A New Owner????

Today the Padres have confirmed that Jeff Moorad is in exclusive negotiations with them to buy the team. Moorad is a former player agent, and until yesterday, he was the chief executive officer of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He actually resigned from that job to fully pursue the Padres. The Padres said that if anything gets done here, it will be done in the first quarter of 2009.

This is really exciting. From the article on padres.com, I get the sense that this guy really wants the Padres. And that’s pretty exciting. He looks like he’s ready to buy this team and make it better. And it really looks like the deal’s going to get done.

It is exciting, to have the hope of a new guy, someone who was in control of the Diamondbacks when they got good. Apparently, this guy really helped Arizona out of their debt. “…the D-Backs now find themselves on much more sturdy financial footing than they faced nearly five years ago.” If that’s what this guy is about, I’d say we could be like that in five years or so. It’s pretty cool. I think this guy can do great things for the organization.

If he does anything, he will bring hope to the San Diego Padres fans. We will have a new fire when we go to the ballpark, knowing that we might get better in the next few years. The cloud has been lifted over the ballpark. If this deal gets done, we won’t be under the dreary ownership of the Moores family anymore. We’ll have a new, exciting owner who knows how to win. I’m excited. Even though it’s literally raining here in San Diego, the sunlight’s already peeking through. With this new owner comes hope. We Padres fans need that.


Kaybee – I hope this works out for the Padres! They were reporting on this on MLB Network last night. You guys could use the hope that he would bring. Good luck!


This would be great news for all Padres fans.
Would probably pull Peavy off the market and reconcile with Trevor for one more year!


I like where this is going. Moorad sounds like a relly good man for me. WE NEED HIM. He is going to bring back the lost hopes for us, the Padres fans. Already, he sounds much better than the Padres front office!

JULIA, I really hope the deal gets done, too!

HAPPY, that’s a really good point! I hadn’t thought of that, but maybe it could happen!

HYUN YOUNG, I know! He’s gotta be better than what we have now!

I hope he’ll bring the sunshine back to San Diego, Kaybee. A new owner with a fresh approach is good reason to celebrate. I bet Peavy will stay now!


That is good news, then!

JANE, it brings a lot of new hope! It’s very exciting.

KATHY, it is REALLY good news!!

Kaybee – THE CHARGERS WON! They beat Indy! WHOO HOO! San Diego must be celebrating! Can’t say I’m sorry to see Peyton Manning go home!


I am so excited, Julia, it’s insane!!!! CHARGERS WIN!!!!! Yeah, it was a great, great game, so exciting!!!! I KNOW that all of San Diego is going crazy!! This is just really exciting!!! It’s still sinking in actually!!! I am pretty pumped!!!

Great Charger game! I hope the new owner can bring the team some luck, and some money.

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