August 2008

The Veterans Rule

  • 1-0 Phillies

So, last night, these two teams had incredible pitching. Moyer absolutely shut us down. Maddux, who deserved 2 wins out of this game, made The Mistake, a solo homer to Pat Burrell. It wasn’t suprising that Burrell was the one who did Mad Dog in. But, of course, the Padres cannot overcome a 1 run deficit. Well, if the Padres want to be pathetic and lose 1-0, that’s their problem, not mine. The Phillies are a very good team. But this team, chock-full of hitting stars, got A run. That means our pitching was good. But then we didn’t score any runs, which means their pitching was better. We did have a few opportunities, but naturally we went down 1-2-3 after getting two runners on. Yeah, it was a pitcher’s duel, and I enjoyed it. But didn’t I say I liked a little offense with it?

 We signed our first round draft pick, Allan Dykstra, last night. Tonight is the major league debuting Chad Reineke. We got him for Randy Wolf. Once again, I am really excited to see a new, young guy. I hope he does well! GO PADRES!

Jake is Consistent

If you don’t like pitcher duels, you wouldn’t have enjoyed yesterday’s game. I’m not really sure what I prefer since I don’t watch many games. But what I do know is that I genuinely enjoyed the pitcher’s duel. I loved seeing Jake shutting down the Brewers, and though I didn’t like us going down quickly, the dominance of the pitcher was cool to see. The way Jake was pitching, you knew he wasn’t going to give up much. But you knew the same thing about Ben Sheets. I got really caught up in the game. I didn’t look at the clock until 2 hours into the game! I didn’t really think about the Brewers run. I didn’t really think about the fact that we were losing. Suddenly it was the 7th inning stretch, and I got a little offense in the bottom of the 7th. I’ve always wanted to go to a game where it’s a close, low-scoring game, but where the Padres get just a few runs and Trev saves it. That happened yesterday. 5 hits and 3 runs in an inning. Just enough. I have been to big, sometimes back-and-forth games. 8-6, 11-0. Those were great, but I think I like a slower, more controlled game. Those games where you just know that the other team won’t score much. I knew that Heath and Trev would be lights out. So I like pitcher’s duels. Besides, a pitcher’s duel means just a few runs score. And few runs means a save situation, which means Trevor Time.  CY went back on the DL yesterday. Losing him again is tough. Our pitching is having enough problems. The question is, who will replace him? Brett Tomko or Brian Falkenborg are options. Or will the Padres bring up a Wade LeBlanc or a Steve Garrison to see what they can do? The way the season has gone, the Padres have nothing left to lose, besides games. They might as well look to their future. Tonight is Maddux vs. Moyer. Why were people griping about not having a Peavy-Sabathia matchup? This one tonight will be a classic. GO PADRES! 

A Pitcher’s Duel


3-2 Padres

  • 30,145
  • 2:25

TREVORTIMEThis was an amazing day. The game was all I hoped it would be. I got to Petco around 11:00. I went down to the field level, where Heath Bell, Cla Meredith, and Justin Hampson were signing autographs. Collecting autographs is a tough job, man. Just because you call a player by his first name doesn’t mean he will acknowledge you. There were a lot of kids crowding the players, and I felt bad for the adults. Anyway, I got Heath and Justin. The game was just beautiful. Jake and Sheets were very good. All the hitters were very quiet until the 7th. Now, I must take a moment on Mike Cameron. I miss the guy, I really do, and I wish he was here. I was excited about seeing him. But then he made a catch that only a guy who knows Petco Park can make. I was not happy. Of course, he drove in both the Brewers runs, including a homer against Trev. So, thanks for the two years, Cami. But stop doing well against us!! The big inning was the 7th. The Brewers got a run off of Jake on a single to left. Chase made a great throw, but the runner crossed home safely. In the bottom half, Kouz singled and Chase doubled. Iguchi drove in the tying run. We got another run on a sac fly by Brian Myrow. Jody singled in our third run. A few batters later, on a wild pitch, Jody came in and collided with the covering pitcher. Somehow, Jody didn’t touch the plate. So he got tagged out as he was walking back to the dugout. It was a weird play. I was really excited because it was a save situation. I had never seen Trevor Time before this game. Heath did great in his 8th. Kouz doubled, but Chase ended the 8th. I will probably never say this again, but I wanted Chase to end the inning. It was a save situation, and Trev would be fine with a 2-run lead. So in comes Trevor. I was so excited. My goal for this game had been to see Trevor Time. I’ve been wanting to see it for a long time. I’ve watched a lot of video, and I’ve seen Trev around the ballpark. But I had never been there. Then, there I was, finally watching Trev pitch. It was amazing. The energy from the crowd was huge. The bells and the song were perfect. Hoffy got the first batter out on three pitches. Then Cami came up and hit a homer. No problem, the score is 3-2. The third guy flew out. The last man grounded to short, and we won. Trev got his 550th save. All I can say is, WOW. Chase went 2-for-3. Kouz had 2 hits. This is kind of random, but I noticed that Kouz did not make a play at third. I LOVE LUKE CARLIN!!!! He doesn’t hit much, but he is an amazing catcher. He threw out Cami, who was trying to steal. It was an absolutely beautiful throw. Jake was great. He went 7 innings, 4 hits, a run, 8 K’s. He threw a lot of pitches, though. It was great for me to get out there. I’ve got sunburn, my throat is sore, and I have bruises on my hands, but it’s all good. It was a beautiful game.     heath bellHeath

jake pitching

Enough Said

Depressesed Kouz.jpg

  • 7-1 Brewers

A New Face

  • 5-2 Brewers

I wasn’t expecting this. It didn’t even cross my mind. But yesterday the Padres called up Sean Kazmar, a Double-A shortstop. I am excited about having another young guy up here. I can certainly see why the Padres want a guy who can play infield, especially shortstop. Iguchi and Edgar can’t play it, so it will be good to have a guy to have a guy to back up Rodriguez. As for the game, we lost. The odds were against us. The Brewers are the better team. But Kouz hit his 18th homer and Jody Gerut hit his 12th. Tonight is CC Sabathia vs Josh Banks. Go Padres!!
Sean Kazmar.jpg    

Bring Out the Bats

gonzo homer coors.jpg

  • 16-7 Padres

The Padres left 10 runners on. They got the bases loaded in the 9th and only scored one run. But I’m OK with that. We brought out our bats yesterday, and we won a huge game. Livan Hernandez was pathetic. The Padres scored 4 runs in the 1st and 7 in the second. Kouz, Giles, and Gerut hit multiple-run homers. Adrian (pictured) and Giles each had 4 hits. In the bottom of the 4th, with an 11-0 lead, Chris Young allowed 7 runs. A ball went off of Edgar’s glove that he should have caught, and that allowed the inning to drag on more than it should have. Edgar says his slump isn’t bothering him, but it’s bothering his defense. Maybe it’s because he’s not getting as much playing time. I hope he breaks out of it soon. I am so glad that Justin Hampson got the win, because he was marvelous. He went 3 scoreless innings. Wil Ledezma was amazingly able to throw 2 scoreless. Not walkless, but scoreless. Luke Carlin hit his first major league home run, a 3-run drive. Coors Field is so weird! Our 16 runs is a season high. We had 20 hits!! Kouz was super hot in this series. He had 9 hits. It was a really enjoyable game. Brian Corey strained his hamstring. Brett Tomko flew back with the team so he might replace Corey should Brian go on the DL. The Brewers are coming, throwing Jeff Suppan, CC Sabathia, and Ben Sheets. Baek, Banks and Peavy are going for the Padres. Go Friars!   

Hits and Double Plays

Retro Night 08 031.jpg

  • 8-3 Padres

Today was a good day. Greg Maddux goes 6 innings, 2 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts. He was just really sharp today. He gets his 353rd win, his third in a row. On the offensive side, Kouz was 3-for-5 with a RBI. We were tied 1-1 in the 6th when Luis Rodriguez, Adrian (pictured), Kouz and Chase all singled. Then Nick Hundley hit a two-run double, and we led 6-1. Adrian had a ginormous bomb in the top of the 9th to extend our lead to 8-2 at the time. We had 13 hits. Again, the bullpen was not the best. Brian Corey hurt himself. Cla Meredith allowed another inherited runner to score. 50% of the inherited runners have scored this year. Mike Adams struggled again. But Heath was great. Trev had to come in to save the game. He struck out the annoying Troy Tulowitzki. Then, with the bases loaded and one out, Chris Iannetta lined out to Kouz, who stepped on the bag for an unassisted double play. But the real story of this game was the defense. We turned 5 double plays!!! A most of them were in essential situations. We still have some major problems, mostly with the bullpen. But we can win through them. Bad news is that Bardo is back on the DL. NNNNOOOO!!! So Luke Carlin is back. Tomorrow is CY vs. Livan Hernandez. Tonight was a great game. Let’s continue tomorrow! Go Padres!   

Giles is staying!

Today Brian Giles vetoed his potential trade to the Red Sox . He says he wants to keep his commitment to the Padres. He does have an option for 2009, and he says he wants to play 2-3 more years, preferably in San Diego. I am glad that Giles is staying, but I was kind of hoping for an exciting trade. We fans have nothing to talk about but how badly the Padres are playing, and it would be really nice to have a new player to talk about. The Padres have been really disappointing in the market. They have a pathetic team, but they don’t really try to fix it. I understand that they are looking to the future, but they need to keep their fans. Who knows? They are probably preparing a huge trade and we’ll have a ton to talk about. But I wouldn’t count on it. Of course, I will always be a fan. It’s just the same old story, week after week. We need something new. Josh Bard hurt himself during BP. Not again!!
B.GilesMug.jpg Today’s game is not looking good. We have already had a 53-minute rain delay. But it’s Colorado. Go Padres!  

…Mostly We Lose

chase homer.jpg

  • 5-3 Mets

Ah, the bases loaded with no outs. It could be one of the most exciting parts of baseball. A good or an average team will most likely score. But pathetic teams won’t. In fact, it could become a nightmare to a pathetic team. Take the Padres, for instance. They load the bases with single, single, hit batsman.They get a run on a RBI single by Adrian. But Luis Rodriguez was thrown out at the plate and Kouz grounded into a double play. Executing in a great oppurtunity? More like executing themselves. Man, every time we get the bases loaded, especially when we are losing, I am sure that we will get at least 1 run. And we did today. But if you look at this game, we needed those other runs. If you don’t take advantage of these situations, you’re going to lose. Before that inning, we had 2 hits (Chase had a homer). That top of the eighth was our biggest chance! Jody Gerut tied it at three in the 9th, but David Wright took one out to walk-off Heath Bell. Is it just me, or have we been rallying in the later innings lately? Usually they have been falling short, though. Another problem is inherited runners. They have been scoring way too many times. Everyone-the pitchers, the hitters, and the defenders- has been having problems. But we have been hitting a lot of home runs. Well, what more can I say? We have failed once again. We stink! Tomorrow is Jake vs. former Padre Glendon Rusch. No news on Brian Giles, except that he has been claimed by the Red Sox. Giles will be working with his agent and Kevin Towers in the next 24 hours or so. Go Padres! 

Sometimes We Win…


  • 4-2 Padres

Our wins have been coming few and far between, but they have been quality, well-played games. Tonight we hit just enough, and the pitching was mightily improved from last night’s. Jody Gerut hit the first pitch of the game for a home run. Two batters later, Brian Giles hit a bomb to extend the lead we held the whole game. Cha Sueng Baek did really well. He wasn’t perfect, but it was a great start for him. He gave up 2 runs on 5 hits. Mike Adams came in and got two outs. Heath pitched an inning. Then Trevor went 1-2-3 for his 528th save, 24th of the season. He has saved our last 8 wins!! I want to talk about Jody Gerut. He has done so well for us. He has 8 homers, and it seems to me that they were all in essential and/or big situations. Like last night’s game. And the 15-8 win over Colorado. He also has 3 leadoff home runs. He has been perfect in the field. Even though he has 2 errors, the runs he has saved far outnumber the runs he could have allowed. It is so great to have him here. I admit, I am not too excited about having Luis Rodriguez play shortstop every day. But today, he went 2-for-4 with a double and a single. He also got robbed on a great play by David Wright at third. He made three beautiful plays at short. So I might get more comfortable with him if he stays solid. I am worried about Edgar Gonzalez. He went 0-for-2 with two walks tonight, but he made two errors. He is definitely in a slump, and I think it’s in his head. Hopefully he can break out soon. Khalil is going to have his hand checked out tomorrow. We have an early game tomorrow. 9:10 a.m. is first pitch, with Josh Banks vs. Johan Santana. I am getting excited because I am going to a game a week from tomorrow. If the rotation stays the same, I’ll get Jake Peavy!! Even though the Padres are horrible most of the time, I am really excited to get out to the ballpark. Go Padres!