December 2008

2008 Season in Review

opening day stadium.jpgIt was a great year. The Padres didn’t do the best (63-99 record), but there were a lot of great games and highlights. Although the results of the season were not good, I still had a lot of fun listening to Padres baseball. Here are some of the highlights of the year.


  • Third baseman Chase Headley tried the outfield at Petco for the first time. When he came up to the majors, left field was his main position.
  • We signed center fielder Jody Gerut to a one-year contract. Jody was a huge part of this team, and he got the majority of the time in center.
  • The Padres hosted their third annual FriarFest at Petco Park. I got two autographs (Chase Headley and Randy Ready), toured the clubhouse and dugout, and walked on the field. It was so much fun!


  • Pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training. Jake Peavy played with a changeup, which he used a lot throughout the season.


  • The Padres journeyed to Beijing to play a few exhibition games with the Dodgers. The first game was tied at 3, but in the second game my Padres won 6-3. Great series!
  • Pitching ace Jake Peavy hit a home run in one of the last spring training games. It was so funny!


  • On Opening Day, Jake Peavy shut down the Astros for 7 innings. He also drove in two of the Padres’ four runs. Not bad for a night’s work. The Padres took 3 out of their first four games, with Trevor Hoffman saving two of them.
  • The Padres and the Rockies battled through 22 innings of baseball, with the Rockies prevailing, 2-1. It was a crazy game, full of strange antics. Rally caps, rally tobacco, Jeff the Ram’s Head, Larry the Parrot, and applesauce. The catchers on both teams, Josh Bard and Yorvit Torrealba, caught all 22 innings. I believe that this game was the turning point in the season. We were never the same after it. Everything just went down after that.
  • Second baseman Tadahito Iguchi hit a solo walk-off homer in the 13th in a game against the Diamondbacks.


  • Center fielder Jim Edmonds was released after two horrible, injury-filled months as a Padre. This guy was not good. His release opened the door for Jody Gerut, who did not disappoint.
  • Greg Maddux finally won his 350th game. Rookie Luke Carlin made his major league debut catching Maddux’s 350th win and Trevor Hoffman’s 530th save in the same game. Talk about overwhelming for the rookie. It was a great game for the Padres.
  • The Padres signed pitcher Bryan Corey. He has a strange delivery, and he doesn’t look like he would be as good as he is. He was a solid part of our bullpen for a while.
  • The Padres won 6-1 on Mother’s Day while using their pink bats.
  • Pitcher Shawn Estes got his 100th win after recovering from Tommy John surgery. He had been out of baseball for two years and five weeks.
  • Adrian Gonzalez’s older brother Edgar joined the major league team. Kevin Kouzmanoff got his first game of the season off while Edgar made his major league debut at third. Edgar had been in the minors for eight years.
  • Jake Peavy went on the DL with a strained right elbow. He did not return for a month. The loss of him in the starting rotation was a big blow for the already-struggling team.
  • Pitcher Chris Young was hit in the face with a ball off the bat of Albert Pujols in a game at Petco. After sitting on the ground near the mound for a while, Chris walked off the field with assistance from the trainer and a teammate. He had multiple fractures in his skull. In the same inning, Pujols slid into Josh Bard to score at home. His slide twisted Bardo’s calf. Josh had to be supported off the field with a high ankle sprain.
  • Near the end of the month, the Padres had another extra inning game. This one only went to the 18th, though. Adrian Gonzalez hit a three-run bomb to finally win it in the 18th.


  • It was a strange way to win, but, hey, it got us a W. Paul McAnulty was hit-by-pitch in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded for a hit-by-pitch walk-off win. Strange, huh? I was laughing so hard!
  • First baseman Tony Clark hits his first pitch-hit home run with the Padres, and three-run shot that put the Padres in top of the Mets. They swept the Mets for their first sweep of the year.
  • Jake Peavy came off the DL in time to pitch in Yankee Stadium. He got bombed, but we got the Yanks when they were really hot.
  • Left fielder Chase Headley also joined the team for the Yankees series. He hit his first home run in the third game. He played his natural position, third, as Kooz went down with back problems.
  • We won four straight games with the score of 2-1. In the last one, Scott Hairston hit a walk-off homer. It was pretty amazing, and no team had ever done that before.
  • Kevin Kouzmanoff hit a grand slam against his former team, the Indians. In Kooz’s major league debut with Cleveland in 2006, he hit a grand slam in his first AB, first pitch he saw.
  • I got to go to my first game of the year, a retro game vs. the Mariners. It was a loss, but I got to see Chase Headley hit a homer with Kooz on base. It was fun.


  • First baseman Adrian Gonzalez got voted onto the NL All-Star team! He really deserved it, as he was undoubtedly the best player on this Padres team. He did a good job in the All- Star game too, playing all the extra innings and driving in a run.
  • We won 15-8 against the Rockies. We had been down 8-3, and it didn’t look very likely. But with the help of a few many-run outbursts, we were able to come back and win the game. It was very exciting.
  • Scott Hairston heated up major-time. He was so hot that nobody could stop him. He got a lot of playing time. It was really neat to see!
  • Greg Maddux got his 351st win. Finally.
  • After his 100th strikeout, Khalil Greene went into the dugout and punched a storage bin in frustration. He fractured his left hand and did not play for the Padres for the rest of the season. It was not good. But Luis Rodriguez filled in very nicely at shortstop.


  • Greg Maddux was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for two players to be named later. He didn’t do the best for the Dodgers, but it was OK.
  • On August 9th, the Padres turned 5 double plays in a game. It was pretty cool!
  • I went to my second game of the year. It was a great pitcher’s duel between Jake Peavy and Ben Sheets. Sheets finally fell apart though, as the Padres got three runs off of him. Our bullpen did allow a run, but then they handed it off to Trevor Hoffman. I had never seen Trevor Time in person, and I really enjoyed it. It was amazing. He did allow a home run to Mike Cameron, but we won. It was such a fun game!
  • The Padres won a game against the Rockies, 16-7. It was obviously at Coors Field. Great game. I really enjoyed listening to it!
  • Jody Gerut hit a huge walk-off for the Padres in the bottom of the 9th. It was very exciting.


  • Chris Young almost had a perfect game in Milwaukee. But in the 8th, with 2 outs, Gabe Kapler hit a home run to break up the no-hitter, the shutout, and the perfect game. It was kind of sad, but CY was able to finish the game with 80-so pitches. And the Padres won!
  • I went to my third game of the year, an 11-3 blowout of the Giants and Matt Cain. Adrian Gonzalez hit two home runs, one to left and one to right. His brother Edgar, also hit a home run. It was a really great game, and I got a ball from catcher Nick Hundley, too.
  • Chris Young hit a homer in a 6-4 win. It was so funny to watch the 6-10 pitcher trot around the bases. I love it when things like that happen!
  • We lost the last series of the season to the Pirates. We also lost the last game, pathetically as usual. Leaving 11 runners on, giving up 6 or so runs, the usual. It was sad, but we were kind of used to it. So ended the nightmare season.


  • The talks for a Jake Peavy trade began. The fans were not happy.


  • We signed a hitting coach, Jim Lefebvre, and a bench coach, Tim Simmons.
  • Adrian Gonzalez won a Gold Glove. He is stellar over at first, so this was definitely deserved.
  • The Padres picked up Brian Giles’ option for 2009.
  • Trevor Hoffman went into free agency. The Padres pulled their offer of the table, creating a rift between the two parties.


  • Khalil Greene was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for two pitchers. Thanks for the great years, Khalil, but it was time to go.
  • Greg Maddux retired after 22 years in baseball. He had 355 wins.
  • When a deal for Jake couldn’t get done during the Winter Meetings, Jake was sort of taken off the block. The Padres won’t be shopping Jake, but any other team is still welcome to approach them about him.
  • The Padres announced their 40th anniversary celebration next year.
  • The club is for sale.
  • The Padres signed three minor league pitchers and a catcher. They also signed Jody Gerut and Luis Rodriguez to one-year contracts.

It was a long, hard year. But it was also the best of my life. I am ready to move on to a new year, though. I just can’t wait for a new season of Padres baseball, a clean slate. I hope you have a wonderful, safe New Year’s celebration! Thanks to all my readers! Happy New Year’s!!    

Less of a Fan

Baseball is an expensive game for the fan. For the average American family, it could cost upward to $200 to attend a game. You’ve got the tickets, the food, the gas, the time, the memoribilia. MLB’s memorbilia is expensive, man. My family can’t really afford baseball. So sometimes I wonder: am I less of a fan?

Sometimes I feel less of a fan when I go to the ballpark. Strange, I know. Maybe it’s because I don’t get to go to the ballpark that often. I’m not there all the time. When I go to a game, I hang around the field level a lot beforehand. I see the ticket holders laughing and talking with each other, the players, and the ushers. They all know each other, the players know them, and they belong there. It makes me feel pretty small. I feel like I’m less of a fan because the players don’t know me by name, and the season ticket holders aren’t my best buddies. The season ticket holders seem kind of inferior to the “lower” fans, because they “care” about the team more. Now, I’m not saying that season ticket holders are bad people. I would love to be a season ticket holder, myself. But they are a special, set apart group. It just seems like they are lifted higher than the average fan, and I think they are. But that does not make me less of a fan. I am a Padres fan. Don’t think that I don’t have season tickets because I don’t want too. No, if I was able and had the money, I would move into left field, buy season tickets and a huge collection of memoribilia, and be at every game and event at Petco. But that’s the lifestyle of the rich and famous. I am not rich and famous.

Now, when I get up to my usual seats in the nosebleeds, I am much more comfortable. Up there are the people who are at my rank. The people who might be tight on money but can afford the $14 ticket. But they are great seats. Over the few games I’ve attended up there, I’ve realized that I am one of the loudest, and I really don’t care. I love cheering for my Padres up there. It’s really fun up there, but of course I would love to be closer to the field.

I can’t watch the games on TV. I listen to them on the radio. I can’t attended many games, mostly because of money and distance. I have a modest collection of memoribilia, but nothing like some of the fans out there have. I did buy a new Padres shirt yesterday…at Wal-Mart. I have sat at field level…in the outfield for $10. I’m not buying from MLB Shop, ’cause frankly, it’s too expensive. It really looks like I am less of a fan.

But no way am I less of a fan. NO WAY. I wear my Padres gear all the time. I follow the team on the internet very closely. I know the status of all our players. If there’s anything new on the Padres’ website, I’m on it. I know my team. I’m the go-to person among my friends if anyone wants to know something about the Padres. I know their history, their successes, their failures. Listening to the games on the radio is cool. You catch a lot more than when you’re actually watching it. And going to the ballpark only once in a while is OK. Each game is just extremely exciting to me, and I cherish them more because it’s such a rare occasion. Whenever I start thinking that I’m less of a fan, I remind myself that I’m also one of the few extremely consistent Padres blogs here. That’s gotta count for something.        


Last night, the Chargers won, here in San Diego. It was a great, great game, even for this person who doesn’t really grasp football. Sometimes, just listening to the emotions of the broadcasters, you can tell what’s going on.

I’ve been keeping track of this team all season. Mostly to see if they lost. And they were not that good this year, there’s no doubt about it. I mean, they looked like the football version of the Padres! But they really came through this month. They won 4 games in a row to overcome Denver’s lead and win the AFC West. It’s pretty exciting for the citizen of San Diego.

I can’t say that I understood everything that was going on. I listened to the game on the radio, which was interesting to say the least. On the radio, they use all sorts of different expressions to make the broadcast more interesting. It’s the same with baseball. There are all these strange terms that would never make sense to the person who doesn’t know anything about sports. And so, while I was listening to this football game, I had to try to figure out what was going on. I think I got most of it. It was kind of difficult since I didn’t have a mental picture of the field in my head, so when they said something like,”He’s taken down at the 30,” I wasn’t really sure where that was.

But the important thing is that they won. And the score was 52-21. The Chargers set a bunch of different records in this game, too. They played really, really well. Everything was just clicking for them. I am actually excited about this team.

I hate to say that they are growing on me, since I have been an avid Chargers hater for a few years now. It’s kind of embarrasing to suddenly like the Chargers. For example, my younger brother has kind of followed in my footsteps, and he hates the Chargers, too. So, yesterday when I was talking about the game, he was like, “Boo Chargers!” I was like, “Well, actually, we WANT them to win.” Just shows that you have to be a good role model to your younger siblings. So am I becoming a Chargers fan? I sure hope not, but we’ll have to see. If they go deep into this postseason, they are inevitably going to grow on me. But if they get eliminated early, I probably won’t. We’ll just have to see….

So, the first game of the playoffs for San Diego is this Saturday, at Qualcomm Stadium against the Colts. Some of the key players are injured (like LT), but hopefully they will be able to heal up. This is pretty exciting, because it’s a San Diego team. We have had a lot of bad years in our sports, but now our NFL team has been in the playoffs for 3 straight years. I’m excited. Let’s see how far they go!   

News Over the Holiday

I had a great Christmas, and I hope all of you did too. Well, the Padres didn’t give their fans a big present like a CC Sabathia or anything, but they did sign a few players on Christmas Eve. We signed right-handed pitchers Kevin Correia, Chris Britton, and Oneli Perez to minor league contracts. We also signed catcher Eliezer Alonzo, and gave a one-year contract to shortstop/second baseman Luis Rodriguez. Now, I’m really excited about Correia. I don’t know why, but he seems like an interesting player. He will get a shot at the rotation in Spring Training. Britton also looks very interesting. He is most likely to compete for a spot in the bullpen. But this catcher, Alonzo, I’m not so excited about. He sounds like he would be a good player up here, and it sounds like he might very well be the backup catcher to Nick Hundley. Alonzo’s been around for three years, but I still think a Brad Ausmus would be better. He’s been in the majors for 15 years, he lives in San Diego, and he did play for the Padres for 5 years at the beginning of his career. I guess the most disappointing thing about this is that the Padres are being very cheap. We have no choice, but I would like them to at least make the effort of signing a guy that a lot of people have heard of. Brad Ausmus isn’t a Jason Varitek, but he at least is fairly well known. And he’s a great player. Not to say that Alonzo isn’t, but I think Aumus’ reputation as a player would be better for San Diego.

So, I was downtown on Christmas Eve, and I got to see Petco Park from the Coronado Bridge. I really, really, really miss baseball. I can’t wait to catch a few games at Petco next year. I can’t wait to see how the team develops, what they’re going to do. I can’t wait for baseball!

petco close.JPG     

IMG_2522.JPGSan Diego is so beautiful🙂

Merry Christmas!

snow town.jpg

It’s been a wonderful year for me. I’ve made many new friends, done many new things, and just had a wonderful time here in San Diego. We aren’t going to have a white Christmas (which might be a blessing), but we are going to get a lot of rain. I hope it pours tomorrow. I love the rain! 

I just want to thank all my readers, and all those who supported me and my blog over the last 7 months. This community is amazing, and I have enjoyed it so much. I love ranting about my Padres🙂 And I am very excited about what next year will bring. How good will the Padres be? Will I have to endure a season like ’08, or will the Padres be unstoppable? We don’t know what the next year will bring, but I am so excited to get back to baseball. No matter what happens, I know that I can come here, to Unfinished Business, and spew out whatever is going on in my mind. It’s a great stress reliever, blogging. 

So, thank you so much to all my readers and fellow bloggers. I wish you all a merry, merry Christmas, and I hope you find TRUE joy and peace in this season. Merry Christmas!   

What is the True Meaning of Christmas?

Christmas is a time when you have to spend time with people you don’t like and buy them gifts with money you don’t have.

Christmas is generally thought of as a season of joy, which is slightly true. Most people try to look at it like a Hallmark card: peace, love, happiness to all mankind in this joyful season. But how many Christmases are really like that in America today? Obviously, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. We get together with our families, we open presents, and for some of us, we have snow. And some of us go to Christmas pageants to hear that dear old story of the baby in a manger, because it’s a cute little Christmas tradition. Some of us go to church for the only time of the year.

So the question is, what is the point of Christmas? Don’t get me started on the Santa Claus nonsense. What is it? Is it to have warm, happy feelings as we spend time with our families? Is it to think about that cute little baby in the manger?

Well, guess what, it is about that baby. It’s about the incredible truth that GOD came down to earth and became human. But it doesn’t end there. Most of us like to keep the baby Jesus in the manger, in the stable. But the story doesn’t end there, because the baby grew up. That child lived the life of an average human, except He was perfect. Eventually, He died a death no human could withstand, for us. THAT is the hope, the joy in Christmas. Jesus came down to this wicked earth, lived the life that we could never live, and died the death that should have been ours. As a result, He paved the way for us to come to God, to be reconciled, to be forgiven. And to be given eternal life.

You see, Jesus saw the potential future He could have with His creatures. For the JOY set before Him, He endured the cross for us. You want to know what true joy is? It’s knowing that death is not the end. We are all going to face death. But the thing is, is doesn’t have to be the end. I have an incredible hope. Because Jesus came down to earth and died for me, I am going to Heaven when I die. That’s hope, man. That’s JOY.

Christmas is a tough, tough time for a lot of people. There are a lot of teenagers who are going to get into big trouble during their break. Things are going to get tense between families. Kids are going to be disappointed with their gifts, and with the economic situation, a lot of parents are worried about getting their kids good enough gifts. A lot of people are extremely lonely, or hurting. But for those of us who have the incredible hope for the future, we need to reach out to those who are hurting this season. We need to watch out for those who are struggling.

You can find joy in lots of other things besides God. Family, gifts, snow. But those things just don’t last. You want joy that will last? Put your trust, you hope in God this season, and for the rest of your life. HE has the only joy that will last.

What is true faith? True faith is not only a knowledge and conviction that everything God reveals in His word is true; it is also a deep-rooted assurance, created in me by the Holy Spirit through the Gospel, that, out of sheer grace earned for us by Christ, not only others, but I too, have had my sins forgiven, have been made forever right with God, and have been granted salvation.        

The Hope of the Playoffs

Well, in Padres news over the weekend, Jody Gerut signed a contract for 2009. This is pretty exciting because Jody was a very positive part of 2008. He’s a center fielder who was out of baseball because of surgery to both knees. Now he’s back, and he did an excellent job last year. This does make me wonder what our center field situtation will be. Obviously, I think Jody will get the majority of the time out there. But Will Venable showed us that he can play center very well when he was up here at the end of the year. But if he’s up here, he needs to be playing. It will be very interesting.

OK, as most of my readers should know, I really do not like football. But it has come to my attention lately that I need to broaden my sports knowledge, which means that I need to learn about America’s most popular sport, football. So I watched a little college football on Saturday. It was fascinating. I’m still learning, but it’s actually pretty cool to watch all these guys crash into each other. And I knew a lot more than I thought I would.

Anyways, I would like to talk about the San Diego Chargers. Believe me, I cannot stand the Chargers. The memorabilia is all over San Diego, and they are so much bigger than the Padres. I do not like it. BUT if anyone is following the NFL closely, they will know about this situation between the Chargers and the Broncos. Yesterday, the Chargers won 41-24 against Tampa Bay. The Broncos lost, so now the AFC West will be decided next Sunday in San Diego. I’ve already said that I don’t like the Chargers, but when the hope of playoffs comes here, all San Diego sports fans get excited. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Padres, the Chargers, the college teams. Successful playoff teams are so rare here in San Diego, and we get so excited about the potential playoff team. I am so excited about this game on Sunday! It’s pretty insane since I hate the Chargers and I’m not even going to be watching it. But I will be keeping track of the score on the Internet and the radio. Games like this are so exciting, no matter what sport. Whoever wins this game will go to the playoffs. Whoever loses will have the season over. The hope of a Superbowl is there if you just get to the playoffs. Same with the Padres. If they win the NL West, all fans see the far hope, the World Series. Now, I really don’t know if the Chargers have the talent or the pieces to win this game next Sunday. They’ve been pretty bad all year, but we’ll just have to see. It will be very exciting, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to it.

Well, it’s raining again!! Sounds like we’re going to have big storms all week, which will be amazing. Only 3 days ’til Christmas! 

Music and Baseball

I love music. When I’m not listening to my MP3 player, I’m listening to CDs or the radio. In baseball these days, music is a big part of the ballpark experience. Songs are played during BP, in between innings, and before certain players bat. Here are a few songs that, to me, equal baseball when I hear them.

Let’s Get it Started-Black Eyed Peas

This song is usually played during a game when the home team gets a chance to score early in the game. It’s not necessarily early in the game, though. I was at a game where the Padres were behind and they played it with a runner on third and two outs in the bottom of the 8th! It’s a really cool song, and I’ve got it on my MP3 player.

Let’s See How Far We’ve Come-Matchbox Twenty

This song is played during a video the Padres run that has highlights from years past. It’s a great song.

I’m Shipping Up to Boston-Dropkick Murphys

I don’t remember the first time I heard this song, but I think it was in the aftermath of the Red Sox’s World Series win in 2007. Jonathan Paplebon uses it a lot. It’s pretty cool.

Sweet Home Alabama-Lynyrd Skynyrd

This song is played before Jake Peavy’s starts, him being a native Alabamian. Accompanying the song is a video of Jake pitching, playing his guitar, fishing, you know, country-boy stuff. It’s pretty amazing.

Rock and Roll-Gary Glitter (?)

There is some version of this song that the Padres use after a win. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it always reminds me of the excitement of a win. There’s nothing like hearing it and celebrating after a win at Petco. It’s amazing.

Hell’s Bells-AC/DC

Nothing says San Diego baseball like Trevor Hoffman’s song, Hell’s Bells. Trevor Time is an incredible experience, and this song is a huge part of it. It starts out with the bells, and then into the music, and it’s amazing to watch and hear. Hell’s Bells is Trevor’s song in a Padres uniform. I don’t think he should be allowed to use it if he signs somewhere else, and I definitely don’t think any other player should be allowed take it. Not even Heath Bell.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Of course, we must not forget THE baseball song, Take Me Out to the Ballgame. This song has been around for a long time, and it means a lot to baseball fans. A tradition of the game is the 7th inning stretch and singing this song. I love screaming “PADRES!!!” over the opposing fans. It is so much fun. I love this song!

There are many other songs that I love to hear at the ballpark, like the strikeout song and the home run song, but I don’t know what they are called. These are some of my favorites, what are yours? What songs make you think of baseball when you hear them?   

Wanted: A New Owner

Not much happening baseball-wise around here. Of course, the news about the team being sold is making quite a stir. I believe Jane over at Confessions of a She-Fan is starting a collection for anyone who wants to contribute to buying them, but I’m not sure if we will be able to gather up $300+ million. I’m just hoping that we will sell the team, and that we will get a new owner who will bring a different philosophy and a different way of doing things. We need change. We need someone who can built a team but make it appealing to the fans as well. I mean, there are some great guys on the Padres team right now. Jody Gerut is a really good player, and he was so much fun to watch last year. There are all these exciting young guys who are fresh from the minors. They are great, exciting players, but the average fan won’t come out to watch rookies. He (or she) comes out to watch stars like Jake Peavy, Manny, A-Rod, you know, the big names. Obviously, the Padres are not going to get a star as big as A-Rod, because we don’t have enough money. But we need players that the fans would have heard of somewhere. An Omar Vizquel might be known. Having Greg Maddux here was great, because he’s pretty much a legend, but we had him for a fairly low price. We have about $20 million available for the rest of our roster. It is pretty scary. Jake Peavy (if he stays) and Brian Giles take up half our payroll. It’s sad. We still need a shortstop, a veteran catcher, possibly a closer (Trevor…), and more bullpen help. Oh, and more starting pitching. Can we get all we need for $20 mil???? We’ll just have to see.

Well, it rained hard all day yesterday. It was a really good rain. Today is kind of cloudy, but I think the rain is over. It was great. Christmas is in a week…     

News on a Tuesday

So, there is some interesting stuff going on around San Diego. First off, it appears that owner John Moores will try to sell the club. Moores had been a good owner. He was instrumental in getting Petco Park built. But it is time for him to go. So, we will have to see who wants to buy a club who just lost 99 games and whose payroll is ridiculously low. But a new owner would bring new hope to Padres fans, so I really hope it works out.

In other exciting-ish news, CEO Sandy Alderson said that they are no longer approaching clubs about trading Jake Peavy. This is good news, but it doesn’t mean that Jake won’t get traded. Teams could still approach the Padres and try to make a deal. It is still very likely that he will get traded. The Padres will need to make an official announcement that they will not trade Jake before I relax. It would just be so amazing to have Jake here, pitching on Opening Day against the Dodgers. Sigh. I really hope he stays, for all our sakes.

Well, it was raining hard all day yesterday here in San Diego, so naturally we were stuck inside. My friend had recorded the Padres’ last game of the season, and I hadn’t finished watching it yet. It was a really pathetic game against the Pirates, a 6-1 loss. We left 11 runners on!!! It was pretty sad, but it was cool to see all my players again, watch Kouz make incredible plays, just watch some baseball. Boy do I miss it! Well, the Padres’ first Spring Training game is February 25. I can’t wait!