May 2009

Padres Split Series!

I guess my Padres didn’t want to travel to Houston in a school bus.
eckstein walkoff.jpg

Chris Young started the game, going six innings, allowing three runs on five hits with four walks and six strikeouts. He had a great outing, he was battling hard.

On the other side, Dan Haren was doing a great job as well. He went six innings, giving up eight hits and three runs with two walks on four strikeouts.

In the third, the Diamondbacks struck first. After a single from Chris Snyder, Dan Haren of all people hit a double to help his own cause. He got to third on an error, and touched the plate on a sacrifice fly.

In the fifth, the Padres found a crack in Haren’s armor and were actually able to take advantage of it!

With two outs, Chris Young walked, Brian Giles singled, and Edgar Gonzalez drove in CY for our first run. Scott Hairston came to the plate and check-swinged on a pitch. Except the ball hit the bat and went into right field to drive in Giles. It was pretty bizarre!

In the sixth, the Diamondbacks added a run to take the lead. But in the bottom of the inning, we got that run right back.

With one out, my boy Kouz hit a single. Nick Hundley then doubled, and Kouz ran all the way home. I love this dude, but he’s really slow. It’s almost painfully to watch. He’s not as bad as say, Henry Blanco the Galapagos tortoise, but he’s still slow. So he almost got thrown out at the plate. But he scored safely, so that’s all that matters.

The game stayed tied for a long time. The Padres bullpen was able to hold the game, though. Barely.

Edwin Moreno came into the seventh, and got a few runners on with no outs, including two walks. I’m telling you, this guy is going to be on the bus to Triple-A very soon unless he stops walking people like he does. We just can’t have that, especially when he walks the first batter in a tie game. No no no.

Thankfully, Luke Gregerson came in and cleaned up Moreno’s mess, keeping the game tied. He also pitched a scoreless eighth.

Heath Bell took the ninth, allowing nothing and striking out one. Man, he’s sharp!

In the bottom of the ninth, Scott Hairston singled, but Adrian Gonzalez grounded into a double play.

Onto extra innings for the second time this week!

Cla Meredith pitched the top of the tenth, throwing five pitches to get three outs. He was sharp!

In the bottom of the tenth, it was time to close this thing down. Jody Gerut started it with a strikeout, but then Kouz doubled. Nick Hundley walked, and Chris Burke came to the plate. 

Burke had a great at-bat. He fouled off six pitches, keeping the count full for a long time. He made the pitcher throw ten pitches before finally taking ball four to load the bases. That at-bat was crucial to winning the game.

Next, Hyun Young’s boy David Eckstein came to the plate. He only needed to take a strike and a ball before lining a single past the first baseman to score my boy Kouz. 

We win!!

It was such a great game! We did leave 13 runners on base, which was very frustrating, but we were able to get some clutch hits and win the game.

I was very pleased with our pitching, especially the bullpen. They didn’t give up a run, which is so rare!

My boy Kouz had THREE hits, two singles and a double. He’s definitley been scuffling, so it’s great that he was able to have a good game like that. 

We had 13 hits total, which we haven’t had in a long time. I am so glad that we were hitting!

It was a great win for the Padres and their fans, but apparently the Diamondbacks aren’t too happy with their 12-17 record. Arizona fired manager Bob Melvin today. They’re replacing him with A.J. Hinch. Interesting…

Manny is a jerk. Unfortunately, the Padres are only going to play the Dodgers twice during his suspension. 

“It would have been nice if this had happened in spring training,” pitching ace Jake Peavy said. “I wouldn’t have had to face him.” 

The Dodgers finally lost last night. They built up a six run lead, but blew it and lost 11-9 against the Natinals. Of all teams. Wow. 

Well, I can’t say I’m entirely disappointed that Manny was suspended or that the Dodgers lost. My Padres are now only 7.5 games behind, third place in the NL West!

Well boys, I hope you enjoyed your luxury flight to Houston!

luxury plane 2.jpg
Tonight Chad Gaudin is pitching against Wandy Rodriguez. It will be a very interesting game…


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The story of this game?

You could say Jake Peavy, who had seven innings of work, allowing two runs and striking out twelve.

You could say Justin Upton, who hit two home runs to take over the Diamondbacks’ entire scoring of the night.

You could say John Garland, who held the Padres to three hits over seven innings.

But the real story of this game is the Padres’ hitting, or rather the lack of it. The real story is lost chances.

How’s seven runners left on base, 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position? How did Arizona make four errors in the first few innings and we didn’t get a run? How did we ground into four double plays? How’s five hits, all singles?

It’s pathetic. We couldn’t score a run until the bottom of the ninth, and we got it on a double play!

Why can’t we score runs for our ace? Every time Jake goes out there, Padres fans know that he will pitch well enough to win. But we forget that his offense doesn’t score so much as a run for him.

“Another tough loss,” Peavy said. “I hate getting beat.”

It’s utterly ridiculous. We can’t score runs for this guy. His record is 2-4. He’s pitched well enough to have five wins by now. I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to get traded sometime in the near future!

“…I have to be more aggressive. The bottom line is, I need to pitch better,” said Peavy. Are you kidding me?? He threw seven innings of two-run ball!!! He struck out TWELVE batters!! He was outstanding!! How can he be any better?? By throwing a complete game every time out there with 27 strikeouts??

He knows that he has to be perfect out there every time. He’s doing that!! This team should be able to score more than two runs for their ace!!!

More aggressive? He is so aggressive already!! He was dealing out there!! I’d say that twelve strikeouts is really aggressive!!! 

I feel so bad for Jake right now. He’s deserve so much more than this.

So, we lost 3-1. I think it was because I gave them the candy back.

I’m not going to take anything away from them today, since it’s a day game and the restriction would be in place for only a few hours anyway. But watch out boys, you might find yourself on the school bus to Houston tonight!!

Today is the first 2-for-1 Getaway Day of the year. I really hope we have a big crowd out there. Our boys need it.

Chris Young, second ace, is pitching against Dan Haren. It’s going to be a great matchup. The Padres better come out on top.

“We’re the same team … it’s in there,” Padres third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff said. “It’s just a matter of keeping the intensity and keep pushing hard.”

Good job, Kouz-o🙂 Now go hit a few home runs today!!

Kevin_Kouzmanoff.jpg GO PADRES!!

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Victory! We Have Victory!

Guess what?


brian walkoff.jpg

(wow, that’s a really funny picture!)

It was an amazing game, very well played by both teams. But the Padres came out on top, and that’s all that matters🙂

Josh Geer and Aaron Cook worked identically. They matched each other almost pitch for pitch. Both starters went eight innings, allowing one run on five hits. But Geer only walked two and struck out three, while Cook walked three and struck out five. Geer has a lower ERA though.

They were both excellent. It was a duel all the way, and both pitchers were really mowing. Looking at the boxscore is really incredible to see how their innings mirrored each other so closely. Like, they both would got 1-2-3 in one inning, and then both face four batters in the next, and it was almost creepy!

Josh Geer definitely had the best outing of his career, and we needed it. I think he’s definitely going to stick around up here for a while.

On the offensive side, we struck Cook early, and it was a good thing that we did. Brian Giles singled, David Eckstein doubled, and a few batters later, Jody Gerut sac-flied him in.

The score stayed 1-0 Padres until the eighth, when Chris Iannetta hit a solo homer to tie things up. That was Geer’s only glitch. I don’t really like Iannetta. He’s annoying, hitting all these homers against us.

In the ninth, Heath Bell came in after not pitching for 10 days. A little rust? Not at all. Heath was pumped up, throwing 96-MPH gas and tearing down the hitters he faced. He allowed a single in the ninth with two outs, but the next batter was blown away.

In the bottom of the ninth, we got a runner on, but couldn’t get him in.

Heath also pitched the tenth, and went 1-2-3. In both of his innings, he got four strikeouts. He was so sharp, it was almost unbelieveable.

To the top of the tenth…

Luis Rodriguez started the inning, making an out. Edgar Gonzalez pinch-hit for Heath Bell. This at-bat gave us the game. Edgar worked a walk on four straight pitches, putting the potential winning run on first.

Brian Giles came to the plate, with a single and two walks earlier in the night. It was a big at-bat. Gillies worked it. Four foul balls, two pickoff attempts and three balls later, Brian connected and sent the ball deep to right center field. It didn’t get out, but it bounced on the warning track and into the right fielder’s glove. He threw it into the infield, but it was too late. Edgar ran all the way from first to score with a slide. Padres win!!

It was such a great game! I couldn’t believe we actually won! I just sat there, laughing. “Wow, that feels good!!”

And it does, man. We hadn’t won since last Tuesday – a week ago! It was great to beat the Rockies and split the “series”.

But best of all, all the restrictions have now been removed since my boys played hard and got a win.

The boys can now have hot showers, grow out their beards, travel in their luxury plane to Houston, maybe they should leave Jeff the Ram’s Head though, eat lots of candy, have their luxury lockers back, get their money again, leave the ballpark and sleep in their own beds, and of course, no more Vegemite!

Good job, boys. See, having their special things taken away worked! It’s a good thing they won though, ’cause their showers were going to be next!

I knew we were going to have small crowds this homestand, but it is kind of disappointing that no one is out there. We only had 14,000 on Monday, and only 13,000 last night. That’s really sad. I know the Padres haven’t been playing that great, but we need to get out there and support our team. If I could, I would be out there everyday. But I can’t. Our boys played a stellar game last night, and only a few people got to see it.

I just hope we get better crowds in the next two games. Tonight Jake Peavy is pitching, so hopefully more people will come out to see them. Tomorrow is a 2-for-1 Getaway Day, so there will be a bigger crowd then. These Padres need our support. What is baseball without the fans?

Like I said, Jake Peavy is starting tonight. I expect a solid outing for Jakey, especially at home. He’s going to do great, and hopefully out bats can turn on against Jon Garland.


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Elusive As The Win

Well, what can I say? I mean, really. We lost. Again. We needed that game so badly, and we lost. It’s the bullpen’s fault, as usual.

Kevin Correia started, but only went 3.1 innings, allowing five runs on eight hits. Not good. Correia’s pitch count went way up way early, but I think Buddy was fighting for this game. OK, Kevin can’t pitch tonight, so he’s coming out. Bring in the next guy, see what he can do.

In the bottom of the third, the Padres got three runs to make the score 5-3 Rockies. We got the runs on a error, and single by Scott Hairston, and a groundout.

Edward Mujica threw a solid inning, striking out three.

In the bottom of the fifth, we took our only lead of the game on Scott Hairston’s three run homer. It seemed like that was the momentum shifter to the Padres side, but unfortunately, it was not meant to be.

In the top of the seventh, Edwin Moreno got the bases loaded with one out. Cla Meredith came in, and promptly allowed a grand slam to Chris Iannetta. ARGH!!!!

And…that was essentially it. We died, going down 1-2-3 in the next three innings excepting Scott Hairston’s double in the eighth. Luke Gregerson and Arturo Lopez had scoreless innings. 

We’re not hitting right now. Last night we got four hits. This makes me want to cry! Scott Hairston got three of them. Luis Rodriguez had the other one. We’re not hitting, we not pitching, it’s a miracle that we got six runs last night!!

Well, we needed that game. Now, the fans are giving up, and the players have got to be discouraged. We’ve lost our last six games. We’re 7.5 games behind.

We’re pathetic. I just don’t know what to do with this team.

Maybe some more restictions are in order…

9) No more luxury lockers.

lockers.jpg10) 25% reduction in wages. The players aren’t doing anything, so why should the Padres be paying them?

losingmoney.jpg11) None of the players can leave the stadium until we win, which means they will need to camp out.

sleeping bag.jpgOutside.

moon.jpg12) Hey, while they’re camping out on the field, they can have a campfire and burn the sand uniforms!

jake sand.jpg(not while they are still wearing them, of course)

And of course, there will be no s’mores allowed. Just Vegemite.

vegemite175.jpg(thanks to Ash for restriction ideas!)

I wanted to give a quick shoutout to my mom, whose birthday is today. Happy birthday Mom! Thanks so much for everything🙂

IMG_4137.JPGTonight, we had better win…or else the Padres may find themselves without any showers at all! Josh Geer will go for the win against Aaron Cook. Oh great. Jen, cheer for my Padres. Cheer for them hard!! 

Keeping the faith…


Officially Fallen Back To Earth

My Padres are not doing well right now.

I’m not giving up on this team. I am a die-hard Padres fan, and there’s no other team I would rather root for. But right now, we are not playing like we can, and we’re losing like crazy. I’ve said it before, I’m not afraid to criticize this team, especially when they losing like this. I’m not going to say everything’s peachy when it’s not. So, in order to solve our apparent problems, I must rant and it might seem like I’m bashing them. Well, if I do, it’s only because I love them. Here we go…

On Saturday night, Chris Young threw an absolute gem, similar to Jake Peavy’s the night before. CY went seven innings, six hits, one run, five strikeouts. He was very sharp, and he gave this team a huge chance to win. 

What do we do with that chance? Of course, we ruin it. We let it slip away, and we don’t capitalize on opportunities to score. Sure, we got an Edgar Gonzalez solo homer in the top of the first but that was it for the entire game!! We left six on. We got five walks and three hits.

But the Dodgers were held down pretty well too. Edwin Moreno and Cla Meredith had excellent outings. The game went to the tenth, tied at one.

Luke Gregerson comes into the game. He gets the bases loaded, no outs. He allows a single and the game. We lost 2-1 in extras. It was so sad!

We left six on. But there was one inning where we got the bases loaded with one out. Randy Wolf was tiring, so a new pitcher was brought in.

My boy Kouz is at the plate. What do you think he does? First pitch from a fresh pitcher with the bases loaded and one out, he hits into a double play. I was not happy with him. Not happy at all.

But he halfway redeemed himself when he barehanded a grounder and got a runner out at first. I still love you, Kouz🙂

Man, I can’t believe we only got three hits in the entire game!! That’s terribly pathetic!!

Yesterday’s game was terribly pathetic too. Chad Gaudin started, throwing 5.2 innings and allowing six runs. Arturo Lopez allowed a run, but Luis Perdomo threw two perfect innings.

This time, we got six hits. Brian Giles and Jody Gerut each hit a solo homer. That was Gillies’ first of the year, so maybe he’s heating up. Edgar Gonzalez drove in another run with a double.

The game was pretty close for a while, but then the Dodgers pulled ahead and they never looked back. They ended the torturous series with a sweep, 7-3.

I don’t know what to do with my Padres. We should have won two, maybe three games in this series. Instead, we won NONE.

It’s all about clutch hitting, man. Yesterday, in the sixth, the Dodgers got four runs to pull ahead for good. They got all four of those runs with two outs. The Padres, once they got two outs, they were done. There wasn’t a clutch hit in the entire series for the Padres!

But the Dodgers were a lot better than us. They were hitting when the opportunity came to score some runs. They were working together as a team, and they were getting the job done. I didn’t feel any of that from the Padres at all!

We couldn’t win with Jake Peavy pitching, we couldn’t win with Chris Young pitching, and we couldn’t even win with Chad Gaudin pitching!! I mean, if we can’t win with our aces going out there and having outings like they did, how on earth are we supposed to win with the guys like Kevin Correia and Josh Geer? Baseball is so unfair!

We were 4-for-29 with runners in scoring position for the whole series. That’s scary. It’s all about the clutch hitting, and that’s proof that we weren’t. We lost 3.5 games in the standings, and now we’re in fourth place in the NL West, only ahead of the Rockies. We’re headed for the cellar, that place that I never want to go to again. We’ve lost five in a row. We’re not hitting, and we’re not pitching. We had a great little run at the beginning of the season, but that’s over now. We’ve officially fallen back to earth.

Now is the time when winning really matters. Now is the time that we have to fight, and fight hard to stay with the other teams in our division. Now is the time that we have to persevere, not give up, ’cause this is when it’s hardest to do so.

Padres fans were hesitant to get too excited about the run we made at the beginning of the season, and you can bet that those fans are retreating, saying that they were right. We’re going to have very small crowds for the next few days as we play at home.

We’re not playing like we should be. We’ve got the talent, but something’s happened to this team. They are reeling, defeated, struck down. But they aren’t giving up. They’re going to fight with all they have. Sometimes, it just won’t work.

It’s times like these when you see who really loves this team and who doesn’t. When the times get tough, some fans will abandon their team. But I can’t. I couldn’t stop supporting this team if I wanted to. The die-hard Padres fans can’t and won’t leave this team. 

We’ve gone through this before. All of our 40 years of existence have been characterized by losing and failure. We made it through last season. We endured 99 losses and lived to tell. We can do it again if we have to. This team may lose the rest of their games this season, but we’ll stick by them. No matter what.

And you know what, it’s only the beginning of May. We have a TON of baseball to be played, and there’s no reason to believe that we won’t get better. I think that we will rebound and have an excellent second half. I still think we can get to the playoffs. This team is too good to stay like this for long. We’ve seen it. We know they can win on a consistent basis. I think they will go back to doing that soon.

We’re playing the Rockies for two games at home starting today. The game tonight is crucial for San Diego to win. We need a win after five straight losses, to get back on track. If we don’t win tonight…oh boy. And so, to help the players be motivated to get this win, I propose a few, uh, restrictions until they win:

1) No hot showers until they win.

shower.jpg2) Everybody has to shave.

shaving_face.jpg 3) If they don’t win during this homestand, they have to travel to Houston in a bus.

schoolbus.jpg4) They will have to put Jeff the Ram’s Head in the dugout for full display.

jeff the ram's head 2.jpg

5) No candy in the clubhouse until we win a game.


If they want something to eat, they can have some of Buddy Black’s favorite snack:

vegimite02_sized.jpg6) The team needs to get together for a serious meeting.


7) They need to have a ceremonial burning of the sand uniforms.


sand uniform.jpg8) And above all, this team needs to bring out their bats!

bats.jpgHopefully, my Padres will snap out of it tonight against those Rockies.


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Killing the Gem

Last night, Jake Peavy pitched an absolute gem.


Eight innings, two hits, one walk. Eight strikeouts. That was Jake Peavy out there in Dodger Stadium last night. He’s had some bad outings, some OK outings, but this was definitely one of his best. He’s always owned the Dodgers, and last night was no different.

JakePeavy_2006_017.jpgBut on the other side, Clayton Kershaw was shutting down my Padres. Kershaw has been pretty good against us, and he held us to four hits and two walks for seven innings. We got nothing against three Dodgers relievers.

The whole story of this game was the ninth inning. Scoreless game, Duaner Sanchez comes in to pitch. He allowed a single, then two walks.

He’s trying to get out of this inning, send the game into extras to give his team a chance. He’s got the bases loaded, but two outs. Russell Martin comes to the plate.

Swinging strike. Good. Ball. Ball in dirt. Not good. Then FOUR foul balls. That must have been really stressing for all the people listening to the game. Then another ball. We’ve got a full count. Yet another foul.

The tension is at its climax here. The runners on all the bases crouch, ready to sprint to the next stop. Sanchez is dripping sweat. He wipes his face nervously, but it doesn’t help the sweat that much. He glances over his shoulders, checking the dancing runners. Finally he turns to his catcher, picking up the sign.

The crowd of 47,210 is on their feet, cheering with all they’ve got. Full count…Sanchez finally throws the pitch…it sails to home plate…and it’s a ball.

Game over. 1-0 Dodgers.


Sanchez has been terrible. I’m sorry, but we really need to get rid of him. He’s done nothing but help us lose ever since the beginning of the season. You just can’t put a guy like that in a scoreless game, bottom of the ninth. I have no idea why Buddy didn’t take him out. But let me tell you, I wouldn’t be suprised if he got sent down soon. I would be relieved. (Get it? Relieved, relievers in the bullpen? Haha? Wow, that’s bad!!)

Jake, I mean, WOW. He did an incredible job out there, owning the Dodgers as he usually does. He deserved that win. I am so glad that he had a solid outing. He needed it, his team needed it, and the fans needed it. Unfortunately, we can’t even win when Jake gives us a near-perfect outing. Reminds me of last year…

That’s what’s scaring me. We’re 11-12 right now, having lost nine out of our last eleven. This year is starting to remind me of last year. We’re not hitting, our bullpen is miserable, and we’re losing. I’m really worried about this team right now.

I had hoped that we would be able to at least split this series with the Dodgers. We would have to win the next two games to do that. I just am not seeing a winning team right now. I’m pretty sure we can get this game tonight, but I don’t know if we could handle winning two games in a row. 

I don’t know what to do with this team. I mean, there’s nothing I can personally do, but I don’t know what the front office can do either. We definitley need new pitching, starting and bullpen. Our hitters…I have no idea. We got four hits total last night, but we were going against a really good pitcher (I wonder how much longer I can use that excuse!).

We aren’t hitting that great. Quite a few of our guys are off to sloooow starts. We definitely aren’t pitching, especially at the end of the bullpen.

I’m not pressing this yet…

panic-button.jpg…but this team has got to get it going. We need to play hard. We need to be able to beat the really good teams like the Dodgers. We have to be able to if we want to go anywhere in this division.

Tonight it’s an Opening Week re-match of Chris Young and Randy Wolf. Last time they met on that second game of the season, CY came out on top. I was at that game🙂

Hopefully, our second ace will be able to pull of an excellent outing. And our hitters had better give him some support. And the bullpen had better not give up so much as a run, or else…

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Defense, Defense

I hate the Dodgers. No offense to Dodgers fans, but I really do. The Dodgers annoy me like crazy. First of all, they are in first place in the NL West by 3.5 games. Also, they are always beating us. I really don’t like that. Then, all their players hit us really well, which is really annoying. I think I need to go hide for the rest of this series…

Josh Geer started, giving up four runs in six innings, which was pretty good. He allowed a run in the bottom of the first, but the Padres got three in the top of the second.

Adrian started the inning with a single, followed by two walks. Nick Hundley then walked in the tying run. Luis Rodriguez grounded into a double play, but a run scored. Then the pitcher, Josh Geer, laced a single up the middle to drive in out third run of the game.

But the Dodgers got three runs in the bottom of the third on Orlando Hudson’s two-run homer. And of course, that Manny dude hit a solo homer. Josh Geer was definitely hit hard in that inning, but he kept fighting.

In the top of the seventh, the Padres took the lead. Scott Hairston walked and Adrian doubled him in. Chase Headley singled, then Kouz grounded out, scoring our last run of the night.

After that, it was all bullpen blues. Luke Gregerson came in and gave up two runs on four hits. He left with the bases loaded and one out. Edward Mujica came in and got a 3-2-3 double play, but he gave up two runs in the next inning to let the Dodgers blow this baby wide open.

The Padres didn’t do very well in this game. Sure, we scored 5 runs, and came from behind a few times, but we left ten runners on and were only 2-for-11 with runners in scoring position.

Let me tell you, the pitching is suffering right now. Our bullpen was great for the first two weeks, but now it’s dead. We need new arms, ASAP!!

The pitching was bad, but I think a big part of this game was the defense. First of all, the Padres’ was pretty sloppy. In the seventh inning, Orlando Hudson singled to right. The runner went from second to third. The throw into the infield went right to Nick Hundley…and right through his legs. Then Luke Gregerson, who was backing up the play, also let the ball get past him. As a result, the runner scored the go-ahead run.

Padres defense? BAD. But the Dodgers’ defense drove me nuts, espeically the defense of a Matt Kemp. With the bases loaded, he completely stole a clearing-double from Jody Gerut early in the game. So frustrating! Later, he stole another run and a hit from my Kouz-o. I really hate it when that happens. 

The Padres defense was pathetic. Oh my goodness, that’s the first time I’ve used “pathetic” this season to describe something on my Padres! Uh oh… But the Dodgers defense was maddening. ARGH!!!

I am so ready for this series to be over🙂

Well, Jake Peavy is going tonight. I’m trying to have hope for the game, because it’s Jake Peavy, but I don’t know. This team needs some help right now. They need something to get them going. Maybe Buddy should get ejected. Or yell. Or something. This team is kind of dead in the water right now, and they need to pick it up. They have got to get it going.


Oh and Jen…


nick hundley2.jpg
chase clubhouse.jpg
peavy jake.jpg
IMG_3590.JPGEnough said?