September 2008

We Beat Maddux

  • cha sueng baek.jpg4-0 Padres

So, last night it was Greg Maddux vs. Cha Sueng Baek (pictured). Unlike last week, we got to Maddux early and we got him good. Brian Giles led off the game with a double. Greg was able to get two outs, but Adrian Overdue Gonzalez came to the plate. After fouling off a pitch, Adrian sent the ball to the opposite field and out. With a nice 2-0 lead, Baek got started. He didn’t allow a hit until the fourth, and gave up only 3 overall. He went 7 innings with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts while throwing 102 pitches. Meanwhile, Kouz hit a sac-fly in the 3rd to drive in our third run. He also singled in the winning run in the 5th. Heath Bell and Mike Adams finished the game with the help of some stunning defense. Baek finally won his first game at Petco. I’d say the best part of this game, besides us winning, of course, would be that we beat Greg. Sorry! NOT! The second best part is that Manny Ramirez struck out twice and did not get a hit. HA!

Tonight is Hiroki Kuroda vs. Wade LeBlanc. Ooo, I’m getting some deja vu! Oh, yeah, these guys faced each other last Wednesday. LeBlanc was bad. Kuroda was good enough. The tables turned yesterday, so they should turn again today. GO PADRES!! 

Almost Perfect

  • 10-1 Padres

After a frustrating 1-0 loss on Saturday, we came out to the ballpark yesterday with our good pitching and hitting. In his second start after coming off the DL, Chris Young was incredible. He took a perfect game into the 8th, where the Brewers finally got their first hit and run on a Gabe Kaplar homer. They were able to scratch one more hit in the 9th, but CY threw a complete game on 96 pitches. He beat them bad. And so did the Padres’ hitters. Every guy in the lineup except leadoff hitter Matt Antonelli had at least one hit. Kouz hit his 21st homer of the year. Adrian, Chase Headley, Nick Hundley, and Will Venable each had 2 hits. Chase got his 9th home run. Sean Kazmar had three hits and a walk. Even CY got a hit, his 2nd of the year. We got 5 runs in the third, and 4 runs in the 7th. We also got one in the fifth. It was an amazing game. We split the series, which is not bad, considering that we have the worst record in baseball.

On Friday the Padres called up outfielder Drew Macias and pitcher Mike Ekstorm. Today we are back at home, facing the division leading Dodgers once again. And guess what? We get to face Maddux again! This time we will pound him. If anyone wants to see Manny in San Diego, now is the time to head out to Petco. On Thursday, we start a 4-game series against the Giants, and I will be there. Remember, these games against the Dodgers will have playoff implications. Hopefully this will be a homestand like the last one. GO PADRES!!

How Can He Do More?

  • 1-0 Brewers

On Saturday, we lost 1-0. Ben Sheets threw a complete game shut-out. Jake was incredible. He goes out there and gives the team a chance to win, but we have failed him so many times. He was so amazing, and yet he blames himself for the loss. Listen to this: “I am embarrassed. Nine and ten, no matter what, that’s embarrassing to me. I’m not going to finish (the season) with a losing record.” In Jake’s words, you can tell that he expects more of himself. He is going to go out there fighting for a win. He gave up 1 run for goodness sakes!! I know he expects a lot of himself, but how do you get better than 1 run in 7 innings? Complete game no-hit shutout every sixth day? He is doing his best. It’s his offense that is having problems. Luis Rodriguez had 3 hits. Chase Headley had 2. Except for a walk to Josh Bard, that was it. We had a few chances, but it wasn’t Jake who was embarrasing: it was his offense.

That Elusive Knock

  • 3-2 Brewers

In the 8th inning, Brian Giles hit a bomb off of the miserable Eric Gagne to tie the game. Thanks to some uncertain pitching, it barely stayed that way til the 11th. There, J.J. Hardy singled in Craig Counsell. GAME OVER. The really sad part of this game was our offense. We had 9 hits. In the last 4 innings we left 7 runners on. Look at that number. For any other team, they would have had a win in regulation. But we Padres fans are used to it. We were one hit away repeatedly. We couldn’t get the job done. But it wasn’t just us. The Brewers left a bunch of runners on as well. CC Sabathia and Josh Geer were great. Sabathia gave up one run, and Geer gave up two. The Padres are pathetic. OK, last night the Brewers threw their ace, and tonight we are throwing ours. Jake’s last start was Sunday, where he went 8 innings with 13 strikeouts. Unfortunately, he got a no-decision. The Brewers are throwing Ben Sheets. These two pitchers met on August 14. Peavy won, Sheets lost. Let’s see how it goes tonight. GO PADRES!!

Kouz has a Great Glove


  • 5-2 Padres

Nick Hundley is on fire. So is Luis Rodriguez. Both of them had two hits and drove in two runs last night. Other rookies are pitching in, too. Will Venable hit his first major league homer on our way to a 5-2 win. Coming off the DL, Shawn Estes made the start and was incredible. He went 6 innings, giving up 1 run, 7 hits, 1 walk, and striking out 1. He was mowin’. The bullpen was great. Mike Adams struck out the side around a home run in the 7th. Heath was great. Thanks to some beautiful defense, Trevor closed the game to get his 552nd save. A huge part of this game was Kouz’s defense. He had 9 assists, and was just stopping balls left and right. He was amazing. It was an incredible game for the Padres. The Brewers are really struggling right now, but CC Sabathia is going tonight against Josh Geer. GO PADRES!

Disappointments Galore

  • 6-4 Dodgers

So, we lost. We got swept. We were hitting. We had a lead. Whatever. Wade LeBlanc made his major league debut, and he did not know what he was doing. He struggled BIG time. We did have a 3-1 lead, but LeBlanc gave it up. The bullpen of Meredith, Adams, and Bell finished it. Bardo had 2 hits and drove in three. Chase had 3 hits. Will Venable had 2 hits. Kouz hit his 20th homer. But the Dodgers won it. They are 1 and a half games away from Arizona. Now we are limping into Milwaukee. In the past 3 games, we’ve had a pitcher coming of the DL, a guy who is failing, and a rookie. The starters went only 12 and 2/3’s innings. Our bullpen is dead. Tonight is Shawn Estes, who is also coming of the DL. We need bullpen help. BIG TIME. Here’s a negative thought for the day: the Padres have started every month this season (except the first one) with 2 losses. Kevin Towers in going to be talking to the 40 year-old Trevor Hoffman about next year. We stink!! GO PADRES!!

Ping-Pong with the Padres

  • 8-4 Dodgers

The Padres are that pathetic plasic ping-pong ball. Last night’s game was played by Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers hitters. So there the Padres are, sitting on a huge ping-pong table. In walks Kershaw and his offense, giggleing maliciously. They’re streching, cracking their knuckles, licking their chops at that pathetic thing on the table. Kershaw, barely 20 years old, picks up his paddle and stands on one side of the table. The pathetic ping-pong ball looks at him. It can’t see how pathetic it is, and it thinks it should be able to beat the kid. Then it turns to the other side of the table, where Kershaw’s hitters have lined up. The pathetic ping-pong ball isn’t so sure about that side. But it turns to face Kershaw as the game begins. WHAMMY! WHAMMY! WHAMMY! The pathetic ping-pong ball goes down quickly. Now it turns to face Manny Ramirez on the other side. BAM! Just like that, the Dodgers are dominating. Every time the pathetic ping-pong ball turns to Kershaw, he completely blows it away. As the game goes on, the pathetic ping-pong ball starts to gets frustrated. “Why am I not beating this guy? He’s just a kid!!” it cries. But soon the pathetic ping-pong ball is seeing how pathetic it really is. It makes it mad that it can’t beat him. And then when it turns to the offense side, guy after guy comes up and beats it. Andre Eithier, BAM! Blake DeWitt, BAM! It just went on and on. But the pathetic ping-pong ball turns to face Kershaw one last time. It’s beaten up, but it’s not giving up. Kershaw is tiring. So he allows the Padres to get on the scoreboard, which is horribly lopsided. The ping-pong ball’s rebellion doesn’t last long, though. It’s too beaten up. So it gives in, just like 85 other times this season. The Padres might have thought they could beat this team, but they can’t. Thery’re just a pathetic ping-pong ball getting kicked around by their rival. This past week has proved interesting. We were able to sweep Arizona, but LA has been killing us. It seems like LA is the more likely team to win the West. With the win last night, the Dodgers are now 1.5 games out. This last week also shows that the Padres cannot consistently win. In this tough season, I have sometimes wondered if the Padres would be able to do 21 out of 22 and get right back in it. But there’s no way, as this last week has shown. We go 5-1, leave home with a 2-game win streak, and then lose a series. We can’t win consistently. We can’t hit consistently!! Tonight is Wade LeBlanc, making his major league debut. The bullpen is really beat up. Hiroki Kuroda is going for the sweep. GO PADRES! BEAT LA!

Maddux Beats Us

  • 5-2 Dodgers

Single, single, single. That’s how the Padres’ first started. It seemed like they would be able to get to Greg Maddux early. But NO. We did get 1 run, but Maddux settled down big time and retired the next three hitters. Then he shut us down for for the rest of his five and two-thirds innings. He got his 354th win. Now he’s tied with Roger Clemens for 8th on the all-time wins list. Congrats, Greg. Meanwhile, CY came off the DL and struggled. He gave up 4 runs in 5 innings while throwing 80 pitches. He wasn’t the best, but I don’t think anyone was expecting a complete game shutout. Clay Hensley struggled, but Cla Meredith and Justin Hampson were good. We lost, 5-2. Fear not, I have a positive! In the continuing youth movement, second baseman Matt Antonelli started and made his major league debut. He singled against Maddog in his first AB. He didn’t get many plays at 2nd, but the ones he did get he fielded cleanly. Bad game for the Padres. We were disgraced. But Cha Sueng Baek is going tonight vs. Clayton Kershaw. We can do this. GO PADRES!! BEAT LA!!

Invasion of the Rookies

Today is September 1, when the rosters expand. But yesterday, Tadahito Iguchi and Brett Tomko were told that they are going to be releasedmatt antonelli.jpg. In their places, second baseman Matt Antonelli and pitcher Wade LeBlanc will be called up. These moves were a shock to me. I don’t mind losing Tomko and Iguchi, but it is a complete surprise. And Matt Antonelli (pictured), there’s no way I expected this guy up here. Just yesterday, they were talking on the radio about how he is not ready for the majors. He’s been struggling in Triple-A. But maybe he will be better against major league pitching. What do the Padres have to lose? In fact, having Iguchi gone is a relief to me. I feel like, if Iguchi was going to play, Edgar would have to go. But now Antonelli’s the guy. Kevin Towers said, “I would imagine Antonelli is going to get a lot of playing time. That doesn’t mean Edgar won’t play, but we’re bringing Matt up to play.” So there you have it from the general manager himself. They aren’t bringing him up to sit on the bench. If Iguchi was here, Matt would be sitting on the bench. But it looks like Edgar will be the one left out. It’s sad for Edgar, but I am excited to see what Matt can do. With Chad Reineke and Dirk Hayhurst in the bullpen, we don’t need Tomko, though he was pretty good with us. This team is slowly being taken over by young guys, and they are getting the job done. Look at this past weekend. Guys like Luis Rodriguez, Nick Hundley, Will Venable, and Josh Geer were the heroes. Look at this team. We have a veteran and a rookie catching. The rookie is getting the majority of the time. We have a relatively young guy at first. 2 rookies at second, a rookie and a young-ish guy at short, and a second-year third baseman. We have 2 rookies and 2 veterans in the outfield. I am so excited to see what this young team can do. I feel like we can win with this team. And we have been able to. I am so excited about Padres baseball right now. We may not be going anywhere, but we’re playing well. I couldn’t ask for more.

Tonight is Chris Young vs. Greg Maddux. This is why I didn’t want to trade him, because I was sure he would come out and throw a complete game no-hit shutout against us. Well, on the other hand, we will probably bomb him. Either way, we will get to see Manny Ramirez as a Dodger for the first time. Looking at last week, we have been FEASTING on our NL West rivals. I think we should keep it going. BTW, here’s our new 6-man rotation starting today: Chris Young, Cha Sueng Baek, Wade LeBlanc, Shawn Estes, Josh Geer and Jake Peavy. GO PADRES! 

On a Roll

joshy geer.jpgLet me tell you, this team has been playing great baseball. They may be 16 games behind, but they are giving us a quality product. On Saturday, Josh Geer (pictured) made his major league debut. He went 5 innings, 2 runs, 5 hits, 3 walks, and 5 strikeouts. Losing 2-0, we went into the 4th and got 6 runs. Luis Rodriguez doubled, Adrian walked. On a wild pitch, both moved up. Chase Headley walked, then Will Venable singled in our first run. The tying run scored on a fielder’s choice. Hundley walked. Then Geer came to the plate for his first major league AB. All he had to do was stand there. Ulbaldo Jimenez walked him on 4 pitches with the bases loaded, so we pushed across our third run. Brian Giles then got a 2-run single. Rodriguez got his second hit of the inning to drive in run #6. In the 7th, we got three more runs. Mike Adams threw 2 scoreless innings. Chad Reineke, recently removed to the bullpen, threw one scoreless, but gave up 2 in the 9th. No matter, because we win 9-4. Josh Geer got the win. Overall, a great game played by the Padres.

Yesterday, Jake pitched. Enough said, but I have to tell you about his incredible performance. 8 innings, 5 hits, 2 walks, 13 strikeouts. He was locked in. Jeff Francis was almost as good. Luis Rodriguez drove in Jake for our first run in the 5th. It stayed 1-0 until the 9th. Trevor came in, and believe me, he was not sharp. After the first batter, you could tell that he didn’t have his stuff working. He almost got out of the inning, but he gave up the tying run for his 4th blown save of the year. But he held it at a tie game. Bottom of the 9th, Will Venable led off with a single. Sean Kazmar was unable to bunt Will over. But Brian Giles singled to move Will to third. Here comes Luis Rodriguez. In case you hadn’t noticed, this guy has been playing like a major leaguer. He has been hitting like crazy, and making incredible defensive plays.  With a 1-2 count, he lined the walk-off single to right. So, we win the game 2-1, and the series 2 games to 1. We went 5-1 on this homestand. Trevor blew the save, but the really disappointing part of this game was that Jake didn’t get the win. Trev got it, but you know he would give all three of his wins to Jake. Oh, well. As Trevor said,”I’m just glad we won.” What a great game. What a great week! GO PADRES!! 
luis celebration.jpg