February 2009

All Tied Up

  • 2-2 tie

Shoot, I just lost my whole entry. Oh well. Here I go again…

Well, the Padres played pretty well today. Starting pitcher Kevin Correia went the first two innings and gave up one home run. Heath Bell had a good inning, much better thatn Thursday’s. Hopefully he has found his groove. Meredith, Worrell, Britton, and Patterson each had a good inning. But in the 8th, Oneli Perez ran into Ross Gload, or rather Gload ran into one of Perez’s pitches. That tied up the game after the Padres had had a 2-1 lead for a while.

On the offensive side, the Padres did pretty well. Adrian Gonzalez drove in a run with a double. The next batter, Cliff Floyd, went first pitch (again) and drove Adrian in. Will Venable, Chad Huffman, and Jody Gerut also had a hit each. We also walked seven times.

Today Andy Masur and Ted Leitner were not on the broadcast (probably because of basketball duties), but new TV play-by-play guy Mark Neely joined Jerry Coleman to call the game. It was very interesting to hear Neely doing the play-by-play on the radio when he will usually be doing it on TV. Obvioulsy, TV and radio are very different animals, but I though Neely handed the radio very well. For his first time working with Jerry and calling Padres baseball, that is. I was impressed. He kept us up to date on the score, inning, batter, etc. It was very interesting, and it will be cool to see him working with the other Mark (Grant) this year on Channel 4.

But one thing that I am wondering about is why they are using a commercial that features calls by former Padres play-by-play guy Matt Vasgersian. Isn’t that kind of rude to Neely? Well, Mattie has been here for a long time, so maybe those were the only clips they had. But they should have used clips from the radio! Oh well. I’m sure Neely doesn’t really mind.

Tomorrow, we are playing the Cubs back in Peoria. I could hear a lot more Padres fans in the stands today, but I know there will be a ton tomorrow. Jake Peavy will pitch the first two innings, and then head out to Florida to start training for the WBC. We will miss you, Jake, but make us proud as you represent the USA. Wade LeBlanc will pitch the next two innings. GO PADRES!!   

Indians take down Padres

  • 5-3 Indians

Two words: Victor Martinez. The Indians’ catcher hit a two-run bomb off of Cha Seung Baek as well as a solo homer off of Mat Latos.

On the Padres side, the pitchers did not do as well yesterday. Baek gave up two runs on two hits. Jae Kuk Ryu gave up a run. Highly-touted prospect Mat Latos got hit hard with two home runs. All the rest of the guys were OK.

On the offensive side, things were OK. I think overall, it was an OK game. My boy Kouz had another bomb. Will Venable drove in a run, as did Luis Durango. But we did leave the bases loaded at one point, which should have driven in a few runs, but no. We really could have scored a lot more runs, but we weren’t hitting that great. Edgar Gonzalez had a great day, though, with three hits. Chase Headley threw out another runner at the plate!

I really hope we have good San Diego crowds at the games this weekend. I’m tired of hearing the cheering for the other team. We need to get some Padres fans out there, and I’m sure there will be. Hopefully there we be a bunch of Padres fans out there today as we play the Royals in like five minutes. I slept in REALLY late this morning, so I just ate breakfast and it’s lunchtime. Here’s the lineup:

  • CF Jody Gerut
  • SS Chris Burke
  • RF Brian Giles
  • 1B Adrian Gonzalez
  • DH Cliff Floyd
  • LF Emil Brown
  • 2B Edgar Gonzalez
  • C Henry Blanco
  • 3B Travis Denker

Starting is RHP Kevin Correia, along with Heath Bell, Cla Meredith, Mark Worrell, Chris Britton, Scott Patterson, Oneli Perez, and Mike Ekstrom.


We didn’t lose, but we really should have won

CYoung.jpgAll in a day’s work, they say. Yesterday, in Chris Young’s first start of the season, he threw nine pitches, facing three batters and inducing one groundout and two flyouts. It was a very short and sweet inning, but Young was pleased with getting some work in.

In the next inning, pitcher Justin Hampson came into the game. He probably got the worst of it, allowing three runs on three hits.

In the bottom of the second, though, my Padres fought back a little. Newcomer Henry Blanco hit a huge home run to cut Seattle’s lead to 3-2. The Mariners added a run in the 5th.

But in the eighth, my Padres said, “We’re not done yet!” Thanks to a hit-by-pitch with the bases loaded, we inched closer to the Mariner’s precarious lead. In the 9th, we went single, double to get the tying run accross the plate.

And so, the game went into the 10th. It was a bit of a hairy top 10 for Padres’ pitcher Greg Burke, but he got us out of it unscathed. Talk about a disappointing bottom of the 10th, though. It looked like it was going really well. Rookie Mitch Canham started the inning with a single, and stole second while Edgar Gonzalez was batting. Edgar grounded out, but he moved the runner to third. It was beautiful. Chad Huffman then walked, but his run didn’t mean a thing. Colt Morton then popped out to short. Well, that didn’t get the runner in! Travis Denker then struck out to end the ballgame. I mean, there was a guy on third with ONE out, and he wasn’t knocked in. I’m not frustrated as much about the fact that we didn’t win, but I watched this situation so many times last year. We’ve gotta work on that.

Anyways, it was a pretty cool game. Ten pitchers pitched. WHY do we still have Joe Thatcher?? I cannot stand Joe Thatcher!!! He just CANNOT pitch!! Ugh. But all of the pitchers did pretty well. It was really neat to hear a couple of our first round picks from a few years ago who have had a lot of injuries and problems over the years. Cesar Carrillo allowed a run, but it’s great that he was even out there pitching! It was neat to hear Nick Schmidt’s scoreless inning. We’ve got some great arms in camp right now.

Another cool highlight was that new left fielder Emil Brown threw out a runner at home. We’ve thrown out two runners at home in two consecutive games. I think that’s pretty cool! But our baserunning wasn’t exactly the best. We got thrown out at the plate once, and we got picked off of first TWICE!! Ah well.

Well, I did keep score of the game. It was interesting, and it actually didn’t get too crazy. Except my scorebook doesn’t have an option for extra innings, so I had to improvise. Someday I will look back at that game and I’ll say, “What on earth was I thinking?” But it was so much fun to listen to Ted Leitner and Jerry Coleman again. It really has been a long time! Those two guys are so much fun to listen to, and it was just really cool.

Today we are playing the Cleveland Indians in Goodyear. Here’s the lineup:

  • CF Scott Hairston
  • 2B David Eckstein
  • 1B Adrian Gonzalez
  • DH Kevin Kouzmanoff
  • LF Chase Headley
  • 3B Edgar Gonzalez
  • RF Will Venable
  • C Nick Hundley
  • SS Luis Rodriguez

And starting is RHP Cha Seung Baek, along with pitchers Jae Kuk Ryu, Mat Latos, Will Inman, Ivan Nova, Oneli Perez, Gabe DeHoyos, and Wilton Lopez. GO PADRES!!! 

(photo credit: Union Tribune)  


kouzmanoff%20hr.jpgExhibition or no, the Padres won their first game of the season yesterday, 4-3. It was a really great game for my Padres. Jake Peavy started and allowed a hit but induced a double-play grounder to get out of the inning. Soon-to-be-closer Heath Bell allowed two runs and four hits in his second. But new second baseman David Eckstein just missed one of those hits, and another one of the hits fell between three fielders. It was definitely the first game of the season…The Padres got on the board with a two-run bomb from my boy Kevin Kouzmanoff (pictured). I totally called that he was going to hit a homer. Adrian Gonzalez also drove in a run. The Mariners tied the game at 3 in the 9th off of Oneli Perez. But in the bottom of the tenth, the Padres walked-off with an RBI double by Kyle Blanks! Another highlight from this game were three double plays. Also, Chase Headley threw out a runner at the plate from left field!

It was a really good game for my Padres. I mean, we only had 7 hits to Seattle’s 12, but we got the job done. All of our pitchers were pretty good! And our hitters drew 7 walks. I think that’s a really good thing. You know, even though this game doesn’t mean anything even to Spring Training games, a win is a win. I’ve been waiting for this win since September 28! Just kidding. But it really has been a long time. Wins just feel so good! I went through a lot of losses last year, and it’s just really important that we win some games this year. It was just an exhibition game, but it was a win. WHOOOHOOO!

This afternoon we are playing the Mariners again. And this time, it will actually “mean” something. No, it’s not like the Cactus League has a championship or anything, but now we start keeping track of our record and stuff. Here’s the lineup:

  • #33 CF Jody Gerut
  • #8 2B Chris Burke
  • #24 RF Brian Giles
  • #16 DH Cliff Floyd
  • #49 LF Emil Brown
  • #66 1B Kyle Blanks
  • #28 C Henry Blanco
  • #18 3B Travis Denker

Starting is RHP Chris Young followed by Matt Buschmann, Justin Hampson, Joe Thatcher, Cesar Carrillo, Edwin Moreno, Nick Schmidt, Arturo Lopez, and Chad Reineke.

I am seriously going to lock myself in my room with an energy bar (since the game starts at lunchtime) and a bottle of water. I was going to keep score, but I am seriously debating if I really want to do that. It might be a good challenge though…we’ll see. But this afternoon, I am going to listen to Padres baseball. GO PADRES!!!!!   

Play Ball!

Man, you can practically smell it in the air. Baseball is back, with 14 official Spring Training games and two exhibition games being played today. Unfortunately, the Padres are only playing an exhibition game, but it’s baseball just the same. Starting for my San Diego Padres on this beautiful spring day is #44, RHP Jake Peavy!

And now for the starting lineup this fine afternoon:

  • #12 CF Scott Hairston
  • #3 2B David Eckstein
  • #23 1B Adrian Gonzalez
  • #5 DH Kevin Kouzmanoff
  • #7 LF Chase Headley
  • #2 3B Edgar Gonzalez
  • #25 RF Will Venable
  • #4 C Nick Hundley
  • #15 SS Luis Rodriguez

Very interesting lineup today. It’s very logical that Scotty is at the top and in center. I think they’ve planned to have Eckstein batting second so that makes sense too. Adrian, he’s good. Having Kouz DH is perfect, because he’s still rehabing that shoulder and it’s best that he’s not fielding yet. Chase in left is good. Edgar at third is interesting. I don’t think he’s played much third at all. And Will in right? I don’t think he played that at all last year when he was up here. Nick is going to get the majority of the time behind the plate, so he’s definitely back there. And Luis will be fighting for a spot at short.

Now, Buddy will probably switch out the whole lineup after a few innings. If you like to keep score, be careful with these Spring Training games. They can get very complicated!

Also pitching today are:

Heath Bell, Cla Meredith, Chris Britton, Wilton Lopez, Mark Worrell (who has a very funky sidearm delivery), Scott Patterson, Mike Ekstrom, and Oneli Perez.

The pitchers will basically only do one inning of work (that includes Jake). The pitchers are no where near top form yet, and so they will be taking it easy for the next few weeks. Each pitcher will throw 15-20 pitches today.

BTW, if you haven’t seen Worrell pitch yet, check out the video at the end of this entry on Corey Brock’s blog: http://coreybrock.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/02/all_eyes_on_worrell.html It’s pretty wild.

I also wanted to mention a full-page ad that was in the San Diego Union Tribune last Sunday. It was from Trevor. I seriously cried when I saw it, man. It was a great, great move by Trevor, and I am very thankful he did it.

IMG_3204.JPG“As I sat down and put pen to paper thinking about the best way to express my gratitude to the many people whom have had a profound effect on my time here in San Diego, a recurring theme kept coming up, just say THANKS!!

Thanks go out to my family, friends, teammates, managers, coaches, trainers, clubhouse personnel, medical staff, front office, members of the media, Qualcomm and Petco employees, and to you the fans young and old, it is all of you who give this game life. We’ve experienced extreme highs and lows; it is this that makes the risk worth the reward.

Thank you for the 16 seasons to represent San Diego both on and off the field.

My family and I will cherish the memories.



‘Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Character is what you really are; reputation is merely what you are percieved to be.’ -John Wooden “


Well, the Padres game is starting in about 40 minutes. GO PADRES!!! 


maddux.jpgIn the Latest Leaders yesterday, I got #31. In continuation of Jimmy’s tradition, I dedicate this ranking to #31, pitcher Greg Maddux.

When Maddux was with the Padres he wore #30, but he was #31 with some of his other teams. Maddux played in the majors for 22 years with the Cubs, Braves, Dodgers, and Padres. Known as the “professor”, Maddux relied on efficiency and accuracy, not speed. He had an incredible knowledge of how to pitch, how to get batters out. He was also a superb hitter and fielder, winning 18 Gold Gloves. He retired in December 2008.

His won-loss record is 355-227. His career ERA is 3.16, and he has 3,371 strikeouts. He was an All-Star eight times, won the NL CY Young award four times, and won a World Series. He had a wonderful career. He is currently coaching for the Padres in Spring Training.

Tomorrow…tomorrow…so exciting! The game won’t be broadcast since it’s the charity game, but I will hopefully be able to follow it on the website. But then Thursday…I will get to listen to Padres baseball! GO PADRES!!! 

Baseball Time!

First off, I feel really bad about not blogging for the past few days, so I am really sorry about that. But I have a good excuse: I was really sick. When I was in the mountains last weekend, a bug was starting to go around. First it was a sore throat, then I got the stuffy nose and the coughing going, and finally I got the fever on Wednesday night, and it hung around until Sunday morning. It was a long, hard, weekend. I have never been sick this long before. I usually have the 24-hour-virus thing, but the fever stuck around forever! Anyways, I’m feeling much better now. The cough is still pretty bad, but I am definitely on the road to recovery. Hopefully I won’t have to keep away from blogging like that ever again!

Baseball! In the last week, there have been a lot of tidbits and reports coming out of the Padres camp. Lots of little things, really, but they are all pretty interesting. Kouz had shoulder surgery in the offseason, and he’s almost back to 100%. There’s this dude from Mexico, RHP Walter Silva, who looks like a really good pitcher, who the Padres have in camp this year, and he could get a spot in the rotation. Catcher Henry Blanco finally made it into camp on Friday, but I think we can excuse him because he was with his sick mom. Lots of interesting stuff going on!

I can’t believe the first Spring Training games are this week! I mean, they just reported like a week ago! This offseason really went by so much faster than the last offseason did. It’s so cool to think that I’ll be listening to Padres baseball this weekend! How amazing is that? After this long, dark, hard offseason, we are into the light and hope of spring. It’s going to be so much fun!

Wednesday is the Padres annual charity game against the Mariners (we share the Peroia Sports Complex with Seattle, so there’s a bit of a rivalry there). That game is not broadcast on the radio, even though Jake is starting it🙂 Our second game is against the Mariners again, and presumably, Chris Young will be starting it. Friday is the Indians, probably Cha Seung Baek starting, and then Saturday is the Royals. I’m not sure who will be starting that one. This is pretty exciting…GO PADRES!!

peoria sports complex.jpg(photo credit: wegoplaces.com)  

Spring News

jake's tatoo.jpg

There it is: Jake Peavy’s new tattoo! It’s a tribute to his American Indian heritage; he has Creek and Cherokee blood. The tattoo is a phrase, “Hoka Hey”, which means “live life to the fullest”, as well as feathers. Very interesting…

greg coach.jpgGreg Maddux was in the Padres’ camp for the first time as an instructor yesterday. It’s so funny, beacause he really looks like he belongs there. It hardly seems like he went to the Dodgers at all! I am so glad he is back with the Padres. It was really sad last year when he wasn’t able to get his 351st win for months and months. That was terrible! Then we finally shed him, and he went to a winning team. But he had a great time here in San Diego, and the guys definitely benefitted from him. It is so great that they can get that teaching again from the “professor”.

Today is the Padres’ first official team workout. So exciting! We signed outfielder Emil Brown a few days ago. That is very strange, but I think they know what they are doing. Edgar Gonzalez might not be playing in the World Baseball Classic. Scott Hairston will be playing in the WBC for the Mexico team. To look at him, you would not think he was Mexican! He’s not, but his mom was, so…

Baseball is almost here! I can’t wait…it’s been way too long🙂

Don’t forget to keep supporting Jack Box…Hang in there Jack


(photo credits: the Union Tribune, padres.com)


Sorry this is kind of late, but I was gone all weekend, and I totally missed the Latest Leaders. But this time I got #29, which is much better than the last time, so I am thankful. In the tradition started by Jimmy, I will dedicate this ranking to #29, first baseman Fred McGriff.

Known as the “Crime Dog”, McGriff was drafted by the Yankees in 1981 draft. He was traded to the Blue Jays in 1982, and got to the majors in 1987. In 1990, he was traded to the Padres for Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter. He led the National League in home runs in 1992, but was traded to the Braves in 1993. He went on the play with the Devil Rays, the Cubs, the Dodgers, and the Rays again. He finally retired in 2005.

He had five All-Star game apperances, including being the MVP of the 1994 All-Star game. He won one World Series and three Silver Slugger awards. He ended his career with a batting average of .284, 493 home runs, and 1,550 runs batted in.

He is currently hosting a radio program in Tampa. He is also an assistant baseball coach for a high school in Tampa.

Big thanks to Rays Renagade for recommending this player to me!

In Padres news, Jake Peavy has a new tattoo! It’s a tribute to his Native American heritage. Wow.

There are these really cool videos from Spring Training that are being posted on the Padres’ website. They are part interviews, part footage of players working out. I love being able to see how the players are doing, and just to see the players! In the latest video, they showed my boy Kouz taking some grounders. It was so cool to see him again! Hopefully his shoulder and back will be OK this year.

In other randomness, have you guys heard about Jack Box? Yes, the founder of Jack-in-the-Box. Well, at the beginning of the month, he got hit by a bus! He suffered a massive head trauma, which is not to say that his massive head had a trauma, but his head had a massive trauma! So for all you Jack-in-the-Box fans, you gotta go support Jack and his family in this tough time. Join the Facebook page, or send a get well card, or sign up for updates, or just watch poor Jack on the webcam. But be sure to watch all the footage from all the events that have transpired since the accident. They are hilarious, er, ahem, so sad! Support Mr. Box!!



(photo credit: wikipedia.com) 

Back Home

IMG_3097.JPGI’m back! It was a very long weekend of serving at the camp in the mountains, but I had a lot of fun. We got a bunch of snow as we were driving up, and had to put on chains and stuff, but I was in falling snow for the first time in my life. I loved it. What I didn’t like as much was all the walking I had to do for the next few days on the ice and then the slush. This morning it snowed, hailed, and rained a lot. But we got out with no problems and got home around 2:30 this afternoon. It was pretty cold, but I was well bundled up. I think I am getting a cold, ’cause there was a virus going around our group. Also, we were working with a ton of people and handling a lot of food. It probably didn’t help that it was really cold outside. I am very tired, but it was a really great weekend, and I had a wonderful time.

I feel so behind on everything baseball. I will try to get to as many of all your blog entries as possible, but I think I need to go sleep soon. Anyways, evreything sounds great on the Padres side. Jake loves being a Padre and doesn’t want to leave. Heath Bell, our new closer, has lost 25 pounds by using Wii Fit. That’s great news! Greg Maddux is going to be coaching for the Padres in Spring Training. That’s really exciting. We all know how great Maddog was as a player, and he will be an incredible coach. I am so excited about baseball! It’s going to be a very fun season.

In the latest leaders, I got #29. Again, I do not know of prominent Padres player who wore #29. Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to go to the minors again.

Great to have baseball back! I am very excited to see what my Padres will do. Meanwhile, I think I will get some sleep…