June 2008

Padres vs. Twins: Game 1 Recap

Well, we lost 3-1. Jake threw well. 6 innings, 5 hits, 1 run, 6 strikeouts. He threw over 100 pitches, though. Our offense stunk. The big blow was Trevor getting touched up for two homers in the top of the ninth. It was a tie game, and Trev struck out two guys before allowing the back-to-back homers. He just does not function in tie games. He got his 5th loss, and he has blown 3 or 4 tie games. I have no idea why Bud Black put Trev in, but he did and we lost. BUT, this was not Trevor’s fault. Two Padres batters could not lay down a sacrifice bunt. Our offense is simply pathetic. We get 7 hits in the entire game. 3 of them were infield hits. We are playing absolutely horrible baseball right now and we deserve to be 32-46. Ouch. It hurts, but it’s the truth. We definitely deserve to be in last place and 8 games behind. Probably what’s frustrating me the most is that we haven’t been taking advantage of Arizona’s downfall. Arizona continues to lose and we haven’t gained any games. The NL West is really slumping right now. Sad game. I hope we get better SOON. Go Padres! 

Padres vs. Twins: Game 1 Preview

Today is the first of three games against the Minnesota Twins. Yes, more interleague play. Maybe the Padres will actually win a series against an American league team:) The reigning National League CY Young award winner, Jake Peavy, will start for San Diego. Kouz and Brian Giles are expected to be playing again. I’VE MISSED YOU, KOUZ!! Currently we are on a 2-game losing streak and we are in the cellar with Colorado at 8 games behind. Today, Jake needs to go deep into the game. Our bullpen needs a break. And the offense needs to score a lot of runs. Most of all, we need to win a game. Go Padres!

Trevor’s time is NOT over…

Trevor Hoffman is baseball’s all-time saves leader. I think he always will be. And he is not washed up and he definitely still has it in him. I know he hasn’t had many save opportunities lately but I’ll say what I have to say and leave it at that. We all know how hard Trev got hit in that last weekend last year. It took him a long time to get over it, but he did. He got the cleanup surgery and now he’s back, throwing better than he has been in a long time. He’s always had rough Aprils, and this year was no different. He has not had many save chances this year (18) but that’s his offense’s problem. He has blown only 3 saves. Many more “better” closers have blown way more than him. If he was done, we would know it. Guys would be bombing him all the time. But they’re not. Trevor’s getting guys out, just like he always has.   


I am a crazy San Diego Padres fan. We are not doing well this season, but we’re still in it and I hope it will not be a complete loss. So here I am, ready to analyze Padres baseball.Go Pads!