April 2009

Thank You

First off, I am super pumped and excited about the huge feature on the front page of MLBlogs for me and my blog. It was after the game yesterday afternoon when I randomly checked the front page, and it totally shocked me. And I mean shocked. I’ve been the featured blog before, but this was just amazing! Thanks so much to all you guys for reading and supporting me as I blog about these tough Padres. You guys are amazing. I’m just thankful that God’s given me the ability to write and that I can be in this great community of baseball fans. Thank you!

Yesterday, the Padres did not do too well. I had the radio on for almost the entire game, but I really didn’t catch much of it mostly because I was chatting with Jeff Moorad (more on that later). 

Kevin Correia started, giving up three runs in five innings. The big blast was a two-run homer to Chris Iannetta. The bullpen wasn’t that great. Cla Meredith gave up three runs. Arturo Lopez made his major league debut and didn’t get an out. Luis Perdomo and Edwin Moreno pitched well, but the damage was done by then.

On the offensive side, all you can say is Aaron Cook and Adrian Gonzalez. Cook absolutely shut us down. He basically didn’t allow anything until the seventh. Adrian hit a solo homer, then Henry Blanco hit a two-runner later in the inning. In the eighth, Adrian hit his second homer of the day, this time a two-run shot. We got within two runs, but we lost 7-5.

adriantwohomers.jpgWith his eighth and ninth homers of the season yesterday, Adrian broke the Padres record for homers in April. But that doesn’t matter to him, since they didn’t win the game.

And yes, we were wearing the sand uniforms. I tried to warn them!! Those things need to be burned. Incinerated. Pulverized. Destroyed!!

Yesterday afternoon, Jeff Moorad particiapated in an online chat with a bunch of fans. I was one of them. I submitted nine questions and five of them got answered, so that was pretty cool. Jeff talked with the fans for an hour, which surprised me. Last time I did a chat, it was with Chase Headley and he did only half an hour.

Jeff got a lot of good questions, and he answered them pretty well. It was a lot of fun to participate in! But they didn’t give him my question about getting Trevor back…

My favorite part of the chat:

peavy44fan: Do you think the Padres could win the World Series?

j_moorad: I won’t rest until we do.

I love that about him. He’s totally commited to bringing a World Series to San Diego. It’s very cool. Here’s the chat trascript if you would like to read it: Padres CEO Moorad chats with fans 

moorad.jpgIt was a sad day for Padres baseball since we lost the game and the series to the Rockies, but we’re still in second place, only 2.5 games behind. It just amazes me that we can be so bad, play so terribly, and still be doing very well in the division. That’s the NL West for you. Colorado took the series from us, but they are still at the bottom of the NL West and still 2.5 games behind us. Crazy…

But now we are going to play the division-leading Dodgers for four games at Dodger Stadium. Maybe we can overtake them! Haha. That would be pretty cool, though. We have to get a series split at least. Tonight Josh Geer is pitching against James McDonald.


(photo credits: mlb.com, padres.com)   

Let’s Get This

Thankfully, Chad Gaudin lost the creepy goatee.

But more than that, he threw an extremely solid outing, which was just what the Padres needed.

After all, without good pitching, you can’t win.

Chad threw five innings of three-hit ball with five strikeouts. His pitches were moving well, though he threw 88. We needed that outing.

It might have helped that he had a two-run lead to work with after a few innings. In the third, Scott Hairston hit a two-run homer to left field, almost exactly the same spot that he hit his two-run homer in Game 163 in the top of the 13th. I think Scott likes to hit at Coors Field.

In the sixth, the Rockies got their first run on Seth Smith’s solo homer. They took the lead in the seventh on four straight singles, leading 3-2.

Not for long, of course. Top eight, my Padres tied it up with a Chase Headley single.

Edward Mujica gave up a run. Luke Gregerson allowed the two runs in the seventh.

In the bottom of the eighth, Duaner Sanchez pitched. He has not been doing very well this season. Every time he goes out there, he struggles. Last night was no different. With runners on first and third, he walked a guy. One out, of course. Troy Tulowitzki came to the plate, with one hit on the night. He has been struggling, though. He hit into a perfect double play, just what the Padres needed. So Sanchez escaped, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he got sent down soon.

Top of the ninth. If we were in Petco Park, they would play “Rally Time” videos to get the crowd pumped. Well, we were in Colorado, but it was rally time anyway.

Nick Hundley started it off with a triple. Perfect! Chris Burke grounded out to third, though, and Luis Rodriguez came to the plate. With a full count, Luis hit one right through the hole between first and second, easily driving in Nick. Padres lead 4-3!

Onto the bottom of the ninth, and Heath “Always Makes It Interesting” Bell. He hadn’t pitched since the 18th of April. But he was pumped and ready to go. He struck out Dexter Fowler, and induced a pop-out. Then Todd Helton hit a double. Like I said, Heath really likes to make it interesting. I was almost panicking by now. Heath was cutting it really close!

But he got a grounder to Luis Rodriguez. Luis threw the ball to my Kouz at third, and Helton was tagged out. Whew!!

Heath earned his eighth save in eight chances. That’s the best in the National League.

Duaner Sanchez certianly didn’t deserve the win but he got it. Chad Gaudin was incredible. It was great to have a starter actually do well!

It was a great 4-3 win. Now I hope we can keep it up in today’s rubber game! Kevin Correia will be pitching against Aaron Cook. It would be amazing if we could get this game today! 

Also this afternoon is a live chat with Jeff Moorad on padres.com. I’m going to be participating, so if any of you have any questions for Jeff, I will definitely try to get them in there. 


Well, we didn’t wear the sand last night. Don’t wear it again today, boys, please!!


GO PADRES!!!!   

Sand and Colorado

I’m convinced. Something weird always happens whenever the Padres and Rockies meet, especially at Coors Field. And when you throw the sand uniforms into the mix, oh please. You’ve got a long night at the ballpark on your hands.

sand uniforms.gif

This uniform is our main road uniform. It’s officially the “sand on sand”. I really don’t like it. First of all, it doesn’t look that great, and also, we seem to lose a lot when we’re wearing them. For instance, we wore the sand uniforms in this game

no toucho plate.jpg

Game 163 where Jake got pounded and we went into extra innings and Scott Hairston hit a huge homer in the top of the 13th and Matt Holliday didn’t touch the plate (sorry).

It’s the uniforms. And being in Coors Field. Whenever the Friars and the Rox meet, expect STRANGE things.

Like last night. Colorado got two in the bottom of the first off Chris Young. Then in the third, the Padres came back. Jody Gerut doubled to start it off. Two outs later, Adrian Gonzalez walked, and Chase Headley tripled in both runs. Kouz promptly singled in Chase to take the lead. Kouz got driven in later in the inning.

But in the bottom of the third, Chris Young fell apart, walking three and giving up four runs. It was a disaster!! Pure ugliness.

Both CY and Jason Hammell only went three innings each. Overall, Chris gave up eight earned runs in three innings. Yikes! Onto the bullpen…former Padre Glendon Rusch gave up two runs, including a solo homer to Jody Gerut.

Edwin Moreno, Duaner Sanchez, Luke Gregerson, and Luis Perdomo pitched. Everyone gave up at least one run except Luke.

Probably one of the ugliest parts of this game was that the Rockies stole eight bases. Dexter Fowler stole five by himself. CRAZY! It was terrible. There were running wild on the bases, and they got 12 runs out of it.

More crazy stuff…Brad Hawpe was attempting to steal second. Nick Hundley’s throw was almost like an afterthought. The ball hit Hawpe in the neck, leaving him on the ground. He got a neck brace and was driven of the field. He may have a concussion.

Eventually, we lost 12-7. This loss does not feel that great at all. It’s pretty sad.

But today is another new day. Chad Gaudin is pitching. We signed him not too long ago, and he’s been in Triple-A. I just hope he can pitch. When I saw the front page of padres.com this morning, I went, who on earth is this guy??

gaudin.jpgHe’s got quite the goatee there! I just hope that it distracts the batters or something. We NEED a good game today!! 

Well, Trevor Hoffman pitched for the first time this season last night. They played Hell’s Bells, though it wasn’t a save situation. He pitched well. All three outs were hit to people, though. Two of them were hit to deep outfield. So, obviously he’s not in top form yet, but he got the job done. I watched the video. It was really hard. So hard to see him in that uniform…I teared up a little.

trevor brewrere.jpgAw man.

Well, the Padres better play well tonight.


(photo credits: sportslogos.net, padres.com, asapblogs.typepad.com, daylife.com)  

Don’t Tell Me That We’re Bad

It feels great to defend your team to another baseball fan, doesn’t it?

The Padres had a terrible weekend, and I’m blaming the Pirates. We lost 10-1 on Saturday, and 8-3 yesterday. I truly don’t believe that that was our fault.

On Saturday, the Pirates started off by facing an injured pitcher for two innings, getting three runs off of him. Then they just kept adding on, inning after inning after inning. All the amazing things you’ve heard about this Pirates team? They’re true. They can pitch, and their whole lineup can hit. They are really good. We haven’t seen this in Pittsburgh for a loooooong time, but you’d better believe it. They are playing some excellent ball right now. They were even able to beat the second-in-the-NL-West-amazing Padres!!

Saturday, Zach Duke completely shut us down. Completely, utterly, fully. We were powerless to hit him. We got six hits and one run in the entire game, and he threw 8.1 innings. It was really sad, but Duke was good. Just like his lineup, who was supporting him way more than he needed. We lost 10-1. Yay for the Pirates. They were extremely good.

Sunday. Rubber game. Jake Peavy. Should have been enough for us. We got Jake a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first on Adrian Gonzalez’s seventh homer of the year (and he is not the only good hitter in our garbage bin lineup!!!). It was the longest homer ever hit in Petco Park at 458 feet. He hit that off the Pirates’ pitcher, obviously. Now was that a credit to the pitcher’s bad pitch, or Adrian’s raw power (we have a lot of other guys who have raw power too)? Anyway, it was a huge blast. 

My boys weren’t able to support Jake, though. They kept leaving runners in in essential situations, and that came back to bite them. Ohlendorf was pretty good.

The Pirates were good enough to bite back and chip away at Jake, eventually taking the lead on a huge three-run homer. I agree that Jake wasn’t all the way on his game, but the Pirates were able to take advantage of that. Jake is known to make things work even when his stuff isn’t the greatest. But it was the Pirates who were able hit him, and to bring their team back on top.

Were we pathetic? Oh yeah. But it was only because of the Pirates! We are going to play Colorado for three games now. I think we will be a lot better against our NL West rivals who are 3.5 games behind us in the NL West.

Our lineup is good. We made do with what we had. Some of us don’t have millions and millions to build a team (how’s that going for you, Yankees?). Some of us have to go dumpster diving. Some of us have to get the players that nobody’s heard of just to get by. Some of us get to watch really old players and really young players. Some of us don’t have to money to keep players like Trevor Hoffman.

Our center fielders are two excellent ballplayers in Scott Hairston and Jody Gerut. We found Jody in the Venezuelan winter leagues two years ago. He had not played baseball for a few years after having surgery in both knees. Look at him now…a stellar outfielder and he can hit too.

Scott Hairston? Got him from the Diamondbacks near the end of the 2007 season. That was a big mistake on Arizona’s part. They almost lost the division because of it. He’s still going strong.

What about Kevin Kouzmanoff? Sure, he’s getting off to a slow start, but he’s an amazing defender and he’s got some pop.

David Eckstein? This guy has made the lineup so much better than it was last year, it’s incredible! He doesn’t go for the long ball, but he plays hard and he gets done what needs to be done. This guy is amazing! He is certainly an great part of the lineup!

Brian Giles!! This guy has had a slow start as well, but he can hit. His defense has been incredible, especially at PETCO. This guy is a hitter, you should know that.

Chase Headley. He’s a rookie, sure, but he’s going to be a good player. He can bring a lot to the plate.

Nick Hundley probably won’t be as good as a hitter as he is a catcher, but he can run into one once in a while.

We have a lineup. We have a good lineup. Not to mention Adrian Gonzalez of course, but he is not carrying this lineup. He is not the only one who can hit. He has his slumps, his problems.

Pinch-hitters. Both of our pinch-hitters had hits yesterday. We have so many great players. Remember, a player doesn’t have to be well-known to be good.

These Padres can play. We’re good. We just got shut down by the hot Pirates.

We’re 10-8. We are second in the NL West, behind only the Dodgers. In fact, the Padres and the Dodgers are the only teams in the NL West who are over .500.  

Wow, ranting is really tiring. That really took a lot out of me. Just don’t tell me that my Padres are “bad” (to put it nicely), OK? We’re not. We may look like it, but we’re not. The Padres and the Pirates are going to be good this year. We’ve both suprised a lot of people. I just wonder how long it will last…for both of these teams.

Tonight we are playing the Rockies for the first time this year. The man who’s been coming through all year and seems more of an ace than Jake, Chris Young, will be starting against Jason Hammell. Hmmm… 

GO PADRES!!!!! GO PADRES!!!!!! GO PADRES!!!!!!     

It Always Has To Happen On Fireworks Night…

It was the night before Saturday,

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring…

Except for Kaybee.

Last night, the Padres set out to battle the Pirates at PETCO Park. It was a beautiful night for baseball, and a big crowd of 25,601 was out there to cheer for their Padres.

Kevin Correia started the game, throwing five innings of three-run three-hit ball. He was goooood. He gave up the first run in the second. The Pirates had the bases loaded and their pitcher, Ian Snell, knocked in a run.

The Padres got their first run in the bottom of the second on Adrian Gonzalez’s sixth homer of the year. We got a run each in the third and the fourth, on David Eckstein’s triple and Nick Hundley’s double. 

Correia left in the sixth with two on and no outs. Cla Meredith came in and allowed both runs to score, thus tying the game.

It stayed tied for a long time. There was one inning, I think it was the fifth, when I was brushing my teeth while listening to the game. I started yelling at my boys, since they were doing well in that inning. At that time, we needed more insurance. So, Brian Giles and Chase Headley are on base, and Kouz comes to the plate. I start yelling at him, cheering him on, calling him some weird nicknames. It was pretty funny. Ian Snell was starting to lose it by then, so he was throwing balls pretty consistently. My boy got walked!! Then I started yelling at Nick Hundley, who was next up, but he grounded out to end the inning. Oh well. I was hoping for a grand slam or something!

I think I was in bed by the top of the seventh. That doesn’t seem completely right…but I think that was it. Yeah, it was Friday night and all, but we have a big day today, so we went to bed fairly early. And yes, I was in bed with my ancient Walkman and my headphones🙂

We had some great pitching performances last night. Edward Mujica threw a solid 1-2-3 inning. Luke Gregerson threw the eighth.

Then, Heath Bell came in for the top of the ninth. Nyjer Morgan started off with a single. Heath always makes it interesting🙂 Then, Jack Wilson popped up right behind himself. Nick Hundley threw the mask off in an instant, and caught the ball. It was a great play! The crowd got back into it, and you could just feel this energy sweep the park. Then Heath picked off the runner at first! You thought the pop-out got the crowd pumped, well this REALLY got them pumped! It was so cool! The batter flew out to right field, and that was that.

But the Padres were unable to score in the bottom of the ninth, so we went into extras.

It always happens on fireworks night. ALWAYS. I mean, extra innings are almost certain on fireworks night. The fireworks, or Friarworks as they’re calling them this year, happen after the game. Extra innings happen, and you’ve got fireworks downtown near midnight!!

postgamefireworks.jpg The tenth went pretty well. Both teams got some runners on, but neither were able to score.

In the top of the 11th, I was starting to fall asleep.

Not because the game was boring or anything, but it was late, dark, I was in bed, and it had been a long day. So, once the inning was over, I got out of bed, went into the bathroom, turned on the light, and stared at myself for a few minutes. That woke me up, so I was pretty wide-awake when I climbed back into bed for the bottom half of the 11th.

Needless to say, I was ready for the game to be over. I just wanted to sleep!

It was a great inning, though. Luis Rodriguez started it out with a flyout, then Chris Burke came to the plate. He had a great AB to get walked.

Jody Gerut came up. The first pitch Matt Caps threw him, Jody hit way down the right field line…but foul. The guys said that it was about a foot and a half from being fair, and that would have ended it. But no! 

Either that pitch or the walk before had definitely rattled Matt Caps. He threw like three pickoff attempts to first, even though Burke showed no sign that he was going to try to take second. Caps kept throwing over there, then he would step off the mound, and Jody would call time, and it took forever for Caps to throw his next pitch to Jody. But Jody popped out.

Next up was David Eckstein, but Caps was still concerned about Burke over there at first. He threw two pickoff attempts before throwing a pitch to Eck, and when he finally did, he threw a ball and then a pitch out. Burke finally did steal second, the throw going into shallow center field.

Eck walked. So there’s two outs, runners on first and second, 11th inning, 3-3 tie, and Brian “Overdue Overdue Overdue” Giles coming to the plate. He had a great at-bat, running the count to 1-2. I knew he would hit the next pitch. In my slightly sleepy state, it was almost like I was there, at the ballpark, watching the ball in the pitcher’s hand. I just knew that would be the one. And it was. Gillies ripped it down the right field line, and Burke scored easily from second. Padres win!

Of course, by now my whole family was fast asleep. It was 10:45 pm, and I was probably supposed to be sleeping. Kind of hard to have a victory celebration without making noise. I hissed “YES!!!”. Thankfully, my sister was asleep, or she would have hissed, “BE QUIET!!”. I sat up in bed, fully awake now, and pumped my fist a few times. It was all I could do to keep from scream and leaping out of bed to jump around, but I was able to hold back.

It was such a great game. Edwin Moreno threw two great innings to earn his first major league win. We left 12 runners on, but in the end, we got it done. I really really enjoyed listening to the game, and boy was I pumped up afterwards!

Tonight we are playing the Pirates again, Shawn Hill against Elijah Duke. I think our momentum from last night’s game will definitely carry over.


(photo credits: farm4.static.flicker.com, examiner.com)     

Going Home

I’m staring out into the night,
Trying to hide the pain.
I’m going to the place where love
And feeling good don’t ever cost a thing.
And the pain you feel’s a different kind of pain.

Well I’m going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I’m not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don’t regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old,
So I’m going home.
Well I’m going home.

The miles are getting longer, it seems,
The closer I get to you.
I’ve not always been the best man or friend for you.
But your love remains true.
And I don’t know why.
You always seem to give me another try.

So I’m going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I’m not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don’t regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old,

Be careful what you wish for,
‘Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all,
And then some you don’t want.
Be careful what you wish for,
‘Cause you just might get it all.
You just might get it all, yeah.

Oh, well I’m going home,
Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me.
I’m not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don’t regret this life I chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old.
I said these places and these faces are getting old,
So I’m going home.
I’m going home.

petco full.jpg


daughtry.jpgThe Padres are coming home tonight, back to San Diego, back to PETCO Park. I put the bridge of that great song by Daughtry in bold because that’s my favorite part of the song. Reminds me that anything can happen. Even the Padres winning the World Series.

Kevin Correia against Ian Snell. Let’s do this, boys.


(photo credits: images.barnesandnoble.com

lyrics: “Home” by Daughtry azlyrics.com)

Something Had To Give

  • 1-0 Giants

It was a long, sad game.

A very well played game, that’s for sure. But all that doesn’t really matter if you don’t win.

Chris Young threw so well! He went seven innings, allowing nothing but two hits and four walks. It was so cool to listen to! You would think that Jake Peavy would be the one who was shutting down the hitters, but CY has been proving that he is the guy to keep a lineup down. It was so amazing. He even got a hit…I think that’s his third or fourth of the season!

On the other side, Barry Zito was incredible as well. He threw seven solid innings, allowing six hits. It was a great pitcher’s duel.

Luke Gregerson took the eighth and the ninth, retiring all six hitters he faced. He was great.

The Padres were able to get some runners on in the last few innings, but the Giants’ bullpen shut us down.

Onto the tenth, with a scoreless game. This is so rare, but it happened. We went to extra innings with no score.

Edwin Moreno came in and got a couple runners on with two outs. Bengie “Padre-Killer” Molina came to the plate and did what he loves to do: walk-off the Padres. He hit a ground-rule double, and the Giants won 1-0. It was pretty sad. But seriously, Molina just kills us. Next time, we gotta walk him.

I feel really bad for Moreno, since he’s now given up two walk-offs in his last two outings. That can’t be good for his confidence.

Now we have a three-game series against the Pirates at PETCO Park. It’s going to be a great series, with two teams who are playing way higher than expectations. I just hope my Padres come out on top🙂

Yesterday the Padres announced that the cancelled game on Monday will be played on July 23rd in Philly. After that game, we will go to Washington for a three-game series. Hooray. The Padres stilll won the series though!!

Off-days, ugh. But my boys need it. Tomorrow, we will get back into it. Meanwhile, beat those Dodgers!!


Slammed Out

  • 8-3 Giants

Jake Peavy started the game, giving up six runs in six innings on seven hits with three walks and three strikeouts. It was not pretty. We all expected Jake to be dominating, but from the beginning of the game, he didn’t really have it on. The big blow was a grand slam hit by Edgar Renteria in the fourth. That was bad.

It’s really too bad that Jake wasn’t able to get it on. That grand slam was the first he’s given up in his career, a span of 1,284 1/3 innings. I feel really bad for him, ’cause I know he’s really upset at himself for not performing as he should be. Hopefully he will be able to get locked in soon!

Our offense wasn’t the greatest. Matt Cain shut us down pretty well. We got a run in the first on a Brian Giles single. In the third, there was a strange play. Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Headley were on base when Kouz hit a booming double to deep right-center field. Adrian was being cautious, but Chase could see that the ball wasn’t going to get caught. As a result, they were literally on each other’s heels. Adrian slid into the plate, the ball came into the catcher, and Chase leaped over the catcher, getting himself tagged out. The umpire pointed to Chase, signalling him out, the pointed to Adrian, who had scrambled back and touched the plate. He was safe. It was bizarre! I’ve never seen anything like it. Kouz ended up at third, but was stranded there.

We got another run in the top of the ninth from a Brian Giles single, but that was it. We had 14 hits, but that was it. The Giants pitching held us down, that’s for sure.

The Giants got two runs off of Luis Perdomo, who threw 1.2 innings. Frankie De La Cruz threw one pitch to get out of the eighth.

It was a pretty sad game. We thought our ace would be able to take care of those Giants, but he wasn’t. We weren’t able to score runs when we had the chances. Frustrating…that’s what I would call it. But today is a new day.

It’s a 12:45 pm game, which is one of the most strange starting times I’ve seen. Chris Young will be pitching against Barry Zito. What a matchup! This will hopefully be a great game.

Yesterday, the Padres did a little reversing. They had traded Chris Burke to the Mariners for cash considerations, but then they traded cash considerations for Chris Burke yesterday.

chris burke.jpgSo in a way, the Mariners were just taking care of him until we found a spot for him. I think it’s great that he’s back with the Padres. He was with the team for most of Spring Training, so he already knows all the guys. Plus, he’s been playing in the NL West with the Diamondbacks for a few years. Or year.

Anyways, I hope we have a really great game today!!


(photo credit: padres.com) 

Rained Out But Ready To Go

Yesterday, the Padres-Phillies game got rained out.


But that’s OK for a lot of reasons. I think it means that the Padres won the series since they were leading 2-1. Also, it’s really lame to have a series go over the weekend and into the next week. Plus, it gave the team a lot of extra time to get over to San Francisco for two games. So overall, it was OK that this game got rained out.

But the Padres got some bad news yesterday about a young player of theirs. Everth Cabrera broke his left hand in Sunday’s game.


Everth is expected to be out for 6-8 weeks. He’s only 22, and this is his first season in any level higher than Single-A. We got him in the Rule 5 draft from the Rockies, and they were not very happy about that. This guy has a lot of potential. Before he got hurt, he had four hits and a walk in five games. He was also playing very well at shortstop. He is going to have surgery today, and hopefully we will see him back on the field soon!

With Everth’s absence, we are rather short on the middle-infield area. We have shortstop Luis Rodriguez and second baseman David Eckstein, but our only other middle-infielder is Edgar Gonzalez. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind getting more playing time, but I think we need another guy. Kevin Towers is working hard to get a guy today, before we play the Giants tonight.

I love it when we get new players. It’s so much fun! We’re probably going to get a cheap minor league-ish guy, but that’s OK. One of the names that’s floating around is Chris Burke, who was with us for most of Spring Training until he was traded to the Mariners for cash considerations. I don’t know if the Mariners would give him back, though.

But how about this guy?


Yeah, he hasn’t played a full season since 2007, but I think Marcus Giles would be an interesting player to have back. I really loved having him here in 2007, though his hitting was not that great near the end. He was in the Rockies’ Spring Training in ’08, and the Phillies in ’09, but he didn’t make the roster either time.

I think that would work out really well. What we really want is his defense. He’s a San Diego boy, and his brother Brian is on the team. Plus, he’s probably really cheap. 

But then again, I don’t know if Marcus is interesting in playing baseball anymore. He has three little girls, and I think he’s content with just enjoying his family.

Also, he’s a natural second baseman. I don’t think he’s ever played shortstop. But maybe Eckstein could move over the shortstop and Marcus could take second…nooooo. Marcus would have to be on the bench and maybe spell Eckstein once in a while. Well, maybe not. It would be cool to have Marcus here in San Diego again, but that probably won’t work out.

Nevertheless, it will be cool to see who our new player will be.

Today we are playing the Giants in SanFran. Watch out Giants…look who’s pitching!

jake monday.jpgBWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Let’s see…he started the season with an average game, then had a stellar game, then an average game, so now he’s due for a stellar game. As in, 8 or 9 innings, 10 or so strikeouts, and maybe only a couple hits allowed. Yeah, that feels just about right.

Jake’s opponent will be Matt Cain, who we’ve hit very well in the past few years. I think it’s going to be a really great game tonight.


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Comeback Kids

What a weekend for Padres baseball. I’m telling you, this team has been just incredible. Wow…

  • Friday: 8-7 Padres

Chris Young started the game, allowing five runs in the first inning to the Phillies. He ended up going only 3.2 innings, allowing seven runs on nine hits. 

5-0 deficit by the second? No problemo for my Padres. In the third, we got our first run from a solo homer by Luis Rodruguez. Down 7-1 going into the fifth, the Padres got two more runs on a home run by Scott Hairston. They got two more in the sixth thanks to Nick Hundley’s first home run of the season, driving in Kouz.

In the eighth, Jody Gerut singled in a run. Scott Hairston hit a two-run double to take the lead from the Phillies.    

Meanwhile, the bullpen was incredible. Luis Perdomo, Luke Gregerson, Cla Meredith, Duaner Sanchez, all had scoreless outings. It was so great!

Heath Bell struck out two batters to get his sixth save of the season. Cla Meredith got the win.  

It was such a great game. The Padres were behind 5-0, 7-1, and they came all the way back to win. How ’bout them Padres?!

  • Saturday: 8-5 Padres

Shawn Hill started the game and gave up two runs in five innings. The first run he gave up was in the second, a solo homer to Raul Ibanez.

In the third, the Padres got that run back and added another on a two-run homer from Adrian Gonzalez, his fourth of the season. We got another one in the fifth on a double from Brian Giles.

But the Phillies got one in each of the fifth and the sixth to tie the game at three. The Padres took the lead by one in the top of the ninth, but the Phillies took that away with two in the bottom of the inning.

In comes Brad Lidge, who had 47 straight saves. Notice the word “had”. Jody Gerut started the ninth with a double, followed by two groundouts. But the second one drove Jody in, and we had a tie game. Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Headley walked for my boy Kouz.

Kevin_Kouzmanoff.jpg  🙂

Anyways, Kouz came to the plate with two runners on, and he pounded that little ball with his big strong arms and sent it out of there to take an 8-5 lead. What a player!!

Heath Bell came in for the third game in a row, going 1-2-3 to earn his seventh save of the season. Cla Meredith got the win again. 

It was a great game. We kept fighting, and we came out on top. Yay Kouz!! He was on front of the sports section in the newspaper yesterday, and it was such a cute picture!

kouz homer jake cy.jpg  

  •  5-4 Phillies

It was a good game for the Padres, but unfortunately, the bullpen did not get its job done.

Josh Geer, who just got called up in the place of Walter Silva, threw seven innings, allowing only two runs, only one earned. He had a great outing!

The Padres got three runs in the third on a Jody Gerut single, an Edgar Gonzalez triple, and a Brian Giles groundout. We added one more in the fifth on Adrian Gonzalez’s fifth home run of the season.

But the Phillies got two in the sixth and one in the eighth. In the bottom of the ninth, with a 4-3 Padres lead, Edwin Moreno came in to save the game. Heath had pitched three games in a row, and he needed a break. But if Moreno hadn’t pitched, I have a good feeling that we would have won.

Edwin gave up a single to Ryan Howard, and two pitches later, a walk-off homer to Raul Ibanez.

That was kind of sad, but we played hard, and the pitching was mostly great. It’s really too bad that Heath wasn’t able to pitch. I think he would have had that save, but at least he’s still 6-for-6.

Today is the fourth game of the series, Kevin Correia against Jamie Moyer. It’s going to be so cool to see how these Padres do.

Right now, they don’t think they can be beaten. They don’t think that they’re going to lose. They are going out there every day believing that they can win, even if they are down 5-0, 7-1, 3-0. There’s no stopping this team.

“We don’t need to win every single day … but we have that confidence that we can beat anyone,” Heath Bell said.

I am so excited about these Padres!

The retreat went really well. We stayed at a beautiful cabin right by a lake, and it was so beautiful and peaceful. It was a great trip. Nice to get away…

The weather was so perfect up there, and then we came back down. It was in the high 90s and it was miserable. It’s supposed to be even hotter today. I HATE THE HEAT!!! Ugh. We don’t have air conditioning in our house so we just about die when it gets this hot. AHHHHHH!!! 

Let’s get this game tonight, boys. GO PADRES!!!

(photo credit: Union Tribune)