A Tribute to Trevor – In Pictures

Nope, I’m still not over him leaving yet. Look, it’s only been about two weeks. If a close family member moves away, you are not going to get over them for quite a while. So, in one of my last tributes (maybe), we will look at Trevor’s career so far…with pictures!
Trevor_Hoffman mariners.jpg
young trevor.jpg


trevor old uni.jpg
















hoffman time.jpg 





trevor face.jpg






trev and bardo.jpg
trev st.jpg


trevor camo.jpg
trevor camo.jpg








trevor 479.jpg

trevor shortstop.jpg















trevor fist.jpg
trevor 479 trophy.jpg
trev and jake.jpg

year in review trevor st.jpg

trevor st.jpg
trevor and kids.jpg
Trevor is going to be officially announced as a Milwaukee Brewer on Saturday.


I love how you wrote “maybe” about this being one of your last tributes.🙂 Hope the pain lessens over time.


I love the Trevor tributes. They make me smile because I know if the day ever comes that AJ leaves the White Sox or when the day comes that he announces his retirement, I’ll be doing the exact same thing.

Kaybee, Maybe we here at MLBlogs need to start a support group for you! Hang in there; things will look brighter tomorrow!


It’s okay not to be over Trevor, I’m still not over Johnny Demon! Since he didn’t go to a rival team, you’ll still be able to root for him (until he plays the Padres lol) and always cherish the memories that you have of him. Last summer, when I was lucky enough to go to Fenway Park, I was at an Orioles game so Kevin Millar was playing.
And when he came up, we all gave him a huge standing ovation (I got a little teary eyed but…). So I hope that you’ll be able to go to a Brewers vs Padres game and see Trevor, and that you’ll be able to give him a standing ovation.

Awesome pictures. I was looking through my baseball cards yesterday and I found Hoffman’s rookie card!

Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

Great photo montage…I really like the next-to-last one.

JANE, I do still have some Trevor entry ideas, but we’ll see if I actually want to use them!

JEN, I know with the way you love AJ, you certainly would! Let’s just hope that he sticks with the White Sox for a long while though!

JULIA, thanks for the idea! The biggest obstacle is still ahead…him actually signing with the Brewers!!

ELIZABETH, I really hope I’ll be able to go to a game against the Brewers! That would be pretty amazing, and I would cheer for Trevor even if he closes a game against us!

BOB, that is so cool! That was quite a long time ago, huh? Trevor’s been in baseball for a long time!

XCICIX, thanks! I love that one too!

Kaybee, great pictures. I actually have some of the pictures in my phone! Wow. you are still not over leaving Trevor? You are a STRONG girl. I love the commitment you have about Trevor. Yeah, I miss him too. And it hurts badly. Same thing for Khalil. I know it’s from last year but I’m still upset that he left. It really sucks for both of us to see our favorite players leave San Diego. Hopefully, just hopefully they can come back in 2010!

You really are struggling with this one! Deep breathes and long sighes. If I come across a support group online for Trevor loss syndrome I’ll be sure to pass it along. : )

HYUN YOUNG, well, I’m doing OK right now. I mean, it’s not like I’m super depressed. But it’s still going to be tough to see him in another uniform. I doubt that Khalil will come back, but hopefully Trevor will!!!

TOM, thanks! DEEEEP breaths…yeah, I started a group on Facebook, but if you find something, I’ll probably have to join…

Wow, you sure compiled a lot of pictures Kaybee. It is a very nice graphic tribute! I like the pictures of his signature high leg kick.

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