs (two outs!!), he walked two straight batters. AHHH!! Those were the potential tying and winning runs for the Astros. Man, it was STRESSING!!!

The next batter hit a ball very well to right field. AHHHHH!! But no fear, we’ve got Tony Gwynn out there!! He made a great catch to put the game away.

heath relieve.jpgHaha, Heath looks so relieved!!

He got his 22nd save of the season. Josh Banks got his first win of the season.

Whew. It was an excellent game. We really needed that one, so it was great. This is a four game series, so the Padres need at least one more. Preferably two more, though🙂

David Eckstein had three hits again. He has been soooo good!!

Tonight we are playing the ‘Stros again. Walter Silva is pitching. Oh boy. Buddy Black said that he gets another chance, so here it is. I don’t expect him to throw well, but I really hope he does.

There was this really great article about Tony Gwynn and Tony Gwynn yesterday on espn.com. It was excellent!! You can read it here.

Well, let’s get this game tonight boys!!