May 2009

Facing the Giants

Yesterday was an off-day. It was very different not having a game, but I was still catching up from Sunday, so it was all good. I did get some exciting news, though: Hyun Young is treating me to a Padres game in July…in these incredible seats!


It’s going to be so much fun, and I’m already planning it all out. I can’t wait for July 18th! That’s going to be the third game in a series against the Rockies, so maybe Tom and Jen will be there that night. I know Hyun Young and I will have so much fun cheering for our Padres and cheering against the Rockies🙂

Thanks Hyun Young!!🙂

On Saturday, I went to my brother’s last regular season game. His team won 24-8. I was keeping score, and it was absolutely crazy. They got nine runs in the first inning, and 12 runs in the fourth. It was insane to keep score, but I survived. Well, pretty much. I did get a terrible sunburn on my arms. Thankfully, we were in the shade most of the game on Sunday, so it didn’t get worse.

Tonight we are playing the Giants, thankfully still at home. My best friends and their family are going to be at the game! I am so excited for them, and hopefully they’ll take lots of pictures for me.

It will be interesting to see how my Padres do tonight. We’ve got the momentum from the sweep over the weekend, as well as a day of rest. Chris Young is going to be starting, and hopefully he can give us a solid outing.

Last time out in Chicago, he gave up four home runs in only a few innings. But I think he will be much better at home, without the Wrigley wind. Last time the Giants were in town, we swept them in three. Hint hint…

Even with the sweep over the weekend, we are still 10 games behind the Dodgers. But we are in third place. I think we moved up a few spots, but that’s probably because the Rockies and Diamondbacks are not doing well down there. Hey, if we were able to sweep the Giants in this series, we would gain a few games on them at least.

Well, if we just keep that pitching and hitting from the weekend, we will be in good shape.


(photo credit: Hyun Young/   

Winning Ways

Before I can get to yesteday, I have to start with the day before. After all, yesterday wouldn’t have as much meaning without the day before, Saturday the 16th.

Started Josh Geer lasted only 5 2.3 innings, giving up five runs. But that was it for the Reds’ scoring. Joe Thatcher (miraculously), Greg Burke, Cla Meredith, Heath Bell, Edward Mujica, Luke Gregerson, and Luis Perdomo held the Reds to three hits for the rest of the game.

On the offensive side, we started things out with a Brian Giles home run. Later in the game, Edgar Gonzalez hit a solo homer, and we got two runs in the bottom of the eighth to tie the game. Jody Gerut had an RBI ground ball, and then with the bases loaded, Drew Macias walked to drive in the tying run.

And so the game went on…and on…and on. We left the bases loaded in the tenth; the umpire’s strike zone was not good, and he called a strike on a pitch that was clearly a ball with a full count and the bases loaded. That was the third out and thus send the game even farther.

After the 11th, I had to go to bed. I was in bed, but it was about 11:30 pm and I had a big day coming up, so I decided I needed to sleep. I’m so glad I stopped when I did!

I woke up the next morning at 6:30, and I just had to know what happened. So I got out my phone and texted MLBGO to get the score. We won, 6-5. And then I saw “F/16”. I was so shocked!! So if it was 11:30 by the time it was the 12th, it must have been so late (or should I say early) when the game ended!

I later found out that it was a Nick Hundley walk-off homer that finally ended the game in the 16th. Nick had caught all 16 innings, and I bet he was ready to be done.

Luke Gregerson and Luis Perdomo each threw three innings, which was huge. They were both very solid.

Sure, the Padres left 17 runners on, but the bullpen was fantastic, and we finally got the win.

I knew that my boys were going to be tired. Of course, they just had to play 16 innings right before a day game! I knew that Jake was going to have to give us a solid outing to rest the bullpen. And I really really hoped that Kouz would be playing.

We got to the ballpark around 12:15. I led the way to our amazing section down the left field line. Once we got settled a bit, we got up again to get our 5 for $5. The line wasn’t that bad, and there’s no tax, so it is literally $5. Unfortunately, I have a hard time enjoying food at the ballpark. I’m usually too excited to really concentrate on my food. So, I’m pretty sure the hot dog was good. Just wish I could have savored it more… the chocolate chunk cookie was really really good. And the lemonade lasted me the entire game, so though I didn’t eat the popcorn (my sister did) or the peanuts (none of us did), I think it was definitely worth the $5.

Once I was finished snarfing my food, I wanted to go down closer to the field. There were some Padres streching near their dugout, and once we started walking over there, a few guys were signing autographs. They were David Eckstein and Edgar Gonzalez!

These are for Hyun Young🙂

IMG_4369.JPGThey did not sign for very long, and I wasn’t able to get anything. We had to go back to our seats for the start of the game.

It was an excellent game. I am so glad I got to see it!

Jake was good. Chris Dickerson doubled to start the game, but then Jerry Hairston bunted and Jake fielded and threw to third. He got the lead runner, which was great!

In the bottom of the inning, Drew Macias walked and Edgar Gonzalez got hit-by-pitch.

edgar and macias on base.JPGTwo outs later, Kouz hit a single. But his bat broke, so there was a collective gasp. When we realized that it got through and drove in a run, the cheers broke out. That was kind of funny. Next Jody Gerut hit a single to drive in our second run.

Jake only allowed four hits in the entire game. The only run he gave up was a solo homer to Chris Dickerson.

And yes, I did say entire game.

In the bottom of the eighth, my baby Kouz came to the plate with two hits already under his belt. I never felt like our two-run lead was ever in danger; Jake was in complete control. But it was nice to get the insurance run. Kouz hit a huge homer to right field, and I was soooo happy🙂


IMG_4695.JPGThat was all for Bronson Arroyo, who threw a great game. We only got three runs and six hits off him. It was a lot of fun to watch him. He’s got that crazy delivery and the wacko hair, and it was so much fun to “cheer” for him. I was mostly saying, “Great job, Bronson, you just walked a guy!” Stuff like that. It annoyed my sister, but I enjoyed it. I congratulated him on that great game as he walked off the field. He gave us a chance to win!!🙂



IMG_4694.JPGThe top of the ninth was one of the best parts of the whole game. Jake came out, once again to try to finish it out.

It was so cool! Jake got the first two batters out quickly, but then he ran into a little trouble. 

On the third batter he faced in the inning (Jerry Hairston), he got a called strike, and then Hairston fouled two balls. Jake threw a ball, and the crowd got on their feet in anticipation of a third strike. It was incredible. Everyone was standing and cheering, and chanting “PEA-VY, PEA-VY, PEA-VY!!” It was so cool!!

And then…Hairston hit a single. Argh. Buddy Black comes out, and when Buddy comes out, that means that the pitcher is done.

IMG_4720.JPGBut then, Buddy walked back to the dugout, and Jake was still on the mound! The crowd erupted, ready to stand by Jake for one more batter.

IMG_4721.JPGIt was an intense last batter in Jay Bruce. Jake got two called strikes, then three fouls. And finally, a swinging strike!

IMG_4730.JPGOh man, it was such a fun game! And yes, we did kind of, ahem, move to closer seats that were not our own. It was OK, though, because they were the same price.

So, Jake threw nine innings, allowing four hits and one run and striking out eight. It was a masterful performance, so much fun to watch! The game only took two hours and 14 minutes, and the crowd was 21,123. Jake got the win and Bronson got the loss.

Here’s a funny story: the people in the section to our right were trying to start the wave, but it got stuck at the Western Metal Supply building. It never works with those people up there; they’re too rich to care. So, some of the kids in our section tried to start it, going the other way. But the people who were trying to get it going over there were apparently done with trying. So when it faded out, one of the kids yelled, “You’re supposed to raise your hands!!” A bunch of people in our section burst out laughing.

Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed a drastic absence of Kouz pictures. Don’t worry, they’re coming. I took about 300-330 pitctures at the game, and there’s probably 150-200 of Kouz. No joke. He was right there, and I just loved taking a ton of pictures of him. I also took a lot of Jake, and some of Arroyo. But mostly Kouz and Jake🙂

Thing was, Kouz was often playing right in my line of Jake, so there’s a lot of Jake and Kouz together. Hehehe. Here’s some of my favorites (it’s going to be really hard to pick some out of the vast choices!!):

ywhere's my stuff.JPGLove this one. Kouz is like, hello, where’s my stuff?

yyyyyy.JPGWhhhhy is he swinging at a pitch in the dirt??

tribute to the military.JPGTribute to the military in the fourth (?) inning. Everyone stood and clapped for like, five minutes. It was really neat.

kooz ball.JPG
chase.JPGChase Headley in left field.

koooz dugout.JPGNotice Kouz in the dugout. He apparently isn’t too happy about grounding out. My poor baby😦 But he did get three hits, and that’s all because I was there. Of course.

jake and kouz.JPG
hoffman box.JPGGlenn Hoffman clearly not in his box, thus blocking my view of home plate.

eck.JPGEck came in later in the game.

hairston.JPGJerry Hairston

kouz t.JPG
jake dugout kouz.JPGOk, I think that’s enough pictures for now🙂

It was such a fun afternoon, and it is so amazing that we swept the Reds! This team is changed. Today we have a much needed off-day, but we’ll be getting back into it tomorrow night against the Giants!


(photo credits: ME!!)       

Six Game Losing Streak…Done!

After a closed-door meeting on Thursday, where Buddy Black got a little heated, and some roster moves before the game, the Padres went out at home in front of a big crowd and got the job done.

Kevin Correia started, with his 0-3 record, and threw seven solid innings. He credits his vastly improved performance to pitching coach Darren Balsley, who helped him tweak his delivery. He allowed three runs, but two were because Brian Giles let a ball get out of his glove. The third was a home run to Joey Votto. Correia only walked two batters, and both were intentional. He was good, and definitely deserved the win. He was the first starter to win a game for 26 games.

Luke Gregerson threw 0.2 solid inning, and Heath Bell got a four-out save. Of course, he made it interesting in the ninth, allowing a hit. But he finished it with a strikeout, saving the Padres’ first win since May 7th.

Adrian Gonzalez hit a solo homer in the first inning, giving him five games in a row that’s hit a home run.

My boy Kouz hit a double to drive in our second run in the 6th. That guy is so beautiful.

The seventh was the big inning for us. Chris Burke hit a single, followed by a Drew Macias groundout that sent Burke to second. Brian Giles then singled to put Burke on second. Then David Eckstein came up to the plate. Hyun Young, you’ve got a great guy here🙂 He singled to drive in the tying run.

After a pitching change, Scott Hairston came to the plate and hit the first pitch right past his brother at third. The Padres got the go-ahead run!

Jody Gerut flew out to drive in one more, and the rest is history.

It’s so crazy when we play the Reds because there’s two Hairstons and two A.Gonzalezs!

scott and jerry.jpg

The Hairstons look so similar, it’s crazy! Seriously, I’ve even noticed that they have similar batting stances! I saw Jerry in one the video highlights from last night’s game…wow.

It was an incredible game. Feels so great to have a win!

After the game, Buddy called all the players into the clubhouse for a bit of a ceremony. First, he presented everyone with their cell phones, which had been taken away from them on Wednesday.

Brian Giles fell to the ground, kissing his Blackberry. “Now I can finally call my mommy!”

Kouz grabbed his phone and tossed it into his locker.

Jake Peavy quickly switched on his iPhone, easily the most expensive phone of the bunch, and looked shocked as his phone beeped with every new message coming in. “Only 197 missed calls and 456 texts?”

Scott Hairston immediately called his brother in the other clubhouse. “You should have yourself when you were trying to catch that single I hit right past you! HAHAHAHAHA!! You didn’t have a chance, bro!! HEHEHE, you were spread out flat on the ground…”

“Alright, guys,” Buddy said. “It’s time to welcome in the newest Padres.”

Greg Burke, Joe Thatcher, and Josh Wilson sheepishly stepped forward.

Burke is in the majors for the first time. Thatcher…well, if you have read any of my stuff from last year or Spring Training, you know that I cannot stand him. The guy pitches really well in Triple-A, but whenever he gets up here, he falls apart. Wilson is our new shortstop.

“Welcome to Padres baseball!” yelled Nick Hundley.

“Uh, thanks Nick.” Greg said.

“Now, boys,” Jake started,”We’re expectin’ that ya’ll will throw a lotta strikes and win us some ball games, okey dokey?”

Joe put his thumbs up. “Great. Will do!”

Jody Gerut glared at them. “You’d better. You have no idea how annoying it is for an outfielder to have to watch a pitcher walk guy after guy after guy.”

Scotty, Chase, Brian, and Drew all groaned.

Everth Cabrera, with his hand in a cast, Luis Rodriguez, limping on crutches, and Chris Burke, perfectly healthy, stared at Josh.

“So, you’re the fourth shortstop this year, eh?” Luis said.

“A word of advice,” Everth said, “Don’t punch a storage bin if you get frustrated.”

David Eckstein walked over. “Hey, so you’re the fourth shortstop I have to work with this year!”

Kouz walked over, looking perplexed. “Guys, I need some help. Do you think I should shave?”

Chris looked at his face closely. “Kouz, you barely have a shadow!”

Chase nodded. “And Kouz, Kaybee’s coming to the game this Sunday, and you know how much she loves it when you’ve got a dark shadow.”

Kouz nodded, flipping out his mirror and gazing at himself. “That’s true. I wouldn’t want to disappoint Kaybee! She might say something mean about me in her blog!”

All the guys agreed. “Definitely wouldn’t want to do that!”

Well, Duaner Sanchez is gone, and Edwin Moreno went to Triple-A. I am so glad that Sanchez is gone!

Tonight is Josh Geer against Volquez. I’m really excited. I think this team can get something done tonight!

As you all know, I’m going to the game tomorrow! I am soooo excited!! It’s going to be soooo much fun. I’ll have a huge report up on Monday morning. It’s going to be amazing to get out there and watch some Padres baseball, Peavy vs. Arroyo!! I can’t wait!!

Well, today I’m going to watch two of my brothers’ baseball games. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Never can have too much baseball!


Throwing Strikes For DUMMIES

It only took ten minutes.

I switched on the radio about two hours after the game started, deciding that I should probably check the score. The first thing I heard was Cubs fans cheering and Andy Masur saying, “And there’s two more for the Cubs!”

Oh, great.

I was trying to eat lunch while listening, but 0.1 inning and six runs later, I had to turn of the radio. It was giving me indigestion. Once it was 7-1 Cubs, I was done.

But the onslaught went on without me. The Cubs pounded out 11 hits and 11 runs.

The Padres got a few runs, three to be exact. Adrian hit his 14th homer of the season, and he’s now hit at least one homer in four games straight. Man, if he wasn’t in Petco all the time…wow. This guy is now leading the majors in home runs.

“I could [not] care less,” Gonzalez said. “It wasn’t enough.”

Drew Macias hit his first homer of the year, but we only got four hits total. We were disgraced in this series, getting swept for the second straight time.

The pitching is what killed us. Chad Gaudin only went 4.1 innings, allowing four runs. Luis Perdomo gave up three, and Duaner Sanchez gave up four. Cla Meredith had a good inning, and Heath got to pitch as well, getting two strikeouts. I feel so bad for Heath.

The worst part of this game was the walks. We gave up TEN walks. Gaudin gave up SEVEN in his 4.1 innings!! These guys just couldn’t find the plate.

The Padres are back home now, after having a closed-door meeting after the game. I sure hope it worked.

Well, time to call in the Professor.

I called Greg Maddux early this morning, explaining this situation to him. He was busy golfing, but he agreed to come over and talk to the pitchers for us.

I sent all the position players to the batting cages, telling them to stay there, for say, five hours. Then all the pitchers gathered in the clubhouse as Maddux began to speak.

“It’s all about location, location, location.” he started.

“Oooooooh!” said the pitchers.

“When you pitch, you need to focus on where your pitch is going more than how fast it’s going.”


Duaner Sanchez raised his hand. “Excuse me, sir, I’ve been having trouble understanding what exactly a strike is. Perhaps you could explain to me.”

“Of course.” Greg said, quickly drawing something on the whiteboard next to him. 

mlb_strike_zone.png“You see, you want to get the ball over the plate, but not so the batter can hit it,” Maddog explained. “A lot of my success came my hitting the corners, but since you guys don’t have much control, I wouldn’t recommend that.”

Duaner rubbed his chin. “Hmmm, I think I’m finally starting to get it!”

“Good,” said GM Kevin Towers as he walked into the room. “Maybe you can work on it more when you get to Triple-A!”

Next, Greg showed the pitchers exactly how to hold the ball.

madduxpadrespose.jpgAfter Maddux talked to the pitchers for a few more hours, drilling them about where exactly the strike zone was, I walked him out to his car.

“You’ve got an interesting bunch of pitchers there.” he commented.

“Yeah, but a lot of them are probably going to be kicked out soon.” I said. “Hey, Doggie…”

He stopped, looking at me expectedly.

“You miss baseball yet? ‘Cause we could use another starting pitcher.”

He just smiled.

Well, I hope that meeting helped the pitchers realize a bit more about pitching, especially since they got it from the Professor. The Padres are back home for a nine-game homestand, starting with the apparently red-hot Reds for three. I’m scared. Aaron Harang, who scares my sister, is going tonight against Kevin Correia.

I mean, look at those eyes. They’re creepy!

aaron harang creepy.jpgBy the way, I hate Tim Sullivan’s ways to improve this team. They are plain wrong!! We must not get rid of Kouz!!!! He just needs time. We didn’t give up on him in 2007 and we can’t give up on him now. If they traded him, I would need a support group for months and months and months!! It would not be pretty.

Speaking of getting rid of players, I heard Trevor’s eighth save in eight chances yesterday. It plain broke my heart. I miss that dude sooo much!!! But you know what, I am so glad he’s on that team right now and not on the Padres. If he was here, he would be completely miserable. At least he’s on a winning team, and he’s getting to pitch. I just miss him like crazy!!

So, I am getting even more excited about Sunday’s game for one simple reason:

bronson.jpgThis gorgeous dude is pitching against Jake!!

OK, this is really weird, but I am soooo amazingly excited about seeing this guy pitch! Here’s the story.

A few years ago, Bronson Arroyo walked a Padre batter with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, and we won the game. I’m not exactly sure what he was doing pitching in the bottom of the ninth, but I know it was him. I remember him by the hair, which looked like Khalil’s.

arroyo.jpgI’m not exactly sure why I became so fascinated with him, but it was probably because the Padres did really well against him. Also, he’s really cute!

At first, I thought it was going to be Peavy-Owings this Sunday, because that’s the way the rotation had panned out, but I didn’t realize that the Reds had an off-day this week, thus pushing Arroyo to Sunday.

What a pitching match-up this is going to be! I am so ridiculously excited, it’s ridiculous!! I mean, I’m so super pumped about watching the opposing pitcher! I think all this losing is going to my head.

But seriously, I can’t wait to see Bronson. He’s amazing. Hopefully my Padres will be able to hit him, though🙂

arroyoguitar.jpgYou know, I don’t really care that the Padres are losing so much right now. I just want to get out to the ballpark, take pictures of my boys, and watch some baseball. It’s almost guaranteed to be a great pitchers’ duel all the way. I’m going to go out there and enjoy some baseball. Who cares that the Padres are heading down the drain, that they’re a million games behind and can’t hit or pitch?

It’s going to be an amazing game, and my boys had better pull away with the win. And if they aren’t able to do that, I at least hope they can play well. I don’t want to have to walk out of there angry and frustrated and embarrased by them. If they try as hard as they can, I’d be satisfied. But they’d better win🙂

I’m soooooo excited!! AHHH! Only a few more days….


You Guys Need Help

Well, at least Adrian’s having fun.

I swear, it’s those stupid sand uniforms! THEY MAKE US LOSE. Why does that not make any sense to you guys? Come on, it’s so obvious!!

Adrian hit his 12th homer, top of the first. Just like Tuesday. Did it help anything? Of course not!

Chris Young gave up four home runs, six runs, in four innings. He got the loss, keeping the streak of a starting pitcher not winning a game since April 16th.

The start of the game was delayed by rain, and there was a four-minute rain delay during the game. Then the game was called after eight. It’s not like we would have come back anyway, but it’s kind of odd that they called it then. Oh well.

The bullpen actually didn’t allowing anything last night! Shocking. Mujica, Gregerson, and Sanchez combined for a few scoreless innings.

Adrian hit another homer later in the game, his 13th. Scott Hairston, Chase, Adrian, and Luis Rodriguez each had two hits. We had 11 hits total, which is crazy! This team doesn’t do that. Well, maybe they do, but they don’t get the hits they need to, like when they left seven runners on.

After getting his second hit, Luis rounded first and suddenly hopped on his right foot, obviously stuck by pain. He was able to hobble back into first, while the mean Cub threw to first! Come on, can’t you see he’s hurt? Least you could do was let the poor guy not have to hurt himself more by hurrying back to first!

Luis is going on the DL. Well, second shortstop down, one more to go. Chris Burke’s the dude right now, though Edgar Gonzalez and David Eckstein could play there. Sounds like KT’s going dumpster diving, though.

After the terrible loss last night, my boys don’t get their cell phones back. Their play has been so terrible lately!

I think it’s time to bring in the psychiatrist.

psychiatrist.gif Brian Giles, you’re first.


Let’s name our psychiatrist Bob.

BOB: So, Brian, I understand that you’ve been going through a lot lately.

BRIAN (turning bright red): Well, what do you expect? My former girlfriend is accusing me of abusing her, and I’m accusing her of abusing me, and I can’t seem to find my groove, and I’m batting in the seven spot, and…and…I’m getting old!!!

BOB: Calm down, Brian, take a deep breath, there you go. Now, Brian, it seems to me that you’re under a lot of stress. Perhaps you should go take a long hot shower…oh wait, you guys can’t have hot showers. Never mind.


DUANER SANCHEZ: Hello, Bob. I have a problem.

BOB: Oh?

DUANER: Yes, I seem to give up run after run after run when I go out to pitch. I also can’t seem to understand the concept of throwing strikes.

BOB: Oh man, you need help!

DUANER: Yeah, that’s why you’re here.

BOB: Oh yeah. Well, I think the only way I can help you is this: if you can’t find the strike zone soon, you going to be looking for it in Triple-A.

Jake Peavy, looks like you’re next.

jake dugout.jpgJAKE: (imagine country drawl) Bob, ah jist don’t git it. Ah mean, ah lurve San Diego and all, but this country boy ain’t gettin’ any run support durin’ his starts. Ah’m tryin’ so hard, man, but somethin’ gaotta give.

BOB: Yes, I see that you have five losses already. That’s terrible for a Cy Young Award winner!

JAKE (moaning): Ah know it, Bobby. Ah mean, ah struck me out nine guys on Tuesday, but ah only gotter a two-runner homer to support me, ya know?

BOB: Of all the team, I would think that you would be the most affected. I mean, you had a tough offseason with all the trade talks, and now you’re on a losing team that simply won’t score any runs for you. Now, how do you feel about the sand uniforms?

JAKE (in an angry tone): Man, ah hate those thangs!! Ah never want to be wearin’ them, ‘specially after that there Game 163, but Harry makes me. Ah don’t know why…I’m thinkin’ about makin’  big ole BBQ in mah backyard in the offseason; then we can be burnin’ them!!

Oh Koooooz…your turn!!

kouz batting.jpgKOUZ: Hey, Bob, does my hair look OK?

BOB: Kevin, you don’t have any hair.

KOUZ: Oh – yeah.

BOB: So, I hear you’ve been in quite a bit of a slump.

KOUZ: Well, I’ve been getting in my reps, so it’s all good.

BOB: Even if you’re not hitting well?

KOUZ: Well, I know I look really good, so I think that’s all that really matters. As long as all the girls are swooning over me, it doesn’t really matter if I’m hitting or not.

BOB: But wouldn’t they like you more if you played well?

KOUZ: They don’t notice. All they see is my beautiful face.

BOB: Seems like we have a bit of a pride issue here.

KOUZ (shocked look on his beautiful face): Bob! I’m just saying the truth!

BOB: I think I’ve figured out your problem! How many times to you look at yourself in the mirror during a game?

KOUZ: Too often to count, Bob. I need to be constantly checking my beard.

BOB: You need help!

KOUZ: That’s why you’re here.

BOB: Oh yeah. Um, Kevin, I think you need to concentrate on your performance on the field more than your face. You’re always going to be beautiful to the girls, so you need to just show off that bat and that glove. Hope you get out of that slump soon.

(Kouz walks out, rubbing his beautiful bald head. Bob is left alone in the room.)

BOB: This team needs some major help.

KAYBEE: That’s why I brought you here, Bob!!

BOB: True, but they need REAL help. They need more than a psychiatrist. They need new bats and some winning dust.

KAYBEE: What, you want me to call Tinkerbell next?

BOB: I’m just saying…

KAYBEE: Bye, Bob. Thanks for trying.

Well, the Padres have an early game today. Hopefully the weather will behave and we will be able to get this one in with no interupptions. Chad Gaudin will go for his first win against Ryan Dempster. Hopefully the boys got to clear their heads a little by meeting with Bob, and they’d better get the win today. I do not want to get swept again.


(photo credits:, ???)  

Live Together, Die Alone

Well, boys, you didn’t support Jake like you needed to last night, so this calls for drastic measures.

A lot of people, especially teenagers, can’t imagine life without a cell phone. We use them to talk to our friends and co-workers, we can text, and these days, we can have internet access on our phones.

Of course, the main purpose of a phone is to be able to talk to people wherever they are. But with all the fancy extras on our phones, they quickly become addicting.

If you’re a baseball player earning millions a year, I’d bet that you have a really great phone. After all, you need to keep in contact with your families when you’re on the road, and plus, you’re rich. You have a really nice phone just because you can.

Now, boys, you’ve lost four games in a row. I think it’s time for some restrictions. Your cell phones, please.

cell phone.jpg

Yep, iPhones, too.

And of course, your Blackberries.

In the bucket, please. Thank you.


Yes, even you Kouz-who-wouldn’t-care-if-your-phone-got-ran-over. Sorry, I know you’re extremely cute, but you’re in a slump too.

Now, this is an especially cruel punishment since you guys are on the road right now. You want to call your family? There’s a phonebooth right over there.

phonebooth.jpgYou’ll have to take turns, though. 10 minutes each.


Now boys, I know it will be hard to not be able to talk to your family and be distracted by your phones, but right now you need to get out to the batting cages and work, work, work. You only got five hits yesterday. Two runs in support of Jake. I expect much better from you guys.

Especially Brian, Kouz, and Cheadley. You guys are spending at least five hours in the cage today. I don’t care that you’re in Chicago. You can go sightseeing next time that you come around here. Right now, we need to get your bats going, and we need to get winning.

While the guys are batting like they never have before, let’s take the pitchers out on the field and teach them how to pitch. Jake, you did your duty last night. You can go get a massage on that arm.

But the rest of you, especially the bullpen guys, are in big trouble. Let’s see…Edwin Moreno, you gave up a run yesterday, right? Thought so. Let’s work on you first.

First of all, Ed, the point of pitching is to get strikes. You’ve never heard of that? Oh boy. It’s going to be a long day. Well, how ’bout you, Cla? You know, when you come into a situation where runners are already on base, you’re not supposed to let them score. It’s a game, you see? Try to keep the runners from scoring.

Aw, nevermind, you’re really bad at that game.

Oh, hello, Chase, done with your batting already? OK, how ’bout you go play with the ivy out there?

headley cubs.jpg

Now that we’ve learned how to throw strikes, boys…oh, you didn’t quite get it, Duaner? That’s OK, I don’t think you’ll be hanging around here much longer anyways.

Where was I? Ah yes, let’s go back to the clubhouse and talk about the evils of the sand uniforms. Hello, Jake, done with your massage? Good, maybe you would like to say a few words about the horrible games you’ve gone through with the sand uniforms. Don’t forget that you got your fifth loss last night because of them!

Oh, hi, Brian and Kouz, you guys look exhausted! No, Brian, you cannot call your mommy. They just set up batting practice on the field for you!

batting practice.jpgWell, boys, you played a bad game last night. Besides Adrian’s two-run homer, you guys didn’t give any runs to poor Jake. You just handed your ace his fifth loss of the season. He should have at least five wins by now, but because of you guys, he only has two.

You really need to pick it up, boys. The fans are getting upset, and they might leave. All you’re doing is proving that you’re the horrible team that everyone predicted you would be. You’re headed straight to the cellar, and all you’d be doing is proving people right. We want you to prove them wrong. Show the fans, show San Diego that you can play hard and that you can win. If we don’t live together, we’re going to die alone.

You aren’t working as a team here. It’s like the hitters, the starters, the bullpen, and the defense are all different parts. You’re not working together. One guy will get a hit. One guy will give up a bunch of runs. If you don’t live together, you’re going to die alone.

So, after all that BP, I expect you guys to go out there tonight, score a lot of runs, hit when it matters, and get a win. Chris Young has been giving us superb outings, he can hold the Cubs down while you get some runs.

Come on boys, it only has to be a few hours without your phones. If you get the win tonight, you’ll get your phone back as you’re walking into the clubhouse. But you gotta get that win first🙂


(and yes, I am very excited about the season finale of LOST tonight!!)

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Time To Win

I am getting so excited, it’s not even funny.

Or maybe it is🙂

I’m going to my second Padres game of the year this Sunday, a 1:05 pm start against the Reds. Seriously, I was getting so pumped up last night that I couldn’t sleep. Notice that today is Tuesday and the game is on Sunday. I’ve got a ways to go, but I can’t wait!

Daydreaming is half the fun of going to a game, isn’t it? I keep dreaming up these senarios of me talking to players, getting autographs, catching a ball, or having something big happen. Now, I don’t know how many if any of the Padres players will still be out on the field by the time we get to the ballpark (about an hour before the game), but it can’t hurt to dream, right?

Our seats are going to be really amazing as well. We’re sitting field level, down the left field line. We’re not going to be right in front of third base, but I’m going to have the perfect location to take lots of zoomed-in pitcures of my Kouz. It’s going to be so much fun🙂

My three younger siblings are going to get one of these when they walk in the door:

padresrookies.jpgWhen I head in, I’ll be going for:


5 for 5.jpg5 for $5 deal!

It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to take a ton of pictures and share my adventures with you guys!

Yesterday, my mom got me this amazing Padres shirt.

IMG_4236.JPGI was so excited to see it, because he’s my baby, and this is the first shirt that has his name on it that I’ve seen in San Diego since he came here! This is his third season as a Padre (just as it’s my third season as a Padres fan), so it’s been a while in coming! This shirt is just beautiful, and I love it. So cool that he’s got his own shirt now! (BTW, it was in the women’s section. Figures :D)

Well, Jake Peavy and his 2-4 record is pitching tonight against Rich Harden and his 3-1 record. Jake should be 3-1. Jake should be more like 5-1!!

Let’s hope that he can go out there and give us a solid outing. I know that he’s going for perfection, and he may need it. If we don’t score any runs for him…oh boy. I’m going to have to take drastic measures. Your cell phones are next, boys!!  So you better get out there and score some runs for Jake!!


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It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

How about a round of applause
A standing ovation

But you put on quite a show
Really had me going
Now it’s time to go
Curtain’s finally closing
That was quite a show
Very entertaining
But it’s over now (but it’s over now)
Go on and take a bow

The Padres started out the season wonderfully, almost unbelieveably. I enjoyed it while it was there, I thought, why not? We might not play like that in a long time. Well, turns out I was right. The Padres’ amazing start was just temporary. Now, we can’t hit, we can’t pitch, and we can’t win.

I don’t know what’s wrong with this team. The players have figured out that they haven’t been able hit, pitch, or have solid defense all at the same time. But they haven’t figured out how to fix that yet.

This weekend, we got swept in three to the Houston Astros. We could have, should have, won two of those games.

On Saturday night, we got three runs in the top of the eighth to take the lead. But Luke Gregerson got himself into some trouble in the bottom of the eighth. He was taken out in favor of Cla Meredith, who allowed two runs to score, taking away the Padres’ short-lived lead.

We should have won that game. But the bullpen blew it. It seems whenever we are hitting, really hitting, the bullpen goes out there and matches the runs scored by our boys. It’s terrible!

Yesterday, Josh Geer gave up seven runs in three innings, only five earned. Luis Perdomo gave up two runs. Edwin Moreno and Duaner Sanchez were (miraculously) scoreless, but Arturo Lopez gave up three runs in the bottom of the eighth.

But we hit three home runs. Chase Headley and Adrian Gonzalez each had a two-run shot, and Jody Gerut had a solo shot. We had nine hits, but only five runs. We should have had a lot more runs, but the Astros got some providential defense to keep the Padres from scoring. It was so sad!!

Scott Hairston threw out a runner at home, though. So the 12-5 thumping could have been worse.

After the game, Arturo Lopez was sent down to Triple-A. Yes!! The guy had a great Spring, but he just couldn’t pitch here. Drew Macias came back up. I have a feeling that he’ll be going back and forth a lot to Triple-A. Now we’re a man short in the bullpen, so the guys who are still there need to step it up. So do the starters. Kevin Towers is going to start picking these guys off, one by one, if they keep pitching like they have been.

Here’s the Union-Tribune’s headline this morning: “Houston, they have a problem; make that several.”

It’s so true. We’re pathetic right now. Today is an off-day, and it couldn’t come at a better time. We need a break. The fans need a break. The players…they need to get together, relax, go bowling or play pool or something, and figure this thing out.

I’m prepared to listen to baseball as terrible as this for the rest of the season. I’m prepared to see a loss every single day. But I don’t want to face that. I want this team to win. It’s so hard to lose. I’m prepared to do it, but I really don’t want to. I had to go through that last year. I know what it’s like.

We’ve got all the pieces. Now it’s just a matter of putting them all together. The fans are doing all they can. We’re “keeping the faith,” but that’s not going to do much if the players aren’t doing anything on the field.

The Padres better start doing something positive soon, or I’m going to have to take drastic measures…like go out to Petco Park and talk to them myself🙂 Speaking of which, I am getting so excited about the game! I really hope I can get a few autographs and balls. We’ll have to see🙂

We’re playing the Cubs for three games starting tomorrow before coming home to face the Reds, Giants, and Cubs. It will be good to be home for a while…I think. There had better be bigger crowds this homestand!! 

What better way to start a new series than a perfect outing by Jake Peavy! But then again, we never score runs for him. Hopefully this will be one of those rare occasions, though. We need a huge outburst against the Cubbies this week!


(lyrics: “Take a Bow” by Rihanna    

Happy Mother’s Day!

Just a quick shout-out to all the mothers here at MLBlogs! I hope you guys have a great day, and hopefully your team wins!

Mothers are a huge part of our lives, so make sure to thank them and celebrate them today. My family is trying to convince my mom to let us get some Chinese take-out tonight so we can celebrate…hopefully that will work out🙂

Also, happy mother’s day to those who are baseball “moms” – the females who cheer for and support their “boys” through thick and thin. We love them even when they fail us and reject us. It’s not easy being a fan, but today the players should celebrate all the female faithful in the crowd. My boys lost big time today, but I know a lot of you got a win from your team!


One Pitch

That’s all it took.

It was the fifth inning. Two batters on, two outs, Chad Gaudin on the mound and Hunter Pence at the plate.

The count was 3-2 when Gaudin threw that fateful pitch – the one that would define the game.

When Pence hit that pitch to right field, two runs came in, the only two runs of the entire game.

That’s the story. Unless I should mention Wandy Rodriguez, who threw eight innings of five hit ball with seven strikeouts. Chad Gaudin went seven innings allowing five hits on two runs with five strikeouts.

Each team got five hits total, definitely not much. Nick Hundley, who I’ll have more on later, had two hits. This game was dominated by pitching.

So, we lost our 17th game, but we’re still only 7.5 games behind first place.

Last night I was babysitting, so I had no idea what the final score was. But after I put the kids to bed, I turned on Channel 4 to see if I could get a final score. (Don’t worry, I had permission!) The first thing I saw was that it was the second inning! I knew that wasn’t possible, so I realized that this was the re-run they do after the postgame show. I got to watch a couple innings, which was really neat because I never get to SEE my boys play. All I saw of them was striking out, but it was still a lot of fun to see them.

One thing I realized as I was watching is how buff Nick Hundley is. I guess it should be expected, as he’s a catcher. I have a thing for catchers, and Nick really caught my eye last night. I’ve always heard about what a great arm he has, and I’ve believed it, but I’ve never really seen it. But man, he’s got huge guns! In fact, in between every pitch, he has to adjust his sleeves around those huge arms!

I couldn’t find a good enough picture that shows how strong he is. Oh well. But Nick is now a new favorite of mine. He’s a great player and a great person, and I think he’s going to be hanging around San Diego for a long time.

nick hundley.jpg

I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m going to be going to a Padres game with my brother’s baseball team. Well, that game is a week from tomorrow against the Reds! I’m getting REALLY excited already. I’ll probably start “packing” on Monday (I bring a lot of stuff to games)! It’s going to be so much fun, and I can’t wait!

According to my calculations, we might have a Peavy-Arroyo matchup. Probably not Arroyo, though. It will more likely be Peavy-Owings. The Padres’ rotation might go through some changes this week, as Cha Seung Baek is about ready to come back, plus we need to do some bullpen shuffling. But if all goes as planned, it would be a lot of fun to have some Sunday afternoon baseball, Jake Peavy, a 5 for $5 deal, and a great Padres game. Plus, we’re going to be sitting field level!

It’s not infield field level, but down there nonetheless. I am so excited!! It’s going to be a lot of fun, but we’re probably going to be in direct sunlight for the whole game. Suncreen is essential!

Yesterday we went to a local thrift store. I absolutely love thrift stores! You can get some of the coolest baseball stuff there really cheap. I was really pysched to find this Padres Fan Bag, one that they gave out last year:


It’s going to be so perfect for my ventures to Petco Park, and I can’t wait to use it! Yay for thrift stores!

I also got a great Padres floppy hat, which will be perfect for keeping the sun off my easily-burning face!

Two weeks ago, the Padres gave out replica jerseys of our inagural season of 1969. A friend was at the game and actually gave me one of the jerseys! I’ve been meaning to blog about it, but it never fit until now.


Notice the “40” for forty years of Padres baseball🙂

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. One pitch, Nick Hundley, thrift stores, I’M GOING TO A GAME!!!, and 40th anniversary jerseys.

Kevin Correia, who really needs a win, is pitching tonight for the Padres. I really hope we can get hitting and get the win. 


(photo credits:, me)