June 2009

American League is Too Good For Padres

Hmmmm. I wonder what’s going on with my Padres. Oh wait, I know! The American League is a ton better than the National League, and they are sure better than the San Diego Padres. If you’re a fan of an AL team, I congratulate you. The AL is obviously the superior division in MLB. My Padres have yet to win a game against an AL team this season; in fact, we are on a 13-game interleague losing streak.

Last night, Chad Gaudin pitched OK. He threw six innings, allowing four runs, two walks, and striking out eight. His outing was better than past ones have been, but he gave up too many runs for the Padres’ offense to catch up to.

Kevin Kouzmanoff hit his 8th homer of the season in the second inning, a solo shot. My boy has just been on FIRE!!

kouz homer.jpg

Good job, baby!!!

Chase Headley tied the game at three in the fourth with a two-run homer, but the Mariners got a run in the top of the fifth and that was that. They won the series, 4-3.

We only had four hits, and that’s not going to win us any games. Our team batting average right now is not even worth mentioning. It’s bad.

The bullpen was solid once again, Burke, Mujica, and Meredith threw scoreless innings. It’s just the starters, mostly. They are giving up too many runs. The offense can’t catch up.

So, Chris Young went on the DL yesterday. The list of guys on the DL is getting depressing. Baek, Gregerson, Hill, Peavy, Perdomo, Worrell, Cabrera, Hairston…man. Not good at all.

Now our rotation is totally messed up. We don’t have our two “aces” (Peavy and Young). Today Josh Geer will start, followed by Wade LeBlanc, Walter Silva, Kevin Correia, and Chad Gaudin. It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure. But these guys really need to step it up and get those strikes going. 

We got a new pitcher yesterday, Michael O’ Connor, from the Nationals. We got him for a player to be named later. He had no more options with the Nationals, so they needed to get rid of him. He may be in the starting rotation sometime soon.

Also, Everth is going to be coming up soon, and he might start tomorrow’s night game.

Well, today is a 2-for-1 day game. Josh Geer will start as the Padres try to avoid the sweep. Ha.


Shut Out

Last night was a pitcher’s duel.

Correia vs. Hernandez.

Hernandez you can understand. He’s the Mariner’s ace, so you expected a good outing from him.

But Correia has been a surprise. He hasn’t had that many really bad outings this season. He’s actually been the most consistent pitcher on the Padres staff.

Both of these guys were great from the very beginning. Correia threw eight innings, allowing only two hits, but both of those hits were solo homers. He didn’t walk anyone while striking out five.

Hernandez didn’t give up anything. He gave up a single to Kouz, a single to Tony Gwynn, and four walks, but that was it. He was very sharp, and he was mowing, getting six strikeouts. He ended up throwing a complete-game shutout.

In the top of the ninth, Mike Adams came in to try to shut down the Mariners and keep the game 2-0. Well, he didn’t. He gave up three runs on one hit and two walks. Not good! Eckstrom came in to get the last out in the inning, but the damage was done. The Mariners took the first game of the series, 5-0.

I mean, Correia pitched excellently. But his offense couldn’t do anything against Hernandez, and that was that.

I’d say that on the offensive side, Kouz had the best night. He got a hit, and he got HBP, and he got walked. And he played very well defensively, as always🙂

kouz catching.jpgHaha, he looks like a penguin!!

The Padres signed Brian Lawrence yesterday to a Minor League contract. This guy was with us a long time ago, and it would be really interesting if he comes up to pitch with the big-league team, which he most likely will do. Pretty cool…

There were also some moves made yesterday. The second part of the Khalil Greene trade, Luke Gregerson, was put on the DL to join the first part. Not good. We called up pitchers Josh Banks and Mike Eckstrom. Hopefully they will be able to pitch well for us.

Also, sounds like Chris Young is having some shoulder problems. That would definitely explain his bad starts lately. I hope he will get better soon!!

I think we’re going to call up some guys to make a few starts here. Banks might sometime in the next week, but we might need one more guy. Maybe Mat Latos…

Well, tonight Chad Gaudin is pitching against Garrett Olson. We need this win, boys!! Let’s get it!!


Shortstop Situation

There are currently two shortstops on the Padres’ roster: Luis Rodriguez and Josh Wilson. Josh was picked up by the Padres to replace Luis Rodriguez. Soon, Josh is going to be replaced with Everth Cabrera.

At the beginning of the season, Rodriguez and Cabrera were the two shortstops on the Opening Day roster. Within a month, though, both of them were out with injuries. In came Shortstop #3 (Chris Burke) and later, Shortstop #4 (Wilson).

Burke was sent down to Triple-A in anticipation of Rodriguez’s return. Wilson is most likely going to be the odd man out when Cabrera is eligible to come off the DL on Friday.

Now, once #1 and #2 are back up here, what to do with them?

Both are extremely good players, defensively and offensively. I would think that both of them need a lot of playing time to suceed. Still, they just went through injuries, so for the first few weeks Buddy might platoon them so that they can fully recover.

But after that? Well, Luis has been very good for us. He took Khalil’s spot and did an excellent job when Khalil had his little meltdown last year. He’s got talent, that’s for sure.

But Everth might be our future at shortstop. This guy is only 22 years old, and this is his first season above Single-A. He’s got a great glove, and he can flat-out hit. This guy could develop into an excellent ballplayer. So, I think he needs a lot of playing time too.

Both of them are going to play. I don’t think Buddy has a choice but to play them both, so that would mean a platoon situation. Both of them could play second also, but we’ve got Eck there. It will be very interesting to see how all that plays out.





Speaking of Khalil, this guy is getting weirder every day. Once he gets off the DL (social anxiety disorder), he’s going to be playing third base for the Cardinals. This guy is having some major problems, man, and I don’t see how this is going to help him. Well, it’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to help the team because the Cards have found a couple stellar shortstops who they apparently like better than Khalil. What a strange dude.

khalilreflects625may24.jpgWell, the Padres are playing the Mariners for three starting today. Kevin Correia is starting against Felix Hernandez. Correia needs to have a solid outing, giving his team a chance to win and the bullpen a break. Especially since we’re at home. We really really really need this series.

I just wanted to mention that there’s going to be a very special entry here next Tuesday. I know, I’m really mean telling you a whole week before, but thus the anticipation :) 


Heading For the Cellar

You know what I did this weekend?

I didn’t listen to the three miserable Padres games against the Angels.

Of course, I did listen to parts of it, and followed it a little on Gameday, but overall, I stayed away from listening to the whole game and feel so much better for it.

And very detached from my Padres.

It’s not like these three games were worth listening to anyways. We got swept, and we were overmatch, outhit, and outpitched. The Angels won the first game 11-6, the second 9-1, and the third 6-0. We caught them at a bad, bad time. Or else we were the ones who turned them on.

Let’s take a look at the starting pitching, which was horrible. Atrocious. On Friday, Chad Gaudin threw three innings, giving up 10 hits and eight runs. THREE INNINGS!!!

On Saturday, it should have been Jake Peavy out there throwing a gem. Instead, it was Josh Geer out there throwing away the game. He went 5.2 innings, but gave up seven runs on nine hits.

On Sunday, Chris Young did not have it. And when I say did not have it, he did not have it. He looked like an 8-year-old out there. Of course, a 6-foot-10 8-year-old, but seriously. He could not find the plate. He just could not find it. He was done after 2.1 innings. He gave up five runs and five walks. At one point he gave up four walks in a row…with two outs!! AHHHHHH!!!

Now, the bullpen wasn’t that great either. And so, in this weekend of miserablities, we must find some things to be positive about. Like Kouz🙂

My boy is really, really hot. He had four hits in the series, including two home runs. He also made some beautiful defensive plays.

kouz tagging.jpg


kouz and luis.jpg
And Adrian got three hits yesterday. That was very, very good. Sure, it didn’t help any, since we got five hits total, but I know it was great for him to get that chance to swing the bat and get on base.

We were simply outmatched, man. The Angels’ pitching was overpowering, and we could barely dent it. I hate it when teams get really hot right when we play them, but that’s baseball. Now, we’re heading for the cellar. Colorado and their 11-game winning streak has overtaken us by a lot, and now we’re in fourth place, 13 games behind. Groan.

I think we will still be able to make a run, but we have got to get winning. Interleague absolutely kills us, man. This team and these fans need some big interleague wins. We need this. We have never been good in it, so we need to change that right here right now.

We’ve got an off-day today. That’s good. The pitchers need to rest, take care of their arms, and think “strikes”. The batters need to rest for a while, but then hit the batting cages and study the pitchers ahead very, very closely. We’re going to be home for the next six games, so take advantage of that. Get out there, fight, and win. I know you can do that. I know this team can win!! I’ve seen it so many times this year. But you have to get it going. 

So, like I said, off-day today, and then we face the Mariners for three and the A’s for three. Oh joy. Then we go on the road to face Seattle and Texas. Oh joy oh joy oh joy. Then we can be done with interleague!!

And boys, please, stay away from here. 


Oh No

jake sweaty.jpgJust found out that Jake’s going on the DL today. His ankle wasn’t healing up, so they got an MRI and it’s tendonitis. He hurt it running the bases about four starts ago, and apparently the three starts he made after that didn’t make it worse, though he was in a lot of pain. He’s going to be out for at least a month, probably plus some rehab starts.

This is a huge blow to the Padres and their fans. I mean HUGE. I haven’t really wrapped my mind about it, but all I can think about was last year when he got hurt. This is going to be devastating to our season. AHHHHHHHHH!! I just hope it’s not fatal to this team.

It’s going to be very hard without him, for the team and the fans. But thankfully they were able to catch it and he’ll be headed towards recovery.

Last night’s game was pretty terrible. The boys were battling, they were playing hard, but the pitching really fell apart.

Chad Gaudin had a miserable start. He went three innings, allowing 10 hits and eight runs. Edwin Moreno allowed two more, and later, Mike Adams gave them the icing on the cake.

We had 12 hits, which was great. Kouz, who is really really hot, had three hits, including a two-run homer. Cliff Floyd had a hit and a walk, which was great. Brian Giles had two hits to raise his average to .200. Tony Gwynn had a hit and two walks. Overall, great night for the offense, but like I said, the pitching just had a really bad night. It was not good.

Now we’re in fourth place in the NL West. The Rockies and their nine-game winning streak have overcome us. We’re 11 games behind with the Dodgers’ loss (WHOOHOOO!!). But we need to get winning if we expect to go anywhere.

Tonight is Josh Geer against Joe Saunders. We need to get this, boys. We NEED it!!!  


The End of a Season

I haven’t had a chance to fit this in all week, but I wanted to mention that my brother’s Pirates lost last Saturday and were eliminated. It was a very sad game, as the pitchers were struggling mightily. They lost 9-4.

They made a great run, and they really played well most of the season. It was so sad to just hear how quiet it was on our side of the dugout after the game. Sure, the parents were talking a little, congratulating the boys for a good season. But it was quiet. Sad.

I wasn’t that bummed out right after we lost, not until I saw my 10-year-old brother with tears in his eyes. That’s when it really hit me. We didn’t tease him, we were just quiet as we helped him with his stuff and started the long trek to the car. We passed the winning side, all the pround parents and players of the team that won as the coach made his victory speech. “I can’t say enough about the effort of these players this season, and now we’re going to the World Series…” (This team went on to win the World Series.) 

We slowly trudged by, burdened by loss as the other dugout was covered in smiles. They were going to the World Series. They were going to get to play another game. They were still running. We had hit the dust.

It was so sad, because we were just in that position the Tuesday before. We were the ones who won the game, we were the ones who were moving up. But then we got to experience the other side, the pain of losing, the sadness of being eliminated.

My brother later said that he kind of wanted to play more. That touched me, man. I guess he figured that they came so far, why not go all the way? If they had won that game, they would have gone to the World Series. They were so close.

I don’t know if my brother will ever play baseball again. Right now, it’s not looking very likely that he’ll play next year. I really hope he gets back into it, but we’ll have to see. But this season was very good for him. He learned a lot and he played fairly well. I’m just glad he had the experience of playing baseball, and who knows? He might get back into it eventually.

Well, there’s pretty much no Padres news today. I think that we had a very good draft this year, though. From what I’ve heard, we got some excellent players. That’s really exciting since I expect this team to get back into winning consistently in the next five years. Who knows, some of these guys might be ready in five years.

I would expect that the Padres will make a move soon, possibly before tonight’s game, to activate Luis Rodriguez. He’s been playing well for Lake Elsinore. He hit a homer in Wednesday’s game. I think he’s ready to come back, and I think us fans are ready for Josh Wilson to go bye-bye.

Tonight we are playing the Angels in our first interleague game of the season. I don’t really like interleague since the Padres have not done well with it in the past few years. I just hope we survive this.

Chad Gaudin will be starting tonight against Matt Palmer. Jake Peavy will go tomorrow, and Chris Young on Sunday, so you like your chances with the starting pitching. But will the hitters be able to hit? That is the question. I sure hope they do.


It Wasn’t The Sand Uniforms…

…but it might have been Henry Blanco. I don’t know how my Padres escaped the Curse of the Sand, but they were able to pull out a great win last night against the Dodgers.

My dear boy Kouz drove in our first run in the first on an infield single. We got another run in the inning on an Edgar Gonzalez groundout.

kouz rbi.jpgWe got our third run in the third on a Chase Headley single.

chase rbi.jpgKevin Correia quickly gave back a run to the Dodgers, but after a single in the second, he did not allow a baserunner for the rest of his outing of six innings. Going out on three day’s rest, he was spectacular. He only threw 81 pitches in the six innings, but Buddy decided to give it to the bullpen, who have been amazing.

correia.jpgGreg Burke and Edward Mujica combined for two scoreless innings. Heath Bell made it interesting as usual, but he got a double play and a fly-out to close his major-league leading 18th save.

XX 1090 intereviewed Heath after the game, and it was pretty funny. Heath LOVES to talk, so if you get him going, he doesn’t stop. He said that the guys in the bullpen had planned to put runners on to make it more entertaining because people were saying the Padres were boring. LOL!! Here we are, pulling out our hair when the bullpen gets a few runners on in a close game, and Heath’s telling us that that’s intentional. What a funny guy!

It was a great, great game. My boys got just enough runs, and the pitching took care of the rest.

Clayton Kershaw threw his shortest outing of the season, going only 2.2 innings and throwing 83 pitches. That’s the way to do it boys!

Nick Hundley got hit on the wrist the other night. His x-ray was negative, but he’s probably going to be out for a few games. So, last night Henry Blanco caught. And I’m wondering if having Henry back there helped Correia throw as well as he did.

Don’t get me wrong, Nick is a great catcher, and he’s going to be very good. But that’s just the thing. He’s growing, he’s learning, and maybe the pitchers aren’t entirely comfortable with him. Henry has done great things with Jake this season. They haven’t come out and said that Henry is Jake’s personal catcher, but Jake hasn’t been caught by anyone besides him.

Henry has a lot of experience catching and mentoring. He’s done wonders to catchers like the rookie from the Cubs last year. I think our pitchers feel a lot better with him than Nick.

I am a huge admirer of catchers. I adore them🙂 They are soo amazing, and I would say that catcher is the hardest position to play in Major League Baseball. A pitcher’s performance has a lot to do with his catcher. If the pitcher has a catcher who doesn’t know how he likes to throw and what he like to do, it’s going to be distracting. I think that Correia was really comfortable with Blanco last night.

I think that catchers should get wins with their pitchers. Catchers don’t get much credit at all, since they don’t hit that much. If you think about it, catchers should hit really well because of their knowedge of pitchers and the strike zone. Interesting.

henry blanco catching.jpgOK, I just had to share this. Pretty amazing, huh?

tony gwynn jr.jpg


Like father like son. It’s great to have both the Gwynns here in San Diego🙂

Well, we’ve got an off-day today, which will be good. With the series split, we are now 28-31, 11 games behind the Dodgers. We’re just going to hang in there, and when the Dodgers fall apart, we will pounce and take over the NL West. I think we’re going to the playoffs this year.


(photo credits: homerunderby.com, Stephen Dunn/Getty Images, AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

It Was The Sand Uniforms…

…and those four homers hit off Chris Young, I guess. But mostly the sand. How many times do I have to tell the boys that those automatically make us LOSE?? Do you not understand the concept of burning them??

sand uniform.jpg

Ugh. It drives me nuts!! In the first inning, my boy Kouz hit a two-run single to give us the early lead.

But Chris Young gave up five runs, including four home runs. I’m telling you, CY has been struggling a lot lately, giving up like 10 home runs in his last six starts. It’s terrible. 

We got a couple more runs later in the game, including a RBI single by David Eckstein, but thanks to the sand, things weren’t really clicking for us. The bullpen was OK. Edwin Moreno, Mike Adams, and Cla Meredith pitched, allowing five hits and a run. 

Without good pitching, you can’t win. So true. CY only went five innings. These starters have got to go deeper into ballgames. I’m sorry, but it’s gotta happen. We need that depth from our starters!

Tony Gwynn and Eck at the top of the lineup had great nights. Tony is really hot right now. He got three hits and a walk last night to raise his average to .352. Eck had three hits as well. 

Adrian got walked twice again. He’s not getting a chance at all. 

Nick Hundley got hit-by-pitch in the wrist and had to leave the game. Not good! It’s just day-to-day right now, so hopefully he will be OK.

The big first round of the draft was last night. Not surprisingly, Stephen Strasburg was drafted first by the Natinals. San Diegans are definitely excited about Stephen, and hopefully he will get traded to the Padres in the near future. Congrats, Stephen!

The Padres went third and picked Donavan Tate, a high-school outfielder who is apparently a five-tool player. He probably won’t make the majors for a long time, since he hasn’t had time in college, but hopefully he will be a future star for us. Congrats to Donavan!

Well, the finale of this two-game series against the Dodgers is tonight. Kevin Correia will be pitching against Clayton Kershaw. Good luck with that. But hey, our bats and arms might come out and we can get a win. 


Never Give Up

I’ve learned a lot about this team in the last week. It’s been a learning experience all season, I guess, with all the unknown players who joined us in Spring Training and made the roster. Sure, some of last year’s players were still here, but this was a different team. One of the themes that keeps coming up over and over with these guys is that they never give up. They are always battling, and they do not go down without a fight. Especially when their ace is out there pitching his heart out on a bum ankle and they need to win the game.

Talk about not getting discouraged, using every asset they have to win. Adrian Gonzalez has been walked 20 times in his last 10 games because 1), guys don’t want to pitch to him, and 2), because Adrian doesn’t have a threat batting behind him. Until last night.

Down 2-0 in the bottom of the fifth, the Padres got four runs. Tony Gwynn singled one in, and David Eckstein hit a sacrifice fly. After Adrian intentionally walked, with two on and two outs, Kevin “Slumping” Kouzmanoff came to the plate.


Now, I don’t know about you, but if opposing pitchers were walking Adrian Gonzalez so they could get to me, I wouldn’t be very happy, slump or not. I would want to show them that they made a mistake. Kouz didn’t let it bother him too much, as he hit a two-run single to take the lead. 

The Diamondbacks got one more in the sixth. Jake
‘s night ended after the seventh. He allowed three runs on seven hits with two walks and eight strikeouts. He wasn’t 100%, but he threw a great game, and he gave the bullpen what it needed. I am so proud of him for getting through it! His ankle is still worriesome, though he said that he will be out there on Saturday. Heal up soon, Jake!!

In the bottom of the seventh, the Padres put away the game for good. Here’s the situation: there’s a runner on with two outs, and the Diamondbacks intentionally walk you guessed it, Adrian Gonzalez, to get to Kouz!! Talk about deja vu, man! And it keeps getting better, becasue my Kouz hits a two-run double to extend the lead to 6-3!! BWABWABWABWA!! So much for the walk-Adrian-to-get-Kouz strategy. It was foiled twice!!

kooz hitting.jpg
What a beautiful swing. Hey, I think that elbow guard is new. I guess he was tired of getting hit all the time🙂

Heath Bell made it interesting in the ninth, as usual, but he got his major-league best 17th save. Yeah Heath!!

And so, Kouzmanoff and Peavy got the job done. As did a lot of other guys, like Tony Gwynn with his two hits and Greg Burke with his scoreless inning. Last night, we were a team.

kouz and gonzo.jpg
Yesterday before the game the Padres made some roster moves. They activated pitcher Mike Adams from the 60-day DL. I haven’t heard anything about this guy in soooo long, it’s crazy. He wasn’t in Spring Training, and he only pitched eight rehab games. But he was one of our most solid relievers last year, so hopefully he will be able to pick up where he left off.

Edwin Moreno and Wade LeBlanc were also called up. Moreno was with us earlier, but he got sent down because he couldn’t pitch. LeBlanc was with us a little at the end of the season last year, and he was OK. This guy is a big prospect, and he’s still growing. 

JOE THATCHER WAS SENT DOWN!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! Ok, he wasn’t that bad up here, but I cannot forget what he has done to hurt this club. Sorry. 

Luis Perdomo was put on the DL, and shortstop Chris Burke was sent to Triple-A. Which means that Josh Wilson is the only shortstop on our roster. Which means that the Padres are getting ready to activate Shortstop #1 or Shortstop #2 soon. (Burke was #3, and Wilson is #4) Sounds like Luis Rodriguez is going to be activated this week! YES!! This is very exciting. I can’t wait to get #2 back, Everth Cabrera. He’s going to be a good player in the future. 

So, interesting moves. Hopefully they will help us. 

Today’s the big draft, huh? Well, I just hope the Padres get some good players that won’t be busts like so many of our picks have been.

Tonight we are in LA for a two-game series. I expect the Padres to play very well, though it’s going to be an intense series. We’ll have to battle, but that’s something we’re good at. 

Chris Young will start today against Chad Billingsley, and Chad Gaudin will pitch against Clayton Kershaw tomorrow. I wouldn’t be suprised if Gaudin was scratched, though. He pitched on Friday and Sunday, so I don’t know if he’ll be ready to go tomorrow. 


It Really Wasn’t Worth It

Well, it only took five hours and 45 minutes.

What a loooong day for my Padres. First, it was Padres Photo Day, so all the players had to stand on the field before the game, in the sun, while hundreds of fans took pictures of them, while the players really wanted to be doing something more productive, like watching video on the opposing pitcher or stretching.

Then, they played two games.

Dan Haren was amazing. He didn’t give us anything except a solo homer to my baby Kouz in the 7th.

By then, the Diamondbacks already had a 6-0 lead thanks to Josh Geer’s five innings of work and Joe Thatcher’s one inning. I say we send him to Triple-A. 

It all came down the the ninth inning. Arizona had a comfortable 6-1 lead, but as we’ve learned, these Padres don’t go down easily. They are going to put up a fight.

Adrian doubled, Chase singled him in, and Brian Giles walked. An out later, Arizona’s closer came in and Nick Hundley drove in Chase. An out later, David Eckstein came to the plate as a pinch-hitter. On the first pitch he saw, he hit a three-run homer to tie the game!! It was soooo exciting!! I mean, where did that come from? That was Eck’s first homer of the season, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

But now here comes the sad part. We went to the 18th inning, and the Padres did not get ONE measly hit for all nine extra innings. Terrible. We lost the wind in our sails. Sure, we got a few walks, but not one hit. Miserable.

Meanwhile, the bullpen was very solid. We used every guy in the book: Burke, Meredith, Perdomo, Bell, Mujica, Gregerson, even Friday night’s starter Chad Gaudin. Even shortstop Josh Wilson.

I had heard that Josh could pitch, and I thought it would be pretty likely that we would need him. And we did. He came in to pitch the 18th, with catcher Henry Blanco playing third.

wilson pitching.jpgJosh had some really good stuff. He was relying mostly on the 4-seam fastball, and he got up to 88 mph. He got a couple outs, and was one strike away from getting out of the inning when he tried a pitch he hadn’t thrown the whole time. Big mistake. Mark Reynolds hit it out of here to right field, a three-run homer. Talk about sucking the air out of a ballpark.

He was very close, and he did throw very well. But he gave up the game. We went down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 18th, like we did so many other times during the game.

I’m worried about this team. Last year, after we lost the 22-inning game, our season deflated. This year, we’ve had some highs and some lows. There was an extra inning game in Philly that we lost. After that, we didn’t win very much. But then when we won the 16-inning game at home, we continued a 10-game winning streak.

I’m worried about Jake, about the bullpen. Jake’s going to be pitching tonight in the fourth game of the series with a bad ankle and a slight cold. He’s not 100%, but he understands that the bullpen needs any slack he can give them, so he’s going to be out there fighting. We could probably go to a few of the guys in the bullpen like Thatcher, Burke, Meredith, and Perdomo because they pitched only one inning each. 

I’m worried about our hitters. We didn’t get much yesterday, that’s for sure. In a sense, we were “no-hit” through nine innings. Well, we learned that we can never give up on this team, cause they seem to hit bullpens really well. But sometimes it’s not enough.

I just hope they get a ton of sleep today and are ready to go tonight. I said before the series that I hoped we could at least get a split. Well, we have to get this game tonight to do that. I do not want to lose this to Arizona. Not a bit.

Were all those extra innings worth it? In my mind, they really weren’t. We could have ended the thing in the ninth with the same results. It wasn’t worth draining the bullpen, making the guys play essentially an extra game. Nothing is ever worth it when you lose

By the way, we won on Saturday night. It was a great game!

Alright, Jake. It’s your turn.


(photo credit: Sean M. Haffey/Union-Tribune)