July 2008

Padres vs. Diamondbacks: Game 1 Recap/Great Game!

We won 5-1! Cha Seung Baek pitched incredibly. He had a no-hitter going until the 6th. Wow, he was good. We hit really well, pounding out 11 hits. We played classic baseball. In the sixth, we went single, single, ground-out which produced a run, sac fly. Then Baek’s no-hitter was erased with a double by Stephen Drew. Justin Upton then singled to left, but Chase Headley threw Drew out at the plate. It was beautiful. Arizona got a run in the 7th, but we got three more in the last 2 innings, and we won!!!! Baek got his first major league hit. Kouz had 2 hits and drove in a run. We just hit really well tonight. Nick Hundley got his first major league strikeout and hit out of the way. He did really well behind the plate. I’m excited about this guy. I think a pitcher’s performance is connected to his catcher. If you think about it, the catcher is the one who’s in charge of the pitcher. The catcher is calling the pitches, studying the hitters, telling the pitcher what to do. The catcher is my favorite position. I have so much respect for catchers. They have to be physically tough, able to squat for long periods of time.  They have to catch balls zipping in at 70-100 miles an hour. And most of them are not coming in straight. They have to know every single hitter, how they hit and how to get them out. They are thinking so much. Plus, they need to be counselors to their pitchers. They are sort of the “leader” of the field. Catchers have so much responsibility, it’s no wonder most of them are not good hitters. If the catcher is doing well, his pitcher should be doing well. So I like to think that Baek’s success was partly because of Hundley. Great game, Padres! On a 4th of July note, my sister used to think the National Anthem ended with, “…o’er the land of the free, and the home of the Padres.”    

Wecome to the Bigs!

It’s official. Nick Hundley and Luis Rodriguez are up, and Clay Hensley is down. Michael Barrett is on the DL with facial fractures. He’s going to be out for at least 6 weeks. Hundley is starting tonight, which I thought was interesting. He has never caught Cha Seung Baek. Hopefully we can get it together tonight! Go Padres!

Padres vs. Diamondbacks: Game 1 Preview

Tonight Cha Seung Baek is pitching for the Padres. Moves will probably be officially announced before the game. It would be so great to pound Arizona! Baek needs to go deep into the game. Our bullpen has been good but it should get a break. In the past 10 games, our starters haven’t gone over 6 innings. NOT GOOD! Hopefully the Padres can get something going tonight. But please, no more injuries!

Padres vs. Rockies: Game 3 Recap/Possible Moves

We lost 8-1. Oh, well. Positives? Chase hit his 4th homer in 2 weeks. The bullpen was solid again, giving up only one run. Chase did get hit-by-pitch in the wrist, but he should be fine. Michael Barrett fouled a ball off his nose. He will probably go on the DL. For the rest of the game we had Carlin and Edgar avaliable for catchers. Luke caught the rest of the game, but what if he had been hurt? You would have to put Edgar at catcher, and McAnulty at second. Tony Clark would be your only pitch-hitter. Moves have got to be made today. I think Barrett will go on the DL, and Nick Hundley will be called up from Triple-A. Luis Rodriguez will very likely be called up, too. We need infielders. Hopefully a pitcher will get sent down. Brett Tomko is having some soreness in his arm. Not good! I should think that Randy Wolf won’t be around much longer. He can’t find home plate and he’s getting bombed. Yorvit Torrealba, a Rockies catcher, wants out of Colorado. Maybe the Padres will be interested in him. Josh Bard is still a couple weeks away. If Hundley comes up, we’ll have a Double-A catcher and a Triple-A catcher. But I would be excited to see Nick up here. More young talent! Meanwhile, Arizona continues their downfall. So, amazingly, we stay only 9 and a half games back. I love this: Arizona has a losing record!! The NL West is an absolute joke right now. Every team is under .500! Maybe we can pound the Diamondbacks this weekend. That’ll be fun. Today is an off-day. I hate off-days, but the Padres need it. Go Padres!

LOB: Good or bad?

The Mariners left 18 runners on base last Friday. This begs an interesting question. Is it a good or bad thing to leave runners on base? On the side of the Padres, it is a good thing that their pitchers were able to get out of jams. But it is a bad thing that the pitchers got them there in the first place! On the side of the Mariners, it is great that they got on base. But, of course, it is really bad that they left so many on! I thought this is kind of interesting. Give me your thoughts. 

Padres vs. Rockies: Game 3 Preview

Randy Wolf is pitching tonight. He was erratic on Friday, but hopefully he can bounce back and get a W. The offense needs to score runs. Kind of obvious, but after last night’s mess we need to go pound the ball. A positive from last night was Clay Hensley. I think it was his first major league appearance in over a year. He threw 2 scoreless innings. He was good. The bullpen has been very good in the last two games. San Diego really needs a series win tonight. Go Padres!

Padres vs. Rockies: Game 2 Recap/Ridiculous Baseball

One night you love them, the next night you hate them. After the best win of the year, a 22- hit, 15-run bombing, the Padres go back out and play like they did in the eight-game losing streak. I am so mad at them right now (notice the them). Tonight we get 5 hits and make another error. Here’s the part that’s killing me: Aaron Cook, the Rockies pitcher, threw a complete game. But that’s not all. He did it with 79 pitches. I am devistated. This is not Padres baseball. You cannnot let the opposing pitcher go out there and throw only 79 pitches. That is absolutely unacceptable. It is so pathetic!! What can I say? We did so amazingly well last night!! Now we get shutout 4-0. How are we supposed to love our team if it seems like they don’t care? I am going to try very hard to put this one behind me. We’d better win this series. You know, a performance like this makes me really ashamed to be a Padres fan. But I’ll stick by them if they give me a worthwhile performance tomorrow night. I need them to show me that they care. Go Padres! 

WE WON!!!!!

15-8 Padres!!!15-8!!!! I am so excited that I could cry!!! I’ve been blogging for a week now and this is our first win. Wow, what a game! 22 hits by the Padres. Everyone in the starting lineup (except Maddux) had at least one hit. I am going to go through the lineup and each person’s hits. Jody Gerut went 2-for-6 with 4 RBI, including a 3-run homer in the 7-run 9th. Edgar Gonzalez…wow, this guy can hit! He went 4-for-5, with 2 singles and 2 homers. One home run was at the beginning of the game, and the other was in the big 9th. Brian Giles went 4-for-5. Adrian Gonzalez went 2-for-6 with a RBI. Kouz went 3-for-5 with a homer and 2 RBI. Chase Headley went 1-for-5. Khalil went 2-for-5, driving in the tie-breaking run in the 9th. Michael Barrett went 2-for-4 with a RBI. Tony Clark and Craig Stansberry each drove in a run. We took a 1-0 lead in the first, which was quickly erased by 3 for the Rockies in the bottom of the first. We tied it up in the 3rd, but over the next three innings, Colorado built up an 8-3 lead. But we put up 5 runs in the 6th to tie it. It stayed that way til the 9th. We went single, single, ground-out, single, ground-rule double, single, home run, home run, strikeout, strikeout. It was beautiful. Maddux was not good, but his team got him off the hook. The bullpen was extremely solid. What I loved most about this game was that we kept fighting back. We were down 8-3, but we tied it up. We got hit after hit after hit. We broke out of the pathetic losing streak. I knew it was interleague play that killed us! We battled tonight, and we came out very victorious. What a game! I feel better than I have in weeks. Let’s keep this going! Go Padres!