maddux.jpgIn the Latest Leaders yesterday, I got #31. In continuation of Jimmy’s tradition, I dedicate this ranking to #31, pitcher Greg Maddux.

When Maddux was with the Padres he wore #30, but he was #31 with some of his other teams. Maddux played in the majors for 22 years with the Cubs, Braves, Dodgers, and Padres. Known as the “professor”, Maddux relied on efficiency and accuracy, not speed. He had an incredible knowledge of how to pitch, how to get batters out. He was also a superb hitter and fielder, winning 18 Gold Gloves. He retired in December 2008.

His won-loss record is 355-227. His career ERA is 3.16, and he has 3,371 strikeouts. He was an All-Star eight times, won the NL CY Young award four times, and won a World Series. He had a wonderful career. He is currently coaching for the Padres in Spring Training.

Tomorrow…tomorrow…so exciting! The game won’t be broadcast since it’s the charity game, but I will hopefully be able to follow it on the website. But then Thursday…I will get to listen to Padres baseball! GO PADRES!!! 


Must be great for the players to have Maddux around during spring training. I didn’t realize that he won 18 Gold Gloves. That’s amazing!


Maddux was a one of a kind player. In an era of chemical enhancements, he was one of the brightest stars, not because of the things he put in his body, but rather the things that were in his head. This is one player from this era who everyone should admire and respect and who no voter for the Hall of Fame should hesitate to vote for on the first ballet.

Really good choice. I mean how amazing is 18 Golden Gloves!

Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

Geat dedication blog Kaybee! Congrats!


Congrats on your ranking! I need to do a dedication for my #20 ranking. lol

~King of cali

18 really? Wow didn’t know that one either. Huh I guess there’s another reason to do dedications to learn even more!

Congrats on 31, Kaybee. Great dedication. I was so not a Maddux fan when he was a Cub. Because of the Sox loyalty, but he was a great pitcher.

Hi, Kaybee …

Great dedication in honor of #31 Greg Maddux, who will probably be one of the last Major League pitchers to win over 350 games !!! … “Four” Cy Young Awards; “Eight” times on the All-Star team; “18” Gold Gloves !!! … That all adds up to Maddux being enshrined into the “Hall of Fame” on the first ballot !!! … Thanks for mentioning my name on your above post, and take care, Kaybee !!! ….. Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” ….. http://baseballtheyankeesandlife.mlblogs.com/

Kaybee, I am so jealous that you have him back. I love the professor!

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