Photo Opportunity for Happy!

I just found out from the Brewers website that Trevor Hoffman is going to be at the “Brewers On Deck” thingy in Milwaukee on January 24th. This is basically a fanfest, with autograph sessions and all sorts of fun stuff. But the thing is, Trevor is going to get officially announced onto the team there, IN FRONT OF ALL THE FANS!!! I am so jealous. Bad enough that Trevor actually signed with the Brewers, but having a live press conference right in front of the fans…sigh. Happy, this is a great photo opportunity!! Plus, the autograph session is only $25! But see, last year when he was in San Diego, it was only $5. So that’s a great deal! Right. Anyways, I just had to point this event out, and I really hope Trevor has a great time in Milwaukee! Check out the Happy Youngster at:    

PS: For those of you who don’t know, Happy has promised to post lots of pictures of Trevor Hoffman on his blog to help ease my pain. I miss Trevor a lot, and it will be tough not to see him on the Padres. Though it will be strange to see him in the Brewers uniform, it will help to see lots of pictures. Thanks, Happy!


I can see it’s going to take a little longer for you to let go of Trevor. lol hang in there!

Kaybee – we’ll help you take small, baby steps away from Trevor and towards another favorite player. Perhaps, though, we could all chip in so that Happy can get you an autograph. What do you think?


We’ll help you through this, Kaybee! He’ll do well in Milwaukee, but he’s always gonna be a Padre!!

TOM, it’s only been about a week! You can’t get over 16 years in a week! But yes, EVENTUALLY, I will get over it.

JULIA, well, I already have Trev’s autograph, but thank you so much for thinking of me! That would be pretty cool…

JEN, thanks! I really hope the Padres can get him back next year.

I’m glad Happy will be posting a bunch of pictures for you! Last year at the Padres fanfest, did you get his autograph (and others too)? And I’m with Julia, Jen and Tommy, we’ll help you find someone new to love! Even though Trevor will always be in your heart.

ELIZABETH, at the fanfest I got outfielder Chase Headley and coach Randy Ready. But I did get Trevor’s at a game in September 2007. Well, my other favorite player, Kevin Kouzmanoff, is still here, but I just heard that he’s having problems with his shoulder! Oh boy these Padres are sad.

Man I can really tell you loved Trevor. Losing Trevor would be like losing David Ortiz for me.


IN FRONT OF THE FANS? Lucky people.
I hope you’re really happy about that! And I have to go to fanfest in San Diego someday. I don’t have any autographs😦

Thanks for the plug, Kaybee…only five days left until Trevor is unveiled!!

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