June 2008

Padres vs. Rockies: Game 1 Preview

Dragging an eight-game losing streak with us, we might try to get Maddog his 351st win in Colorado tonight. Interleague killed us. I am so glad to be back in the National League!! The last time the Padres were in Coors Field, it was October 1,2007. Exactly 9 months ago. That night was so hard!! Well, what’s over is over. The last time we saw the Rockies this year was a series win for the Padres. Both teams are struggling big time. I hope the Padres play like they care tonight. By the way, we lost 9-2 yesterday. Adrian and Edgar Gonzalez drove in our runs. Go Padres!  

Padres vs. Mariners: Game 2 Recap/A Tip for Suffering Fans

Well, I didn’t listen to this game so it doesn’t hurt as much. But the result is the same. We lost 4-2. we have 50 losses and we are 9 and half behind. We haven’t won since Friday last week. I told you th Silva guy was going to beat us. He hadn’t had a win since April 17. We’ve lost another game, another series. Positives? Tony Clark had a two-run single. There were 2 more errors in this game. Oh, wait, this is supposed to be positives. We had ten hits, which was one more than the Mariners had. Khalil and Edgar had 2 hits each. Kouz had a hit and scored a run. Man, this is really sad. If you ever get really depressed with your team, take a night off. Watch a movie or hang out with your friends. I can tell you, I don’t feel great, but not being involved made me not really care. You don’t have to be completely removed, though. I was watching a movie, but I paused it every once in a while to check the score on the internet. I saw that it was 4-0, so I didn’t see much hope. But if you see your team is winning for the first time in a week, you could go back to following the game. Baseball’s not just tough for the players; it’s really tough for the fans. We just need a break sometimes. How long is this going to last?! I will survive. Again, a lot of fans came out to rally behind their team. Again, they were disappointed. Well, the Padres are going to be home for only 9 games in July. We might as well get out there while we can. Go Padres!!

Guess the Attendance

During the guess the attendance part of the game last night, we were told that there were just over 27 thousand people there. The newspapers reported 28,640. Suspicious… I really don’t trust these numbers, but I do wonder how they count it. Do they show tickets bought, or the actual number of people who walk through the concourse? Numbers in baseball are so deceiving. Well, I thought it was interesting that there were two attendances. Personally, I can’t estimate the number by looking at a crowd. At least fans are showing up.

Adrian IS an All-Star, so get him there!!

I got to watch Adrian Gonzalez last night. If you haven’t been out to Petco to see him yet, you are missing the best part of this ballclub. He is great at first base. He is one of the best defenders in the National League. I saw some great plays out there.  At the plate, he beat out a bunt single. He had another infield single in the game. This guy knows how to play. He’s not only a great player on the field, he’s a great guy off of it.  Last night, Adrian’s brother Edgar rolled on his elbow. Adrian walked over to make sure his older bro was OK.  In the game where Chris Young got hit in the face,  Adrian and Albert Pujols turned away from the scene and prayed for CY. It was really neat. So vote this guy into the All-Star game. He is the positive on this team. Go Padres!

Padres vs. Mariners: Game 2 Preview

Guess what? The Mariners pitcher tonight, Carlos Silva, has been really bad this year. That means he’s going to look really good against the Padres. But who knows, maybe we’ll actually hit him hard tonight. Cha Seung Baek is starting for San Diego. The offense needs to get Silva’s pitch count way up early. We need to score runs. Man, we are so much better than this!! We’ve got the talent, the power, but it just isn’t working. Maybe tonight, we’ll wake up. Go Padres!!!!! 

My First Game of the Year: Recap

It was a beautiful night for baseball. The faithful Padres fans hoped desperately for a win, but deep down they knew it couldn’t happen. Their worst fears were confirmed only a few batters into the game. Even though Randy Wolf left 3 runners stranded with no damage, we could feel that it wasn’t our night. It was an very odd game . The Mariners struck in the 5th, scoring 3 runs. We knew that there was no hope. Randy threw way too many pitches in too short of a time. He left only 4 and a third innings into the game. On the other side, Jarrod Washburn cruised through 7 and two thirds. Chase Headley hit his third homer in ten games, cutting the lead to 4-2. I could not believe Chase hit the homer, ’cause I had predicted it seconds before it happened. It was the best part of the game.  In the eighth, Brian Giles hit a triple with two outs. Adrian got intentionally walked. Washburn left the game. During the pitching change, an inspirational video of Kouz played. The fans got hyped up. “KOOOOOOOZ” flashed on the screens. Then he grounds out to end the inning. It was sick. I love Kouz, but that groundout killed us. I hate the 2-out rallies. We never get anything out of them. The game ended painfully. This team is so pathetic!! On the pitching side, our bullpen was good. We had signed Brett Tomko again that day, and he pitched two good innings. Cla Meredith was very sharp, which is great. Carlos Guevara did OK. Four guys in our lineup had hits. Giles had three, Adrian had two, Kouz and Headley had one each. It was great for me to get out to the ballpark. I had incredible seats( thank you to the people who gave me the opportunity to go! ). It was exciting to see Steve Garvey throw out the first pitch.  I took over 200 pictures, most of them of  Kouz. I really enjoyed the amazingly close seats. My loudest screams were definately on Chase’s homer. I loved being around other fans! There weren’t many, but we tried to get the team going. One of my favorite parts of the fans was when one of our pitchers had a big pitch to make and the crowd made noise by themselves. There were no scoreboard prompts, we just knew that we needed to get behind our team. It was a cool moment. But, of course, the guy got a hit and RBI. Sigh. Like I said, we tried. You know that song “Let’s Get it Started”? Most ballparks will use it when the home team gets a few runners on in the early innings. Well, they didn’t have the opportunity to use it until the 8th inning with 2 outs!! Pathetic. It was fun being there, but I got really mad after the last out. We are on a 6 game losing streak. Oh, and Arizona lost again. The two worst teams in the majors went at it last night. Even though the Mariners record shows them to be the lesser team, I think we all know who really is.

My First Game of the Year: Preview

Only 7 and a half hours-ish til’ I’ll be there!! It’s Randy Wolf for my Padres. He has been really good this year, but he’s also had some rough outings. I don’t think he will look very good in the retro uniform . Oh, well.  I haven’t been to a game since last September, so this is freakishly exciting to me. I’ve been holding in my excitement all week, though, so I am going to be LOUD tonight. I miss the smell of the ballpark, the sound of the crowd, the strange scoreboard games, just being able to see the players. I can’t watch the games on TV, so I really don’t see the players. I’ve got a good feeling about this game. Go Padres!!

Padres vs. Twins: Game 3 Recap/Dealing With Failure

Well, what do you know. We had a 3-0 lead but the Twins came back and won 4-3. Is it our pitching or their offense? When things are going this bad, I have to make myself not care anymore. I usually get very emotional , and I am way to attached to the team.  It hurts too badly to be attached to this team right now. But I know this won’t last forever. Short of a miracle, we aren’t going to the postseason. Not if we’re playing like this. When it gets this bad, you just have to enjoy baseball. Never mind teams, divisions, standings. It’s baseball. You have to be careful with this game, though. It will rip your heart out. If you want to survive, you have to have a very short term memory. Baseball is a game of looking forward. The players will fail one day, but they will always be back out there the next, starting over. We should do the same. On a very exciting note, I am going to my first game of the year tomorrow!! I am so glad to be going to a game that I don’t really care how my Padres are doing. If they need to be booed, I might boo them. But hopefully I’ll be able to witness our first win of the week. It’s 1978 retro night, so the Padres will wear their hideous yellow and brown unis. I just can’t wait to be out at the ballpark!!!!!!!

Padres vs. Twins: Game 2 Recap

We lost 9-3. We had an early lead but it got blown away very quickly. This team is just pathetic right now. We the fans have been fairly tolerant of this junk but now we’re getting annoyed. The fans at the park have been booing, and I can’t blame them. The Padres need to listen to their fans. Personally, I just can’t stand this. I hate listening to these blowout losses. I hate the streaks of losing 9 out of the last 11. How do you deal with failure and frustration like this? Basically, you have to forget what is behind, and start with a clean slate the next day. That’s the only way you can get past it. I’ll be fine if we can’t go to the postseason. I just want to be winning.

Padres vs. Twins: Game 2 Preview

I can’t believe it’s Greg Maddux’s turn again, but here he is, looking for win # 351 again. Maddog has pretty much been the constant in the rotation this year. Wow, he’s thrown well! Again, our offense really needs to wake up. Get Maddux a win already, boys!! On a side note, Trevor Hoffman has now pitched against every team in the majors. Go Padres!!!!!