October 2008

Phillies Take the Series

Last night, the Phillies went to the World Series. The Dodgers starting pitcher, Chad Bilingsley, was not very good. He left after 2 and two-thirds innings, allowing 3 runs. Greg Maddux pitched 2 innings, but allowed 2 unearned runs thanks to 2 errors by shortstop Rafael Furcal. Furcal also added another error later. Jimmy Rollins led off the game positively for the Phils with a solo homer. The Dodgers’ only run in the 5-1 loss was a solo shot by Manny Ramirez. I so called it. Manny had a full count, and I was pretty sure that the next pitch would be hanging. It was, and Manny crushed it. BAM. Gone. Shane Victorino had a great defensive game, making some spectacular plays in center. It was really cool for me to be able to sit and actually watch a game. I hadn’t done that in a long time. So, the Phillies are the National League champions.

Tonight is the game I am really looking forward to. The Red Sox have overcome deficits like this before, and I am sure they could do it again. It will be an exciting game, no doubt about it.

In the Padres world, Trevor Hoffman is going to get offered a contract this week. That is really exciting. Also, Mike Adams is having surgery on his shoulder this week. He might not be ready at the beginning of the season. But hopefully we can get some players signed up this week. GO FRONT OFFICE!!   

Happy Birthday, Trev!!

trev yelling.jpgToday is Trevor Hoffman’s 41st birthday, and he’s still going strong. Hey, a really good birthday present would be to get a contract from the Padres! (Padres front office: hint, hint) Trev has been the face of the organization since Tony Gwynn left, and he has been instrumental with this team for years. And since he is my second favorite player, I wanted to wish him a great birthday, and hopefully a few more years of Padres baseball. Thanks for everything, Trev!!

In other news, the latest leaders came out today for mlblogs.com. The first time I was on the list, I was number 44 out of 50. Today, I am 28 out of 50. This is really exciting for me mostly because the Padres were BAD, and who wants to read about the third worst team in baseball? But I really enjoy blogging baseball, and I can’t wait til next season! GO PADRES!  

It Continues…

On Saturday night, the Red Sox lost 9-8 in 11 innings. It was a slugfest, with the teams combining for 7 homers. This game was one of those back-and-forth games. In the 11th, Boston reliever Mike Timlin got himself into trouble. With the bases loaded and one out, B.J. Upton hit a shallow sac-fly to right. A throw came to the plate, but the runner from third scored, and the Rays won. The series is now tied 1-1. Today the Sox will try to bounce back at Fenway Park. GO BOSTON!!

The Dodgers won last night. It was a very strange game. But today the Phillies have a chance to go to the World Series. We’ll see. May the best team win.

Sox, Phils, and Friars

The Red Sox won 2-0 last night. It was a great game, highlighted by Dice-K Matsuzaka. He threw 7 innings, giving up four hits, 4 walks, and striking out 9. But here’s the key: he didn’t give up a hit until the 7th. He did pitch into the 8th inning, giving up two hits without making an out before getting pulled. But he was masterful. He got himself into jams with the walks, but he got out of them. Meanwhile, the offense got a run by sac-fly, and the second run by RBI double from Kevin Youkilis. Justin Masterson was very good, inducing a double play with two runners on. Jonathan Paplebon threw yet another scoreless postseason inning. So the Sox win! I was looking at the field in Tampa on the highlights, and it looks horrible. Not very green, no fancy designs. They probably can’t help it, but it just does not look nice. Oh, well. The series continues tonight with Josh Beckett vs. Scott Kazmir. Hopefully Beckett can get back on track. GO BOSTON!!

Phillies clobbered the Dodgers 8-5. The series will move on tomorrow at Dodger Stadium.

I’m starting to miss the Padres. Just a teesy weensy bit, but it’s starting. But they’ve been making moves to make room on the roster, so I’m anticipating new players. Like yesterday, Michael Barrett went to free agency. I almost forgot we had him. If he’s healthy, he might be a good player, but he had two horrible years with us. We also claimed a second baseman, Travis Denker, from the Giants. This is very understandable, since Matt Antonelli needs a lot more time in the Minors. Denker is a rookie, too, so we’ll see what the Padres have planned for him. Well, for now I’ve got the playoffs to distract me. But the long offseason months are coming up. Get ready. 


Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for….the opening game of the ALCS, featuring the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. I am excited. It will be Dice-K Matsuzaka vs. James Shields. I’m anticipating a great game. But my motto of the playoffs comes in here: “We’ll see.”

Last night the Phillies beat the Dodgers 3-2. It was a strange game, as in the Dodgers were leading but got erased and then lost. Manny had two hits. Chase Utley had a big 2-run homer followed by a homer by Pat Burrell. Otherwise, Greg Maddux pitched as a reliever. So, the series will continue tonight with Chad Billingsley against Brett Myers. GO RED SOX!!

LA vs. PHI

Tonight is the opening game of the NLCS at Citizens Bank Park. It will be Derek Lowe against Cole Hamels. I really think the Dodgers are going to win this series.

Meanwhile, the Padres have their eyes on a few coaches to fill the spots of bench coach and pitching coach. Otherwise, the last few days have been really slow. GO RED SOX!!


For some reason, the Red Sox have suddenly become my second-favorite team. I mean, they always have been, but I’ve really gotten into them this past week. Maybe it’s because they are so talented. Maybe because I think they’re the best team in the playoffs. But whatever the reason, they’re drawing me in. Last night walk-off win thrilled me so much! It was almost like the Padres had won with the way I reacted. Well, I would have been leaping around the house like mad if it were the Padres, but I was still pretty excited about the win. Walk-offs are so much fun, especially when it’s a rookie who gets the big hit. But it was a wild 9th inning. In the top half, the Angels got a runner to third with 1 out. The batter totally missed a bunt with a squeeze on, and Jason Varitek was able to run the runner down and tag him out. The batter then struck out. In the bottom half, Jason Bay hit a ground-rule double with one out, but it probably would have been an inside-the-park homer if in hadn’t bounced into the stands. After Mark Kotsay lined out sharply, rookie Jed Lowrie came to the plate. On a first-pitch curveball, he grounded it just though the hole between first and second. Bay raced around third, and crossed the plate just as the throw came in. It wasn’t close. The Red Sox won. It was a great, great game. Jon Lester had a wonderful outing. 

So it will be Boston vs. Tampa Bay in the ALCS, starting on Friday. I am really looking forward to this series. Both of these teams are very talented. The NLCS will be played by the Dodgers and the Phillies. It will be very interesting. I’m picking the Red Sox and the Dodgers for the World Series. Let’s see how it goes.  

So It Begins

Today Josh Bard, Shawn Estes, Luke Carlin, and Sean Kazmar cleared waivers. Dirk Heyhurst did not. He got claimed by the Toronto Blue Jays. I am slightly disappointed about this because I was going to recommend a really good article he wrote about his major league callup. This guy has serious writing talent. I hope he enjoys it in Canada. Now, Luke and Sean got sent to Triple-A. But it is with great sadness as I tell you that Bardo and Estes are no longer with the Padres, and have instead chosen the course of free agency. I am very sad, but I will get over it. I loved Bardo. He was amazing in 2007. Then catching 22 innings and summarizing the game (“If you give up 1 earned run in 22 innings you should win the game”), he was a fighter. When he was healthy, he was good. Unfortunately, he had a really tough year. Estes also chose free agency over the minors. So, now the Padres need to find a veteran catcher. I think Nick Hundley will be back next year, but he needs an experienced mentor. Well, the rebuilding has started. We’re preparing to get better. 


OK, I don’t really have anything baseball-ish to write about today, but when I logged on today and saw that I had 99 entries and 50 comments, I had to write one more. So this is my 100th entry. I started blogging at the end of June, so it’s been about 3 months and a week. I’ve enjoyed blogging so much, and I can’t wait til next season! But we’ve still got a lot a baseball, and a lot of offseason. On Saturday night, the Dodgers finished a sweep of the Cubs to move onto the NLCS. The Phillies will meet them there. Last night the Angels won, so that series will continue tonight. The White Sox also won, and that 4th game will also be tonight. No news on the Padres front. But hopefully moves will be made this week. GO FRONT OFFICE!!!

Playoffs 2008

The playoffs have started. Talk about domination. As of right now, 3 teams have won 2 games and 3 teams have won none. But in baseball, things can turn around in a moment. Here’s what’s happened so far.

BOSTON RED SOX vs. LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF ANAHIEM: The Red Sox are my second favorite team in the Majors, so I am really excited about this series. So far, Boston has done really well. In game 1, pitcher Jon Lester dominated for 7 innings, allowing only 1 unearned run. Jason Bay hit a huge 2-run bomb. They got two critical insurance runs in the top of the 9th. Jonathan Paplebon closed it out. In game 2, Jason Bay hit another homer, this time a 3-runner. But the Angels fought back, and going into the top of the 9th, it was a 5-5 tie. But J.D. Drew hit a 2-run homer to break the tie. Paplebon got the save. Another key player in this series so far is Justin Masterson. He’s thrown two good innings, surviving some jams. Tomorrow Josh Beckett is pitching, so I really like the Sox’s chances.

TAMPA BAY RAYS vs. CHICAGO WHITE SOX: This Rays team has just amazed me. They’ve been so good all year, and they’ve been able to continue that in the playoffs. Evan Longoria, the amazing rookie, had 3 hits in game 1, 2 homers and an RBI single. Though the Rays got down 3-1, they were able to come back and win 6-4. There were some incidents like a guy not keeping track of the count, but it was overall a pretty good game. In game 2, the White Sox got two quick runs in the first. But Rays starting pitcher Scott Kazmir settled down and had a good outing. The Ray’s offense was highlighted by Akinori Iwamura’s 2-run homer. They won 6-2. They play game 3 tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what else Tampa Bay can do!

LOS ANGELES DODGERS vs. CHICAGO CUBS: In game 1, the Dodgers offense was homers. James Loney hit a grand slam, and Russel Martin and Manny Ramirez added solo homers. They win 7-2. In game 2, the Cubs made 5 errors and the Dodgers capitalized. Russel Martin had a 3-run double. Dodgers win 10-3. They could win the series tonight. I feel bad for the Cubs fans. It appears that the drought will continue, but we’ll see.

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES vs. MILWAUKEE BREWERS: In game one, Cole Hamels of the Phillies threw an 8-inning gem. His offense game him three runs in the first. Brewers’ Mike Cameron dropped a fly ball that allowed 2 runs to score. Some more sloppy defense by the Brewers gave the Phillies one more run. The Brewers’ only chance, really, was against the Phillies’ closer Brad Lidge. But he closed the game to give the Phils a 3-1 win. In game 2, Shane Victorino got a grand slam. Brad Lidge closed the 5-2 win. So now the Phillies, too, have a chance to win their series. Jamie Moyer is pitching for them tonight.

So, the playoffs have certainly been interesting so far. Hopefully a few if not all the leading teams can move on in the next few days.