The San Diego Padres’ new closer, Heath Bell!
heath win.jpg

Heath avoided arbitration today by signing a one-year contract with the Padres. The deal is worth $1.225 million. So if it wasn’t evident before, this confirms that Heath will be the Padres’ closer this year. It will be very interesting. We will miss Trevor a lot, but we gotta move on.      

Speculation: The Padres and Heath’s advisor decided just to do a one-year contract. Perhaps they are looking ahead to the possibility of Trevor coming back in 2010, and if that was the case, Heath would probably move back to the 8th inning role. We’ll see how it goes…but we’ve got a whole season of baseball first!

 Hopefully Heath will be able to do very well for us this season!
heath pitch.jpg


Maybe you can share some love with Bell this season!


I’m so gald Heath bell is going to take over the 9th inning! If it’s going to be “Heath Time!”, then I’m going to be a little bit sad because it reminds me of Trevor..

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