July 2009

You Will Win Tonight

I’m going to the Padres game tonight, and I really want a win. The Padres have lost their last two games to the Rockies. Last night, they put up a fight, but it wasn’t enough. I don’t want my boys to be playing like they have been for the rest of the season. And so, I am going to have to take desperate measures to make sure my boys win at least tonight, and hopefully a lot in this second half.

When I went to the fair a few weeks ago, I got to see a hypnotist show. It was fascinating. The hypnotist dude had all these people on stage and he did very strange things to them that made them do very strange and funny things. So I thought, hey, if a hypnotist can make a girl think she’s Lady Gaga, he can certainly make a group of guys think they’re a baseball team.

So I called, yep you guessed it, Bob the Hypnotist.

hypnosis.jpgFirst, he called in Kevin Correia, the starting pitcher tonight.

kcorreia.jpgBOB: You are getting veeeerrrry sleeeeeepppy. Use your eyes to follow the watch.

KEVIN: Sleeeeepy…

BOB: Good. You willl pitch veeeerrry well tonight.

KEVIN: I will pitch very well tonight.

BOB: You will throw strikes, go at least seven innings, and not give up any runs.

KEVIN: Yesss. Yesss.

BOB: You will not make the fans disappointed in you, especially Kaybee, Hyun Young, Kylie, and Jen.

KEVIN: Nooooo, wouldn’t want to do that. They might say something mean about me in their blogs.

BOB: But most importantly, you will help your team to get a win.

KEVIN (eyes lighting up): W, W, W, W, W, W!!!

BOB: Yeah, I think you’ve got it. Next!

Kevin walks out of the room, slightly dazed, muttering, “A win, a win, throw strikes, winning…”

Next up is Adrian Gonzalez, who has not been hitting very well lately.

adrian.jpgBOB: You are getting veerrrry sleeeepppy.

ADRIAN: Oh yes, I am terribly tired. I’ve played in every single game this season, you know. Even the WBC and the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game!!

BOB: Er, just relax Adrian. Now, you will hit a home run tonight.

ADRIAN (yawning): I will hit a home run tonight.

BOB: You will not leave runners on base.

ADRIAN: zzzzzz…

BOB: Adrian, wake up!!

ADRIAN: I’m sorry, could I go take a nap? I’ve only got a few hours before the game and I want to play my best for Kaybee, Hyun Young, Kylie, and Jen.

BOB: Sure, Adrian. Sweet dreams.

Next is David Eckstein.

eck.jpgBOB: You are getting veeeerrry sleeeeepppy. You will heal from your injury ASAP!! 

ECK: I’mmmm tryyying.

BOB: You will sign at least one autograph for Hyun Young before the game today.

ECK: Ah, yes, my biggest fan!

BOB: And you must come off the DL soon!!

ECK: Working on it.


Kevin Kouzmanoff was next.

koooooooooooz.jpgBOB: You are getting veeeerrry sleeeepppy. You will hit at least one home run and play very very well tonight.

KOUZ: Play very well…

BOB: You will make spectacular defensive plays and do all you can to help the team win.

KOUZ: I love winning.

BOB: You will be very nice to Kaybee and all her friends.

KOUZ: Oh yes…

BOB: And you must strike photo-worthy poses all night at third base. Kaybee will be taking a lot of pictures of you.

KOUZ: Does my hair look OK?

BOB: It looks fine. Now remember, winning is the key. You have to win tonight. You must!

Then Bob gathered the whole team together and gave them one simple request:

“You will win tonight’s game.”

Let’s hope that worked馃檪

Anyways, as I’m sure you know, I am going to the game today thanks to Hyun Young, who bought me a very good ticket. We’re going to have a great time cheering for our Padres together, and I can’t wait!! It’s all I can think about, and I know we’re going to have a blast.

Kevin Correia is going to be pitching against Jason Hammel. I think Correia is going to have a great game, and now that he’s been hypnotised to a winning theme, he’s definitely going to pitch very, very well.




It’s Called “Adding On”

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Always a good place to start. It’s the bottom of the first, bases loaded. Run already in thanks to Kevin Kouzmanoff’s single. ONE OUT. Will Venable strikes out. Eliezar Alfonso grounds out. So, we only got one run and left the bases loaded, but hey, it’s only the first, we’ll get those runs back.

Uh huh.

Third inning, we load the bases again, this time with two outs. Alfonso strikes out to kill the inning. Oh well, we’ve left some runners on, but there’s still some time.


Fourth inning, we get two runners on with two outs. And what do you know, Alfonso comes up and strikes out to kill the inning yet again.


Next inning, same story. Two runners on with two outs, and they stayed put.

Two runners in the eighth, one in the ninth. And none of the runners in the whole game after the first inning scored.

Oh my.

Sure, we were facing a tough pitcher in Aaron Cook, but if we were able to get that many runners on, we should have been able to get that many runners home. We had 11 hits. Tony Gwynn had two, Chase Headley had three. Various players had one each. But Adrian Gonzalez didn’t have one. Alfonso, who left eight runners on, didn’t have one when it meant the most. He had the chance to be the hero of the game. He could have driven in eight runs! Well, maybe not. But at least a few.

And believe me, this game was not just the offense’s fault. It was the offense, the defense, and the pitching. This was an all-around failed game. These guys did not play like a team one bit last night. 

Chad Gaudin pitched five innings, giving up four runs. But guess what? Only one of those were earned! Adrian and Kouz of all people each made an error that cost them.

Mike Ekstrom gave up three runs. Ryan Webb, the amazing minor league pitcher who was just what we wanted in a Scott Hairston trade (not), gave up three runs.

The Rockies had a couple huge homers that really helped them put this game away. We finally lost, 10-1.

Oh my goodness.

That’s horrible!! How is it that the Rockies had only one more hit than we did but got nine more runs than us??

Yes, I did at least hope that my Padres would somehow be playing much better in the second half. But what can a three-day break really do for a team that’s at the bottom and sinking, a team that in my opinion is the worst team in baseball? Obviously, not much. I know, it’s only the first game of the second half, but still. It was a very negative way to start off.

Can I at least ask for a series split? Can I reasonably expect that is team is able to win two games in a four-game series? Really? I want to believe in this team, but I can see the evidence as well as any other fan. This team is terrible!! They can’t hit, they can’t pitch, and they can’t play together as a team.

I’ll still be listening. I’ll be watching the game at the ballpark tomorrow night. I have to figure out who this team is going to be. It’s the second half, and I guess I should know who they are right now. But part of me is still hanging on, wanting my boys to do better than this. I know they can, I’ve seen it. But I don’t know where it went.

I would like to congratulate Zac Sunderland on being the youngest person to circumnavigate the world alone. He arrived home yesterday after 13 months on the sea. He is 17 years old. I’ve been following his journey on his blog, and it’s just really cool that’s he back home. Congrats Zac!! 

zac's back.jpgWell, it’s Josh Geer (oh boy) against Ubaldo Jimenez tonight. It will be a very interesting game. We’d better win.


I’m Ready For Some Padres Baseball

Well, I don’t really have much to write about today. Sure, there’s like no Padres news, but man, it’s been really nice to have a break. Especially after my rough weekend, it’s just nice. But I’m getting that itch again…I’m ready to listen to some baseball.

And…I’m ready to watch some baseball. One of the reason that I love going to a game, maybe why it means more to me than other fans, is because I never get to watch the Padres! I always listen to the games or watch Gameday, but I never get to see my boys. So, getting out to the ballpark and actually seeing how the players play is pretty amazing.

I am getting soooo excited about the game on Saturday!! It’s only a couple days!! It’s going to be sooo much fun, and I can’t wait to get out there and cheer for my Padres. Especially since we’re playing the Rockies. Sure, I would be cheering hard for my Padres anyways, but it’s a little more interesting when it’s against the Rockies. I think I’ve been to two games against the Rockies, which were very cool. And you know, STRANGE things happen whenever the Padres and Rockies meet, so we’d better prepare ourselves. I just hope that they don’t got 18 innings or anything that bizarre.

But, it is Rockies and Padres…

It’ll be fun. I know we’ll have a great time, no matter what the result of the game is. But hopefully we’ll get to watch a great Padres win馃檪

Speaking of the Rockies, the series against them starts tonight. It’s a four game series, so the Padres need at least two games. But maybe they should get three. Or four. Point is, the Padres need a great series to start off the second half.

Chad Gaudin will be pitching against Aaron Cook. Hopefully Gaudin will be good to go with the little break here.

And just because I really really like sparkles:

padres.gifGO PADRES!! 

2009 All-Star Game

First of all, what a great event this year! From the Home Run Derby, to pre-game ceremonies, to the game itself, the All-Star game was a really great event this year. The whole energy coming from St. Louis was amazing.

In the top of the first, Tim Lincecum gave up two runs, but only one earned. Albert Pujols, of all people, had a error!

In the bottom of the second, the NL got three runs, but only two earned. Josh Hamilton made an error.

The game stayed at 3-2 until the fifth, when the AL tied it up at three.

Trevor Hoffman threw the sixth inning. Three years ago, he had given up the winning run to Josh Hamilton. This time, Hamilton grounded into a double play against him. That’s gotta feel good for Trevor. I’m so glad he had a good outing, and I miss him like crazy!!

Adrian came into the game in the top of the seventh. He made a couple plays at first, and in his only at-bat, he walked.

Heath Bell pitched the top of the eighth and gave up the winning run. He allowed a triple, an intentional walk, and a sac-fly.

I feel really bad for Heath, but you know, this game doesn’t really matter. The Padres aren’t going to the World Series.

Did you know that Padres pitchers have lost three out of the last four All-Star games? My goodness. Trevor lost in 2006, Chris Young in 2007, and Heath Bell in 2009. But it’s not suprising, since the Padres are just killed by the American League, anytime, anywhere.

I can’t say that it was entirely Heath’s fault though. I mean, what was Pujols doing making an error in the first? That’s just wrong. The defense behind Heath wasn’t the greatest. And, Heath was working with a catcher that’s he’s probably never worked with, and I’d say that that definitely has something to do with it. He threw well, and I’m very pleased with our All-Star.

I watched a bunch of his interviews over the past few days, and he’s just sooo funny!! The guy had a ton of fun during this whole event, and he’s never going to forget this.

Adrian, I think, was very tired through this whole thing. They had a rough trip to get to St. Louis, and come on, Adrian’s played in every single game for the Padres this season. The guy’s gotta be very tired. I hope he can get back to San Diego soon and take a nice, long nap today. Poor guy.

So overall, it was a great event, even though the AL came out on top again. Man, this is turning into a big joke!! The American League is superior. I think that was proved a loooong time ago. The AL is like 12-0-1 in the last 13 All-Star games!!

The Padres will be playing four games against the Rockies starting tomorrow night. And we’re going to be at home!! The team hasn’t been at home since…well, it was only a week and a half ago, but it feels so much longer!! It’s going to be amazing to be home, and I’m going to be there on Saturday!!


First Half Recap

 The Padres entered the 2009 season with very low expectations from the fans and from the media. The season has been very up and down, but this 36-52 team has played some great games and given the fans some positives to take away from the seemingly doomed season.


        Injuries. The injuries have killed our season, no doubt about it. Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Nick Hundley, David Eckstein, Shawn Hill, Scott Hairston, Cha Seung Baek, Luke Gregerson, Mark Worrell, Henry Blanco, Everth Cabrera, Brian Giles, and Cliff Floyd. I’m probably missing a few guys, but the point is, we have been a plagued team. I have no doubt that if we hadn’t lost most of these guys, we would be a much better team right now. But that’s just the way things go, so here we are at the bottom of the division.

        Adrian Gonzalez Walk-a-thon. Adrian started out really hot, hitting 22 or 23 home runs. But then baseball finally realized how good this guy is, and pitchers stopped throwing strikes to him. As a result, he went into a deep slump and has not been quite right.

        Scott Hairston trade. Scotty was the biggest threat in the lineup. He was the best protection that Adrian had. Adrian suffered without him when Scott was on the DL, and guess what? He’s going to suffer with him gone. Scotty was an incredible player, and I absolutely loved having him here. And guess what we got for him? Three minor league pitchers!! Just what we wanted.

        Jake Peavy Trading Attempt. I was not very happy when the Padres tried to trade our ace, especially in the middle of a 10-game winning streak. That was just terrible. Bad move on the Padres side. Thankfully, Jake had the sense to use his no-trade clause and stay in San Diego. Since he’s on the DL now, there’s very little chance that he’ll get traded this season. YES!!

        Interleague. We were 5-10 in interleague this year, which is not much better than years before. I truly believe that if we hadn’t had interleague, we would be a lot closer in this division. Interleague killed us, always has. It was terrible.

        Getting no-hit. Sure, it was a great accomplishment for Jonathan Sanchez, a really great feel-good story for all of baseball. Except for Padres fans. Man, it’s really really annoying to get no-hit, even though the Padres deserved it. Ugh.

        Converting to the Red Sox. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Red Sox, but being forced to convert to my second favorite team is not cool. The circumstances made it sad. I mean, I will gladly root for the Red Sox when they are in the playoffs, but having to do it in the middle of the season out of desperation was not good.

        Losing. We have 52 losses so far this year. I hate losing. This team was expected to lose a lot, and they’re doing it. Losing really stinks, so I hope we can do less of it in the second half.



        Fan Fest. I had a blast at the Padres fan fest on the day before the season started. I got to meet Jen and Hyun Young, and I got Jake Peavy’s autograph. It was a very fun afternoon at Petco Park!!

        Heath Bell. After Trevor left the Padres in the offseason, Heath took over as the closer. We weren’t sure how he was going to react, but boy did he do well. He got his first save on the second game of the series, and didn’t stop from there. At the break, he has 23 out of 24 saves, and has earned his first All-Star appearance. He’s done really great this year, and he’s quite the character.

        First Win at Citi Field. In the Padres’ third series of the season, they played the Mets in the grand opening at Citi Field. We won the first game, and also had the first home run hit there, etc. Heath Bell, former Met, got the first save there. It was kind of cool to ruin the Mets’ party as the Padres went on to win the series J

        New Faces. Kevin Correia, Eliezar Alfonso, and Everth Cabrera are three players who have really impressed this season. Correia didn’t start off that great, but now he’s the ace of the staff. Alfonso came up after our Opening Day catchers landed on the DL, and he’s been great. And Everth…oh man. This guy is only 22, and this is his first season above Single-A. He is an incredible player, and he’s only going to get better.

        Extra inning wins. We’ve had some great late wins this year. Like Nick Hundley’s walk-off homer in the 16th against the Reds. I think Eck’s had a couple walk-offs for us. We’ve had some great come-from-behind wins.

        10-game winning streak. From May 15 to 25, we had a 10-game winning streak. Definitely a big highlight of the year. Everything was just working for us then. The last game of the streak was one of the best played all year. The Padres were down 7-1 going into the eighth. They got five runs in the eighth, one run in the ninth, and two runs in the tenth to win the game. It was so great!

        David Eckstein and Tony Gwynn. Eck was the best pickup the Padres had in the offseason. This guy is the grittiest baseball player I have ever seen, and he gets anything that needs to be done done. It’s absolutely amazing, and he helped this team so much. He’s on the DL now, but I can’t wait until he gets back! We acquired Tony from the Brewers in exchange for Jody Gerut. Besides the excitement of having Tony Gwynn’s son in San Diego, Tony’s played very very well for us. Once he got the chance to play, he’s been thriving. It is so cool to have him here!!

        Getting out to the ballpark. I got to go to the second game of the season, which was our first win of the season by the way. That was a lot of fun! I also got to see a gem pitched by Jake Peavy as our ten-game streak was starting. In that game, we finished a sweep of the Reds. It was a great game! Now, I’m going to get to go to a game this Saturday and meet up with three other bloggers! Hyun Young has treated me to a great seat, and I can’t wait!! We’re going to have a blast. Oh, and I’m 2-0 this year…I’d better wear my “lucky” jersey again!!

        One-year anniversary of Unfinished Business. I celebrated my blog’s first birthday about a month ago. This is a huge positive! Without you guys, I probably would have given up on the Padres a lonnng time ago. But with this blog to run and you guys supporting me, there’s no way I can stop being a Padres fan. Thank you so much for your support of me and this blog, it’s been amazing!!


Last night, Adrian hit two home runs. Wow, great job Adrian!! At least you hit a few of them, unlike some other guy *coughcough.* Ahem. Anyways, this was the first time that I got to watch the Home Run Derby, and it was really cool. I enjoyed it a lot.


It was an interesting first half. It will be very interesting to see how the Padres do in the next one. Let’s hope that there’s a lot less losing and a lot more winning!!







It’s Good To Be Back

I had a really rough weekend, dealing with a tough personal issue, and on top of that, the Padres were the worst team in baseball. But at least the Red Sox won their last three games, and now have a three-game lead over New York.

So, on Saturday when I wrote my fiery entry, I was very upset and embarrassed by my team. I think the changing of my background to Red Sox was actually to help me. I cracked up every time I saw it. I really appreciate all you guys stopping by and encouraging me. That was a great help!! And I need encouragement, that’s for sure. So thank you!!

I’m not really sure if I really gave up on my team. Sure, I threatened to, and I didn’t wear anything Padres for two days, and I didn’t listen to much of the past two games, but I’m not really sure if I gave up on them. Sure, I don’t think they’re going to do anything much for the rest of the season, but I’ll definitely be still supporting them. Who am I kidding? I love this team, and there’s no way I can stop being a Padres fan. Never. No matter what happens.

Now, on Saturday night, the Padres lost again, which was just what I needed. Not. Though they got seven hits and a run this time, I was still not happy because it was a very close game, which we should have won. We lost 2-1, which was good on the pitching side (good riddance Tim Stauffer, it was about time), but I think we should have been able to win that.

But even though we lost the four-game series, everything was cool when we won yesterday. It wasn’t just any win, though. It was a HUGE win!!

In the top of the first (always a great place to start), Everth Cabrera and Will Venable singled. And then, my baby hit a three-run homer!!

my baby!!.jpgThat was just the beginning, though. In the third, Venable and Kouz singled to start off the inning. Two outs later, Eliezar Alfonso hit a three-run homer! Barry Zito had a very rough outing.

In the fifth, Venable and Kouz singled to start off the inning. Hmm, deja vu! Chase Headley singled in Will, and Zito’s day was over. Later in the inning, Luis Rodriguez singled in Kouz and Chase.

The Giants got a run in the bottom of the fifth, two in the sixth, and one in the ninth, but they were held down all day.

Kevin Correia pitched very well. He threw 5.2 innings, giving up three runs on eight hits with only one walk and three strikeouts.

Luke Gregerson and Mike Adams pitched very well out of the bullpen. Heath Bell pitched an inning, giving up a run, but by then, it didn’t matter. 

In the eighth, Will Venable hit his first home run of the year to top of the Padres’ scoring. We won the game, 10-4.

It was a great, great game. Kouz has been pretty quiet lately, but he really woke up yesterday. He went 4-for-5 with a home run, three singles, and three runs driven in. Good job, Kouz!!

kouz single.jpgWill Venable had four hits, which was great. We had 14 hits total. Overall, just a great, great way to snap that seven-game losing streak.

So, in other news, Trevor Hoffman is going to the All-Star game as an injury replacement for Jonathan Broxton. Oh the irony. Not really, but whatever. Anyways, Heath is going to have a great time seeing his old friend again. I really hope Trevor has a great outing, and I get to cheer for him!!

Adrian is participating in the Home Run Derby tonight. That’s going to be cool.

And…I’m going to the Padres game this Saturday with Hyun YoungJen, and Kylie!! I am sooooo excited!!! And, if things don’t change, we’re going to get to watch Kevin Correia pitch. That will be really cool since he’s pretty much the best starter on this staff. I can’t wait!!!

Well, it’s good to be back to the Padres Nation (haha!). Let’s just hope that our boys will play well this weekend. At least on Saturday馃檪

I’ve got a win under my belt, a three-day break to enjoy, and a game to go to this weekend…I’m good.


padres.gif (logo from photobucket, pictures from the Union Tribune)

No Words

The Padres have done some really really stupid stuff this year, but this just takes the cake. I didn’t find out until this morning, and boy you do not want to know how upset I am. I haven’t been this close to crying over a game since last year. I have no idea why I’m even wearing my Padres jersey right now. I am this close to throwing in the towel on my fanhood of this HOPELESS team!!! I can’t believe I went into public this morning supporting the Padres!! I am sooooo close to throwing in the towel and pretending that I was never a fan of this pathetic team. (well, not really, but at least for a day)

Bad enough that they’re on a what, six game losing streak??? But to top it all off, getting no-hit. It just drives me nuts. I’m literally sick to the stomach right now. Let’s just hope I don’t throw up all over the computer. I have no idea what to say about this team, except that they’ve brought it on themselves. They are the ones who are super pathetic!! They are the ones who lose like crazy. They are the ones who are driving their fans out of the stadium. I hate to say it, but there has to be some major changes, NOW. I’m not going to support this pathetic baseball for another whole half. I just can’t. Sure, I’d keep writing about them, but I can’t enjoy baseball like this. I just can’t!!

This team is getting a lot of publicity lately, and boy is it a bad kind!! This was the first no-hitter of the year in baseball, I think, so the Padres are going to be talked about in an unfavorable light for years to come. And you know what, they deserve it. If Sanchez had to throw a no-hitter against any team, it would have to be the Padres. Because they are the most pathetic team in baseball. I don’t care if about any other team who had a worse record than us. Because this is the worst team in baseball, and they should be a laughing stock. Maybe it will wake them up a little.

“When is Chargers season starting?” I hate that question, because San Diego mutters it every year when the Padres are going this bad. When can we drown out our miseries in football?

I know that next Saturday’s game is going to be pretty full, but you know what? There are not going to be many fans at Thursday and Friday’s games. This team has disgraced its fans, its city, and themselves.

I am so mad at this team. I got a free trial of MLB.TV, and it starts tonight, so I’m going to be watching this game tonight. I don’t know if I really want to though. Maybe I’ll just watch the Red Sox game.  

I am ashamed of my team. You can’t blame the fans for wanting to step back for a bit, even the die-hards.

But of course, GO PADRES!! 


Slump-Busting Time!!

Last night’s game was not good. Tim Lincecum. Yeah, enough said.

But, what is also not good is that the Padres are in a terrible slump right now. They have lost five games in a row with no signs of stopping. Now that is a problem.

Time to get out the old restrictions.

First off, since we are in San Francisco, during batting practice every player must try to hit at least one ball into the bay.


Speaking of batting practice, I think our guys should take extra extra batting practice today. Indoor, outdoor, underground, anywhere. BATTING PRACTICE!!

 (and yes, those are kids)

You guys seem to have been a little slow lately. Maybe we should cut out on the baked goods?


So, cut out on the donuts and take a ton of batting practice? Is that enough for today? Almost…

sand uniforms.gif


Josh Banks is pitching tonight in the second game of this four-game series as the Padres go for their first win of the week.




Your Last-Place Padres…

To my dear pathetic Padres,

Well, I really have to hand it to you guys. Everyone expected you to live in the cellar all season. You weren’t expected to do anything big, and you certainly weren’t expected to be winning. Well, you’ve finally proved them right.

You’ve hit last place for the first time this season, but you held out for almost half season. I’m proud of you guys for doing that. Sure, we’re most likely going to be down here for the rest of the season, and I really hate being down here, but hey, you guys put up quite the fight.

But guys, losing to the WORST team in the NL West, being swept by them, is just wrong. It’s hard enough writing about two losses a series, but three? That’s torture!! And look what you got for it. You got last place. I’m sure the Diamondbacks were happy to trade places with us. They’ve been sinking down here for most of the season, and now we’re in their place.

OK, so you played well enough. Sure, you had some bad breaks. But you also played some bad baseball. And please don’t let me be the first to tell you: playing bad baseball is not going to help you win. Simple as that.

Guys, if you can be swept by a team that was worse than you, how do you expect to even hope to win against a team that’s a ton better than you? Oh. I guess you don’t.

Let’s see…next up is the Giants for four games. They are second place in the NL West. We are last. Hmm. Oh, and Lincecum is pitching tonight. Just great… 

Keep the faith, you say? Sure, sure. Maybe next year. It’s one thing to keep the faith when your team has a chance. But when you look at your team and know that the pieces they have won’t win, it’s another thing entirely.

You guys are pathetic. No offense to induvidual players, though. I know that this team has some stellar stars. The problem is, you guys aren’t working together as a team. Yesterday, Chad Gaudin threw 6.2 innings, allowing one run. We had a 2-0 lead. But then the bullpen came in and allowed five runs to give away the game. 

I know the injuries have hit us hard. We’ve got 11 guys on the DL. Our two star starting pitchers, our Opening Day catchers, our second baseman. These injuries have been killing us. If these guys were still here, would we be winning? It’s a good question, but we just can’t dwell on the could’ves, should’ves, and would’ves. Because nothing’s going to change what’s happened.

But you know what? Most of you guys who are up here right now are here only because of the guys on the DL. You would be in the minors if these guys hadn’t gone done. You’ve got a unique opportunity here to show the Padres front office what you can do. You’re in the Majors! This has been your dream all along, what you’ve been fighting for for so many years. So why not take advantage of it?

I know it’s difficult to bond with all these new faces. But guys, if you want to win, you have to play like a team, and in order to do that, you have to get to know your teammates. I know it’s hard. Once a guy comes off the DL, one of these new faces is going to be heading out the door. It’s part of baseball. I bet you guys didn’t expect a treasured teammate like Scotty to be shipped out, just like that, but it happens and you have to move on.

For the fan’s sakes, guys, act like a team. At least pretend that you’re trying.

Guys, I hate having to do this, but when it gets to this point you really have to do it. For now, I just have to enjoy baseball as baseball. I have to forget the standings, forget the meaning of these games. I just have to enjoy this as baseball. I have to take a step back. I’ve had too much staked in these games. But now, I don’t really care what you guys do. I’ll take wins and I’ll take losses. Sure, I’ll be disappointed by a loss, and happy by a win, but you can do whatever you want. You guy might be in the cellar, but you’re not dragging me down there with you. 

I’m going to be cheering for you guys. I love you guys. But at some point, I just have to declare my independence. I don’t need to be dragged down by you guys. You can continue your miserable ways, but you’re not going to bring me down. 

Well, you last-place team, I’m really proud of you. Like I said before, you guys lasted this long before hitting bottom. We’ve had some great wins this year, some great winning streaks. But that’s the problem, they were only streaks. I’m proud to be a fan of the worst team in the NL West. It’s really weird, but I think I’m more proud of you guys at the bottom than I was when you were at the top. I can take ragging from other people about this pathetic team, and it’s actually pretty cool to be a fan of a really bad team. I would definitely trade this for the Dodgers’ spot any day, but hey, since we’re here, we might as well enjoy it. 

San Diego baseball is amazing. 

I love you guys!! 



A Loss is a Loss

I mean, what am I supposed to think? My Padres just lost a series to the only team that worse then them in the NL West. They had THREE errors. That’s not the team I know. Still, it was a one-run game, and we could have tied the game, but that was out of our hands. I don’t know what to think of this team right now.

Kevin Correia threw six innings, allowing four runs, only three earned, on six hits with six strikeouts. And he made two errors.

In the second, Eliezar Alfonso drove in our first run with a single. Speaking of Alfonso, he’s been really good since he’s been up here. I’m not sure how the pitchers are reacting to him as a catcher, but he’s been doing really well with the bat. He’s batting .277, which is very good!

In the bottom of the third, the Padres had three errors to give up a couple runs. Kevin Correia let a bunt get right by him, then threw the ball way over first base. Later, Edgar Gonzalez threw home. The ball was right there to get the runner, but it bounced off the catcher. Ugh.

Arizona got two more runs in the fourth to take the 4-1 lead. It was not good.

Tony Gwynn singled in Luis Rodriguez in the seventh to come that much closer.

In the eighth, Kouz doubled to start the inning. Chase Headley then hit a ball way out to right field, where it bounced off the top of the fence and came back in. It ended up being a double, scoring Kouz, but if it had been an INCH higher, it would have been a game-tying home run. AHHHHHH!!!! As it went, Chase was left stranded at second. Terrible.

kouz baldy.jpgAnd so, the sad story is that we lost the series to the Diamondbacks. We are now 18 games behind, and the Diamondbacks are only 18 1/2. If we lose today, we could very well be taking over that cellar spot, and boy do we deserve it. Man, that’s kind of scary. I didn’t realize we were that close.

So, what should I think about this team? We played well, except for those three errors. We had 11 hits to Arizona’s 6. The bullpen didn’t allow anything. The defense was mostly great. We were right there in the ballgame. We could have tied it right there in the eighth, if only…

But then again, we are 18 games behind. We are on a three-game losing streak. We have been playing badly all year. And at the end of the day, a loss is a loss. Doesn’t really matter if you played amazingly; you failed.

As we come up to the All-Star break, I really don’t know what to think about this team. I don’t think we’re going anything. Things just aren’t clicking, and I don’t think a three-day vacation is going to solve that.

Kouz had three hits last night, a single and two doubles. That was really great for him. Everth Cabrera and Chase Headley had two hits each.

Everth, man. This guy was so amazing once again. He had the two hits, but he also had some spectacular plays at shortstop. This guy is a joy to watch (or at least, listen to). I am sooooo excited about him!! He’s already so amazing, and he’s just going to get better. I can’t wait to watch him play when we go to a game in a couple weeks!! Oh, and he’s kinda cute, too馃檪


ecabrera.jpgWell, the Padres are actually playing in about an hour. The third game of this series is a day game. Chad Gaudin is pitching, which may or may not be a good thing. Two starts ago, he threw a one-hitter. In his last start, he was not as good at all. I’m really hoping that he can throw at least seven solid innings. The starters need to go deeper, and not give up as many runs for goodness sakes!!

By the way, Walter Silva was designated for assignment!! WHOOO HOOO!! Sorry, but Silva had his chances to secure a spot here, but he couldn’t get it done. Craig Stansberry, infielder, is up from Portland.

Chad Gaudin vs. Max Scherzer. You need to get it done, boys!!