July 2008

First Half Recap

The Padres are 37-58. But it’s been a pretty good season. All 58 losses have been hard, but all 37 wins have been well played. And believe it or not, there are way more positives than negatives this season.


  • Jim Edmonds. The guy starts the season injured, and he doesn’t do anything worthwhile on the field. Thankfully, he has moved on.
  • Bullpen. It is not like last year. With tiny run support or none at all, the relievers haven’t been able to get it done. Heath Bell is the exception, though he has had his bad nights.
  • Offense. It hasn’t been coming through when it matters. Even if we have a 15-8 win one night, we go out the next night and get shutout by 76 pitches. It’s really tough.
  • Run support for Maddux. It is plain ridiculous. The guy steals a base to try to get a rally going. Doesn’t work. He has 12 straight winless decisions. I hope he stays in San Diego, but he deserves better. He should have a least 10 wins by now.
  • Left handed pitching. We are really bad against lefties. Randy Wolf the lefty was good in the beginning but he has completely fallen apart. He will very likely be traded, soon.
  • Interleague. We were just starting to get on a roll when Interleague started. Then we went 3-15. Yeah. It was bad. In Yankee Stadium, we are 1-7 (not including postseason).
  • Khalil Greene. He has not hit at all. He looks horrible at the plate! He really needs to get it together. But his defense has stayed solid.
  • Trevor bashers. Trevor has saved 16 games. He’s blown 3. It’s too bad his offense can’t give him more save opportunities. If he had more, he would be well on his way to another 40+ save season. The Hall of Famer is throwing so well this year!
  • Injuries. Chris Young got nailed in the nose. Michael Barrett is very familiar with the DL, being on it twice this year. Once with a strained elbow, and now with facial fractures. Josh Bard sustained a high ankle sprain in the same inning as CY’s injury. Our ace, Jake Peavy, had a DL visit. Shawn Estes broke his thumb. Tadahito Iguchi separated his shoulder. Kouz was out for 6 games with back problems. Brain Giles is having all sorts of problems. Brett Tomko is on the DL. No doubt, the injuries have really hurt us.


  • All our wins have been solid. When we hit, we hit. When we get a lead early, we can usually hold it. The wins have been really fun.
  • China series. One game ended tied, and the other game we won. It was a great experience for all who went.
  • Opening Day. We won 4-0, all thanks to Jake Peavy. He threw 7 shutout innings and drove in 2 runs. We had such hope that week. The first series was played so well! We almost swept it, but Trevor blew the save in game three. Of course, he saved games 2 and 4. It was a great way to start the season. I wish the rest of the first half had gone as well as that first series.
  • 22 inning game. It didn’t go our way, but it was a lot of fun. Remember Jeff the Ram’s Head and Larry the Parrot? We fell apart after that game. The most amazing part about that game was Josh Bard. He caught all 22 innings and drove in the tying run in the 14th. It was a sad 2-1 loss. I think Bardo said it best.”I know one thing: If you give up one earned run in 22 innings, you should win.”
  • Walk-offs. Iguchi and Scott Hairston had walk-off homers. Paul McAnulty got hit-by-pitch in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded in a tie game. One of the best played games of the year was May 26. We came back in the 6th, 9th, 11th, and finally the 18th to win it 12-9. It was amazing. This was the walk-off 3-run homer from Adrian Gonzalez. I love this game!
  • Come-From-Behind Wins. That game where Tony Clark hit a 3-runner to sweep the Mets. The first game in Colorado where we came back from 8-3 . We had a 7-run 9th to win 15-8. It was an amazing game.
  • 4 straight 2-1 wins. That was really cool. It set a record, too.
  • The Cleveland series.We lost it, but the fun part was watching former Indians hit like crazy. Kouz had a grand slam and 6 hits in the series. Giles had 3 hits in two games. Jody Gerut had 5 hits. It was a good series.
  • New players. Chase Headley has been great. He has 6 homers and 26 hits in 93 ABs. It has been really fun having up here. A pleasant suprise is Edgar Gonzalez. He is a great ballplayer, and it is so neat to have the Brothers Gonzalez up here.
  • Scott Hairston. He has proved that he can hit if he gets the chance. He also plays a good outfield. I will enjoy watching him in the future.
  • Adrian Gonzalez. The guy has played so well this year. He has 22 homers and 71 RBI. He is an amazing defender as well. His All-Star spot is well deserved. But he is so humble! He is a great example, and I love watching him. Hopefully he will get some quality time in the Midsummer Classic.Go Adrian!!

 And finally, my favorite story of the year:

The Hall of Fame game had been cancelled, and so had the Padres flight to LaGuardia Airport. So 61 people (players, coaches, team officials, and family members) climbed onto two buses for the 5-hour drive. They hadn’t gone far when Jake called the director of the traveling party, who was on the other bus. ” Me and the boys are hungry,” Jake said. The buses got off the highway and found a McDonald’s.” I haven’t been to McDonald’s in a few years…but I tell you what, it was pretty good,” Peavy said.”I even had me a McFlurry.”

Hopefully the Padres can at least have a winning second half. This team is so much better than the way they have been playing. But now we’re sellers, so we will be getting ready for 2009 and beyond. Enjoy the break, everyone! Go Padres! 


Padres vs. Braves: Game 1 Recap

That country boy did it again. Jake went 7 strong, giving up 4 hits and a walk. He had 7 K’s. Bell, Adams, and Hoffman finished the shut-out, 4-0. SCOTTY! The guy had 2 more hits, a triple and a double. He also scored two of the runs. Adrian drove in his 71st. Kouz made an incredible play. He caught a foul ball right in front of the third base wall, and then fell headfirst into the stands! He is amazing. Chase hit a triple. Jody Gerut, pinch-hitting, drove in 2 with a single and an error. Heath and Adams had some problems, but they got out of them. Adams left with two outs in the ninth and the potential tying run on-deck. Trevor came in and went swinging strike, called strike, foul, ball, swinging strike. That’s his 16th save of the year and his 541st of his amazing career.  There were 40,232 people at the ballpark, and they were going ballistic when Trevor came in. Peavy is amazing! Once he has a lead, he can just settle in and blow away hittters. He did have a Toby Keith concert to get to, so that might have motivated him. Luke Carlin did really well behind the plate. He threw out a guy trying to steal. It was a great game for our Padres! Chris Young and Josh Bard are going to have rehab assignments next week. Let’s get Maddux his 351st before the All-Star break! Go Padres!   

Padres vs. Marlins: Game 3 Recap

We lost 5-2. Scotty hit another homer. The best part of the game was the bottom of the ninth. Kouz doubled and Chase drove him in. What I really liked was that two guys ran out close plays and were safe. They weren’t giving up. Thatcher is not a major league pitcher. The dude walks too many guys and gives up too many runs. Bring Clay Hensley back up! He is more worthy than Thatcher. Meanwhile, we are 10 games behind. I forgot to mention that last night’s win was the 200th at Petco Park. 200 wins in 3 and a half years is not bad. I am glad that a lot of fans are still going out there. 31,000+ came out today. It was a 2-for-1 day, but it’s cool to have a lot of fans out there. Let’s do better this weekend, OK? Go Padres!

     ” I cannot get rid of the hurt from losing…but after the last out of every loss, I must accept that there’ll be a tomorrow. In fact, it’s more than there’ll be a tomorrow; it’s that I want there to be a tomorrow. That’s the big difference. I want tomorrow to come.”- Sparky Anderson

Padres vs. Marlins: Game 2 Recap/WOW!

It all started with a man named Scott Hairston. This man is a very hot man: he led off the Padres’ 1st with a double. The Padres were already down 1-0, so he decided to change that. The rest of the guys were thinking the same way. Soon, Chase Headley stood at the plate with the bases loaded and 1 out.. He threaded a ball way out to left for a bases-loaded bases-clearing double. And that was just the beginning. Randy Wolf was very good, going 7 innings and allowing 1 run and 5 hits. He was shaky, but he came through. Meanwhile, the Padres kept hitting. In the 6th, they batted around and threw 5 more runs out there. Scotty hit a 3- run homer. In the 7th, Brian Myrow came up for his first major league AB this season. He worked the count before hitting his first major league homer. Joe Thatcher and Cla Meredth survived scoreless innings, and we won 10-1. HA! Oh, man, I can’t say enough about Scott Hairston. The dude is seriously ON FIRE.  He is so hot that there’s no way he can stay out of the lineup. He had 2 doubles and a homer. He also hit 2 balls super deep to left that unfortunately were caught by the dwadling left fielder. On one of them, Scotty thought it was gone. This guy must have caught fire in the desert heat. He has 14 home runs. That’s 3 more than Kouz!! It would strongly warn the Braves about this guy.  They’re going to have to pitch around this guy. If they don’t, he’s going to light them up. WOW.  The entire lineup did extremely well.  All this young talent is really helping. I hope Giles is healing up. But frankly, I would rather be watching Chip Ambres. I love the look of this all-new ballclub! Go Padres!


Chip Ambres, outfielder, and Brian Myrow, 1st baseman, have been called up. Joe Thatcher has also come up. Brett Tomko went on the DL. Carlos Guevara and Paul McAnulty went to Triple-A. Thatcher has been horrible up here, but lately he’s been good at Triple-A. He had an ERA under 2.00. Hopefully he can do well up here. Giles is out again. Hopefully he will be OK. Go Padres! 

Padres vs. Marlins: Game 1 Recap/ARRGGHH!

What is Greg Maddux doing here? The guy gives up 2 runs on 3 hits and gets the loss. That is just sick. It’s the same old story for his offense. 5 hits, 3 left on.They didn’t get many on tonight. We only had 2 blown scoring situations. We fans are so sick of this. Khalil is in a slump that he doesn’t seem to be able to break out of. Kouz had 2 hits, which is a small comfort. Chase hit his fifth homer of the season. Bryan Corey and Cla Meredith were not good, but they survived. We were horrible tonight. Buddy Black was able to convince the umpires to reverse a call. Some Marlin hit a ball down the left field line. Kouz and Chase couldn’t get it, and a runner “scored”. But Bud asked the third base umpire to get help, and they reversed the call. The “hit” was changed to a foul ball, and we got out of the inning. I kept score for the first time today. It was fun! Well, keep the faith, Padres fans. Hopefully we can start playing better ball soon! Go Padres!

Padres vs. Marlins:Game 1 Preview

Tonight we will try to get Greg Maddux his 351st win. Hopefully he will do well here at home, and we can score some runs. It is a beautiful day in San Diego. It is warm, but with a wonderfully cool breeze. A great day for baseball. Go Padres!!

Padres vs. Diamondbacks:Game 3 Recap

We come into Arizona 10 games behind,and we leave 9 games behind. But we did take 2 out of three. Yesterday’s game was one of those “Runner in scoring postion with no outs and he stays there” games. It was nasty. Giles needs to work the count. He’s been swinging first pitch like crazy. On the positive side, Scott Hairston hit his 3rd home run in two games. The dude can hit if he gets a chance. Kouz had 2 hits. Headley ended his streak. Josh Banks wasn’t that bad. He started to lose it in the later innings though. Randy Johnson was amazing. We struck out 14 times. Adrian is going to the All-Star game!! As a reserve, naturally, but he’s still going. The starters for the AL consist of 4 Red Sox, 2 Yankees, a Twin, a Ranger, and a Mariner. The Cubs have 3 starting players going. Baseball is so unfair. C.C. Sabathia got traded to the Brewers today. Go Padres! 

Padres vs. Diamondbacks: Game 2 Recap

We played well again! It wasn’t perfect, but we won 4-2. Scott Hairston had 2 home runs. Adrian got his 22nd. Jake threw amazingly. 7 innings, 3 hits (doubles), 6 K’s. He was great. Heath gave up a run. Trevor allowed a homer and a single, but thankfully we had a 3-run lead. Now we’ve won the series, and hopefully we can get the sweep tomorrow. Chase has extended his hitting streak to ten games and counting. Josh Banks is taking the mound tomorrow against Randy Johnson. Pound Arizona! Go Padres!

Padres vs. Diamondbacks: Game 2 Preview

Jake Peavy is pitching tonight against Doug Davis, a lefty. Hopefully we can keep this hitting thing going. Hundley will probably be catching again. I won’t be able to listen to much of this game, but I hope we go out there and pound Arizona. Go Padres!!