June 2009


I’m blaming this one on Roy Oswalt.

roy oswalt.jpgI bet Jake Peavy was going crazy in the dugout. Sitting there on the bench with his ankle in a cast, he was probably itching to be out there, knowing that he should be the one on the mound pitching against his buddy. He must have been ragging on Roy all night after the game over the phone, but what Oswalt did to the Padres was no laughing matter. It was amazing.

Roy pitched the whole game, allowing two hits and one run. That run came in on a wild pitch. That just goes to show how good he was. Man, TWO hits?? Goodness. We were utterly shut down. Roy had a excellent outing.

On the Padres side, Josh Geer wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good enough. He threw seven innings, allowing three runs on seven hits. He didn’t walk a batter though, which was great.

Greg Burke and Cla Meredith each threw a scoreless inning.

But the game ended with a 3-1 Astros score. It should be said, though, that the Padres hit some balls really well, but were robbed by some great defense. 

And so, we lost. We are now 15 games behind the Dodgers, by the way. We gained a couple games over the weekend, but those Dodgers keep winning and winning. And watch out – the Manny is coming back this weekend against the Padres. I think we may have a sold-out weekend…

Just because you wanted to know, Kouz is slightly growing out his beard right now and IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!  AHHHHH!! I love it when he does that. He doesn’t look that great clean-shaven. He looks so great with a beard!! But of course, he looks great all the time馃榾

Well, Josh Banks is going to start against Mike Hampton. Banks hasn’t started for us a while, but I’m pretty sure he started last year. I’m not sure how well he did, but he must have had some decent outings. It will be very interesting to see how he does.



On Saturday, my Padres came up with a great win. Kevin Correia pitched like the ace he is. He threw seven innings, allowing three runs with nine strikeouts. He was gooood.

The offense backed him up really well, so there wasn’t much pressure. In the second, we got three runs on five hits, including doubles by David Eckstein and Kyle Blanks.

cabrera and kouz.jpg
 It was a great, great game. We had a season-high 16 hits. Eckstein, Blanks, Blanco, and Cabrera each had two hits. Kouz and Chase Headley each had three. Scott Hairston was the only one who didn’t have a hit, but he made some spectacular catches in center field. He was robbing out there! 

Edward Mujica and Mike Adams were great out of the bullpen. It was overall just a great, well-played game.

But what a game we got on Sunday. Even better than Saturday’s. It was clean, simple, quick, but boy was it good.

Chad Gaudin allowed a hit with one out in the bottom of the first…and then he didn’t allow a thing for the rest of the game. He had nine strikeouts in eight innings. He was so good, it’s incredible. This pitcher is not the same pitcher we saw earlier in the year. Man, what a great pitching performance by Gaudin!!

I mean, he threw a ONE hitter!! Man, that was great.

chad gaudin gem.jpgOn the offensive side, it was all Scott Hairston. I bet he was pretty upset about not getting any hits on Saturday, so he got them on Sunday. He went 3-for-4 with a single, double, and home run. He drove in our only two runs.

scotty hairston.jpg
scott kouz.jpgGoodness, that is a REALLY funny picture!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kouz: High five? Scotty: People to see, places to go… 

Anyways, Chase Headley and Kyle Blanks each had two hits. I’ve been really pleased with Blanks. He’s really getting into a groove.

Heath Bell came in the ninth, walking a batter, but turned a 1-4-3 double play to win the game, 2-0.

It was a great, great game. The pitching was incredible. We did leave quite a few runners on, but we got just enough.

And so, we won a series for the first time since May 25-27 against the Diamonbacks. Yeah, it had been a while. And now we’re done with interleague!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! That is so exciting. We were 5-10 in interleague play. We didn’t really survive, but we’re done with it. Whew.

Tonight we are going to be back home. YES!!!! That’s huge. Anyways, we’re playing the Astros for three, then the Dodgers and the return of the Manny.

Where on earth did Mariano Rivera come from?? I mean, he got his 500th save last night. What’s up with that?? Ahem, Trevor Hoffman is the all-time saves leader, and I mean ALL-TIME. I don’t think anyone should overtake him or I will be quite upset. Goodness. You’d better get pumping, Trevor, ’cause you’ve got a guy right on your heels!!

I would like to share a few pictures that my sister took of a baseball. Believe me, they’re amazing. She has a really cheap camera, but she’s really got a talent with that photography thing.



 That’s Trevor Hoffman’s autograph. Good job sista!!!

Well, it’s Josh Geer vs. Roy Oswalt tonight. I really hope we can extend the two-game winning streak!!

Isn’t it amazing what your team does when you threaten to boycott them?馃檪


Gwynn Hits First Major League Homer!!

gwynn homer.jpg

Last night, Anthony “Tony” Gwynn Jr. hit his first Major League home run.

It was the top of the first, with a count of 3-2 and no outs, when Tony slammed that ball down the right field line and out of there. So cool for Tony!!

He’s not known as a home run hitter (DUH!!), he’s more of a small ball guy. But that’s gotta be great for him to get that first major league home run finally out of the way. And I’m so glad he got it in a Padres uniform, instead of that other team who barely gave him a chance.

12 years ago to the day (yesterday), Tony Gwynn Sr. hit an inside-the-park grand slam. Very, very cool. We’ve been waiting for Anthony to become a Padre for a very long time, and I am so glad he’s here. He’s been really good for us so far this season, and I can’t wait to see what else he does for us.

Tony’s defense has also been great. Last night, he made an excellent sliding catch in foul territory, then threw to second to double off the runner. It was great.  

David Eckstein had two hits last night. This guy has been soooo good!! He’s hitting so well, it’s incredible. Great pickup, Padres!!

Ok, so right now, I am not happy with my Padres. So not happy that I’m slightly boycotting them. I refuse to listen to this junk on the radio. They’re not going to play good baseball, I’m not going to listen to it. I don’t need the depression. Sure, you should never let the score effect a good time at the ballpark, but this is getting ridiculous. I just can’t listen to it, so I won’t. 

I am so thankful that interleague is almost over, but I think we’re done. I predicted before this nightmare started that if we can’t get through this, our season will be done. I mean, I don’t know if being done with interleague will solve all our problems. It doesn’t work that way. The pitching is pathetic now, and playing NL teams is not going to fix that. 

We’re 16 games behind, and the Dodgers are showing no signs of slowing down. I still think that the Dodgers will have to fall apart sometime, but I don’t think my Padres could make up that distance, not with the way they’re playing right now. 

Maybe being done with interleague will help them. Maybe I’m wrong. But I don’t see it happening. Not when you have terrible starting pitching, and rookies who aren’t hitting in the lineup. Not when you’re bullpen gives up tons of runs. Not this team. These Padres are doing nothing but proving what people expected of them: that they would be a terrible losing team. 

And so, until these guys start getting their act together, I’m going to keep away from the radio. I don’t want to hear this PATETIC baseball. It’s not worth it. 

Well, tonight we have our ace Kevin Correia pitching, so I’m allowing myself a tiny bit of hope that we might actually play well. We’ll see. 

Oh, by the way, we lost 12-2 last night. 


Just LOB It Out There

Let this be a lesson to us all: if you don’t pitch well, you get sent down.

Wade LeBlanc had a bad outing the last time out. He only pitched three innings, giving up three runs. But the Padres gave him a second chance, and boy did he blow it. He only went 1.1 innings yesterday, giving up four runs on five hits with three walks.

Immediately after the game, he was demoted to Triple-A. Take that!

I am very glad that the Padres would not let him stay. They were swift in their judgement. The guy didn’t get his job done, so he was sent back to where he came from. That’s good, very good.

Josh Banks, who threw 3.1 innings yesterday, giving up two runs on three hits, is expected to take LeBlanc’s spot in the rotation.

Joe Thatcher threw a scoreless 1.1 innings, but Cla Meredith gave up three huge runs in his two innings. By that time, the Padres were fighting back, only down three runs. But Cla gave the Mariners a six-run advantage.

In the top of the sixth, the Padres got a two-run homer from Chase Headley to get on the board. In the seventh, Edgar Gonzalez hit a home run to cut the lead to 6-3. The Padres then proceeded to leave the bases loaded in that inning.

Have you ever thought about how lonely/annoying it is to be a runner LOB? Let’s take Kevin Kouzmanoff in the fourth. He led off the inning with a booming ground-rule double.

kouz headshot.jpgSo Kouz is standing there, no outs, he’s gotta expect to be driven in eventually (but if he knew our hitters, maybe not). He has to be fully concentrating on the plate in case someone hits the ball, but he also has to be laughing and joking with the Mariners’ shortstop at the same time. He has to be sure to stand on the bag, and if there’s a fly ball, he has to remember to tag up, and on top of all that, he needs to keep an eye out for his third base coach.

Chase Headley comes to the plate. Chase is batting righty, so he might hit a ball to the left side. If so, Kouz will have to stay clear of the ball, which would hinder his already-slow progress to third and possibly home.

Chase hits a few fouls and takes a ball. Then he grounds out right to shortstop. Kouz scrambles back to the bag so he doesn’t get picked off, but he didn’t get moved to third, which was Chase’s job.

Next up is Kyle Blanks. The first pitch he gets is lined down the left field line. Kouz takes off, but it’s just foul. Grrr. Kouz trots back, joking some more with the shortstop.

Two foul balls later, Kyle zinged a ball that was heading for the left field corner. Kouz took off, elated to be able to score. But then Adrian Beltre caught the ball. Kouz trots back to second, breathing heavily now.

Next up, Edgar Gonzalez. Definitely has home run power. First two pitches, foul. Next three pitches, balls. OK, with a full count and two outs, Kouz is running like mad between second and shortstop area. Back and forth, back and forth. Foul ball, running. Trotting back. Heaving ho. And then, finally, a swinging strike.

Kouz sighs, waiting for the ballboy to bring his hat and glove. He boomed a double, no outs, ran back and forth from second and third way to many times, wore himself out, but all for naught. Such is the life of a Padres baserunner.

Scary thing is, we left nine men on base yesterday. We were 0-for-12 with runners in scoring position. Situations like Kouz’s are happening every day in Padres land. The question is, how are we going to stop it?

real_stop_sign.jpgWe need to get more timely hits. Simple as that. Once we get a runner on bases with two or less outs, he should expect to be driven in. And the hitters should expect to rack up their RBI stats. We got two home runs yesterday, but that was about it.

Everyone in the lineup had at least one hit except Scott Hairston and David Eckstein, but they were not timely hits. Henry Blanco had two hits, which was great.

Scott Hairston and Buddy Black were ejected in the third for arguing balls and strikes. Good job guys!! Too bad it didn’t completely fire up the team.

So, we lost the series. I was not very happy with this team in the past two games. They were not good at all.

Tonight we are in Texas to play the Rangers. It’s going to be a fascinating series. We’ll probably get swept. Anyways, hope you can figure out what’s going on, boys! If you can’t get things together, I’m not listening. So get it going.

Walter Silva is pitching against Kevin Millwood. Silva better go more than five innings or else.


Almost Had It

Three-run homers are one of the most dreaded hits in baseball when they are hit against your team. Three runs is a lot, and to be able to get that many runs in one swing is a huge advantage for the team who hit it.

Last night, Josh Geer had a great outing, but his night was ruined by one swing: a three-run homer by Russell Branyan.


Josh threw well. He went six innings, allowing only those three runs from the homer, with three walks and three strikeouts.

Mike Adams threw a scoreless inning. But Edward Mujica took a tied game and gave it away. He allowed Franklin Gutierrez’s seventh homer of the season to give the Mariners the lead. Gutierrez has hit four home runs against the Padres!! Crazy. 

In the top of the second, the Padres got on the board thanks to my boy, Kevin Kouzmanoff! He hit his tenth homer of the season, a two-run blast that went 414 feet!!

kooz homer.jpg
Good job, Koozie :)

That gave the Padres a 2-0 lead. But the Mariners came back with the Russell homer. 

In the fifth, Tony Gwynn drove in Will Venable to tie the game. But then Mujica gave up the home run, and that was that. We lost 4-3. 

Scott Hairston threw out a runner at home, which was really cool. All of our hitters had one hit except Chase Headley and Scotty. We played well, but we didn’t get enough. 

But I am very pleased with the way the Padres have been playing in the last two games. I mean, this is more like it. This is what I’m used to; the Padres win the first game, the opposing team wins the second game, and then the Padres win the rubber game and the series. 

In 2007, that’s what I could expect from the team every series. I always knew they could win two out of three, and it seemed like they followed a certain pattern. I haven’t been able to expect that for a long time, so this feels really good. I just hope they can stick to the plan. 

Today Wade LeBlanc is pitching against Jarrod Washburn. LeBlanc was OK in his first start of the season last Friday, but he needs to go deeper into the game today. We really really need that from him. It’s a day game, so that will be cool. Let’s get this boys!!

I wanted to give a quick update on Trevor, since I haven’t in a while. Trevor had 17 saves in 18 opportunities this season (Heath has 20. HA!). He’s been good with the Brewers, and I really am happy for him, in a sad way. I’m glad that he’s having a good season, and that he’s healthy. And I still really really hope he comes back for at least a few games next season. We’ve got to get him back in a Padres uniform. We miss you Trevor!!


We Pulled It Off – Barely!!

Oh boy. What a game.

If you love those suspensive, nail-biting, ain’t-over-til-it’s-over type of games, you would have loved last night’s game between the Padres and the Mariniers.

Take the second inning, for instance. Starting pitcher Chad Gaudin allowed three straight singles with no outs. He walked a batter to drive in the first run of the game. And he got out of the inning with no further damage, against Ichiro for goodness sakes!!

Take the ninth innning. In the eighth, the Mariners got four runs off of Greg Burke to make a seemingly safe lead of 9-2 suddenly very close at 9-6. Heath Bell came in to save the game. He gave up a run and had the potential winning run at the plate. It was so stressing!! But he pulled it out, and he got his 20th save.

In the fourth inning, Adrian hit his 24th homer of the season to give the Padres a 2-1 lead. We got two more runs in the fifth. Henry Blanco doubled and Everth Cabrera drove him in with a single. Then, with David Eckstein batting, Everth stole second AND third. Eck drove him in with a single.

In the sixth, we got five runs. Kouz hit a single and Chase Headley ground-rule doubled. Two walks, three singles, and a sac-fly later, we had a 9-1 lead.

In the bottom of the sixth, Ken Griffey Jr. hit a homer, but Chad Gaudin was cruising. After that scary second, he really settled down. He threw seven innings, allowing four hit and two runs, striking out 11. Definitely his best outing of the year, and maybe his career. Hey, look!! Our starting pitching is getting better!!

chad gaudin.jpgBut the bullpen was not that great last night. Greg Burke allowed four runs to get the Mariners back into the game, and Heath was this close to losing it. Man.

I was listening to the game on my Walkman and I was pretty much falling asleep. Celebrating a blog’s birthday is really tiring!! I was very relaxed…until the ninth. I was still slightly sleeping during the ninth, but I was alert. Goodness. It was so crazy!! I was so relieved when we pulled it off though. I mean, I shouldn’t have to worry when we have nine runs on the board!!

But it was a great game. Our hitting was great, and I think a lot of that was thanks to Scott Hairston, just off the DL. He had two hits and provided protection for Adrian. Welcome back Scott!! We missed you a lot!!

scotty.jpgDavid Eckstein, who has been so solid, had three hits. Kouz, Headley, and Everth had two hits each. Kyle Blanks was DH. He got a walk, but has still to get his first major league hit.

As I mentioned, Heath got his 20th save. I think that’s gotta be leading the majors!! Yeah Heath!!

Well, it was great to get that first win in an interleague series. I really hope the starting pitching can keep going as good as it has been. Hey, we’re on a two-game winning streak!!

I wanted to thank you all for the great comments on my blog’s birthday entry. That was so much fun to read all the comments on a very special day for my blog. You guys are amazing!! Well, here I go into my second year of blogging!!

Tonight is Josh Geer against Brandon Morrow. Geer was pretty good in his last start, so hopefully he will be able to throw a great outing tonight. We need the win!!


Happy Birthday, Unfinished Business!!

unfinished business.pngLooking back over the last year, a lot when on in my life. I learned many lessons, made many friends, and had a lot of fun experiences. This past year has really been a blessing. God has been so good!

Today is a big day in the life of
my blog, as it’s the one year anniversary of Unfinished Business. It’s unbelievable that it’s been a year! I’ve had so much fun blogging here, and the time has gone by so fast.

On June 23, 2008, my parents were talking about letting me get a blog. For a good part of the first few months of that season, I had been doing little write ups about the games. I had heard of MLBlogs, and when I showed it to my parents they gave me the go-ahead.

So, I created Unfinished Business: The San Diego Padres’ 2008 Season. It was quite a mouthful! I wrote my first entry and got my first comment that day. My first entry was merely a few sentences, but it was a start. My next entry was, of course, defending Trevor Hoffman. Guess what? He blew a tied game the next night! Here I was, defending Trevor, saying that he wasn’t washed up and still had it in him, and he goes and gets the loss.

I’ve been looking back over my blog for the last few weeks preparing for this entry. It is so cool to look back and see how much I’ve improved in my writing. It’s pretty amazing. My first entries were very short. I didn’t have a solid commenter’s base like I do now. “Back then,” I was pretty much just writing for myself. Now, I write good-length entries every day, and it’s amazing how much better they are than they were!

When I first started, I couldn’t touch type. I had tried for a long time to do the typing programs, but it just wasn’t working. Now, I can touch type very well. Because I was forced to type a lot, I learned it easily. Finally being able to touch type is something I am very pleased to have accomplished.

It wasn’t until the offseason that I started getting a lot of comments. It was very exciting for me to find a lot of comments on my blog every day. I started commenting more on other people’s blogs, and that boost my readership a ton. For all you bloggers who keep getting told to comment and comment on other blogs, believe me, it really works.   

After the season ended, I shortened the title to Unfinished Business. Over the offseason, I kept blogging, almost every day, and it seemed to go by a lot quicker. I also “met” a lot of great bloggers, and made a lot of great friends.

I joined MLBlogs because I love to write about baseball, but this place has also given me the chance to interact with baseball fans all over the world. I do not have any friends who I can really talk Padres with. Sure, I can talk to them about it, but they aren’t die-hards like me. This place has been great for me to talk baseball.

“On your front page of Unfinished Business you reference Corinthians in your header. What significance does it represent to you having it there?
I’m a Christian. I have had problems with being too obsessed with the Padres, but that verse reminds me that sports aren’t everything. Winning the big championships is one of the most important things in sports. But just look at the players who have won the World Series or the Superbowl. Everyone’s super excited and happy for a while, but then it just fades away. Trophies collect dust. The fans turn to the next season, wondering what the team will do next. I really want the Padres to win the World Series someday, but I know I won’t be happy for the rest of my life when they do. I’ll always feel like there’s something more. This verse also encourages me to look ahead, to see that I am living for a huge gift, the gift of eternal life. I’m living for a crown that will last forever! ” 

This was one of the questions in my Timeout (which I will mention later). I’m sure you’ve all seen the verse on the top of my blog, but you probably don’t know the meaning. Well, I covered it pretty well in that question above. There are so many things we look forward to, and we think that we won’t be happy until we have a World Series for our team, for example. But these things really don’t last. They just don’t. Sure, Phillies fans are super happy about their World Series win last year, but they are concentrating on this season now, wondering how the Phillies are going to do and if they will make the playoffs this year.

I love the Padres, and I love baseball, but in life, baseball just has to be a second priority sometimes. As I run this blog, I try to write God-honoring entries. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but even when I’m terribly frustrated, I never use PG (or higher)-rated language. That’s just not the way to do it. My parents have raised me well. And though I do get very angry at my team sometimes, it’s an anger of love. God’s given me this gift of writing, but it’s still really His. I am so thankful for this gift, and I’m trusting in Him to take me where He will.     

This past year has been so much fun. I’ve learned a lot, and grown tremendously as a writer and a Padres fan.

OK, here are some stats:

RANKINGS:  MLBlogs Latest Leaders Lists: 44, 30, 21, 25, 24, 31, 23, 22, 36, 29, 31, 31, 21, 19, 15, 17

MLBlogs Top 100 – #74

ENTRIES (as of today):  297

COMMENTS (as of today): 1468

Here are some of my favorite entries from the past year. I’m sorry that there’s so many, but these all are pretty amazing.

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Enough said indeed.

         Ping-Pong With the Padres – 9/3/08

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         Season’s End – 9/29/08

A review of a very important lesson I learned in 2008.

         Game 163: A Fan’s Perspective – 12/9/08

My experience of the most devastating game in my fanhood.

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Some of the songs that remind me of baseball whenever I hear them.

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Am I less of a fan because I don’t have season tickets and can’t be out at the ballpark all the time?

         Why Trevor? – 1/10/09

My rant to the front office about why on earth they had to let go of Trevor. One of the best things I have ever written.

         KOOOOOZ!!! – 1/29/09

A tribute to my favorite player in MLB. What a cutie!!

         A Tribute to Trevor – Yes, ANOTHER One – 3/3/09

One of the last tributes I rolled out to Trevor. This is another one of the best pieces I have ever written.

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My expression of love for my beautiful city J

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My Easter entry in the wake of Nick Adenhart’s death.

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My boys J

         An Ode to Kouz – 4/16/09

Hahaha, a funny little tribute to my baby!

         Live Together, Die Alone – 5/13/09

With the team falling apart (and the season finale of LOST just around the corner), I tried to help the guys out a bit.

         You Guys Need Help – 5/14/09

One of my all-time favorite entries, Bob the psychiatrist tries to help the Padres break out of their losing streak.


There are some other special entries that involve my blog. I was interviewed in the second installment of Tom’s Timeout at the Plate series. I had so much fun doing it, and it was great to see my blog get some publicity.


There was also a support group meeting for me after the horror of Trevor Hoffman’s departure from the Padres. It was so funny, and it definitely helped. It was great!


The third feature I wanted to mention was when my blog got a spot on the front page of MLBlogs with this amazing recognition. It was so much fun for me to see my blog featured like that, and it was a great picture too!


Without further ado, I would like to thank some of the people in the blogosphere.


First of all, of course Mark. This guy does so much for the blogging community, and if he wasn’t at the helm, I think the blogosphere would be in chaos. Thanks so much for featuring my blog in the featured blog section, the front page of mlblogs.com, and in MLBlogs’ spot on mlb.com and helping it grow!


Big thanks to Amy, who is not longer blogging with us, but was my first commenter on that day one year ago. Her blog was always a great read, and I definitely miss having her in the community.


I would also like the thank Dean, who is also no longer blogging with us. He was a Padres fan and author who was my sole commenter for a while.  He was pretty cool, but then I think I scared him off. Oh well. But I really appreciate his support for my blog over the 2008 summer.


Thanks to my parents, who let me get this blog. It has been so much fun! If I didn’t have this blog to rant on, I would drive my sister crazy and she would probably move out into the backyard. Thanks so much for everything!


Thank you to Julia, who has probably commented on every entry I’ve written since she joined the blogosphere. She’s been a huge part of the blogosphere, and it wouldn’t be the same without her.


Thanks to Tom, who gave me the chance to get the word out on my blog with the Timeout, and for giving me some great therapy with the support group. Also, he graciously endures a lot of ragging from me because of the Rockies (about that guy who didn’t touch the plate…), so I’m thankful for that J  


Thanks to Hyun Young, my Padres buddy J I loooove reading her blog, and it’s so much fun to have a Padres fan in the blogosphere who practically has the same thoughts as me. It was a lot of fun meeting her at the Fan Fest, and I can’t wait for the game we’re going to!!


I would also like to thank Jen. I was the first commenter on her blog, so she’s probably eternally grateful to me for that J It’s always great to read her blog, and it was really nice of her to let me take control at the Fan Fest and drag her all over the place and make her sit and wait for Jake Peavy for about an hour. At least things worked out though J


Thanks to Elizabeth. Both of us struggled through chemistry, and I think she came out better than I did. This girl is going to be an amazing journalist, and I look forward to “working” with her in the business someday.


Also, thanks to Jane. I remember the first time she commented on my blog, I was so excited because a real author, a lady who had published a book about baseball, commented on my blog!!  She always leaves a great comment, and her entries are so funny!


Thanks to my Heavenly Father, who has blessed me with this incredible gift and given me the chance to minister to baseball fans all over the world. I am eternally grateful to Him for every breath that I take. He is in complete control of everything that happens in my life, and I’m trusting in Him. He alone is AWESOME!! 


Thanks also to Happy, Bob, Jeremy, Russ, Jimmy, Ben, Darion, Melissa, Kylie, King of Cali, Jenn, Sue, Emma, Cat, and all my other commenters and readers. You guys have been so amazing to me, and I really appreciate the support. Like I’ve said so many times, this blog had no purpose without you guys. So thank you!!


Since this is a “birthday” party, we have to “eat” some cake.


Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Unfinished Business

Happy birthday to you!!


padres cake.jpg 
Again, thank you guys so much. This year has been so much fun, and I hope there are many more to come!!


Feel free to leave “memories” (haha) about this blog of the past year as we celebrate!!




New Ace Saves The Day

On Saturday night, the Padres dropped a miserable game to the Oakland A’s. We had the lead a few times, but Oakland took that game 6-3. Needless to say, I was not happy. My Padres needed a win and a series, but the A’s took that from us.

Our biggest gripe about the Padres in the last week or so has been the starting pitching. It’s been terrible! The starters aren’t going that deep into ballgames, and they are giving up way to many runs.

Yesterday, on Father’s Day, the Padres went out there and got a superb pitching performance from our new ace, Kevin Correia. He was amazing. He had a no-hitter going until the fifth inning with two outs. He was so good!!

He only allowed one run, that coming in the top of the seventh. He threw 6.2 innings total, with one walk allowed and seven strikeouts. He’s our new ace, there’s no doubt about it. He’s pitched the best of any of the guy who have started for us this year. Yeah Kevin!!

correia.jpgNot like he needed it, but Correia’s offense backed him up pretty well. Edgar Gonzalez had an RBI double to drive in Kyle Blanks, who had walked, in th second.

In the fifth, we got our second run on Henry Blanco’s 500th hit, a solo homer. Way to go Henry!!

And in the eighth, we got two more insurance runs.

But we have to go back to Saturday’s game first. 

I was sitting there at the computer, watching Gameday on Saturday night. I think we were losing by a few by then, and I was not happy. Kouz was batting, so I called a homer. He struck out, in fact, Oakland struck out the side that inning. But I still called a homer, so I was waiting for it.

Guess what?

Yep, he hit one for me yesterday!

kouz two run homer.jpg
kouz homer two runner.jpg
kouz running home.jpg
kooz homer happy.jpgIt was just what we needed. Then Heath took the ninth with a three-run lead and went 1-2-3 to get his 19th save in 20 chances. Take that, Trevor!!

Man, it was a great, great game. Tony Gwynn had two hits, David Eckstein had three, Kouz had one. We were good. The pitching took care of it.

victory.jpgWe also had some great defense. Kyle Blanks just came up, and he’s been playing the outfield for about three months. THREE MONTHS!!!! And not even every day. But the Padres want this guy up here, and so he’s in the outfield. It’s just amazing to me. Anyways, he made an amazing catch in left field in the first inning, barrelling into the wall. I hope the wall’s OK. This guy is six-foot-six, and he’s 285 pounds!! The “S.S. Blanks,” we like to call him. He’s huge. He got his first walk yesterday and his first run scored. Still has to get that first major league hit, though…

blanks.jpgI am so glad we took the last game. It would not have been good if we had been swept. Not good at all.

Well, we’ve got an off-day before facing the Mariners again, this time in Seattle. Oh joy. Maybe we can take two out of three from them like they took two out of three from us!! Or…maybe even three out of three! Point is, these Padres need a series win. They need to get out there, pitch extremely well, and hit like crazy. We’re 14.5 games behind, man, and we need to get it going.

Don’t forget, I’ve got a huge special entry tomorrow. It’s going to be amazing. So make sure to stop by tomorrow!!


(photo credits: Union-Tribune, espn.com)   

Battle All The Way

Last night was not a great night for the Padres. Or their fans.

Last night, we played well. But of course, the reliever who has been so solid fell apart, just when you needed him the most. One of the most reliable hitters in the lineup who seems to get it done every time, grounded into a double play, just when you needed him the most. That’s baseball for you. This game was made to drive you nuts and break your heart.

We got a run each in the second, third, and fourth. Chase Headley hit his 6th homer of the season in the second. In the third, Tony Gywnn tripled and David Eckstein gounded-out him in. In the fourth, we added on with a David Eckstein single.  

Wade LeBlanc, rookie, started for the Padres. He threw three innings, giving up three runs. He looked pretty good for the first three innings, but then gave up three runs in the top of the fourth. He loaded the bases with a single and two walks, then hit Jason Giambi to force in Oakland’s first run.

wade.jpgAfter replacing LeBlanc with Josh Banks, the A’s hit two consecutive sac-flies to tie the game. That inning could have been a lot worse, since it was bases loaded with no outs. Good job Josh!

In the bottom of the sixth, we had two runners on with one out when the A’s intentionally walked Adrian Gonzalez to get to, you guessed it, Kevin Kouzmanoff. Ha! When will these people learn? You can’t mess with the Kouz!

I really don’t see the logic. Not really. Sure, Kouz isn’t as great of a hitter as Adrian, but he’s been really hot lately. Hello?? You don’t want to pitch to Kouz, either, man.

As I watched the Gameday, I was silently begging my boy to make them pay for that. Hey, bases loaded, one out, why not?

So, he hit a two-run single!! Good for my boy. That broke the tie and gave us a 5-3 lead.

cab eck.jpgJosh Banks threw three innings, giving up two hits. That was really cool. Mike Adams also threw a scoreless inning, which was great.

But then in the eighth, Edward Mujica came in, and had a terrible 0.2 innings. I was feeling really good about this game so far. I mean, we had a two run lead, and with this Padres bullpen, I was pretty confident that we would pull out with this.

Spoke too soon.

In the eighth, the A’s scored three runs to take the lead. It was not good. Mujica has been so solid, but he had a bad outing at a bad time.

In the bottom of the eighth, Tony Gwynn started the inning with a single, but Eck grounded into a double play. That was that. Kouz got a single, but we were done.

In the top of the ninth, Joe Thatcher allowed a run. Just what the A’s needed.

In the bottom of the ninth, Will Venable walked, but that was that. The game went to the A’s, 7-5.

Very frustrating. We should have won that. The offense could have been better, and the pitching could have been a lot better.

Tony Gwynn had three hits. This guy has been amazing! Kouz had two hits, and newly called up catcher Eliezar Alfonso had two hits. Adrian had one hit, but he got walked FOUR times. Yikes.  

So, the Padres lost yet another interleague game. There were only 20,000 or so fans out there last night. This team has got to get it going, or else the fans are going to drift away.

I was pretty upset about this game because a close friend of mine is cheering for the A’s. Now, I’m not entirely sure why he’s cheering for the A’s (he’s a Padres fan most of the time), but I think it’s because he played for the A’s in Little League. So naturally, when a close friend is cheering for the opposing team, you pull a little harder for your team to win. I was feeling pretty good about the game, thinking of the bragging rights I would have, but then the Padres went and ruined it for me.

We’re having fun with it though, and guess what my friend? You may have had victory last night, but you’d better enjoy it while you can. These Padres are going to come roaring right back!! GAME ON!!

The Padres made a ton of moves yesterday. I’d say the biggest was the major-league debut of Kyle Blanks. Padres fans have been waiting for this guy for a very long time. He’s going to be good with us.

Everth Cabrera was activated off the DL. He played shortstop and did extremely well. He also batted ninth. Yep, you heard that right. The Padres had never batted a pitcher eighth before, but they did it last night. Very cool.

cabrera.jpgWe got rid of Josh Wilson and Arturo Lopez. Nick Hundley and Cliff Floyd went on the DL.  

Tonight the Padres are playing the A’s again. Walter Silva will be pitching against a rookie who has not been very good lately. Yay!! Just makes it all the easier for the Padres to WIN!!

GO PADRES!!! BEAT A’s!!!!!!!! 


THAT’S MY BOY!!! THAT’S MY BABY!!! Yes, the hero of yesterday’s game was no other than my beautiful Macedonian, KOOOOOOOOOOZ!!

kouz celebrating.jpg

Aw man, it was a great, great game. We played so well! We played like I know we’re capable of playing.

Josh Geer threw six innings, allowing three runs with no walks and six strikeouts. He was pretty sharp.

He allowed one run in the top of the first, but his boys picked him right up in the bottom of the inning.

Tony Gwynn singled and David Eckstein doubled him home to tie the game. Brian Giles flew out and sent Eck to third. Then Adrian Gonzalez singled him in. Yay!

In the fourth, Franklin Guiterrez homered, tying the game. In the top of the sixth, he homered again, giving Seattle the lead. 

But in the bottom of the sixth, Adrian finally broke out of his homerless slump to hit his 23rd home run of the season. It was a blast, man. Dead center, gone. 

The game stayed tied. Greg Burke and Edward Mujica threw a scoreless inning each. Then Heath Bell threw two innings, the ninth and the 10th. 

On to the tenth. David Eckstein grounded out and Brian Giles flew out. But then Adrian doubled for my boy Kouz. 

Two outs, tenth inning, Kouz was 0-for-4 with three strikeouts so far in the game. He worked the count to 3-1 before breaking his bat and sending a pitch to left field. Adrian chugged around third and home, and scored the winning run. 

kouz connects.jpg
kouzmanoff walk off.jpg
kouz walk off.jpg
It was an incredible game. We played so well! The pitching was amazing, and the hitters never gave up. We had nine hits.

Adrian went 4-for-4, which was huge for him. He’s been struggling a lot lately because guys just won’t pitch to him. But yesterday he had a home run, a double, and two singles. He drove in two runs, and scored two, including the winning run. What a great day for Adrian!!

David Eckstein had three hits and an RBI, which was great.

Kouz had that one hit, and that was the one that really mattered. He’s been incrediblely hot lately. What a great way to end the series! I can’t tell you how excited I am for my boy. Man, I love this guy!!!  

Great great great game. That’s all I can say. We played hard, we didn’t give up, and we pulled out with a win. Great effort by my boys, and hopefully that momentum can carry into the next series.

We are playing the A’s for three this weekend. It’s going to be very interesting to see if we can play like we did yesterday. Wade LeBlanc will be starting tonight. I remember his starts from last year. Let’s just say that they weren’t the greatest starts ever. He just needs to keep us in the ballgame, and the offense will take care of the rest.