Let’s Get This

Thankfully, Chad Gaudin lost the creepy goatee.

But more than that, he threw an extremely solid outing, which was just what the Padres needed.

After all, without good pitching, you can’t win.

Chad threw five innings of three-hit ball with five strikeouts. His pitches were moving well, though he threw 88. We needed that outing.

It might have helped that he had a two-run lead to work with after a few innings. In the third, Scott Hairston hit a two-run homer to left field, almost exactly the same spot that he hit his two-run homer in Game 163 in the top of the 13th. I think Scott likes to hit at Coors Field.

In the sixth, the Rockies got their first run on Seth Smith’s solo homer. They took the lead in the seventh on four straight singles, leading 3-2.

Not for long, of course. Top eight, my Padres tied it up with a Chase Headley single.

Edward Mujica gave up a run. Luke Gregerson allowed the two runs in the seventh.

In the bottom of the eighth, Duaner Sanchez pitched. He has not been doing very well this season. Every time he goes out there, he struggles. Last night was no different. With runners on first and third, he walked a guy. One out, of course. Troy Tulowitzki came to the plate, with one hit on the night. He has been struggling, though. He hit into a perfect double play, just what the Padres needed. So Sanchez escaped, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he got sent down soon.

Top of the ninth. If we were in Petco Park, they would play “Rally Time” videos to get the crowd pumped. Well, we were in Colorado, but it was rally time anyway.

Nick Hundley started it off with a triple. Perfect! Chris Burke grounded out to third, though, and Luis Rodriguez came to the plate. With a full count, Luis hit one right through the hole between first and second, easily driving in Nick. Padres lead 4-3!

Onto the bottom of the ninth, and Heath “Always Makes It Interesting” Bell. He hadn’t pitched since the 18th of April. But he was pumped and ready to go. He struck out Dexter Fowler, and induced a pop-out. Then Todd Helton hit a double. Like I said, Heath really likes to make it interesting. I was almost panicking by now. Heath was cutting it really close!

But he got a grounder to Luis Rodriguez. Luis threw the ball to my Kouz at third, and Helton was tagged out. Whew!!

Heath earned his eighth save in eight chances. That’s the best in the National League.

Duaner Sanchez certianly didn’t deserve the win but he got it. Chad Gaudin was incredible. It was great to have a starter actually do well!

It was a great 4-3 win. Now I hope we can keep it up in today’s rubber game! Kevin Correia will be pitching against Aaron Cook. It would be amazing if we could get this game today! 

Also this afternoon is a live chat with Jeff Moorad on padres.com. I’m going to be participating, so if any of you have any questions for Jeff, I will definitely try to get them in there. 


Well, we didn’t wear the sand last night. Don’t wear it again today, boys, please!!


GO PADRES!!!!   


Yeah, I am not a big fan of the sand-color uniforms either.Russhttp://wight4256.mlblogs.com

I’d ask Moorad if he’s planning to get rid of the sand colored uniforms!


I don’t get those uniforms either…they are so military looking. They need to burn them and start over :O)


I’m with Jenn – Burn ’em!


Bad news – the Padres are wearing those uniforms today! And, we’re losing 7-0. Just great….

Nice little run at the end, but maybe next series eh?! If we weren’t giving up runs at the end of the game, I might think I wasn’t watching the Rockies. You guys are still ahead in the division so give us this series to feel better!

holy crap you’re like super featured on mlblogs.com, that’s awesome!

I agree with Jon for the first time. Congrats!! Yay for Padres pride on MLBlogs:) You are so lucky that you got to be a part of the chat with Jeff Moorad. I couldn’t do it! By the way, that uniform need to get out of Padres’ locker room!http://hyunyoung.mlblogs.com

Gonzo is on fire!


“After all, without good pitching, you can’t win.”

Oh goodness, and don’t I know it. lol. There are certain Mets uniforms I can’t stand either. Particularly the grays. Find a color with some life! eesh.


Congratulations on being the headliner on mlblogs. That is very cool and thanks for supporting my blog.

Please don’t hate me. Your guys are coming over to Dodger Stadium for a play date with my guys. I do have my fingers crossed that my guys come out on top.

Congrats on the front page headlines! I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!Russhttp://wight4256.mlblogs.com

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