American League is Too Good For Padres

Hmmmm. I wonder what’s going on with my Padres. Oh wait, I know! The American League is a ton better than the National League, and they are sure better than the San Diego Padres. If you’re a fan of an AL team, I congratulate you. The AL is obviously the superior division in MLB. My Padres have yet to win a game against an AL team this season; in fact, we are on a 13-game interleague losing streak.

Last night, Chad Gaudin pitched OK. He threw six innings, allowing four runs, two walks, and striking out eight. His outing was better than past ones have been, but he gave up too many runs for the Padres’ offense to catch up to.

Kevin Kouzmanoff hit his 8th homer of the season in the second inning, a solo shot. My boy has just been on FIRE!!

kouz homer.jpg

Good job, baby!!!

Chase Headley tied the game at three in the fourth with a two-run homer, but the Mariners got a run in the top of the fifth and that was that. They won the series, 4-3.

We only had four hits, and that’s not going to win us any games. Our team batting average right now is not even worth mentioning. It’s bad.

The bullpen was solid once again, Burke, Mujica, and Meredith threw scoreless innings. It’s just the starters, mostly. They are giving up too many runs. The offense can’t catch up.

So, Chris Young went on the DL yesterday. The list of guys on the DL is getting depressing. Baek, Gregerson, Hill, Peavy, Perdomo, Worrell, Cabrera, Hairston…man. Not good at all.

Now our rotation is totally messed up. We don’t have our two “aces” (Peavy and Young). Today Josh Geer will start, followed by Wade LeBlanc, Walter Silva, Kevin Correia, and Chad Gaudin. It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure. But these guys really need to step it up and get those strikes going. 

We got a new pitcher yesterday, Michael O’ Connor, from the Nationals. We got him for a player to be named later. He had no more options with the Nationals, so they needed to get rid of him. He may be in the starting rotation sometime soon.

Also, Everth is going to be coming up soon, and he might start tomorrow’s night game.

Well, today is a 2-for-1 day game. Josh Geer will start as the Padres try to avoid the sweep. Ha.



The AL is clearly better than the NL. Especially the AL East which I think, and most people do, is the best in the MLB.

The AL is great, except the Nationals beat the Yankees last night so you never know…

The good news is that Scotty Hairston will come back very soon. Yay! Maybe that’s the reason we’ve been losing.. AL teams are just killing us and it’s not acceptable. We were sooo close to get a win last night. Kouz is doing GREAT right now so kudos to him🙂 I need to have a serious talk with Eck. I mean, what the “eck” is going on with him lately? We seriously need a win this afternoon!

The American League is great, but for a while, the NL was so much better! I think it’s the whole designated hitters/pitchers batting… or at least that contributes to it. I hope your starting rotation comes around!

Kaybee – I don’t really know who to explain the differences between the National League and the American League. Maybe this is the reason that we don’t really need the whole interleague experiment any longer.


Hey now let’s not get too crazy with the AL better than the Nl bit. The Rockies are 5-1 versus the AL so far so maybe we can make up for the slack in the ALvsNL rivalry. Tell the Padres to get with it : )

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