A Couple More Things…

Well, here’s a new development. Just to comfirm, this is still Kaybee. If you notice to your right, there is a new username: that’s my sister. She has volunteered to keep up the blog while I’m gone next week, so definitely keep stopping by. I have no idea what she’ll be writing about, but I’m sure there will be a rant about how terrible the Padres are for trading Cla Meredith. After this entry, all of the entries here will be written by her for the next week. A little confusing, yes, but I’m sure she and you guys will have fun with it.

And, I forgot to mention that it is my dear baby’s birthday today!! That’s right, the Kouz himself is turning 28 today. Man, he’s getting old! Anyways, I hope he has a great great day and can hopefully get his team a win!! Happy birthday Koozie!!! You are amazing!!!

baseball birthday.jpg


Well, enjoy my sister’s blogging. I can’t wait to read all her entries when I get back. Have a great week everyone!!



You, uh, MAY want to check the scoreboard right now. You know, where it says 7-0…Nationals.
Top of the 4th now…
Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

Happy birthday Kouz!! You said he’s getting old, but Eck turned 34 on January. LOL. That’s a cool idea about having your sister writing on your blog! I can’t wait to read what she has to “say”. My brother would never do it since he likes the Angels and has his own blog🙂 Have fun on your trip and I hope that the Padres can win bunch of games even when you’re not present

The Nationals are Winning, wow, I knew they still have some fight in them. Looks like the Nats aren’t the worst team in MLB anymore at the expense of the Padres.

Matthew T.

Thanks for the update.

Have a great week away!


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