August 2008

New Faces, Same Result

venable swingin.jpg

  • 9-4 Rockies

Last night our pitching was polluted. It was BAD. And it all started with Dirk Hayhurst. Once the Padres gave him a 1-0 lead, he quickly gave Colorado 4 runs in the 3rd. He was gone after the 4th. Our hitters were able to come back, a little. Adrian had a RBI single, and Nick Hundley homered. But this game went foul real fast. Soon, every relief pitcher was running into trouble. The only one unscathed was Brett Tomko, who went two hitless innings. Buddy had to dig deep in his bullpen. The showers must not have been working, ’cause these guys stunk. Eventually, we lost 9-4. Even though he hit the homer, Nick had a really bad night behind the plate. I guess the bright spot is Will Venable (pictured). Just called up from Triple-A, he got the start in center. In his first AB, he hit a triple and scored our first run. Nice.

Josh Geer is going to make his major league debut today. I am very worried about the bullpen. If Geer can’t make it through the 4th, we are going to have a LOOONG night. GO PADRES!!!!  

Out For the Year

ScottyHairston.jpgOn Thursday, Scott Hairston tried to make a diving catch in center. He missed it and tore a ligament in his left thumb. He’s going to have to have surgery and his season is over. This is really sad because Scotty has been having an amazing year. He has been one of the bright spots on this club. Will Venable will most likely replace him. Josh Geer will also probably come up. The rosters expand on Monday! It will be great to have a bunch of new faces up here.

Tonight is Dirk Hayhurst vs. Aaron Cook. We’ve been feasting on our NL West rivals already this week, why shouldn’t we continue? GO PADRES!   

Rally Time

  • 5-4 Padres

Ted Leightner said it. It was the bottom of the 8th. After Arizona took the lead, 4-0, in the top of the 7th, it seemed like they were going to avoid the sweep. But we got 3 in the bottom half of the inning. In the eighth, Brian Giles singled. The next two hitters made outs, but Chase Headley drove Giles in as the tying run. As Jody Gerut was at the plate, Chase stole a crucial base. Soon after, Jody singled him in. As Chase crossed the plate, Leightner said, “This game belongs to the Padres!” In seemed like a weird thing to say, as we still had half an inning to get through. But it was thrilling. And it was right. On to the top of the 9th, to Trevor Time, where Trev was absolutely on his game. First batter: swinging strike, ball, called strike, swinging strike. Second batter: ball, ball, ball, called strike, swinging strike, called strike. Last victim: swinging strike, called strike, swinging strike. Game over. So Trev gets his 551st save. This is kind of cool because his number is 51 and I happen to really like the number 551. It was also our 51st win of the season. It is his 27th save of the season, and he was just dominating. But the starters were amazing as well. Cha Sueng Baek and Randy Johnson held the game scoreless for 6 innings. They were mowing. But Baek fell apart first, though he only allowed 2 runs. The other two fall on Clay Hensley, who was not good. Johnson ended up giving the Padres 3 runs. Jody hit a triple, Edgar Gonzalez singled him in, and Nick Hundley hit his third major league home run. Chad Qualls gave up the other two runs to the Padres. Mike Adams got the win, and it is well deserved. He threw another solid inning.  So we swept the NL West leaders. It was just an amazing series. We played solid, exciting baseball. And today’s game is a celebration. GO PADRES!   

Caught in His Own Webb

  • 9-2 Padres

Brandon Webb is a nice guy, a good baseball player. But last night his stuff was against him, and so were the Padres. We really got to him for our 50th win of the season. It was the 3rd inning in a scoreless game. Nick Hundley and Tadahito Iguchi singled. Then Brian Giles, who has been on a tear lately, hit a bomb to right and we had a 3-0 lead. But we were far from being done. Luis Rodriguez singled and Adrian walked for Kouz, who drove them both in with a booming double. Arizona tried to come back with a 2-run homer from Mark Reynolds in the 4th. But that was all for the Snakes, who got 2 hits off Chad Reineke and 1 hit off the bullpen. The Padres, on the other hand, kept piling on. They got runs in the 5th, 7th, and 8th. Jody Gerut got another hit and RBI against Jon Rauch. I can’t believe Arizona used him! I really don’t expect to see him today. Chad Reineke was good, earning his 2nd win. He did struggle, throwing 93 pitches and walking 4 guys. But he went 5 innings before handing it off to the bullpen. Clay Hensley, Mike Adams, Brian Falkenborg, Heath Bell, and Brett Tomko finished it up. Falkenborg got into a bases loaded situation. Heath came in with 2 outs and Mark Reynolds at the plate. Heath knocked him down with a pitch way up and in. It looked pretty intentional. But then Heath brought out the heat, throwing two sharp strikes. Reynolds swung right through the last pitch. Heath is so aggressive, and it is really cool to see. Everyone was super solid at the plate. We got 13 hits. Giles, at the top of the lineup again, had 3 hits. Rodriguez had a hit. Adrian had a hit, two walks, and scored three runs. Kouz had 2 doubles and 3 RBIs. Chase and Nick each had 2 hits. Iguchi and Jody each had a hit. But Reineke is going to have to work on his bunting. He attempted and missed about 6 pitches over 2 AB’s. Our defense was solid. Tony Clark was starting. He does not look good as a Diamondback. But he didn’t hurt us too badly, so it’s cool. As I was sitting there watching this game, I realized that I could be watching the NL West champs. It made me really realize how the pathetic the NL West is! Arizona looked horrible last night. That’s a tribute to our pitching staff, but seriously: this Diamondbacks team does not look like a postseason contender. The Dodgers are going through a rough spot themselves right now. Whatever happens, it will be a great postseason.

Today is Cha Sueng Baek vs. Randy Johnson as the Padres go for the sweep. GO PADRES!!  

Walking Off

jake monday.jpg

  • 4-2 Padres

It was the bottom of the 9th in a 2-2 game. Scott Hairston, usually our walk-off guy, stuck out. Then Brian Giles hit an infield single and was thrown out on a bizarre play. But Luis Rodriguez singled to set up Jody Gerut. Gerut was 0-for-4. He had made a great play in center, but nothing was going at the plate. Until he saw John Rauch. Now, the Padres have hit this guy very well. Jody hasn’t be fooled, that’s for sure. It was Rauch vs. Gerut in that game with the bases loaded when Jody should have had a bases-clearing double. But Alex Romero made that spectacular catch. Jody had a homer against Rauch, and last night he completely killed the first pitch from him. WE WIN!!! I don’t think we’ll be seeing Rauch in this series again. Jake was great. 6 innings, 2 runs, 4 hits, 7 strikeouts. He threw 121 pitches, though. Clay Hensley allowed a hit, but Heath was great. Trev breezed through his inning, even though it was a tie game. Luis is really heating up. He had a double, triple, and single last night. He has also been solid at SS. We played good baseball last night. Everyone in the starting lineup (including Jake) had at least one hit, except Kouz. Giles had 3 hits. I am so glad that we got a win!

 Tonight is Brandon Webb vs. Chad Reineke. GO PADRES!

jody celebration.jpg

Swept Away

  • 7-4 Giants

We had a 3-0 lead. But the problem yesterday was the bullpen. Mike Adams got roughed up for the second straight outing. Bengie Molina hit a huge 3-run homer to make the score 7-3. Justin Hampson also had problems. We left 11 runners on. We were in it, if we could have got one hit with the bases loaded. One cool part of this game was Brian Giles hitting the first pitch of the game into the bay. Buddy was mixing up the lineup. But the Giants are a better team. They have better pitching. For some reason, the problem of the Padres’ speed has really has come out in the last week. Maybe it’s because the Giants play small ball with speed. Maybe it’s because the Giants are cheetahs compared to us, the snails. But I don’t think bringing up Will Venable will solve our speed problem. We need a team of speedsters. Hey, it won’t really matter if we have speedy guys on the bases and we can’t hit. This team is a mess. Well, we get to face Dan Haren, Brandon Webb, and Randy Johnson this week. Jake will try to snap this 7-game losing streak tonight. Oh, if anyone has been wondering, we are 20 games behind. HAHA!! That’s actually funny. GO PADRES!!     

It’s a Loss

  • 4-3 Giants

Barry Zito was amazing. Dirk Hayhurst only went 4 innings, 3 runs, 5 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts. He was very similar to Reineke last week. Even though allowing 4 walks, Clay Hensley had two scoreless innings. Mike Adams allowed the winning run, but otherwise was fairly solid. Chase drove in two of our runs. Jody drove in the other with a triple. This anemic offense had 4 hits. Not surprising, but still disappointing. Man, I don’t know what else I can say about this game. It was a good game, for the Giants. We haven’t won in a week. Will things get any better this season? How are we supposed to get through a another month of this? KT said he wasn’t going to watch that pathetic baseball for 3 more months. That was 2 months ago. Where is the better baseball? Maybe we’ve been playing better, but not good enough to win. How does KT think that bringing up Dirk Hayhurst of all people will help this club? Obviously, Hayhurst didn’t help today. Tomorrow is Josh Banks. Go Padres! 

Down the Drain

The Padres are not good. Some players can hit once in awhile, but the whole team is a mess. That’s pretty obvious. Since last Saturday, we have lost 5 games. We traded away the solid pitcher in our rotation. Jake misses him, and Greg doesn’t seem to be having a jolly time himself. But there is a purpose for this season. We get to audition the kids. Do you think that if we were on top of the NL West by 3 games that we would see Dirk Hayhurst up here? No way! Unless you follow the minors very closely, you have probably never heard of this guy. I hadn’t until yesterday. But he is going to make his major league debut today. In these “tests” we might find stars for our future. I really don’t think the Padres are going to be contending next year. There is too much to fix. But maybe 2010. We’ve got the talent. It’s coming. But until then, we will have to endure the frustrations. Go Padres! 

A Tribute to Maddog

Greg “Maddog” Maddux was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers on August 19th, 2008. He played for the Padres for a year and five months.

Greg, you were the master. You went out there every 5 days and did your job. You gave us so many chances to win, but we couldn’t take advantage of them. You should have had at least ten wins with us by now, and we let you down. But you didn’t care. You never thought about yourself, only the team. We Padres fans will never forget your 350th win. And I will not forget that tough night in Arizona, where you kept going, even though we didn’t have a chance to win. You took one for the team, for the bullpen. It’s hard, remembering your last start with us. You pitched like the Hall of Famer that you are. Maybe you knew that this was your last Friar start. You were spectacular, but we failed you again. Maddog, we will deeply miss your leadership and impact in the clubhouse. All the young pitchers learned so much from you. I will miss hearing your humbleness and humor in your postgame comments. I am so glad that you are with a contending team. You deserve to be in the postseason. I will be following all your starts. I wish you could have ended your career in San Diego. Thanks for all the memories and fun times. We miss you, Doggie.     

The Last 5 Days

On Saturday we won 8-3. It was a very well played game. The guys came from behind and were really hitting when it mattered. Chad Reineke made his first major league start, got his first major league win, hit, and RBI. He wasn’t the best (5 innings, 3 runs, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts) but he had a quality start. Mike Adams, Clay Hensley, Heath Bell, and  Brian Falkenborg were untouchable. They allowed 1 hit among them. It was a truly beautiful game. But then we lose the next 3 games. Cha Sueng Baek only gave up 2 runs,1 earned on Sunday. We lose 2-1. On Tuesday we fought back. In the 9th, we scored 3 runs and left the tying and winning runs on. We lost 7-6. On Wednesday, Jake got a 4-0 lead before taking the mound, but he allowed 6 runs, 5 earned. He was bad. But it is so sad because we are really hitting right now! We are hitting .400 with runners in scoring position. We rallied again, but not enough. We lost 8-6. The pitching is suffering right now. I think it’s because Greg is gone. Oh, yeah, on Tuesday Greg Maddux was traded. We really need him. But the Padres think we need 2 prospects instead. This team is going nowhere. I am really getting excited about next year. Hey, we’re 18 games behind and losing consistently. Why should I care anymore?

Tonight is Chad Reineke vs. Brandon Webb. HA! Sorry, I really don’t see a good game ahead for us. But who knows, maybe the Swinging Friars can hit the 18-4 ace. Go Padres!